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I now greet you, chewed away stones, And you, my blood, thrown down by the corpses of all the seas, you riveted land without fruit, that staggering, Stands on the edge of the earth. Ihr Freund arbeitet in der Hosentasche. Vielleicht handelt es sich um einen ausgetretenen Bruch.

Er ist der Pionier der guten Sache. Er weidet ihre Lippen ab. Lower down her arm, her thumbs, Balls of fat, are busy moving back and forth. She has brown skin, is motherly-looking and wants to kiss him. I like it, because this woman is completely unknown to me. Her boyfriend is fiddling in his trouser pockets. Perhaps they have just started to break up. The manager make sure that very one pays their way. He is a pioneer of the good cause. His oversized toes make an attempt along with his ankles to escape from his boots.

People are guzzling at the next table. I have never actually found one who has understood What makes makes wind mills turn. I record that as a statistic. He nibbles at her lips. Their bodies are playing together Unheard melodies. Sauve qui peut. D-Zug Braun wie Kognak. Braun wie Laub.

Reif gesenkt. In Sichel-Sehnsucht: wie weit der Sommer ist! Vorletzter Tag des neunten Monats schon! Und dann wieder dies Bei-sich-selbst-sein! Diese Stummheiten. Dies Getriebenwerden! Eine Frau ist etwas mit Geruch. Stirb hin. Du, ich falle! Brown as leaves. Malayan yellow. The Express train Berlin — Trelleborg and the Baltic sea resorts.

Flesh that went naked, and tanned to the lips by the sea. Fully ripe. For Grecian pleasure. And yearning for the scythe: a never-ending summer! And already almost the last day of the ninth month! Stubble and the last shocks of hay thirst in us. Unfoldings, the blood, the weariness. The presence of dahlias clouds the mind. Sun-browned manhood hurries onto sun-browned womanhood.

A woman is something for a night. And if it was good, perhaps for a second! But then, oh, again this being by oneself! These silences! This incessant propulsion! A woman is something with a smell. Die away. She contains the South, the shepherd and the sea. On each slope a pleasure lies. Lightly-tanned woman swoons onto darkly-tanned male. Hold me, you! I am falling. In my head, I am so weary. Oh, this feverish sweet final smell from the gardens.

Kasino Menge war schon auf Kriegsschule ein Idiot. Ha, ha, ha. Ganz geteilte Auffassungen. Ne, Sie? Na Prost, Onkel Doktor! Heut Nacht! Ein Blutweib! Sagt: Arm kann er sein und dumm kann er sein; Aber jung und frisch gebadet. Auf dieser Basis fanden wir uns. Lachen einigt alles. Although there are different opinions on this. You, the Junker, you can gee up with me when I ride. The still before the storm: Arnim, my dear fellow. You are quite incorrigible! Well, have you? It must be pretty interesting. The seats are supposed to be really small. A full-bodied wench!

Rather less morality And a bit more of a fine leg. What sort of figures have you built on this common ground? Everyone saw the joke. Herbst Todstumme Felder an mein Dorf gelehnt. Nirgend mehr Purpur oder junge Glut. Nur in der Georginen Sehnsuchtsaugen brennt noch des Sommers wundervolles Blut. Bald wird auch dies die Erde in sich saugen. The scattered chicory and scabiosa offer a little consolation.

While the rangy twigs of a rose bush spread themselves, devoid of bloom, along a fence. No more purple or fresh glowing. Only in the yearning eyes of the Georgia does the summer still burn full of wonder. But soon also this will be sucked up by the earth into itself. Morgue II I. Mit uns wird Schindluder getrieben. Soll ich damit atmen? Soll da vielleicht der kleine Kreislauf durchgehn?

Alles was recht ist! Das geht zu weit! Na, und ich? Wie bin ich hergekommen? Wie aus dem Ei gepellt! Und jetzt?? Und das rechte Herzohr brauchte auch nicht grade aus meinem After rauszusehn! Des Landes Lippe nagt: die Wand reisst ein. Das Fleisch verfliesst. Wo sass deine Kotfistel, fragt man sich? Vereinfachter Mechanismus. Ich bin aufgestiegen wie ein junger Adler. So stand ich: nackt, vom kalten Sternenlicht Umbrandet Stirn und Blut. They are treating us like rubbish. Who, for example, has thrown my brain into my breast cavity? Am I supposed to breath through this? Is my faint blood circulation supposed to flow through it?

By all that is right and fair! This is going too far! How did I get here? As if peeled from an egg!! And now?? And my heart valve on the right side does not need to be poking out of my arse! That looks like I have got hemeroids. The lips of the land gnaw: the wind roars in. Flesh dissolves. And in the dark towers of the limbs Eternal earth cries out with joy. Freed from my tear-drenched Cage. Freed from hunger and the sword. And as the seagulls flee in winter Over the sweet water: therefore: returned home. Where does my stomach start? Where can we find your excrement fistula, someone asks?

