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On a trip to Chile at the end of , we found out how our neighbors treat the world of pepper heat with more respect; appreciating each ingredient in its history and flavor, creating an experience unquestionably unforgettable and full of pleasure.

Veysel - Kleiner Cabrón (OFFICIAL HD VIDEO) prod. by Macloud

Since then we dove into this wonderful universe full of culture, secrets and peculiarities around the world in order to materialize our dreams into flavors. Without any postmodern prejudice of the politically correct, romance, love and passion came to life.

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We love what we do, and we wish to share these experiences with you. Enjoy the ride!

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We believe it is possible to produce a high quality product, while still valuing the smaller farmers that respect and care for the land. That way we contribute to the development of the small rural communities which have been forgotten and crushed by the sugar cane monoculture plantations. The hand gesture is the first and fourth fingers extended, the others tucked in so as to make horns at someone.

Later on, both "keras" and "cornu" came to be slang terms for the penis in Greek and Latin, and " corno " still is in Italian. To put the horns on a husband is not only to be his sexual surrogate, but also to reduce him to a passive and ineffectual role. Generally, this is an insult though close friends can call each other 'cabron' with impunity , as long as they smile when they say it that refers to a man cuckolded by his partner.

El Cabron – The complete guide to the best dive site in Gran Canaria

Hey, cabron You want some? Cabron unknown. Juan: " Yo soy muy cabron! It can also mean "dude", "nice" or be a generally insulting word.

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It can really mean anything, you can get a smile or a stab. It's all in the delivery. That guy is a cabron. Game of Smiles Badder Dirty Dane Chicken Coop Uckers Badders K car This is