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The Impact of Cultural Differences on Cross-border Merger Processes - Romy Trajanov - Google книги

There was also a marked difference in the orientation of the two cultures in terms of their goals. The Japanese are more long-term oriented, meaning they are patient, so they were not easily swayed by the initial difficulties that besieged Mitsubishi Motors at the time.

Daimler, however, was looking at the short-term. They saw the financial difficulties as indications that the company is not in good shape financially. Since they were not seeing immediate profits coming in, they saw no point in investing further. This resulted to the two companies being more distant than ever, leading to the dissolution of their alliance.

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Like it or not, culture has a great impact on business. Often, the acquiring company would want to maintain its own culture, or have its own culture prevail over that of the acquired company. This was what took place with DaimlerChrysler AG. Daimler wanted to enforce its organizational culture on Chrysler. Where did it go wrong? More specifically, they should evaluate whether the culture of the target acquisition is compatible with theirs. Not only will this smoothen the integration, but increase the chances of the merger or acquisition becoming successful and profitable in the long run.

The Impact of Cultural Differences on the Daimler Chrysler Merger

Whatever decision was made by the merging companies, it is important to choose only one culture, and commit to it. The parties should sit down and have a good talk about it, reveal the gaps that they are faced with and reconcile if there is a need to do so, and put the chosen culture into practice. Managing the culture actively is the next phase, and this is left in the hands of the managers and executives of the companies.

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The impact of cultural differences on cross-border mergers at the example of DaimlerChrysler

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History of the Chrysler / Mercedes Merger

Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment. Related posts read more. For analysing a complex event such as the DaimlerChrysler merger, there is a distinct need of a clear structure.

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However, only two of the perspectives are relevant for this study, namely, differentiation and integration. The differentiation will take place in the analysis in chapter 5 whereas the conclusion in chapter 6 will reveal the interactions. In order to analyse the underlying problems and reasons the researcher will mainly use the theoretical frameworks of Hofstede and Schein which will be briefly explained in the next chapter. It is formed in the early years of life and carried on in school and organisations Hofstede, , p.

According to Hofstede , p. Hofstede furthermore investigated the constant differences in the behavior and attitudes of employees within the same multinational organisation. His findings showed that these differences in organisational cultures could be attributed to the differences in national cultures Adler, , pp. On this basis, he identified five major differences in organisational cultures of which the following three are relevant for this study:. This can be seen best within the relationship between a boss and the employees Hofstede, , pp. It should not be mixed with risk avoidance.

Rather meant are the ways how future events are tried to be made predictable and interpretable Hofstede, , pp. Hofstede, , pp. Some authors like Anderson cited in Mc Sweeny, , p. Additionally, there is no consensus if organisational culture is truly a mirror of national culture and if it is possible to draw distinct borderlines between different cultures Appendix B, Exhibit 2. As mentioned above, there is already distinct knowledge about the fact that cultural discrepancies have had an impact on the failure of the DaimlerChrysler merger.

S S Svenja Stellmann Author. Add to cart. On this basis, he identified five major differences in organisational cultures of which the following three are relevant for this study: 1 Power Distance — is the extent to which inequalities of power distribution in organisations are tolerated and how much weight is put on status symbols.

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