A completely different constitution. The navel has been thrown overboard. A simplified mechanism. Back to nature seems the best way to go. Men, hairy and randy. Women, cowardly and deceitful, Driven out of your shit-lives, Whined around by human beasts. I have ascended like a youg eagle. And stand there: naked, brow and blood Lit around by cold star light.

Ich will ein ausgeschlenkertes Meer sein, du Affe! I want to push you in your shoulders. I want to spead myself over you. I want to be a sea at high tide, you idiot! Komm man mit. They are soft, white, large, As if from the flesh of the womb. But you are wearing a good English suit. You can come with me. But, of course, bring a solid gold coin. Europe, this piece of snot Europe, this piece of snot Out of the nose of a confirmation pupil. Wir gerieten in ein Mohnfeld Wir gerieten in ein Mohnfeld.

Everywhere bricks screamed around. Encase us in the tower of flames With everything that kneels before the gods. Ten naked redskin heathens danced around the edifice and bleated An ape-song to death: You are simply spraying around the dirt from a puddle And are squashing underfoot a mound of worms when You crush us, We are and do not want to be anything more than filth. They have lied to us and deceived us With talk of God, purpose and meaning And gave you as a payment our sins.

For us you are the enticing rainbow Stretched over the peaks of joy. Einer sang: … Einer sang: Ich liebe eine Hure, sie heisst To. Ihr Gang sticht durch mein Blut. Sie ist ein Abgrund wilder, dunkler Blumen. Kein Engel ist so rein. Mit Mutteraugen. Ich liebe eine Hure. Sie heisst To. Yes, as if made from a vessel All through summer.

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Her step cuts through my blood. She is an abyss of wild, dark flowers. No angel is so pure. With mothering eyes. I love a whore. Feuchtigkeiten ein lauter Rausch. Ein Kind! O ja, ein Kind! Moistness, a pure intoxication. A child! Oh yes, a child! But how to get one and not — feel ashamed.

I dreamt once that a young birch-tree Had given me a son. A violet song from the heavens Sung to the buds of young roses. Oh, through the nights there sobs unto the stars My male blood. Da lobe ich mir den tiefen Alt des Mohns. Da denkt man an Blutfaden und Menstruation. I prefer the deep alto of the poppy.

It reminds me of patches of blood and menstruation. Die weiche Bucht. Alles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer. Life and death, sex and procreation Would slide from our dumb seed. A piece of algae or a dune of sand: Formed by the wind and heavy at its base. Even the head of a dragonfly or the wing of a gull Would be too much, and would suffer too deeply.

II Despicable are the lovers, the mockers, Despair of all longing, and those who hope. We are such sickly corrupted gods. The gentle bay. The dark dreams of the woods. The stars, huge as blossoming snowballs and heavy. The panthers spring soundlessly through the trees. Everything is shoreline. Eternally calls the sea —.

Get in there, into that stale Thermopylae! Drohungen Aber wisse: Ich lebe Tiertage. Ich bin eine Wasserstunde.

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Wir wollen helle Haut sein. Meine Vorderflossen sind schon lang und haarig. In der ersten Nacht ist alles entschieden. Selbst so segelhaft. Du machst mir Liebe: blutigelhaft: Ich will von dir. Sieh: Ich. I am a water-hour. In the evening my eyelids drowse off towards forest and sky.

My love knows few words. It is so beautiful by your blood. My queenly vessel! My roaming hyena! Come into my burrow. Let us be bright flesh. Until the shadows of the cedars rear over the little lizard: You!

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Roses bloom in my hair. My front paws are long and hairy. Longing for the boughs of trees. From strong thumbs you can hang down the whole day long. All is decided on the first night. I grip with my teeth the thing that I desire. Hyenas, tigers, vultures are my emblems. You are now crossing the water. So like a sail yourself. Fair skinned. Cool in play.

And yet bitter red, the blood inside is dead, The mouth is a crevice full of screams. You, let us not land on a shore! You make love to me like a leech: I want something from you. You have cornstalks on your hat. Your back is brown from your Maccabee blood. Your forehead flows: you spent so long Looking over the stubs of hay for Boaz.

You hold it like a sea, so that nothing spilt in play Should moisten the earth. Now, look through your eyelids and steel yourself: See: the precipice approaching from a thousand stars away. See: the jaws into which you must pour all. See: me. Ich bin Gestank. Vom Rand der Erde komm ich her. Weil meine Mutter weint? Weil meinem Vater das Haar vergreist? Ich schreie: Ihr grauer Schlaf! Ihr ausgeborenen Schluchten! Mir aber rauscht die Stirn wie Wolken Flug. Wisch ihm eins! The Robbers-Schiller I bring plague. I am stench. From the edge of the world I come here. At times, there is something that runs together in my mouth: If I were to spit it out, the stars would hiss, And the entire cowardly boozy lot and the blood of Abel would go under.

