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Share Tweet Submit Pin. My guess is, and plenty of Goodreads reviews endorse this, people either love the thing or hate it. The prose is written in jagged, fractured sentences and explores a grittier, booze-fueled Star Wars world, all of which feels tonally off-kilter in the proper Star Wars universe.

Again, Aftermath is by no means unreadable, but it feels like it takes place a long time ago, in another galaxy far, far away. Still, Aftermath is only the first part of a trilogy.

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Here, the prose is simple. The dialogue almost eye-rollingly advances the plot, but there were times when I almost had to remind myself that I'm an adult man reading junior novels as an excuse to mine for TFA details.

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And once I settled down, Before the Awakening was a pretty pleasant, fun book. There are some quibbles — a visit to a space casino seems distractingly diversionary, and a few minor elements are a little on-the-nose.

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But as the third act approaches, the crescendo of air-punching interludes accelerates, eliciting gasps, cheers and OMG whoops from an audience whom Johnson treats with respect, affection, and evident admiration. Play Video. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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