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Magyra, Paris, Hachette, Centlivres, D. Fabre, F. Homme, , p Voronin et A. Ruscio, S. Shuravin, op. Kantorowicz, Mourir pour la patrie et autres textes , Paris, Fayard Piatkov, K. Danilova, ibid. Albert, op. Introduction by Amandine Regamey and Brandon M. Schechter 17 th Issue Editors [Full text]. Paul J. Olga Allenova, Chechnya riadom. Voina glazami zhenshchiny [Full text]. Voronkov, B. Gladarev, L. Sagitova, Militsiia i etnicheskie migranty: praktiki vzaimodeistviia [ Police and ethnic migrants: practices of interaction] [Full text].

Introducing pipss. Arthur, however, is in failing health and has little appreciation for his son's sacrifices. Thierry is a real estate salesman who has fallen for one of his co-workers, Charlotte. D33 Caroline, a divorced screenwriter, returns home to visit her father who is recovering from a serious operation. While his wife pampers and overprotects him, Caroline realizes that restricting a man who has enjoyed life to its fullest may do more damage than good. With her help, Daddy furtively finds his way back to the local bar. Nursing a scotch, he recalls stories from his past which bring the father and daughter closer together.

Dancing Call Number: PN D He then begins hearing things and seeing things in the old space and begins to question his sanity. Set in 18th century France, this is the story of two bored aristocrats and the havoc they wreak when they play dangerous games with people's lives. The beautiful widow Merteuil challenges rakish Valmont to seduce a virtuous young married woman, never suspecting that he would violate his personal credo and fall in love.

A young artist searches the winding streets of Strasbourg in search of an old love. During the summer, he spends his afternoons sketching in an outdoor cafe. He is looking for a woman he met several years earlier. Amidst a buzz of conversation and activity, he sketches the many beautiful women around him, any one of whom could be her. Then one afternoon, he thinks he sees her, and sets off through the city to confront his memory. Middle-aged musician Antoine suddenly decides to end his career. After several days of aimless wandering, he is hired as the caretaker of an old residential building in Paris.

Mathilde is a recently retired resident, generous-spirited and deeply involved with the management of the building. After she discovers a crack in her living room wall, her worry gradually turns to panic--what if the building were to collapse? Paul, depressed from his recent break-up with Anna, returns home to live with his divorced father and womanizing, slacking younger brother, Jonathan. With little success, his carefree sibling and doting father try to cheer him up with women, wine, and home-cooked meals.

When, in the midnight hour, Paul is forced to entertain one of his brother's desperate girlfriends, he begins to realize that while things never go according to plan, family and the pursuit of love are always worth the fight. Danton Call Number: DC D2 D3 Georges Danton, the popular revolutionary leader, returns to Paris at a time when the new Republic is in disarray. Robespierre and his allies have set up a monstrous dictatorship, beginning the infamous "Reign of Terror.

B39 Tom is a man in his early thirties who finds himself caught between two very different worlds. Tom loves music, and longs to have a career as a concert pianist; he also has talent, and is taking advanced music lessons from Miao-Lin. But Tom supports himself working as a collection agent for his father, Robert, a mid-level gangster and loan shark, as well as helping Sami and Fabrice, two of Robert's cronies who put together crooked real-estate deals.

Tom's hair-trigger temper makes it easy for him to adapt to the violent life of a gangster's muscle man, but he wants to give his creative side a chance to grow, and struggles to get his skills in order for an audition with a concert promoter interested in his music. Tom is also walking on a wire with his employers by having an affair with Aline, Fabrice's wife, and is forced to mediate a bitter feud between his father and a Russian gangster, Minskov. Re-creates all of the drama that surrounded that climactic moment in June when De Gaulle and Churchill stood together during the darkest days of World War II to confront the Nazi threat and broadcast the historic first call of resistance to an occupied Europe.

Delicatessen Call Number: PN D45 In a post-apocalyptic society where meat is scarce, cannibalism is no longer unsavory. And when a young ex-clown takes a job in a dilapidated deli, he's completely unaware that the butcher plans to serve him to the building's bizarre tenants! But when the butcher's nearsighted daughter falls for the clown, she'll go to absurd lengths to foil her father's plan!

