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Oh, a cane toad, and then another and another. I was trying to miss them, and then the whole road was an undulated mass of billions of cane toads. They covered the entire road from side to side and well beyond my headlight range. I could not help but drive over them, leaving tracks of frisbee frogs in my wake. I would guess that this migration of killer frogs lasted about a mile or so, and then thinned out and cleared. As soon as I got home I told Erica about the billions of cane toads covering the road.

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With the total darkness, and road empty of any other traffic it seemed like a scene from twilight zone. Of course, Erica, the doubting debbie of the planet earth, did not believe a word, nor did anyone else at the gym the next morning. OK, I will show her ZIP bloody frogs, the road is clear, and to this day, no one, inculding you reading this believes this actual true experience.

That is OK, but next time I hear someone, someplace talking about the sasquatch, the foul odor, and terrifying scream of the beast, or some one sights a UFO, flashing lights, and soundlessly zipping away at the speed of light, I might listen, and not be so harsh to judge. As to those doubting the killer frogs of Puhi By Pass story Kala, my daughter would believe you.

On our recent visit, she went hiking by herself one morning and came back babbling about killer frogs. Being the concerned mother I am, I laughed. Denny, if I remember correctly we've shared our similar experience before but I'll repeat it here. YEP, had the exact same experience on that same bypass road late one evening. The road was covered with them for a long distance too. I drove very slowly to give them a chance to move.

Flashed my brights and even laid on the horn now and then. They were in no hurry to move but most avoided the car tires as I had little evidence of this experience the next day. Maybe he'll run into some of your buddies during our visit in May! Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

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“We haven’t seen your Tree Frog in AGES!! Is it even still alive??” ~ UPDATE on her ..

Update to the frogs at Waikomo Stream Villas Even so, nobody in should have been surprised to see abundant northern leopard frogs in Wisconsin or anywhere in much of the rest of the northern and western United States. At that time, the species abounded. Hunters who harvested the frog to sell always found plenty to fill their crates. They are now endangered or threatened in many regions of North America.

In contrast, she estimates that 50, breeding females would have been needed to produce the army of young frogs that descended upon Oconto. In some areas of the U.

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The base populations are just so much smaller than they used to be, despite all the work done to try to re-establish populations. The plague intrigues her, though. The ironies of a dramatic population spike within a frog species now considered threatened do not escape her. Not many people in Oconto can remember the great frog invasion, but street and place designations like Frog Pond Road and Frog Lake remain to jog the memories of old-timers. No matter how stupefying and unnerving the recurrence of such an event would be to many, it would be a good sign that a once-mighty amphibian — and a familiar old friend of the people of North America — is again on the march.

Or the hop. Invasion of the Leopard Frogs Thus began a nightmarish ordeal in which the most common amphibian in the region became way, way too common. You might also like.

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