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Meditations for Those Left Behind by Suicide

TV stations were raided by soldiers. Government buildings and protesters were shot at. Social media was shut down. Leyla recalls everyone in Turkey began talking about academics and others being taken to jail. Prisoners have nothing to sleep on but the cement floor.

Those Left Behind – Lighting the way

A UN special rapporteur has expressed concerns about torture by Turkish guards. Turkish journalists in Sweden reported that thousands of those jailed were pregnant women or women who had just given birth. The group of women in Massachusetts felt helpless and frustrated. Mine and the others agreed to take action, together. From their friends and family, they were hearing not only about women being jailed; women were also being forced into new roles in their families because their husbands had been jailed.

A small group of Turkish women in Massachusetts come together on Sundays to work on their project collecting testimonies from women imprisoned in Turkey. Few know of her today.

Blessthefall - To Those Left Behind

Through their networks, they find women who want to speak and can call out of Turkey, or have fled to another country. A group member named Ayse interviews them by phone. The group has recorded around 30 interviews. She and her husband were dismissed from their jobs as teachers. Her husband was detained and, one day after dropping her son at school, police were waiting to take her away. She spent nine months in a cold, crowded jail cell.

Organised by

After a year of doing interviews like that one, collecting stories, and building a network of people to transcribe and translate them, the group is finally ready to share their project. They thought about creating a website, but worried it would be attacked by forces in Turkey that object to their work. Their archive of oral testimonies will go live on Thursday. Maybe with this, yes. I mean, do we plan for it? Survivors of suicide are not looking for their lives to return to their prior state because things can never go back to how they were.

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Survivors aim to adjust to life without their loved one. Kasich signed House Bill into law in According to the National Institute of Mental Health, family history of suicide and mental or substance abuse disorder are among the most prevalent risk factors for suicide in the United States.

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The LOSS model is an active model of postvention—the word used to describe the support those of a suicide loss need. A LOSS Team is made up of trained volunteers, many of whom are survivors of a suicide loss, who go to the scene of a suicide to provide support, resources and to be an installation of hope to those who are left behind. The Four County L. Experts recommend the following strategies for supporting them. To help a suicide loss survivor feel less alone, be physically and emotionally present for them.

To help reduce feelings of guilt, remind them that suicide is complex and they are not to blame for the death of their loved one. Reassure them that feelings such as anger, sadness, and self-doubt are normal.

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Celebrate the life of the person who died instead of focusing on the details of their death. There are residents in Scioto County that have experienced mental health trauma, grief, and loss from loved ones that died from suicide. According to a article in the Portsmouth Daily Times, five employees died by suicide in 1 year at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.

Coworkers are left with grief and questions. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at talk. Melissa Martin, Ph.


D, is an author, columnist, educator, and therapist.