Three generations of women--grandmother Eka, her middle-aged daughter Marina, and granddaughter Ada--share a flat in T'bilisi, the capital city of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Theirs is an accidental matriarchy, as Eka's only son, Otar, is in France. A trained doctor, he sends money home from his jobs as an undocumented laborer. Eka lives for his occasional letters and telephone calls, so when he is killed in an accident, Marina and Ada weave an intricate web of deception to spare the old woman from heartbreak.

But what will happen when Eka decides to visit Otar in Paris? When a crew of foreign workers are massacred by an Islamic fundamentalist group, fear sweeps though the region. The army offers them protection, but the monks refuse.

à : to, toward, towards

Should they leave? Despite the growing menace in their midst, they slowly realize that they have no choice but to stay P The film starts with Olympia and her classmate Leo enjoying their first romantic encounter at a weekend dance. At school the following Monday, Geraldine, a jealous rival, publicly outs Olympia's mother. Olympia is shocked, as her mother, Martine, has never actually admitted being a lesbian. Olympia confronts her mother with questions about Olympia's father, who is now openly gay, but Martine is dismissive; in her world it's never quite the right time to speak about such matters with her daughter.

Sensing a deception and fed up with 'issues' surrounding her mother's sexuality, Olympia turns to her father in Paris. After voicing her distress, she returns home only to find her mother making love with another woman. Her mother's indiscretion, her tenuous situation at school, and her troubled relationship with Leo all drive Olympia to desperate measures. D49 After an early release from prison, due to the help of prison reformer Germain Cazeneuve, ex-safe cracker Gino Strabliggi returns to his wife after ten years of being away. However, after a fatal car accident kills Gino's wife and a ban, by statute, prohibits him from returning to Paris, Gino decides to move to the south of France with the help of Germain.

Gino finds work as a printer and remarries to a women named Lucie who works as a bank officer. However, Gino's past catches up to him when a cop begins to stalk him, and Gino's ex-gang starts checking out Lucie's bank. De vrais mensonges Call Number: PN V73 Emilie puts her heart into running her busy hair salon in the sunny south of France.

When she receives anonymous love letters, she decides to forward them to her heart-broken mother in the hopes of spicing up her love life. This leads to messy entanglements and a slew of misunderstandings when the secret admirer is revealed. Diagonale du fou Call Number: PQ E D5 Set in Geneva at the World Chess Championships, a senior Soviet chessmaster and his former star pupil, now a dissident living in exile, square off in a highly publicized tournament. What the two opponents hope will be a personal grudge match turns into a politically manuevered competition.

Both become pawns in a much larger game in a taut Cold War test of wills. Dieu est grand, je suis toute petite Call Number: PN The aspiring 'top model' turns to find meaning in her life. When she learns that Francois is Jewish, she becomes obsessed with Judaism, but her attempts to convert confound the non-practicing Francois and his family.

Diplomatie Call Number: PQ Set in the summer of as the Allies march toward Paris, this historical drama depicts the relationship between General Dietrich von Choltitz, the German military governor of occupied Paris ordered by Hitler to prevent the French capital from falling into Allied hands--or leave "a field of rubble"--and the Swedish consul-general, Raoul Nordling, who tries to prevent the senseless destruction of Paris.

Disparue Call Number: PN When the Morels' seventeen-year-old daughter Lea fails to return home after a night out celebrating her birthday, the family is unexpectedly thrown into their worst nightmare. Mother Florence tries to remain strong for her other children, while father Julien begins an investigation of his own. Dolmen Call Number: PN What could be more perfect than coming home to marry your childhood sweetheart? Police officer Marie Kermeur returns to the beautiful craggy island of Ty Kern, off the coast of Brittany, to marry Christian, the man she grew up with on the island.

But wedding planning turns into funeral preparations as the island becomes the stage for strange, nightmarish happenings.

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One by one, members of Marie's and other well-known local families die in mysterious circumstances. Weronika is a Polish choir soprano, and her double, Veronique, is a French music teacher. Though they are unknown to each other, the two women share an enigmatic, purely emotional bond. The two were born on the same day and each senses that somewhere there exists another person with whom their lives are intertwined. The film opens with a tale about the last survivor of the extermination of the Jews, who laments not writing an ending account of the horrors he witnessed.