Because my mother cries? I cry out: You grey somniac! You now impotent gorges! Pretty soon a few handfuls of earth Will be fertilising you. In me, however, the brain rages like a flight of clouds.

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And that touch of infection that trickled into my blood from the slime of a whore? A crumb of death is forever stinking in the corner — Sod it! Give it one! Who cares? Das Affenlied Ihr Spiel Gottes! Du liebes Blut! Von meinem kaum getrennt! Durchrausche mich noch einen Tag! Ape song You jest from God! Heavens are the shadows Of the great forests around your fur.

Sleeping, feeding, breeding quietly ripens on the Summer land of your blood. Your holy reapings! You, dear blood! From mine barely different! One and the same. Rage through me again for just one day! Look: hours, earlier ones, lived out, When we still blithely crouched by the river bank: There was the sea and there was the earth — See these hours once lived out, Oh, the return of all these longings Assemble around you! Ich bin so hingesunken An dich. Und bin so trunken Von dir. Die Welt ist tot.

Alles klingt In mein Herz. Madonna Do not give me back yet! I have totally expired on you. And am completely intoxicated In you. This bliss! The world is dead. The heavens sing stretched out against the stream of stars, bright and full. Everything is resounding in my heart. Deeply fulfilled and so beautiful sings the hunting pack of my blood. Das Fett wird ranzig and hat ausgepaart. Wir aber wehn. O was in Lauben unseres Flesichs geschah! Verwirrt im Haar, in Meer. Over graves This one slaves away and bakes, bent throughout the night With rotten meat, following an old baking method.

Finally the pig broke his legs. His fat became rancid and fell away. We, however, drift. Aegean are our tides. Oh, look what has happened in the foliage of our flesh! Tangled in our hair, in the sea, our breasts bleed in dancing, in the summer, by the strand and Ithaka. Mai ist um die Harfe. O Sommer dieses Nackens! O Diese jasmindurchseuchte Ellenbeuge! O, ich bin gut zu dir. Ich streichle Dir deine Schultern. Du, wir reisen: Tyrrhenisches Meer.

Ein frevelhaftes Blau. Die Dorertempel. In Rosenschwangerhaft Die Ebenen. Felder Sterben den Asphodelentod. Du Kranke, tief im Flor Der dunklen Brauen! May surrounds the harp. The palm trees redden. In the desert wind. Rahel, a slim goldwatch at her wrist: Protecting her sex and threatening the mind: She is the enemy!

Your hand however is as if from earth: Sweetly-brown, almost eternal, wafted by womb. Friendly Earring turns up. The bright Easter lillies are so lovely: Their wide mouths yellow, with meadows at their feet. Oh blond! Oh summer ripened back! Oh These elbows drenched with jasmine! Oh I am good to you. I stroke Your shoulders. A wicked blue. The Doric temples. Pregnant with roses, The plains. Fields Expire into their asphodel death. Lips, bold and deeply filled like chalices, As if blood from its sweet place was hesitating, Roaring through a mouth of early autumn.

Oh the sorry brain. You sick thing, deep in the bloom Of your dark brows! Smile, be bright: The violins are shimmering a rainbow. Sie friert. Der kleine graue Stock in ihrer Hand Friert mit. Wird klein. Will tiefer in die Hand. O Marmorlicht! Du rauschst so an mein Blut. Du helle Bucht! Du rosa Staub! Du Ufer mit Libellen! Im Veilchenschurz. Machtloser grauer Strand.


Kein Boot, kein Segel geht. Wer nimmt mich winters auf?! Spa concert Beyond cripples and bathing proletarians, Sunshades, lapdogs and Boa scarves, Beyond the autumn sea and the ditty by Grieg: Whether Iris will come? It is freezing. The small walking stick in her hand Is also freezing. Gets smaller. Wants to go deeper into her hand. The bell flowers, enclosed in your scarve, The white cross of your parted hair and teeth Contrasts, when you laugh, so sweetly with your brown skin!

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App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Jun 6, Version 7. Information Seller Ascendo Inc. Size Category Education. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. For thou the sceptre, Lord, dost wield Sin to thyself subjecting; Thy Word, thy people's pasture-field, And fence their feet protecting, Them in the way preserveth.

Thy fold, O God, shall bring to thee The praise of holy living; Thy word shall richly fruitful be, And earth shall yield thanksgiving. Bless us, O Father! Grant, Holy Ghost, thy blessing! Thee earth shall honor-thee alone, Thy fear all souls possessing. Wohl dem, der in Gottesfurcht steht. Happy the Man who feareth God. Happy the man who feareth God, Whose feet his holy ways have trod; Thine own good hand shall nourish thee, And well and happy shalt thou be.

