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TOKYO (2 a.m.)

Hottest Party JP. NM feat. Thomas Howard. Battle Without Honor or Humanity. SuperNova NA. Available for a limited time to internet-connected Japanese machines. Theme song of the film Back Dancers. Klayton Celldweller. Extreme NA. Extreme JP , Extreme 2. Hottest Party 3. Super Mal feat. Full Full Party. Big Girls Don't Cry. SuperNova 2 , X. Super Mario Bros. Blue Monday. Blue Rain. Hottest Party 3 , X2 Arcade. Wavegroup feat. Scott D. Universe , Disney Channel Edition. Disney Channel Edition. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Ariana Grande feat. Ultramix 3 , SuperNova. NAOKI feat. Broken Wings. My First DDR. T with Motoaki. Extreme JP. Also appeared in Capcom 's crossbeats REV. Bust a Move. Young MC featuring Flea. Butterfly X-Edit. Mario Party 5. Call On Me. Hottest Party 2. Vision F. Party Collection , Extreme 2 , SuperNova. Can't Help Falling in Love. Original artist: Jean Paul Egide Martini.

EuroMix , 3rdMix , Extreme 2. Original artist: Usher. Full Full Party , Hottest Party 3. Jimmy Weckl. Original artist: The J. Geils Band. X , Dance Dance Revolution Xbox Ultramix 4 , A. Heather Elmer. Solo , GB2. Hottest Party , edition. Crazy in Love. Extreme 2 , Ultramix 3. Hello Kitty. Ultramix 3 , Disney Channel Edition.

Sota Fujimori. Dance, Dance. Dancing In the Street. Days Go By. The Alfee feat. Donald Duck.

  1. The Noisy Tree: and other poems.
  2. The Misfit?
  3. Soziale Arbeit bei der Begleitung sterbender Menschen und ihrer Angehörigen in Hospiz-Einrichtungen (German Edition)?
  4. Synonyms and antonyms of ERO in the English dictionary of synonyms!

Dead Man's Party. DJ nagureo. Sota F. Detroit Rock City. DDR II , edition. Dive to the Night. EuroMix , 3rdMix. SOTA feat. Ebony Fay.

Silver Samurai

Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes. Solo , Extreme NA. VIBE feat. JP miles. Don't You Forget About Me. Solo Dream On Dreamer. The Brand New Heavies. SuperNova , Universe. Scotty D. SuperNova 2 JP. Originally from Para Para Paradise. U1 High-Speed. DJ Amith. U1 Overground. GB Disney Mix. Engine Sentai Go-onger. Entry of the Gladiators Kaz Mix. Julius Fucik. SuperNova 2 NA , Universe 2. Original artist: Robert Knight. Everybody Dance. Everytime We Touch. Universe , X2 Arcade. Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy. Feels Just Like It Should. DS Unleashed 3 , Universe. Mutsuhiko Izumi.

Originally from GuitarFreaks 1stMix. Extreme NA , Ultramix 3. Winnie the Pooh. Chel Y. Blue October. Hello Kitty , Dear Daniel. Funk Kid feat. Original artist: Christina Aguilera. Technotronic feat. Ya Kid K. Ultramix 4 , SuperNova 2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Original artist: Michael Fortunati. Michael a la mode. Gotta Dance. BIG-O feat. Gypsy woman. Techno remix of Night on Bald Mountain. Original artist: Olivia Newton-John.

Hiro feat. Sweet little 30's. Originally from BeatStream. X , X2 Arcade. He's the Greatest Dancer. Hey Boy, Hey Girl. Winx Club , A. Originally appeared in ParaParaParadise. EuroMix , 3rdMix , GB3. Original artist: Madonna. Super Mario World. James Rowand. John Desire. Universe , Music Fit. Original artist: TM Revolution.

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  • Remade with permission by High and Mighty Color. This is the long version of the song.

    Rei Kawakubo is a Japanese avant-gardist of few words, and she changed women’s fashion.

    Hot Stuff. Togo Project feat. Original artist: The Jackson Sisters. Original artist: The Four Tops. Solo , GB3. Jason Nevins vs. Eric B. I Like To Move It. The Spinners. I'll Be There. Originally appeared in beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro. I'll Make Love To You. In turn samples Human Nature , by Michael Jackson.

    I'm Yours. Mayumi Morinaga. Supa Fova feat. Extreme 2 , Universe. Ultramix , Extreme 2 , SuperNova. Extreme 2 , SuperNova. In The Whirlpool. Original artist: A Flock of Seagulls. I Think We're Alone Now. Original artist: The Sherman Brothers. It's Like That. I Want You To Know. Zedd feat. Selena Gomez. Les Rythmes Digitales. Ulramix , DDR Festival. Kids In America. Kiss Kiss. Original artists: Stella Soleil , Holly Valance. La libertad. Last Thing On My Mind. La Senorita Virtual. Let's Dance. Let's Get It Started. DS ft.