In the second tale, a young historian is doing research on the concentration camp that operated in Drancy, outside of Paris. On discovering that the place is still used as a low-rent housing complex, the young woman conjugates the story of the extermination of the Jews of Europe in the present and this discovers that the world she lives in is the world of the Fina Solution. In the final tale, a ship's captain recounts a journey up an uncharted river towards a little-known civilization. D75 When two girls invite a man to stay with them, what begins as a casual friendship ripens into a sensual voyage of discovery and desire in which nothing is off limits and anything is possible.

Felix, is an unemployed, gay Frenchman of Arab descent, who has a series of adventures during a trek through the French countryside. On his journey he is forced to confront the anger he feels toward his father for abandoning him, and the fear and shame he has, living as an outsider in a predominantly straight, Caucasian world. The Earrings of Madame de Call Number: PQ I M3 Madame de is forced to sell discreetly a pair of earrings, a gift from her military officer husband Andre, in order to make good on her debts.

After she claims the earrings to be lost, the story of their possible theft hits the newspapers, prompting the jeweler who bought them to sell them back secretly to Andre, who then gives them to his mistress Lola as she prepares to leave for a holiday in Constantinople.

There, the earrings again change hands as Lola pawns them to cover her gambling losses. They are purchased by Donati, an Italian diplomat on his way to France to meet with Andre. Of course, the earrings soon find their way back to Louise. Eastern boys Call Number: PN Arriving from all over Eastern Europe, the men who loiter around the Gare du Nord train station in Paris are scraping by however they can, forming gangs for support and protection, ever fearful of being caught by the police and deported.

When the middle-aged, bourgeois Daniel approaches a boyishly handsome Ukrainian who calls himself Marek for a date, he learns the man is willing to do anything for some cash. What Daniel intends only as sex-for-hire leads to a home invasion--and then an unexpectedly profound relationship. El artista y la modelo Call Number: PN Summer of In occupied France, not far from the Spanish border, a famous sculptor, who is tired of life and wars, finds the desire to work again on his last masterpiece when a Spanish girl comes knocking after escaping a refugee camp in the South of France.

Elle Call Number: PQ J5 E4 Head of a successful video game company, she brings the same ruthless attitude to her love life as to business. When she resolutely tracks the man down, they are both drawn into a curious and thrilling game--a game that may, at any moment, spiral out of control. She's stunned to discover that Bertrand's family apartment was the scene of an unspeakable incident committed during the war. His family has been concealing a secret, and a young French girl named Sarah holds the key to unlock the truth.

E A broken-hearted sixty-something woman is facing serious financial troubles with the family restaurant she has been forced to run. She sets off on a quick trip to try and get her thoughts in order, and ends up on a voyage that forces her to confront her past, and opens up the possibility of discovering a new romance.

Emotifs anonymes Call Number: PQ L E4 Jean-Rene is the boss of a chocolate factory and Angelique is a talented chocolate maker. They are both emotionally challenged people. Drawn together through a shared passion for chocolate, Jean-Rene and Angelique fall in love, but neither is able to express how they feel. Sadly, their crippling shyness is driving them apart. But eventually, they manage to overcome their lack of self-confidence, and risk baring their true feelings. En solitaire Call Number: PN Tells the story of Yann Kermadec, a sailor determined to win a grueling 3-month-long solo around-the-world yacht race.

After several days of racing, Yann, who is in the lead, discovers a teenage stowaway. The young man's presence disrupts Yann's journey. E34 E5 Armed with the best intentions, they brace themselves to not let discouragement stop them from trying to give the best education to their students. Cultures and attitudes often clash in the classroom, a microcosm of contemporary France. As amusing and inspiring as the teenaged students can be, their difficult behavior can still jeopardize any teacher's enthusiasm for the low-paying job.

