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A young man working in an isolated rural area feels really lonely until an older local couple take him under their wing How she started loving pussy after sucking cock Loves to fuck sexy attractive bi lingual The glory hole of shemales. And me who is now bi A bi-curious guy has another encounter in the public toilets with the Glory Hole! This isn't real I made it up. About two teen girls that spend a week in florida on a summer vacation little did Francie knew Teagan knew she was bi.

A gay man becomes the sissy slave of his bi- boyfriend and subordinates This is an email from me to my friend Lola, telling her the hot and funny story of how my boyfriend Pete disciplined my lecherous husband Aaron for spanking our college-girl houseguest. All characters over 19 MM, MF, bi, spank, bi nc , rom Despite having sexual experiences with men, I still can't see myself as bi.

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She is introduced to two bi-sex girlfriends, and much more A story of my first gay encounter, the main reason I am bi today I get intensely turned on by the sight of pussy. I don't really consider myself a lebian. Bi-sexual, maybe But what really turns me on about the sight of a pussy is You payed for sex?

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How I found out my best friend was gay and what The time to plat is while away on business Their skin was sky blue in color with small ears with pointed tips, a mouth like a human, and large oval eyes, 'three times larger than a humans and slanted toward a small turned up nose It was just your particular weekend in July. Matter of fact it was the forth of July weekend. I had gone to the beach with my friends and their girlfriends.

I had broken up with my girlfriend a few weeks prior, so I went to the beach alone. At this moment in time, I didnt have any particular interest in women A first date turns into a great time One aunty had specially come here from US Drunken girls fist sissy boy after a the party How I got turned on by two young men College girl falls prey to her lesbian professor despite her best resistance I'm twenty and I've always fancied my mom. She's got a nice firm ass and huge boobs. I fantasize about her a lot, and one day, my incest dreams came true Part 2 to come! While vacationing in Mexico, I met Patrick My wife was out with her friends and returned late with one who had missed her lift home and they are both horny Steve is traveling past a picnic site and fantasises about stopping Bisexual.

This happened at a public loo in an international airport in India Start of something new? Or just a booty call? I get sent away for all of July to multiple places where I do nothing but study and take tests. I make a little fun while I'm there A Lesbian plans an elaborate seduction of her straight best friend who is now engaged to be married My sister caught me watching her showering but I'm i dead or is it the beginning of a relationship. The first part of hopefully many more This story is based on my memories of a fulfilled Mercenaries demand Its a story about two guys who church together and they bump into each other at the toilet A middle aged woman beings a new life in a small town Carly embraces her new found love affair with Sara only to find that she must ultimatly face the ever expanding consequences.

Julia a. Jade and Peters relationship reaches a new level as the girls discover yet another neglected woman in need of sensual comfort This is a continuation of my first story. I was a straight guy who, in one night, turned to a gay lifestyle. I 'm glad I did, but I am somewhat confused A single woman has a mid week night of fun at a swinger's club My long time next door male neighbor, one day caught me by suprise Three young handymen in their early twenties got a bonus they not expecting I am a very hot paralyzed white male that was looking to fulfill a fantasy of being with two men A hunting trip that ends with a brother bang New Age, son returns home to find things have changed, he is about to change.

The decision is ultimately his and he soon enjoys the results of his decision We all know John. We never know what friends he may bring along to any gathering You all would definitely enjoy this : First. Anniversary trip turns into a first-time swinging experience The four of us had crossed barriers.

We were close, intimate, could it go any further? Just a bunch of people getting together to fuck Lily was a pornstar, but also my best friend since school. She'd been enroled into a lesbian shoot or so she told me Went for a jog and wound up in an all male After a long time with no girlfriend, I decided to experience some new things and it wasn't really bad. Even i liked it Son flys in and is taught that things have changed as he is changed If you really like or would like old sexy women this is for you.

How I Ashley truly fulfilled my roommates fantasy A Deceitful Female Hypnotist programs a family to perform incest A business we started goes rich and sells out to a huge corporation I have this buddy Chad is his name. He and I have been having We have done and tried everything we could think of.

One of our favorite things we did, was when I would drive somewhere, he would give me head all the way there, then he would drive home and I would suck his cock all the way home.

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Two years ago he went and got married. I kind of thought that would be the end of us My nephew dressed as a female and seduced me Fantasy how of the person I like and me This is the more dramatic part of this story and serious. It is important to know for part 2 which will be the more juicy stuff :. Allyson was soooo beautiful and I had to have her This story tells of the first time that I let a man cum in my mouth With the truth out in the open, what can we expect now? The day a straight man crossed over Fabulous Japanese body idol has After a couple drinks and few illegal substitutes my 20th birthday was just getting exciting A mature couple spice up their This is one of my ultimate gay fantasies.