Thy wife shall, like a fruitful vine, Fill all thy house with clusters fine; Thy children all be fresh and sound, Like olive-plants thy table round. He shall be with thee in thy ways, And give thee health and length of days; Yea, thou shalt children's children see, And peace on Israel shall be. Wohl dem, der in Gottesfurcht steht, Und der auf seinem Wege geht; Dein eigen Hand dich naehren soll, So lebst du recht und geht dir wohl.

Mitten wir im Leben sind. Though in Midst of Life we be. Though in midst of life we be, Snares of death surround us; Where shall we for succor flee, Lest our foes confound us? To thee alone, our Saviour. We mourn our grievous sin which hath Stirr'd the fire of thy fierce wrath. Holy and gracious God! Holy and mighty God! Holy and all-merciful Saviour! Thou eternal God! Save us, Lord, from sinking In the deep and bitter flood. Kyrie eleison. Whilst in midst of death we be, Hell's grim jaws o'ertake us; Who from such distress will free.

Who secure will make us? Thou only, Lord, canst do it! It moves thy tender heart to see Our great sin and misery. Let not hell dismay us With its deep and burning flood. Into hell's fierce agony Sin doth headlong drive us: Where shall we for succor flee, Who, O , who will hide us? Thou only, blessed Saviour. Thy precious blood was shed to win Peace and pardon for our sin. From the true faith's comfort Fall in our last need away. Das bist du, Herr, alleine. Uns reuet unser' Missethat, Die dich, Herr, erzuernet hat. Lass uns nicht versinken In der bittern Todesnoth. Das thust du, Herr, alleine.

Es jammert dein' Barmherzigkeit Unser' Sueund' und grosses Leid. Lass uns nicht verzagen Fuer der tiefen Hoellenglut. Zu dir, Herr Christ, alleine. Bergossen ist dein theures Blut, Das g'nug fuer die Suende thut. Lass uns nicht entfallen Von des rechten Glaubens Trost. Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist. Now pray we all God, the Comforter. The other stanzas added by Luther. Now pray we all God, the Comforter, Into every heart true faith to pour And that he defend us, Till death here end us, When for heaven we leave this world of sorrow.

Spirit of love, now our spirits bless; Them with thy own heavenly fire possess; That in heart uniting, In peace delighting, We may henceforth all be one in spirit. Our highest comfort in all distress! O let naught with fear our hearts oppress: Give us strength unfailing O'er fear prevailing, When th' accusing foe would overwhelm us.

Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist Um den rechten Glauben allermeist, Dass er uns behuete an unserm Ende, Wann wir heimfahr'n aus diesem Elende. Mit Fried' und Freud' ich fahr' dahin. In Peace and Joy I now depart. So the Lord hath promis'd me, And death is by a slumber. In him I behold my life, My help in need and dying. Him thou hast unto all set forth, Their great salvation, And to his kingdom called the earth- Every nation.

By thy dear, health-giving word, In every land resounding. He is the Health and blessed Light Of lands benighted, By him are they who dwelt in night Fed and lighted. While his Israel's hope he is, Their joy, reward and glory. Wie Gott mir verheissen hat: Der Tod ist mein Schlaf worden. Mensch, willt du leben seliglich. Wilt thou, O Man, live happily. Wilt thou, O man, live happily, And dwell with God eternally, The ten commandments keep, for thus Our God himself biddeth us.

Kyr' eleison! I am the Lord and God! Honor my name in word and deed, And call on me in time of need: Hallow the Sabbath, that I may Work in thy heart on that day. Obedient always, next to me, To father and to mother be; Kill no man: even anger dread; Keep sacred thy marriage-bed. Steal not, nor do thy neigbor wrong By bearing witness with false tongue; Thy neighbor's wife desire thou not, Nor grudge him aught he hath got. Mensch, willt du leben seliglich, Und bei Gott bleiben ewiglich, Sollt du halten die zehn Gebot, Die uns geben unser Gott.

Dem Vater und der Mutter dein Sollt du nach mir gehorsam sein; Niemand toedten noch zornig sein, Und deine Eh' halten rein. Du sollt ein'm andern stehlen nicht, Auf Niemand falsches zeugen icht; Deines Naechsten Weib nicht begehr'n Und all sein's Gut's gern entbehr'n. Gott der Vater wohn' uns bei. God, the Father, with us stay. God, the Father, with us stay, Nor suffer us to perish; All our sins O take away, Us dying, cheer and cherish. From the power of hell defend; This grace to us be granted:- Upon thee to be planted, In heartfelt faith undaunted, Trusting thee unto the end; With saints of every nation, Escaping hell's temptation, Kept by the Lord's salvation.