Neither stuffy nor severe, his extravagant frankness often takes the students by surprise. But his classroom ethics are put to the test when his students begin to challenge his methods. I E7 Deep below snowy, cobblestone streets, tucked away in networks of winding subterranean tunnels, lives a civilization of hardworking mice, terrified of the bears who live above ground. Unlike her fellow mice, Celestine is an artist and a dreamer, and when she nearly ends up as breakfast for ursine troubadour Ernest, the two form an unlikely bond. Follows the story of an expatriate Russian and his French wife as they return to the Soviet Union in and learn to live in the post-war Soviet Union.

The story eventually revolves around the struggle of Marie to decide if she should stay or leave. E87 Charting the events within a small single-class village school over the course of one academic year, Etre et avoir takes a warm look at primary education in the French heartlands. Et si on vivait tous ensemble?

Bloc-notes : la France, en attente de preuves d’amour

When Claude is put into an assisted living home, his friends bust him out and start a cranky commune together, thinking they can care for each other better than anyone else. The group is joined by a graduate student who films their experiment for his research project, while also acting as a de facto caretaker. They all discover the joys of communal living, at least until old jealousies and the infirmities of age begin to pull the group apart.

Et soudain tout le monde me manque Call Number: PN Eli, who's about to be 60, is expecting a baby with his new wife. Upon hearing this news, his two grown daughters, Dom, who is trying to adopt, and Justine, who flits from one boyfriend to the next, are shocked. To get closer to Justine, whom he has never gotten along with, Eli has the bright idea of making friends with all of her exes But when Justine falls in love again and Eli is about to ruin everything, this family is on the verge of falling apart. Exils Call Number: PN E95 A young Arabic couple, Zano and Naima, leave Paris with no money, jobs, or connections, and travel to their ancestral home of Algeria, in search of re-connecting with their roots.

While traveling they encounter Leila and Habib, an Algerian couple traveling to France. Leila gives Zano and Naima a letter of introduction to her family, and after a long journey they eventually arrive in Algeria and are befriended by Leila's brother Said. Now with Said as a guide, Zano and Naima explore the city and immediately discover a land that is truly removed from the culture they had left in France.

Z95 F3 Fabio Montale a crime squad detective who knows Marseille like the back of his hand. Unfortunately, the city crawls with gangs, corrupt policemen, shady politicians and the mafia--all standing in the way of justice. After his friends start to mysteriously disappear, Fabio is pulled into Marseille's crooked underworld to uncover the truth and protect the ones he loves. Fatima Call Number: PQ L F3 It was inspired by the life of North African poet Fatima Elayoubi, who immigrated knowing little French and slowly taught herself the language. Fatima Soria Zeroual lives with her two teenage daughters in Lyon, and works cleaning jobs to pay their way through school.

She is a woman pressured by her children and her neighbors alike to assimilate into a culture of which she's wary. Fatima is a complex, uplifting film that is one of recent French cinema's most trenchant and memorable portraits of the contemporary immigrant experience. Faubourg 36 Call Number: PN F39 When Pigoil's adulterous wife leaves with his beloved son, he gambles everything to get him back.

As the previous manager of the now closed Chansonia Theatre, he makes a deal with the new owner to give him one month to turn the theater around and make a profit. Paris, Jean-Louis lives with his wife Suzanne while their children are away at boarding school. The couple's world is turned upside down when they hire Maria, a Spanish maid who introduces Jean-Louis to an alternative reality a few stories up, on the sixth floor. Befriending a group of maids, the women teach him there's more to life than stocks and bonds, and their influence on the house ultimately transforms everyone's life.

Feuille Call Number: PN Meihua, a Chinese painter, comes to Paris from the southern reaches of the Yangtze River where she is immediately drawn to Stephanie, a French photographer. What begins as a mutual admiration leaves the two women to confront the realization that they share a passion for more than the arts.

I53 F4 It's a summer holiday weekend in Paris. Antoine, an insurance salesman, and his wife Helene are off to the south of France to pick up their children from camp. While they are on the road they begin to quarrel and Antoine pulls over for a drink at a bar along the highway.

When he returns, Helene is gone and he is forced to continue the journey without her. He eventually gives a hitchhicker a lift, but soon suspects that the young man may be a fugitive from the police, and might also have met his wife earlier that evening. F53 Thirty-year-old Alice is a sailor about to embark on a journey she will not soon forget.