Very open, very well set, and almost guaranteed to make any gay man cum Navigation: 1 2 3 4. Check also our Tube. A Sex Stories Bi stories. Bi mmf threesome. How to have a great bi time. My First Bi Encounter. Bicurios or Just Bi? Slut Daughter and Bi Dad - bisexual story. Bi Night to Remember. First Time Bi. Bi fun at the movies. Bi-Curious Babe. Sexy bi orgy. How I learned I was Bi - Part 1. Bi foursome with girlfriend and another couple. Bi Guys Girlfriend Suprise. Bi Foot Fetish Blowjob.

First Time Bi with wife. She Caught Me Masturbating; then turned me bi. Bi Awakening. My wifes first bi exp. My first bi-sexual encounter with another man! Bi-sexual and Lesbian Party. Back in the swing. What Cooking out on the 4th can really mean! Another Sleepless Night. Best Friend First. It all Started on here. Lunchtime adventure. Wrestling club. Our New Nieghbors Part 3. Masturbating to Myself.

Little Tie-up Games Part Two. My One And Only. Aurora and her boys. Fantasy Night. I'm a Cocksucking, Motherfucking Slut. The Block. The fantasy dreamer strikes again. Personal Shopper. Melissa's Eat Out. Little Tie-up Games Part One. Beach babes. Maria, Nicole, and the Twenty-year-old.

Best Buy Porn. My Wife and Her Lover. No Objections. Sex with a Fat Girl. My cousin and I kept it up for 2 or 3 years and I cheated on multiple boyfriends with him. She was just never around and he never got texts from her. He had a nude picture of me as his background. No one takes kindly to being lied to. His wife and I keep talking, she had the kind of sense of humor I liked and eventually it turns to flirting and kissing and whatnot.

Fast-forward a week or so and she shows up at my place one night, talking about a threesome with his best friend.

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Fucks me and his wife. They leave. He took me out on a few dates to some nice restaurants and treated me really well. Sometimes I google his name to see if anything pops up. He freaked out, screamed, and told me that I raped him. Suddenly the door opened and my mom saw what we were doing. She was pretty mad, and my mom had the other girls mom come pick her up. I got a talking to that night about how that was inappropriate behavior. Fast forward to puberty age 13 for me. My dad found out what I was doing and I tried to blame it on pop ups and spammy websites.

Masturbated in a Port-A-Potty at work once. Nothing penetrative, just rubbed one out. No porn or anything. In my defense these were very clean units. The best part is years later I heard all of my colleagues chastising a fellow male coworker for being so gross and weird because he confessed to the exact same thing. No shame, basically. It still makes me laugh to myself that they have no idea the little girl in the shop did the same fucked up shit as that guy. Me and him were always far more similar than they realized… but I knew, boy did I know.

I ended up having my jaw locked in place for about seconds. If anyone found out, it would be absolutely humiliating. Sucks because I slept with him, too.

Repeat the next night. I asked her to act as a guy and pretend we met at a bar and I was playing drunk. Basically acting out a drunk raping scene.


And when I say sex I mean stimulating my clit and climaxing in less than 15 min. I was up against the wall drinking my Coke. Note: This was a very public area. Also another one was my first encounter with a guy they basically forced me to drop my pants and look at their dick and they were tiny and I fucking hate them. I specifically recall two memories, one where we are sitting on the floor with our legs spread, holding our lips apart and looking.

Another memory was us with our backs to each other, bent over holding our ass cheeks apart and looking at the other from between our legs. I had no idea what sex was so I just pelvic thrusted a bunch. The reason we told the emergency room staff: he scared me and when I reacted my shoulder just kind of popped out. We were trying anal for the first time. My first time, not his. I was terrified of the situation so I essentially told him to just get it over with. So, there I am laying face down on our bed, naked, and a lot of lube was applied to both of us. At all.

I flailed and thusly tore my shoulder all the way out of its socket and proceeded to cry as my poor SO had to dress me and get me into the car. They made sure to ask if the injury was DV related, and as the first triage nurse left my room, she complemented my perfume that smelled like cherries and vanilla. TLDR: First attempt at anal ends in dislocated shoulder. I am now a fully functioning, normal 25F….

When I was 6 I had my first sexual experience with a friend. Then several other times we messed around and ate each other out. We knew it was bad but it felt good. A few years later I was about 10, my babysitter was in her mid 40s and had a year-old son. Sometimes we fooled around in the house and sometimes we rode our bikes down to the creek where it was secluded.

It escalated further until I ended up sucking his dick a few times and we had full on sex with his little brother 9 watching. Some things happened and I fooled around with them both at the same time. We were fucked up kids. And no, I was never sexually abused prior and to my knowledge they were not either. We were just curious and horny as fuck.

This went on for a while, having sex with both of them until I got my period when I was 11 and my mom had the talk with me.