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Spend your time referring to important terms known as flashcards. These flashcards can be used as the final study material before writing the exam. Remembering these ITIL flashcards helps in answering the questions related to these definitions easily during the exam.

ITIL Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

So, it is always better to attempt all the questions during the exam. If you are not sure about an answer, attempt the question by eliminating the answer options that can be wrong.

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Please use them to get more in-depth knowledge on the course. ITIL for Dummies. From abbreviations to jargons, make sure that you have a good grasp over them.

Keywords are nothing but terms used in ITIL such as "service strategy, service design, service transition, service level agreements, operational level agreements, contracts etc. This will help you get the right answers at a faster pace. Master the ITIL keywords, and you are ready to ace the exam. Therefore while attempting for the foundation level exam, think only of ITIL and not your organization.

Tips for Writing and Passing the ITIL Foundation Exam

Here is a video which talks about ITIL foundation tips and tricks. Hope you find it beneficial. She loves travelling and photography. If you've taken a class through an Accredited Training Provider, you should have been given at least one sample exam.

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Every official sample exam from APMG comes with an answer key and a list of the Answer Rationales; however, some training providers neglect to provide the Answer Rationales for their students. The Answer Rationales are very handy, because they explain these important details:. Study the sample questions and the Answer Rationales so you can understand how you're expected to approach each question.

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  • Answer Rationales are not available online to mere mortals or self-study students; only Accredited Training Providers have access to these materials. However, my reason for writing ITIL V 3 Foundation Exam Video Mentor was to give some extra support to those students who choose self-study versus taking the accredited course, so the book contains many sample questions and answer rationales.

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    • When taking the exam or the sample exams, for that matter , slow down and read each question and all possible answers carefully. It's very easy to miss a question if you skimmed it instead of taking the time to read it thoroughly. You also need to read the wording of each question very carefully. For example, some questions are phrased as negatives: "Which of the following is not a subprocess of Capacity Management?