Answer send! So sing we all Hallelujah! Jesus, Saviour with us stay, Nor suffer us to perish; All our sins O take away, Us dying, cheer and cherish.

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Holy Spirit, with us stay, Nor suffer us to perish; All our sins O take away, Us dying, cheer and cherish. Gott der Vater wohn' uns bei Und lass uns nicht verderben, Mach' uns aller Suenden frei Und helf' uns selig sterben. Jesus Christus wohn' uns bei Und lass uns nicht verderben, Mach' uns aller Suenden frei Und helf' uns selig sterben. Der heilig' Geist wohn uns bei, Und lass uns nicht verberben, Mach' uns aller Suenden frei Und helf' uns selig sterben. Wir glauben All' an einen Gott. We all believe in one true God.

We all believe in one true God, Maker of the earth and heaven, The Father who to us the power To become his sons hath given. He will us at all times nourish, Soul and body, guard us, guide us, 'Mid all harms will keep and cherish, That no ill shall ever betide us. He watches o'er us day and night; All things are governed by his might.

By the Holy Ghost conceived, Born of Mary, virgin mother, That to lost men who believed He should Saviour be and brother; Was crucified, and from the grave, Through God, is risen, strong to save. He, the Comforter, Feeble souls with gifts sustaineth. All his saints, in every nation, With one heart this faith receiving, From all sin obtain salvation, From the dust of death reviving. These sorrows past, there waits in store For us, the life for evermore. Er will uns allzeit ernaehren, Leib und Seel' auch wohl bewahren, Allem Unfall will er wehren, Kein Leid soll uns widerfahren, Er sorget fuer uns, huet't und wacht, Es steht Alles in seiner Macht.

Nach diesem Elend ist bereit Uns ein Leben in Ewigkeit. Waer' Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit. Had God not come, may Israel say. Had God not come, may Israel say, Had God not come to aid us, Our enemies on that sad day Would surely have dimayed us; A remnant now, and handful small, Held in contempt and scorn by all Who cruelly oppress us.

Their furious wrath, did God permit, Would surely have consumed us, And in the deep and yawning pit With life and limb entombed us; Like men o'er whom dark waters roll, The streams had gone e'en o'er our soul, And mightily o'erwhelmed us. Thanks be to God, who from the pit Snatched us, when it was gaping; Our souls, like birds that break the net, To the blue skies escaping; The snare is broken-we are free!

The Lord our helper praised be, The God of earth and heaven. Wir waer'n als die ein' Fluth ersaeuft Und ueber dei gross' Wasser laeuft Und mit Gewalt verschwemmet. Jesaia, dem Propheten, das geschah. These Things the Seer Isaiah did befall. These things the seer Isaiah did befall: In spirit he beheld the Lord of all On a high throne, raised up in splendor bright, His garment's border filled the choir with light.

Beside him stood two seraphim which had Six wings, wherewith they both alike were clad; With twain they hid their shining with twain They hid their feet as with a flowing train, And with the other twain they both did fly. One to the other thus aloud did cry: "Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth! Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth! His glory filleth all the trembling earth! Es stunden zween Seraph bei ihm daran, Sechs Fluegel sah er eineu jeden han; Mit zween verbargen sie ihr Antlitz klar, Mit zween bedeckten sie die Fuesse gar, Und mit den andern zween sie flogen frei; Gen ander ruften sie mit grossem G'schrei: "Heilig ist Gott, der Herre Zebaoth!

Heilig ist Gott, der Herre Zebaoth! Sein' Ehr' die ganze Welt erfuellet hat! Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott. Strong Tower and Refuge is our God. Strong tower and refuge is our God, Right goodly shield and weapon; He helps us free in every need, That hath us now o'ertaken. The old evil foe, Means us deadly woe; Deep guile and great might Are his dreaded arms in fight; On earth is not his equal. With our own might we nothing can, Soon are we lost and fallen; But for us fights the righteous man, Whom God himself hath callen.

Ask ye, Who is this? Though earth all full of devils were, Wide roaring to devour us; Yet fear we no such grievous fear, They shall not overpower us. This world's prince may still Scowl fierce as he will, He can harm us none, He's judged; the deed is done; One little word can fell him. His Word they still shall let abide, And little thank have for it; Through all the fight he's on our side With his good gifts and Spirit.

Take they then our life, Wealth, fame, child and wife, Let these all be gone, No triumph have they won. The kingdom ours remaineth. Mit unser' Macht ist nichts gethan, Wir sind gar bald verloren, Es streit't fuer uns der rechte Mann, Den Gott hat selbst erkoren. Fragst du, wer der ist? Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel waer, Und wollt' uns gar verschlingen, So fuerchten wir uns nicht so sehr, Es soll uns doch gelingen. The genuine text is here given, and the English version is conformed to it. Berleih' uns Frieden gnaediglich. In these our Days so perilous. In these our days so perilous, Lord, peace in mercy send us; No God but thee can fight for us, No God but thee defend us; Thou our only God and Saviour.

