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Amazing article. I realised I dont need a lot of things to be happy. After all, if you base your happiness on possessions, then the happiness will always be ellusive. I work less, have more money and have more time for salsa! Which book is the one that first inspired you and helped you understand why you replaced things? I struggle with de cluttering and need to get to the root of it so I can move on. She talks you through each category starting with the less emotional ones. The minimalists are also fabulous to keep you on track, I listen to their podcasts in the car and pick out what I need.

Decluttering is my method to save time and money.

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11 Essential Steps to Become a Minimalist | Planet of Success

Buy now. Buy now! Like this: Like Loading January 11, Ewa March 1, at pm Reply. Especially when I live with people who keep bringing stuff in! Autumn's Mummy March 1, at pm Reply. Sofia March 1, at pm Reply. Now if only I could convince my bf lol… Loading Haha I have exactly the same problem and two kids who keep bringing stuff in! Practigal Blog March 1, at pm Reply. Mary March 1, at pm Reply. Amanda Maple Alps March 2, at am Reply. Yuliya Oleynykova yukovadesign March 2, at am Reply. As well as I finally found a peace of mind xxx Loading Bianca Osbourne March 2, at pm Reply.

As a minimalist, I love ALL of this! Lianne March 2, at pm Reply.

The Minimal LIST: A Step by Step Guide to Living a Minimalist Life

Oooh keep me posted on your progress! Cheryl R. Anonymous April 7, at am Reply. Sara - Flanders Calling April 7, at pm Reply. X Loading Christina April 13, at pm Reply. Clare Davison March 31, at pm Reply.

Fabian Abong'o July 11, at pm Reply. Clare Davison July 11, at pm Reply. Thank you Fabian , I totally agree! Mel August 9, at pm Reply. Thanks Loading Clare Davison August 9, at pm Reply. Shannon April 3, at pm Reply. Happy with less: Loading What do you think? Cancel reply. Join the community!

Beginner minimalist roadmap (it’s not the only way, but it’s a good way)

Latest Posts. May 16, April 30, April 17, Looking for something? Sign up today for our updates and checklists! First Name. About my links. I only recommend products I have or would personally use. If not, you should! I didn't really start my minimalist lifestyle until I started traveling full-time. If you want to travel full-time, becoming a minimalist is pretty much a given! Check out these blog posts to learn how to become an RVer and a minimalist. Are you interested in being a minimalist and minimal living? Please share the URLs to your favorite minimalist articles in the comments below!

7 Tiny Steps for the Beginner Minimalist

I hope you enjoyed today's post on the many ways to start becoming a minimalist. Have a great day! Join the free email course and f inally learn how to manage your money better, pay off debt, save more money, and reach financial freedom. Get our newsletter and get access to the freebie:. Michelle is the founder of Making Sense of Cents , a blog about personal finance and traveling.

She discusses how her business has evolved in her side income series. Click here to learn more about starting a blog! Minimalist living is the opposite of keeping up with the Joneses. Right now, I live close to Downtown. In the mean time, I want to pay down debt and do some investing in myself, my blog, etc. This will set me up for long term success!

My wife and I are trying to become minimalist. She has a policy of anything we bring in something must go out. As a result, they prefer to sign you up via direct debit — that is — they just help themselves to your money from your bank account. Bad right? First thing I do when I get something via email is to print it out. You could give most people me included the keys to a nuclear submarine via email and they would lose them. I do think holding onto things is important—and it actually can save you money.

I think minimalism is a personal preference. Think Colin Wright. Someone who has assimilated to more of the farmer genes, will be the person who saves items, reuses, repurposes and nests or homesteads… like the Frugalwoods. Good point. We live in one of those average sized s homes at about square feet. Even though we downsized three years ago to about half the square footage of our old house, my wife and I are already talking about a further downsize.

There is a good documentary on Netflix called Minimalism that is worth a watch. This is my favorite post! I just started my own professional organizing business called Mind Your Mess and I plan to start a blog soon. Such a great post! I find it crazy on how many people can not even park in their garages! I have slowly putting together items to get rid of that we do not need or are just distractions.

A Day in the Life of a Sustainable Minimalist

This post has really ignited the flames to stop dragging my feet. Plus, this will help us pay off our car loan A LOT quicker! Something is better than nothing!

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I have a tiny fraction of what most families have nowadays, but it still added up. The worst part was the paperwork that I still had from years ago. Very interesting. One trait to be a minimalist is that you should learn to let go of your things especially those you have attachment to or those with sentimental values.

I think this kind of life is much simpler and stress-free, one successful at it. We downsized about 5 years ago and got rid of a lot of stuff we never even used! Becoming a minimalist is difficult for many. Everyone is so used to spending money left and right, if you start talking about minimalism people think you have serious money problems! We my wife and our 1 yo girl and myself lived and traveled in a square foot travel trailer for 9 months.