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Oct 15, lily waheed rated it it was amazing. Sweet reading. Oct 14, B. Love rated it liked it. This was an ok read but the writing didn't flow well, and a lot was left out and unfinished. This book is written in Drake's point of view and I completely believed his point of view so much so that I thought a male wrote the book for a little while. Drake was married and his wife cheated on him, now Drake is jaded and doesn't want a relationship but the more time he spends with Cherry yes thats the heroine's name the more he finds himself wanting more than sex.

So he moves Cherry into his hom This was an ok read but the writing didn't flow well, and a lot was left out and unfinished.

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So he moves Cherry into his home. But Drake will soon realize that moving Cherry into his home won't make everything perfect and they will have to move forward together while ignoring and moving past the town gossip. This was an ok read, I just felt like it was missing a lot and though it was a short book I still felt like a lot of important events and information was left out. Jan 15, Cheesecake rated it liked it Shelves: story-fairytale-like , sexy-grumpy-guys , marriage-by-end , writing-male-pov-only-mostly , story-fun-easy-stress-free-read , romance-she-makes-him-smile , pregnancy-at-end , hero-stubborn-bachelor , hero-grovels-just-fine , love-may-dec-romance.

Cherry and Drake. The usual erotic OTT modern fairytale by this author. Super Alpha Hero who is disillusioned in love from an ex-wife who is beyond gross. The heroine who is sweet, poor, beautiful, much younger and unassuming.

Sweet Redemption

Nothing really happens except Drake slowly comes to realize that Cherry means more to him than proof that he is still a desirable man. It's super sweet in a raunchy kind of way. Just the way Jordan Silver fans like it! Oct 09, Tokies rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Nov 19, Merry Jelks-Emmanuel rated it it was amazing. Drake has given up hope of having a happily ever after when he finds his wife with of all people he cousin!

He throws himself into his work not expecting to find another love in his life but all of that changes when he meets Cherry. She is soft spoken and never expects much and takes what ever is thrown her way. When she and Drake get involved he has to educate her in all things. Could this be the start of a new beginning for Drake and Cherry?

May 10, Channelling Colee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really good The concept of this book though short was really good. It actually made me want more of the story. I hope to continue to read more from this Author. Feb 19, Jessica Gomez rated it it was ok. It was something for me to read. Aug 22, Tracy Postiglione rated it it was amazing. Loved it I loved this series all the characters and their story line.

Sweet Redemption (Pregnancy Affair, book 3) by Jordan Silver

Was so Hot. Cannot get enough of Jordan Silver books. Jul 18, Kinnis rated it really liked it Shelves: virgin-maiden , re-read-potentially. Rating: 3. I was able to finish it in one read and I love that. I despise having to wait for the ending of a novel to find out how the main characters turn out; so I love books that I can finish in one read. The negative part of the book was the main female character.

She had no character! She just does what the male tells her to do. I know she was suppose to be the submissive to his alpha but it was basically he tells Rating: 3. I know she was suppose to be the submissive to his alpha but it was basically he tells her no, she doesn't do it. Her only redeeming point was view spoiler [she doesn't want to be financially depended on him. This was my first Jordan Silver book. And I was totally speechless for the first five minutes since I started reading this. Drake Kincaid was sex-on-a-stick, Uber-Alpha male and ultra possessive when it comes to Cherry.

He also has a potty mouth. He's always swearing in a sexy way. The entire book was told in Drake's POV. There was a few typos but it was still an okay read. Short but very enjoyable.

Lovers of smut would definitely enjoyed this. I loved the epilogue. This is a beautiful story of two nervous but determined white knights saving each other from their dragons. An assassin hired to kill a renegade psychic finds himself falling for her instead, while a quest beckons and danger threatens. Intricate worldbuilding melds traditional high fantasy with a hint of Victorian sensibility for a deliciously complex story.