Herr Gott, dich loben wir. Lord God, thy Praise we sing. For two Choirs. Lord God, thy praise we sing; Lord God, our thanks we bring; Father in eternity, All the world worships thee. Angels all and heavenly host Of thy glory loudly boast; Both cherubim and Seraphim Sing ever with loud voice this hymn: Holy art thou, our God!

Holy art thou, our God! Holy art thou, our God, the Lord of Sabaoth! Thy majesty and godly might Fill the earth and all the realms of light. The twelve apostles join in song With the dear prophets' goodly throng The martyrs' noble army raise Their voice to thee in hymns of praise. The universal Church doth thee Throughout the world confess to be Thee, Father, on thy highest throne, Thy worthy, true, and well belov'd Son, The Comforter, ev'n the Holy Ghost, Whereof she makes her constant boast. To save mankind thou hast not, Lord, The Virgin Mary's womb abhorred; Thou over camest death's sharp sting, Believers unto heaven to bring; At God's right hand thou sittest, clad In th'glory with the Father had; Thou shalt in glory come again, To judge both dead and living men.

Thy servants help whom thou, O God, Hast ransomed with that precious blood; Grant that we share the heav'nly rest With the happy saints eternally blest. Help us, O Lord, from age to age, And bless thy chosen heritage. Nourish and keep them by thy power, And lift them up for evermore. Lord God, we praise thee day by day, And sanctify thy name alway. Keep us this day, and at all times, From secret sins and open crimes; For mercy only, Lord, we plead; Be merciful to our great need.

Show us thy mercy, Lord, as we Our steadfast trust repose in thee. In thee, Lord, have we put our trust; O never let our hope be lost! Herr Gott, dich loben wir, Herr Gott, wir danken dir! Dich, Vater in Ewigkeit, Ehrt die Welt weit und breit. Heilig ist unser Gott! Heilig ist unser Gott, der Herre Zebaoth! Die ganze werthe Christenheit Ruehmt dich auf Erden alle Zeit, 3.

Taeglich, Herr Gott, wir loben dich, Und ehr'n dein Namen stetiglich. Behuet' uns heut', o treuer Gott, Fuer aller Suend' und Missethat. Auf dich hoffen wir, lieber Herr; In Schanden lass uns nimmermehr! From Heaven above to Earth I come. From heaven above to earth I come, To bear good news to every home; Glad tidings of great joy I bring, Whereof I now will say and sing. To you, this night, is born a child Of Mary, chosen Mother mild; This tender child of lowly birth, Shall be the joy of all your earth.

He brings those blessings long ago Prepared by God for all below; That in his heavenly kingdom blest You may with us forever rest. These are the tokens ye shall mark, The swaddling-clothes and manger dark; There shall ye find the young child laid, By whom the heavens and earth were made. Now let us all, with gladsome cheer, Follow the shepherds, and draw near To see this wondrous gift of God, Who hath his own dear Son bestowed. Give heed, my heart, lift up thine eyes! What is it in yon manger lies? Who is this child, so young and fair?

The blessed Christ-child lieth there! Welcome to earth, thou noble guest, Through whom e'en wicked men are blest! Thou com'st to share our misery, What can we render, Lord, to thee! Ah, Lord, who hast created all, How hast thou made thee weak and small, To lie upon the coarse dry grass, The food of humble ox and ass. And were the world ten times as wide, With gold and jewels beautified, It would be far too small to be A little cradle, Lord, for thee. Thy silk and velvet are coarse hay, Thy swaddling bands the mean array, With which even thou, a King so great, Art clad as with a robe of state.

Thus hath it pleased thee to make plain The truth to us, poor fools and vain, That this world's honor, wealth and might Are naught and worthless in thy sight. Ah, dearest Jesus, holy child, Make thee a bed, soft, undefiled, Here in my poor heart's inmost shrine, That I may evermore be thine. My heart for very joy doth leap, My lips no more can silence keep, I too must sing, with joyful tongue, That sweetest ancient cradle song:- Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man his Son hath given, While angles sing, with pious mirth, A glad New Year to all the earth.

Von Himmel hoch da komm ich her, Ich bring' euch gute neue Maehr, Der guten Maehr bring ich so viel, Davon ich sing'n und sagen will. Dess lasst uns Alle froehlich sein Und mit den Hirten geh'n hinein, Zu seh'n was Gott uns hat bescheert, Mit seinem lieben Sohn verehrt. Merk auf, mein Herz, und sieh dort hin: Was liegt doch in dem Krippelein? Wess ist das schoene Kindelein? Es ist das liebe Jesulein. Bis willekomm, du edler Gast, Den Suender nicht verschmaehet hast, Und koemmst in Elend her zu mir, Wie soll ich immer danken dir?

