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Dilbert and Wally take it in stride.

It's The Office (Parody)

When you shine a light on irrational human behavior it usually triggers a laugh reflex. I figured most golfers could relate. And I think everyone who has a boss also dreams of becoming indispensable. When I was on the speaking circuit I always used it to end my talks to thunderous laughter. And it makes the reader imagine what happened before that moment shown in the comic and what might happen after. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

10 Funny Workplace Comics That Will Hit Close To Home

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The energy industry gets a bad rap when it comes to innovation, yet the oilpatch is by far the largest spender on clean tech in Canada, to the tune of While overall auto sales may be down, the actual ownership of vehicles has never been higher. Comments Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

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Since then, she has worked for Warner Bros. Animation , Amazon, and more. You can almost hear cartoon Stanley asking, " Did I stutter? Since then, her post has already racked up nearly 24, likes.

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In addition to answering questions from fans, Livingston also shares sketches and illustrations on her Tumblr page. Kelly opted for this professional look after returning from a minority executive training program at Yale in the opening episode of the show's seventh season. But, of course, what she really cared about was receiving coupons to Outback Steakhouse. Her Great Danes were a big fan of Andy. Jan and Michael's dinner party in season four is largely considered one of the series' funniest, albeit cringeworthy, bits.

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But Roy definitely had his darker moments , like when he attacked Jim for kissing Pam. Wallace was the chief financial officer of Dunder Mifflin in the show's earlier seasons. To see more from Livingston, follow her on Twitter , Instagram , and Tumblr.

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