Cole weaves family drama and emotional growth into a passion-filled story worthy of its irresistibly complicated and diverse characters. This affair of the heart is deeply satisfying. This dazzling standalone contemporary is a hilarious comedy of coincidences. Olive Torres hates Ethan Thomas, but the two of them are stuck taking the Maui honeymoon intended for their unwell siblings. Lauren brilliantly wields familiar rom-com tropes to craft a delightful enemies-to-lovers romance that will have readers hanging on every word.

Drawn in neat line work with rich coloring, this well-researched tribute to a magnificent mind is well worth packing for the plane trip. Dandro acutely captures both his own innocence lost and a stunning sense of empathy for everyone in his ruptured family.

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Two synchronized divers grow up with lives and bodies completely entwined. A massive Chinese carp bloom clogs American rivers. Largely caught up within the U. Wicked wit Penny, a perpetually single and cheerily disgruntled temp worker, meets an amateur slasher film director who convinces her to jump in with his oddball crew.

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This hilarious tale of quitting the daily grind for grindhouse is full of visual gags and quirky characters straight out of an updated Clerks. Armchair travelers can gain inspiration from this collection of brief profiles of the exploits of idealists who set out to establish purposeful communities. Populated by free thinkers and devotees, the work visits, among other locales, religious communes, the queer Kingdom of the Coral Sea, and the sovereign North Dumpling Island established by the eccentric inventor of the Segway scooter, all rendered in whimsical pastels.

Rinaldi, publisher of Harper Wave, asks readers to try new things and fail , rails against humblebrag culture, and suggests strategies for exploring uncomfortable personal and professional terrain in this work that originated in a popular New York Times article. The curator and historian at the International Spy Museum serves up funny, snack-size chapters on 21 outlandish plans pursued, then abandoned, by the U.

Biblical Series V: Cain and Abel: The Hostile Brothers

Like peanuts and Cracker Jack, this is a summer treat for baseball fans. Strand by strand, she binds together tales about family, race and pointedly, racism , and culture with a sharp intellectual intimacy reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston spun with cartooning exuberance influenced by Lynda Barry, in wry, curlicue drawings. Scott will enchant astronomy and music buffs equally as he recounts the six-week process of choosing the right music and sounds to represent humanity to anyone else who might be out there. Pitmaster Jones and Texas Monthly editor Vaughn give an expert course in North Carolina barbecue in this comprehensive guide to choosing a hog, selecting wood, building the burn barrel, and throwing a pig roast.

This reference will be a boon for weekend barbecue masters looking to take their game to the next level. Airy portrayals of the seashore—its bright light, creamy waves, and golden sands—evoke the smell of sea salt mingled with sunscreen in this quiet picture book about the pleasures of solo creation. In this existential meditation about desires and illusions, two wide-eyed insects contemplate a red-orange globe that hangs suspended amid green leaves—a peach. When Papi gets home from work, his daughter is ready for their ritual, a nightly motorcycle ride through their beloved California city.

One evening, Annie fits her helmet over her curls, gets into her race car—a sleek, torpedo-shaped unit—and rockets out of her open bedroom window. In a beautifully narrated, Konigsburg-tinged art mystery set in earlys New York City, newcomer Tucker skillfully balances themes of mental illness, friendship, and creativity in tough circumstances. The Dactyl Hill Squad series continues with Magdalys and company heading south to find her Union soldier brother in the midst of Civil War—era Louisiana.

Older again creates a winning blend of history, fantasy, and characters battling oppression—all while on pteroback. Phelan follows his Knights vs. Dinosaurs with a second illustrated adventure. A crew of knights and an archer battle a menagerie of monstrous creatures, rendered in epic graphic novel style spreads that are infused with plenty of humor. Remember when status galleys were a thing? Were they? And part of it is narrated by a reformed outlaw to a camel named Burke. An autistic girl becomes an amateur detective after her father is blamed for a theft.

With the aid of her friend, new kid Springer Regal, and her faithful Pomeranian, Sam-Sam, Jesse Broadview sets out to find the true culprit. When race car driver Drake Kincaid finds his wife in an extremely compromising position he loses his damn mind. Thankfully he was too mad to aim straight and the shots went wide but now he's pissed.

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