Sie ist mir lieb, die werthe Magd. Dear is to me the holy Maid. Dear is to me the holy Maid,- I never can forget her; For glorious things of her are said; Than life I love her better: So dear and good, That if I should Afflicted be, It moves not me; For she my soul will ravish With constancy and love's pure fire, And with her bounty lavish Fulfil my heart's desire. She wears a crown of purest gold, Twelve shining stars attend her; Her raiment, glorious to behold, Surpasses far in splendor The sun at noon; Upon the moon She stands, the Bride Of him who died: Sore travail is upon her; She bringeth forth a noble Son Whom all the world doth honor; She bows before his throne.

Thereat the Dragon raged, and stood With open mouth before her; But vain was his attempt, for God His buckler broad threw o'er her. Up to his throne He caught his Son, But left the foe To rage below. The mother, sore afflicted, Alone into the desert fled, There by her God protected, By her true Father fed. Vater unser im Himmelreich. Our Father, thou in Heaven above.

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Our Father, thou in heaven above, Who biddest us to dwell in love, As brethren of one family, And cry for all we need to thee; Teach us to mean the words we say, And from the inmost heart to pray. All hallowed be thy name, O Lord! O let us firmly keep thy Word, And lead, according to thy name, A holy life, untouched by blame; Let no false teachings do us hurt,- All poor deluded souls convert.

Thy kingdom come! Thine let it be In time, and through eternity! O let thy Holy Spirit dwell With us, to rule and guide us well; From Satan's mighty power and rage Preserve thy Church from age to age. Thy will be done on earth, O Lord, As where in heaven thou art adored! Patience in time of grief bestow, Thee to obey through weal and woe; Our sinful flesh and blood control That thwart thy will within the soul. Give us this day our daily bread, Let us be duly clothed and fed, And keep thou from our homes afar Famine and pestilence and war, That we may live in godly peace, Unvexed by cares and avarice.

Forgive our sins, O Lord, that they No more may vex us, day by day, As we forgive their trespasses Who unto us have done amiss; Thus let us dwell in charity, And serve each other willingly. Into temptation lead us not; And when the foe doth war and plot Against our souls one very hand, Then, armed with faith, O may we stand Against him as a valiant host, Through comfort of the Holy Ghost. Deliver us from evil, Lord! The days are dark and foes abroad; Redeem us from eternal death; And when we yield our dying breath, Console us, grant us calm release, And take our souls to thee in peace.

Strengthen our faith and trust in thee, That we may doubt not, but believe That what we ask we shall receive; Thus in thy name and at thy word We say Amen, now hear us, Lord! Vater unser im Himmelreich, Der du uns alle heissest gleich Brueder sein, und dich rufen an Und willt das Beten von uns han: Gieb dass nicht bet allein der Mund, Hils dass es geh von Herzens Grund. Geheiligt werd der Name dein, Dein Wort bei uns hilf halten rein, Dass auch wir leben heiliglich, Nach deinem Namen wuerdiglich. Behuet uns, Herr, fuer falscher Lehr, Das arm verfuehret Volk bekehr.

Bescher uns auch ein selig's End, Nimm unser Seel in deine Hand'. Amen, das ist: es werde wahr; Staerk unsern Glauben immerdar, Auf dass wir ja nicht zweifeln dran, Dass wir hiermit gebeten han; Auf dein Wort in dem Namen dein, So sprechen wir das Amen fein. Von Himmel kam der Engel schaar. To Shepherds, as they watched by Night. To shepherds, as they watched by night, Appeared a troop of angels bright; Behold the tender babe, they said, In yonder lowly manger laid.

Rejoice ye, then, that through his Son God is with sinners now at one; Made like yourselves of flesh and blood, Your brother is th' eternal Good. What harm can sin and death then do? The true God now abides with you: Let hell and Satan chide and chafe, God is your fellow-ye are safe. Not one he will nor can forsake Who him his confidence doth make: Let all his wiles the tempter try, You may his utmost powers defy. You must prevail at last, for ye Are now become God's family: To God forever give ye praise, Patient and cheerful all your days.

Was kann euch thun die Suend' und Tod? Ihr habt mit euch den wahren Gott. Er will und kann euch lassen nicht, Setz't ihr aus ihn eu'r Zuversicht; Es moegen euch viel fechten an Dem sei Trotz, der's nicht lassen kann. Erhalt' uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort. Lord, keep us in Thy Word and Work. Lord, keep us in thy word and work, Restrain the murderous Pope and Turk, Who fain would tear from off thy throne Christ Jesus, thy beloved Son.

