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Is it that you will live long in the land, that you will prosper in all you do, that you will be blessed to the seventh generation or you will have bountiful crops? Is it sheep, goats, lions or eagles? Answer : sheep; Numbers Who changed his name to Israel and why? Answer : Jacob after he struggled with God; Genesis This would be great for a lesson in persistence! In Luke, the woman cleans Jesus feet with what two things?

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Was it soap and water, water and a towel, tears and a towel or tears and her hair? Answer : her tears and her hair; Luke God told Moses not to come any closer to the burning bush until he did what? Was it listen to an angel, take off his sandals, acknowledge God as the One True God or sacrifice his son Isaac? Is it ancient and inspiring, living and active, gentle and instructive or mysterious and wonderful? Answer : living and active; Hebrews When Jesus died, what three things happened?

Pick from this list of five: earthquake, a plague on the house of Pilate, veil in the temple torn, all babies cried at once, tombs broke open. Isaiah, Proverbs, Acts or First Colossians? Was it having a potluck with the Israelites, praying to God, telling the Israelites to wait and be patient or making a golden idol? Answer : The Lord who heals; Exodus What is the name commonly given to the first five books of the Old Testament? Is it the Pentateuch, the Doxology, the Apocrypha or the Septuagint?

Where in the New Testament does it talk about the perseverance of Job? Is it in the book of Hebrews, Revelation, 2 Timothy or James? Answer : James; James What does Jesus say about judging others? Is it judge fairly, judge justly, judge not or judge Judy? Answer : judge not; Luke This could lead to a great discussion on the difference of being discerning vs.

Answer : quiet words; Ecclesiastes What were the two plagues that afflicted the Egyptians physically? Was it gnats and blisters, boils and hives, dandruff and hives or gnats and boils? Is it a hymn, a gift of leadership, a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation? How many of each animal did Moses bring into the Ark? Answer : None, Moses led people out of Egypt. Noah was on the ark! You gotta end on a trick question! Report Abuse Comments. Coordinate a small group potluck with a sign up.

Build a Sign Up Form 2. Invite Your Group 3. People Sign Up Online 4. Recent Church Articles. Related Articles. All Rights Reserved. Email me when new comments are made to this page. Jobs Wealth Restored. Displays of Gods Greatness. The Shepherds Psalm. From Fear to Faith. A Psalm of Thanksgiving. Memorizing Scripture. The Wellspring of Life. Walk with Integrity. Getting Ahead in Life. Lending to the Lord. More Important Than Riches.

How Brave Are You? What Matters Most? Called by God. A Faithful Friend. New Every Morning. Thrown in the Street. Another King Needs Daniels Help. Hoseas Unfaithful Wife. Amoss Occupation. Caring for the Poor. Judahs Neighbors. Saying Yes to God. A Savior Is Born. Pour Out a Blessing. Gods Plan Set in Motion. Jesus Birth Is Announced. John the Baptist. Jesus Temptation. Jesus First Miracle. A Nighttime Visitor. The Woman at the Well.

Early in the Morning. Where Theres a Will Theres a Way. Missing the Miracle. Standing Firm in the Storm. The Faith of a Roman Officer. Jesus Is Anointed. The Kingdom of Heaven. A Woman with Faith. Dealing with Sin. Feeding the Crowd. Jesus Walks on Water. The Transfiguration. The Good Samaritan. Raised from the Dead. The Rich Young Man. A Wee Little Man.

The Triumphal Entry. Jesus Clears the Temple. The 10 Bridesmaids. Use What You Have. Jesus Is Betrayed. Peter Denies Christ. Carrying the Cross. Breakfast with Jesus. The Great Commission. The Book of Acts. The Holy Spirit Comes. Peter at the Temple. The First Martyr. Paul Meets Jesus.

A Woman Named Dorcas. Peter Takes the Gospel to the Gentiles. Elymas the Sorceror. The Women by the River. The Missionaries in Prison. Pauls Occupation. A Willing Learner. Dont Fall Asleep in Church. The Plot against Paul. Paul Sails for Rome. On the Island of Malta. The Temple of the Holy Spirit. Giving Your Tithes and Offerings. Fruit of the Spirit. Whats on Your Mind? Spiritual Clothing. Being an Example.

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Serving in Crete. Going Going Gone. A Giant of Faith. Choosing the Hard Life. Run with Endurance. Look in the Mirror. Tame Your Tongue. Victorious Christian Living. What Does Love Mean? Build Yourself Up.

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God Reveals His Ultimate Plan. The First and Last. Happy Birthday Jesus. Goal for the New Year Pray for Others. Goal for the New Year Stand Strong. Scripture Index. About the Author. Josephs Brothers Plans. Pharaohs Dreams. The Final Test. Two Brave Women. Baby Afloat.

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Be Gone. Who Will Go? God with Us. A Child Is Born. Gods Guidance. Another Miracle. Dont Complain. Gods Ten Rules. Aaron Gives In. The Priests. Grain Offerings. Aarons Family. The Festivals. Count Them. Pay It Back. The Nazirites. Bless You. Hearing God. The Wrong Focus. Lack of Faith. Talking Animals. The Next Leader. Saving Rahab. A Step of Faith. Settling In. Cycles of Sin. Ordinary People. A New Judge. Gods Revenge. Samsons Secret.

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Final Revenge. Family Ties. Hannahs Prayer. Sauls Oath. Quick Thinking. Sauls Death. God Says No. Nathans Story. Standing Alone. Solomons Wives. A Godly King. An Evil King. Ahab Pouts. Elishas Request. Elishas Miracle. Naaman is Cured. Jezebels Death. A Faithful King. The Find.

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Why It Matters. The Return. Joy and Weeping. More Rebuilding. A New Queen. Hamans Pride. Esthers Courage.