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Retrieved 3 June Sarah McIntosh was just 19 years old she turned 20 last week. The Guardian. For The Record. Archived from the original on 18 May The Von Pip Musical Express. Push to Fire. Interview with The Good Natured". The Maroon Cafe. Retrieved 29 July Audio Drums. Retrieved 16 August Archived from the original on 15 July For The Record. Archived from the original on 18 May The Von Pip Musical Express.

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Push to Fire. Interview with The Good Natured". The Maroon Cafe. Retrieved 29 July Audio Drums. Retrieved 16 August Archived from the original on 15 July Retrieved 14 July Retrieved 17 June Retrieved 25 July Thomas G. At one point, Waites threatened to report the working conditions to the Screen Actors Guild , forcing Paramount to provide a second trailer for the eight Warriors to share.

Finally, after eight weeks into principal photography, when the tension on set between Waites and Hill reached the breaking point, Hill demanded that stunt coordinator Craig Baxley improvise a stunt scene in which Waites' character would be killed. Such a critical scene would take careful planning. But Hill was insistent. He would later demand that his name be removed from the cast altogether; he remains uncredited to this day.

Stunt coordinator Craig R. Baxley put the cast through stunt school because Hill wanted realistic fights depicted in the film. The entire film was shot on the streets in New York City with some interior scenes done at Astoria Studios. They would shoot from sundown to sunrise.

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The film quickly fell behind schedule and went over budget. While they shot in the Bronx, bricks were tossed at the crew. Actor Joel Weiss remembers that filming of his scene at Avenue A was canceled because there was a double homicide nearby. For the big meeting at the beginning of the film, Hill wanted real gang members in the scene with off duty police officers also in the crowd so that there would be no trouble.

The studio would not allow Baxley to bring any stunt men from Hollywood and he needed someone to double for the character of Cyrus so he did the stunt himself dressed as the character. The actors playing The Warriors bonded early in the shoot, on and off the set. Originally, the character of Fox was supposed to end up with Mercy, while Swan was captured by a rival, homosexual gang known as the Dingos, only to escape later: however, Hill watched the dailies and realized that Beck and Van Valkenburgh had great chemistry; the script was rewritten so that their characters ended up together.

The Rogues' car in the Coney Island confrontation was a Cadillac hearse. Kelly was influenced by a man he knew in downtown New York who would make fun of him. Hill wanted Orson Welles to do a narrated introduction about Greek themes but the studio did not like this idea and refused to pay for it. But we did not get along very well with our parent company. After the movie came out and it did well, everybody was sort of friends.

But up until then there was a lot of misunderstanding.

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They thought it was going to be Saturday Night Fever or something. The following weekend the film was linked to sporadic outbreaks of vandalism and three killings — two in Southern California and one in Boston — involving moviegoers on their way to or from showings. This prompted Paramount to remove advertisements from radio and television completely and display ads in the press were reduced to the film's title, rating and participating theaters.

Due to safety concerns, theater owners were relieved of their contractual obligations if they did not want to show the film, and Paramount offered to pay costs for additional security and damages due to vandalism. Hill later reflected, "I think the reason why there were some violent incidents is really very simple: The movie was very popular with the street gangs, especially young men, a lot of whom had very strong feelings about each other.

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And suddenly they all went to the movies together! They looked across the aisle and there were the guys they didn't like, so there were a lot of incidents. And also, the movie itself is rambunctious — I would certainly say that. After two weeks free of incidents, the studio expanded the display ads to take advantage of reviews from reputable critics including Pauline Kael of The New Yorker. She wrote, " The Warriors is a real moviemaker's movie: it has in visual terms the kind of impact that ' Rock Around the Clock ' did behind the titles of Blackboard Jungle.

The Warriors is like visual rock. What made it a success with young people Presented them as a neutral or positive aspect of their lives. As soon as you said in the old days gang movies it was how do we cure the pestilence and how do we fix the social waste.

We want to take these kids, make sure they go to college This was just a movie that conceptually was different. Accepted the idea of the gang, didn't question it, that was their lives, they functioned within that context. And the social problem wasn't were they going to college, but were they going to survive.

It's the great Hawksian dictum, where is the drama? Will he live or die? That's the drama.

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The studio hated it, and didn't even want to release it. There was a lot of friction with management at the time. Some of it might have been my fault. The Warriors received negative reviews from contemporary critics, who derided its lack of realism and found its dialogue stilted. It's a set piece. It's a ballet of stylized male violence. This entire film is a romantic lie. Linda Gross of the Los Angeles Times called the film "an inciteful, stylized and shallow portrayal of gang warfare that panders to angry youthful audiences. The Warriors is not lively enough to be cheap fun or thoughtful enough to be serious.

The Warriors has become a cult film , and some film critics have since re-examined it. Entertainment Weekly named it the 16th-greatest cult film on their "Top 50 Greatest Cult Films" list. I love the fact that people still enjoy something I did what, 37 years ago? It makes an old man happy. I'm surprised by it. But I loved working with my cameraman Andy Laszlo in shooting it, and I loved working with my cast, who were incredibly trusting of this crazy old fucker that was making the movie.

They didn't get it, I don't think — costumed gangs running around New York? The DVD contained the theatrical cut unrestored; this release has since fallen out of print. In addition to remastered picture quality and a new 5. The Warriors video game , based on the movie, was released by Rockstar Games on October 17, Levels 1 through 13 act as a prequel to the film, creating backstory and elaborating on the characters from the film.

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Levels 14 through 18 recreate much of the film's events. In addition, there are extra levels explaining how each main character joined the gang.