Lord Jesus Christ, thy power make known, For thou art Lord of lords alone. Shield thy poor Christendom, that we May evermore sing praise to thee. God, Holy Ghost, our joy thou art, Give to thy flock on earth one heart. Stand by us in our latest need, And us from death to glory lead. Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam. To Jordan came our Lord the Christ.

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To Jordan came our Lord the Christ, To do God's pleasure willing, And there was by Saint John baptized, All righteousness fulfilling; There did he consecrate a bath To wash away transgression, And quench the bitterness of death By his own blood and passion; He would a new life give us. So hear ye all, and well perceive What God doth call baptism, And what a Christian should believe Who error shuns and schism: That we should water use, the Lord Declareth it his pleasure; Not simple water, but the Word And Spirit without measure; He is the true Baptizer.

To show us this, he hath his word With signs and symbols given; On Jordan's banks was plainly heard The Father's voice from heaven: "This is my well-beloved Son, In whom my soul delighteth; Hear him. In tender manhood Jesus straight To holy Jordan wendeth; The Holy Ghost from heaven's gate In dovelike shape descendeth; That thus the truth be not denied, Nor should our faith e'er waver, That the Three Persons all preside, At Baptism's holy laver, And dwell with the believer. Thus Jesus his disciples sent: Go teach ye every nation, That lost in sin they must repent; And flee from condemnation: He that believes and is baptized, Obtains a mighty blessing; A new-born man, no more he dies, Eternal life possessing, A joyful heir of heaven.

Who in this mercy hath not faith, Nor aught therein discerneth, Is yet in sin, condemned to death, And fire that ever burneth; His holiness avails him not, Nor aught which he is doing; His inborn sin brings all to naught, And maketh sure his ruin; Himself he cannot succor. The eye of sense alone is dim, And nothing sees but water; Faith sees Christ Jesus, and in him The lamb ordained for slaughter; She sees the cleansing fountain red With the dear blood of Jesus, Which from the sins inherited From fallen Adam frees us, And from our own misdoings.

Er sprach: das ist mein lieber Sohn, An dem ich hab' Gefallen, Den will ich euch befohlen han, Dass ihr ihn hoeret alle Und folget seinen Lehren. Sein' Juenger heisst der Herre Christ: Geht hin all' Welt zu lehren, Dass sie verlor'n in Suenden ist, Sich soll zur Busse kehren; Wer glaubet und sich taufen laesst, Soll dadurch selig werden, Ein neugeborner Mensch er heisst, Der nicht mehr konne sterben, Das Himmelreich soll erben. Die Erbsuend' macht's zur Nichtigkeit, Darin er ist geboren, Vermag ihm selbst nichts helfen. Was fuercht'st du, Feind Herodes, sehr?

Why, Herod, unrelenting foe. Why, Herod, unrelenting foe, Doth the Lord's coming move thee so? He doth no earthly kingdom seek Who brings his kingdom to the meek. Led by the star, the wise men find The Light that lightens all mankind; The threefold presents which they bring Declare him God, and Man, and King. In Jordan's sacred waters stood The meek and heavenly Lamb of God, And he who did no sin, thereby Cleansed us from all iniquity!

And now a miracle was done: Six waterpots stood there of stone; Christ spake the word with power divine, The water reddened into wine. Er sucht kein sterblich Koenigreich, Der zu uns bringt sein Himmelreich. Der du bist drei in Einigkeit. Thou, who art Three in Unity. Thou who art Three in Unity, True God from all eternity, The sun is fading from our sight, Shine thou on us with heavenly light. We praise thee with the dawning day, To thee at evening also pray, With our poor song we worship thee Now, ever and eternally. This text was converted to ascii format for Project Wittenberg by Cindy A.

Beesley and is in the public domain. You may freely distribute, copy or print this text. Please direct any comments or suggestions to: Rev. Robert E. Clinton St. Smith May 22, Version 1. The First Commandment You must not have other gods. What does this mean? We must fear, love, and trust God more than anything else. The Second Commandment You must not misuse your God's name. We must fear and love God, so that we will not use His name to curse, swear, cast a spell, lie or deceive, but will use it to call upon Him, pray to Him, praise Him and thank Him in all times of trouble.

The Third Commandment You must keep the Sabbath holy. We must fear and love God, so that we will not look down on preaching or God's Word, but consider it holy, listen to it willingly, and learn it. The Fourth Commandment You must honor your father and mother. We must fear and love God, so that we will neither look down on our parents or superiors nor irritate them, but will honor them, serve them, obey them, love them and value them. The Fifth Commandment You must not kill.

We must fear and love God, so that we will neither harm nor hurt our neighbor's body, but help him and care for him when he is ill. The Sixth Commandment You must not commit adultery. We must fear and love God, so that our words and actions will be clean and decent and so that everyone will love and honor their spouses.