But she soon faces a difficult choice about what will make her truly happy: an unfettered life at sea, or grounded happiness at home? Film socialisme Call Number: PQ O F5 Jean-Luc Godard presents a magisterial essay on the decline of European civilization. As a garish cruise ship travels the Mediterranean, Godard embarks on a filmic essay on the state of contemporary Europe, international politics, and Western history. In the tradition of his acclaimed political and essayistic films, Godard explores a wide range of contemporary cultural, political and historical themes with his distinctive and innovative cinematic style.

Fils de l'autre Call Number: PN F A tale of two men, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, who discover they were accidentally switched at birth, and the complex repercussions on themselves and their respective families. Examining several relationships over a year's span, capturing varying textures and shades of feeling between people from late August of one year until early September of the next. Gabriel and Jenny separate, despite the affection that still binds them.

A new love develops between Gabriel and young designer Anne as they overcome their fears and uncertainties. At his publishing job, much of Gabriel's emotional energy is spent on his close friend Adrien, a once-promising novelist whose recent writing failed to repeat the critical and commercial success of his early novels. Jenny, who remains friends with Adrien, embarks on a new relationship with Jeremie.

blagues de tous horizons

When an old illness reappears, Adrien must come to terms with an early death; he begins an affair with year-old schoolgirl Vera. The personal tragedy of Adrien's death impacts the fabric of friendships, as the individuals in the group reflect on death, life, and the future. Flandres Call Number: PN On his last night of freedom, he witnesses Barbe and another local sleeping together in a parking lot. A twist of fate forces the two men to fight side by side. F66 For ever Mozart is an episodic film that follows a theater troop from France attempting to put on a play in Sarajevo. Along their journey they are captured and held in a POW camp, and they call for help from their friends and relations in France.

Two couples decide to explore the boundaries of their relationships by swapping partners. As their arrangement leads them down an increasingly surprising and provocative path, the lovers begin to question their personal choices and lifestyles, leading to consequences none of them could foresee. Frank Riva [is] an ex-undercover cop called in from retirement after 25 years of exile to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of his brother in a drug sting operation.

He soon finds himself back on the trail of the notorious Loggia crime family, who had put a bounty on his head during the French Connection days. Frank is forced to pick up the pieces of a life he left behind a quarter of a century ago: his old flame Catherine, Nina Rizzi, the daughter he never knew, and Xavier Unger, his former partner, now chief of the Paris police. Frantz Call Number: PN L36 F7 Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandre Taillard de Vorms is a human whirlwind and a man confident in France's importance on the world stage.

In this hilarious send-up of diplomacy and international politics, he takes on American neo-cons, corrupt Russians and the opportunistic Chinese while his hapless speech writer endures the eccentricities of his megalomaniacal boss and his sycophantic entourage. E F7 A single mother abandons her young child and travels to the French Montpellier coast where she falls into an affair with a female thief.

Meanwhile, a police detective grows increasingly obsessed with finding her. Frontiere s Call Number: PN F76 Using a political protest and race riots as cover, a group of young Parisians pull off a robbery, then flee and hide out in a country inn near the French border. There they encounter a neo-Nazi innkeeper and his cannibal family, who are bent on preserving the master race. Gabrielle Call Number: PR O4 G3 Jean is a successful publisher.

He has refined tastes and abundant material possessions, among which he seems to include his wife, Gabrielle. But in a single afternoon, Gabrielle decides to leave him for another man and then abruptly reverses her decision. Now, everything that Jean believed to be true about his life and marriage falls apart.

Gadjo dilo Call Number: PQ A young Frenchman, in search of a legendary Gypsy singer, is taken in by a Gypsy community in Romania where he learns their ways of talking, drinking, dancing, and cursing. At first the villagers distrust and dislike Stephane, but he soon ingratiates himself into their community, assimilating into their world and falling in love with Sabina, a dancer whose allure is matched by her fiery personality. S46 G4 Having moved to a rustic farm with her older husband, Gemma soon tires of their simpler life and finds distraction in a torrid affair with a handsome young aristocrat.