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    Let the beat hit em! Like A Virgin. Lips Of An Angel. Unintentional Typo by Konami. The 'h' is mistakenly typed as 'n'. DJ Taka. Original artist: The Doobie Brothers.

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    • Huellas imborrables (Spanish Edition).
    • Herb leaf eaten by Japanese SAMURAI found to slow down ageing by clearing out disease-causing cells.
    • System S. Love Again. Love at First Sight. David Guetta vs. The Egg. Ultramix 3 , Universe. Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson. Ultramix 3 , Universe 2. Remixed version of the theme song of the anime Lupin III. Philip Steir feat. Paula Terry.

      A Demonstration of Perfect Samurai Swordsmanship

      Originally from Pop'n Music 13 Carnival. Masters of the Universe. Men have exploited women since the dawn of time, but the story of the prostitutes or the Oiran of Yamanashi still haunts people today. The Oiran Buchi bridge is counted among the scariest places in Japan. The tale goes back to the 16th century when the area had gold mines that were run by the Takeda Clan, who also ran brothels to keep the miners happy.

      Ero-Samurai: An Obsessed Man's Loving Tribute to Japanese Women

      The clan members invited the prostitutes on the bridge and slashed the ropes! It is said that the wails and cries of the women can still be heard from the gorge below! The decrepit hotel ruins of the Nakagusuku Hotel is among the favorite haunted attractions in Japan. The hotel construction was opposed by a monk who said it would disturb the holy site and graves in the area. But, capitalist greed took over, and the owner started building it. In a bid to restart it, the owner promised to stay overnight at the hotel to prove it was safe but instead he returned talking crazy in the morning and disappeared off the face of the earth!

      Even today people can see lights and feel a cold presence in the empty corridors of the hotel. World War II created a lot of destruction in Japan and left behind many dead soldiers. One such place which has witnessed this is the Camp Hansen in Okinawa. The camp is a United States Marine Corps base and supports over 6, marines. It is said that a lone soldier appears in blood-stained World War fatigues and asks for cigarettes from those nearby. These sightings have been widely reported, and even courageous marines refused to stand sentry at the gate.

      Because of this, it is counted among the most haunted places in Japan. Read More. Not Adventure Lovers? Within the Himeji Castle is an old well with a very intriguing tale of love and tragedy. It is also one of the most haunted places in Japan as it is where a ghost appears at night and screams! The ghost is the spirit of Okiku a young girl who served the Samurai Aoyama Tessan. Aoyama loved Okiku but his love was not reciprocated, in what can be termed as harassment today, he hid a valuable article and blamed it on Okiku.

      He offered not to punish her if she became his lover! This is why she can still be heard wailing in the silence of the night! Scary apparitions, noisy ghosts, floating lights, irregular shapes, abandoned vehicles, every paranormal activity in the book have been rumored to have happened at the Round Schoolhouse in Hokkaido.

      The school was built in a distinctive round shape in and was run like an elementary school. However, it shut down in the s and since then has been abandoned. Soon after, these stories of paranormal sightings started coming in and several paranormal enthusiasts made a beeline to check out the stories. Many of them came back with troubling stories of things they saw and heard and it is said that few of them returned raving mad and talked incoherently.

      It continues to be a top spot in the list of haunted attractions in Japan. While the theme park is a beautiful place with tulip fields and happy attractions, it is also home to one of the most haunted places in Sasebo Japan. A popular haunted house attraction, it uses technology to enhance the horror experience for its guests. It uses virtual reality to make things come alive and make you run with fear!

      Okinawa suffered extensive carnage due to the World War and led to the deaths of many Japanese Soldiers. Several Japanese paranormal TV hosts have visited the place to record this phenomenon. If you are looking for haunted house attractions in Japan but want something more exciting than the Huis Ten Bosch, then head to Fuji Q Highland theme park. The haunted house at the theme park is one of the best in the country and will truly leave you shaken. The house is based on a hospital theme and is inspired by a real hospital at the base of Mt.

      Fuji where a hospital harvested body organs from unwitting patients. It is said that these patients come back to haunt the doctors, and that is the premise of the Labyrinth.

      Project Knuckleball

      Gridley Tunnel is a single-lane tunnel which is situated on Yokosuka Naval Base. It is believed that years ago, a samurai was going through this tunnel to avenge the death of his lord. But on the way, his enemies caught him and murdered him in this tunnel. Since the samurai failed to complete his mission, it is said that he has not left the place. His ghost is still seen on rainy nights at around 1 am in the morning. If you ever come across this tunnel, would you dare to go near it?