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The shape of a male presence in the bed is unmistakable. Paris is lying down his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. He notices me at last and looks at me. He is the king of masking his cool. I drop my bag beside me on the floor and start stripping out of my clothing. A jacket, a top, bra, skirt, and socks. He watches me strip at the doorway. All you have to do, is ask me. I watch the rise and fall of his chest but he remains silent.

It creates a lot of negative, misleading energy in your head and in my world. Just deodorant. Reaching for me. I get out before as his face looms before mine.

Lycan Romance

Our lips meeting and we become engulfed in one another again. Like he wants to cover every last inch of my mouth with is tongue. I forget that There is a world outside of this, as he cups my face and I creep my body further up his. Paris stops and looks up at me. His teeth graze at my nipples and he lifts my hips up, so I can feel him press against me. Paris slides into me slowly.

Paris opens his mouth as he moans and I can see his teeth are sharpening. But Hooper has issues. One; he hates werewolves, two; he hates werewolf packs, three; he hates lycans and four; he hates himself because he is a lycan. Made by a werewolf after an attack, seventeen years ago. Can he learn to love himself enough to be loved in return? Do you let the wolf that you are define you or the one you could be?

Falling for Thane was always going to be a challenge and a complicating one at that for Hooper to work out. Add families from both sides of each male to the mix, and secrets are going to get exposed, and love will challenge loyalty because of it. Leaving Hooper with another issue to add to his list; like what does he want out of his lycan life, a pack mate, love, or family?

I feel the shaking again and I clench my fingers into the palms of my hands tightly, pressing them into me. Hoping to bleed. Being a werewolf in this world, is hard enough, thank you. Being a werewolf female trapped between two wolves in her life, is a complication I do not need to add to my life in general. Been there before, done that.

Really not looking to do it again. He lifts his head and brushes brown hair out of his eyes. Violently hit them. With a side of yelling and screaming thrown in. This is a new development. Then nothing. I cross my arms over my chest and will him to go on. Paris and Addison were patrolling and they came across another victim, Damon.

Damon, I know a Damon. Damon the lycan. A hermit. Paris has always said he was under his protection, but never explained why. But he used my real name. There are only a few times when people ever, use my real name. Another sort of trait he shares with Paris. We fight. Not forever. This kiss is a reminder of everything I once felt for this Lycan. Everything that got crushed when he rejected me. Booker whines in his throat as we part and rests his forehead against mine, his eyes closed as we both remember we can breathe air, without the other one. My eyes look up at him.

Get a hold of it for good. Booker opens his eyes and looks down at me. Booker pulls back and drops his hand off the back of my neck. But he retains contact with my hand and wrist. I wonder if Booker ever forgot to wash my scent off him after we were together. Besides, you have a mate, you have a girlfriend. You should focus all this thing you have for me, on her.

Think of her instead. I never knew that. Never had a chance or a need to. Booker puts up a hand in defense.

Lycan Love by Anastasia Maltezos

Black hair, eyes, same height. I groan and bury my face in my hands. He picked a girlfriend who reminded him of me. He looks at me tenderly. My heart races. I kind of noticed it not long after we stopped dating. So we developed this habit. Nobody would think much of it, because we worked it into our lives, and around our social groups. Every few weeks, he or I would find a reason, or take advantage of pack work to end up being grouped together.

It was just about being around one another. You need to tell that wolf that, control it, not let it control you. He straightens up and his body stiffens. I sigh and put a hand to my forehead, hoping to prevent a headache. I think I get our connection now. Never really got a hold of it though, never understood it until something happened recently to have it pointed out to me.

We met when I was fifteen.

Lycan Love

And I was fighting with my father, the pack leader of the Breukelen werewolf pack. Fifteen , was an important year to me. I was lucky to be alive. My fiftieth year, was supposed to represent survival, moving on, overcoming what had been done to me the year before. One way or another that was what our wolf selves pushed us to do, and both of us were new to our wolf ways, so we did what we thought we were meant to do. And If I look back at me and Booker and our past history, I can accept and move on from my first boyfriend being not so much of a boyfriend too me, as a confused newly minted lycan who had to figure out again, how to be a wolf in a human body, with a woman.

I cross my ankles together and think about this.

I got home, called Booker Parish and he came running to me. I have a weekend to resolve this. Paris gave me the entire weekend. Why it was so easy for Paris to make the connection between me and Booker having had a past affair together. I choose a packmate that looks similar to you. Lucas is a great hero.

He is sexy and protective, yet strong and dangerous. Jen is a fitting character for him. She is c 3. When she discovers the reason he acted the way he did she is overwhelmed and frightened. Lucas is determined to be with Jen and make the adjustment easier for her. The conflict that Lucas and Jen feel about what they are is compelling and adds to the depth of the story as does the addition of a more malevolent character, Serena.

All the elements come together in a well balanced novella that flows well throughout. It has a good mix of conflict, action and romance. The love story is fast paced and steamy. You can easily read it in one sitting. Lycan Love is recommended for fans of paranormal romance. Feb 05, SirenBookReviews rated it really liked it.

Lycan Love by Anastasia Maltezos was a great quick paced read. The beginning held me captive when the two first met and exploded into white hot passion. I could feel the agony of his wait for the moon. What worried me most was the no choice in the matter situation.

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I hoped that their passion and chemistry would explode leaving them no option but to go the relationship route and get to know one another regardless of which species they were. Jan 21, Laurie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , paranormal , shapeshifter , werewolves. The world, as Ms. Maltezos envisions it, is a dark, dangerous maze liberally peppered with evil in many guises — evil that sometimes leers behind the beautiful countenance of a teasing temptress or pounces with tooth and claw to attack the innocent or unwary.

Read More. Feb 20, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: bad-boys , betrayal , genre-paranormal , no-strings-attached , shifters-were , own-kindle. Lucas Wilde just wanted a night of mindless sex, instead he ends up throwing his soul mate out in a heated manner possibly turning her away forever.

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