Meanwhile, Martin, a local baker and lover of literature, becomes besotted with Gemma, but also fears she may suffer the same fate as the heroine in his favorite novel. G45 Based on the case of Hermine van Hug, a s psychoanalyst who believed that criminal tendencies are formed at age five and who labeled her nephew a murderer before he reached adolescence. The nephew proved her right by strangling her. Germinal Call Number: PQ G47 The story of a miner's strike that destroys one family, yet plants the seeds of change for future generations. G47 Region 2.

In 19th centure France, miners' Maheu, roguish Chaval, and troubled newcomer, Etienne, ply their spine-cracking trade deep in the underground, but start to resent the ruthless demands of a greedy mining company. Mired in coal dust and misery, the workers, now struggling to feed their families, soon plan a revolt, rising up in an epic struggle for better pay and conditions.

Steeled by the unwavering support of his loyal wife, the robust Maheu becomes the indomitable of the strike, fighting power and authority to liberate his community. Gigola Call Number: PQ H G5 In the '60s bourbon and money flowed freely in the Parisian neighborhood of Pigalle. The city came alive at night behind closed curtains and in the company of prostitutes. Georgia, alias Gigola, was a temptress who seduced women by presenting herself as a refined young man. Still haunted by the suicide of her first mistress, Georgia falls in love with enchanted women, like Cora, a young barmaid, or Odette, a wealthy member of the elite class.

O G5 Set in the 's, Gilles' Wife is a haunting tale of love and betrayal in a small mining town on the outskirts of France. It is the story of Elisa, a devoted wife who begins to suspect her husband Gilles is having an affair with her younger sister. Determined to save her marriage, Elisa undertakes a strange and disquieting battle to recover what she has lost, and to become once again, Gilles' wife. Golem : l'esprit de l'exil Call Number: PN Fusing the Biblical story of Ruth and the Jewish legend of the Golem, 'Golem: The Spirit of Exile' tells the story of an immigrant family whose sons are murdered and patriarch dies, and whose widow forges a friendship with her daughter-in-law.

Set in Paris in the s, the two women are evicted from their home and must find a way to get through their difficult situation with the help of the golem. G After Nicolas' father dies in a car accident his mother is arrested for drug trafficking and sent to jail. While living in a foster home Nicolas is befriended by another whose father is in the same jail as Nicolas' mother. The two boys decide that instead of letting their parents wait out their convictions that they would try to break them out of jail. Handling social situations with finesse Call Number: PC Part 2 of a six-part video series filmed in the south of France, which introduces the necessary components of contemporary conversational French for beginners and spotlights cultural aspects of France.

Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien Call Number: PN Michel, who wrote poetry, and Harry, a rich spoiled brat, were school chums. Now twenty years later, Michel, who is married with three young girls, meets up with Harry on the way to Michel's summer home. Harry "forces" his way into their lives and nothing will be the same again. Trying to make Michel's life "easier", Harry embarks on a path that will become self-destructive. R Mousse and Louis are young, beautiful, rich, and in love, but drugs have invaded their lives. After Louis' fatal overdose, Mousse soon learns she is pregnant.

Feeling lost, Mousse escapes to a beautiful beach house far from Paris and is soon joined in her refuge by Louis' gay brother, Paul. The two strangers gradually develop an unusual and deeply moving relationship as Ozon continues his unique exploration of the nature of family and blood ties. Hirondelle a fait le printemps Call Number: PN Sandrine is a successful Parisienne who tires of her job in the rat race and decides to buy Adrien's isolated farm with the caveat that he remain onsite for a period of time. A touching story of growth and change and of the glorious ability of nature to stir the depths of one's heart.

H57 A Japanese architect and a French actress engage in a brief intense affair in Hiroshima in Both deal with their personal memories of World War II--he by articulating his firsthand experience with nuclear disaster, she by remembering her traumatic affair with a German soldier. Julien is a man who repairs clocks and is in the process of blackmailing a woman known only as Madame X. Julien is in love with Marie, who he once met at a party and has dreamt of ever since. When they bump into each other in the street Marie is keen to renew their acquaintance and soon moves into Julien's rambling old house.

It becomes apparent that there's something strange about Marie. Madame X helps Julien gradually realize that he has to uncover Marie's secret - and by doing so face losing her. Holy motors Call Number: PN H64 Monsieur Oscar, a mysterious, shadowy character, spends a day traveling through Paris in a limousine driven by his loyal chauffeur, Celine. During his travel, he journeys from one life to the next, taking on the appearances of a wide variety of characters, including a captain of industry, an assassin, a beggar, a monster, a reptilian sex god, a melancholy father, and a dying old man.

Home Call Number: PN H65 A family's peaceful existence is threatened when a busy highway is opened only meters away from their isolated house in the middle of nowhere. Refusing to move, Marthe, Michel, and their three children find innovative ways to adapt to their new environment.

Hors la loi Call Number: PN After losing their family home in Algeria, three brothers are scattered across the globe. Messaoud joins the French army fighting in Indochina; Abdelkader becomes a leader of the Algerian independence movement; Said moves to Paris to make his fortune in the shady clubs and boxing halls of Pigalle. Gradually, their interconnecting destinies reunite them in the French capital, where freedom is a battle to be fought and won. H96 In English, dubbed in French.

Quasimodo, the hunchbacked bellringer of Notre Dame's cathedral, falls in love with the beautiful gypsy dancer, Esmeralda. When Esmeralda is arrested for lewd dancing, she catches the eye of Quasimodo's guardian, the archdeacon of the cathedral. Further unwanted affections are lavished upon her by a poor street poet. But Esmeralda's love is reserved for a handsome soldier. When a mob accuses Esmeralda of being a murderer and a witch, Quasimodo must rescue her by claiming sanctuary for her in the cathedral.

I49 Juliette, a frail, haunted ex-doctor who's a shell of her former self, is released from prison after serving 15 years for an unspeakable crime. With nowhere else to go, she comes to live with her loving but estranged sister Lea.

Génocide rwandais : Le peuple crie justice !

Together the sisters embark on a painful but redemptive journey back from life's darkest edge. B H5 A wealthy merchant in nineteenth-century Macao becomes obsessed with bringing to life an oft-related anecdote about a rich man who gives a poor sailor a small sum of money to impregnate his wife. Impardonnables Call Number: PN I Francis, 60, arrives in Venice seeking peace and quiet to write his next crime novel.

When he meets Judith, a former model much younger than himself, it is love at first sight. But writer's block and growing jealousy push Francis to desperate measures. Impromptu Call Number: PQ A2 I4 In English, dubbed in French. Set in 19th-century Paris. Feminist author, George Sand, is a bohemian who wears men's clothing and has several lovers. Indigenes Call Number: PN The French armed forces are preparing to land troops in Europe to win back their homeland from the Axis Powers, but they cannot accomplish their task without recruiting men from their African colonies.

The Africans themselves start their long journey full of hope and anticipation, but as they get closer to their goal they realize that their enemy is not necessarily the Germans. Set in French Indochina in the s as the Vietnamese begin to rebel against French colonialism.

Innocence Call Number: PT E26 I5 This film is about a young girl transforming into a woman. The story starts in a her adolescence at a mysterious boarding school only for girls. There, she takes exotic classes like botany and ballet, and also enjoys lots of playtime. But she is not alone in this coming-of-age story, as all the girls at the school are also going through this transformation. As soon as she feels comfortable at the school, the girls keep disappearing one by one.

I56 Inspector Bellamy tries to go on vacation but murder travels with him, not to mention his black sheep of a brother, his bored wife, and enough suspects to fill a cruise ship. A suspenseful mystery in which even the inspector has a motive no one would suspect. In the name of my daughter Call Number: PN Intouchables Call Number: PN When Driss, an ex-con from the projects, is hired to take care of an eccentric French aristocrat named Philippe, his newfound job quickly becomes an unpredictable adventure.

Speeding a Maserati through Paris, seducing women and paragliding over the Alps are just the beginning, as Driss turns the often humorous world of upper-class Parisian society upside-down. As this unlikely duo overcomes adversity of every flavor in this true story, they also shatter their preconceptions about love, life, and each other. J32 Jean Diaz, a scientist who, after witnessing the unspeakable horrors of the battlefield during the First World War, dedicated his life to ensuring that history doesn't repeat itself.

Diaz eventually invents a device that promises to bring an end to war forever. However, with World War II on the horizon, the government instead opts to use the machine against its enemies rather than for peace. Jean-Paul Belmondo Vol. U F7 Region 2. Moderato cantabile Focuses on Anne, a wealthy bored housewife believes she has witnessed a murder in a quayside bistro. Rushing to the scene of crime, she strikes up a conversation with Chauvin, an employee of her husband who also saw the crime.

The troubled woman continues to return to the cafe, increasingly identifying herself with the murdered victim and becoming obsessed with Chauvin. A man called La Rocca: Roberto's goes to Marseilles to give a hand to his friend Xavier, wrongly imprisoned following a frame-up organized by his associate Villanova. Roberto sets out to seduce Villanova's mistress, but when Villanova is killed, Roberto ends up leader of the band.

Weekend at Dunkirk: In June On the beaches of Dunkirk which have been mercilessly shelled by the German bombardments, thousands of French and English soldiers are waiting to depart for England. Julien abandons his three friends to attempt to embark at Bray-Dunes with the English aboard a freighter, when he meets the beautiful Jeanne who is being tormented by a couple of ruthless soldiers.

Together, Julien and Jeanne attempt to navigate the war-torn countryside, and to forge a romance in the face of human barbarity. A26 J4 The story of Jean Cadoret, a man who inherits a farm from his mother and foolishly hopes to become a gentleman farmer. But even before he arrives, his powerful neighbor is plotting to steal his land. R J4 Remorques: Laurent is a salvage-boat captain who rescues a merchant vessel from a storm-tossed sea.

The vessel's far-from-grateful captain manages to skip without paying Laurent his salvage money, leaving behind his wife Catherine.

Ultimate patrol film fr complet

Tending to Catherine's injuries until they reach port, Laurent falls in love with the woman, despite the fact that he is already married to the seriously ill Yvonne. This soon becomes an obsession, and she undertakes a lofty feat: the longest solo flight ever made by a woman. J42 Always in a hurry, Jeanne is a beautiful young woman with a profusion of boyfriends. Then one day, she meets Olivier, the true love she's been searching for. Her devotion to Olivier is intense and unswerving. Duty and honor conflict in a German prisoner of war camp during World War I, when an aristocratic French officer becomes friends with the commandant yet must cooperate with his comrades in a daring escape.

A J4 A secret that has haunted him for two decades, forcing him to confront himself, his contradictions and choices, his manhood and his failings. The secret of his love for Mathilde, for whom he wouldn't make a sacrifice, choosing instead to take the safer, easier path. In one night, we discover the life of a man who didn't take a chance.

In a heartbreaking weekend shared by a man and his daughter-in-law, memories flood back in waves of nostalgia and regret. U79 J4 For years, Conrad Lang has been living off the Senn family. At first a childhood playmate of Thomas, he later became the house keeper of their summer residence.

The family used him as a handyman and Conrad seemed satisfied with it. As his health slowly deteriorates, he starts telling Simone, the wife of the family heir, memories from his early childhood which do not seem to stick quite exactly to the official family version.

Conrad's stories seem to seriously trouble Elvira, the family's matriarch, as if this harmless fool somehow had the means to destroy her. A special friendship grows between Conrad and Simone, leading her to confront Elvira on his behalf--but Elvira is much more dangerous than she seems. J47 Gilbert Valance is a successful theater actor who learns that his wife, daughter, and son-in-law have been killed in a car accident. Over time, Valence's life regains a semblance of normalcy - he takes care of his orphaned grandson, strolls the streets of Pairs, frequents his favorite cafe and returns to the stage.

But when an American film director casts him against type in an English-language production of Ulysses, Valance struggles to master the dialogue and his own emotions. Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, Thomas finds her single with a small child, living in a nearby suburb.

Traumatized by years of emptiness and longing for his mother, he starts an ambiguous relationship with her which slowly drives him to an act of madness. O J4 Paulette, a five-year-old refugee from Paris is taken in by a peasant family after her parents are killed during a bombardment of a civilian convoy. Michel Dolle, the family's year-old son, becomes her best friend, and they create a cemetery in which Paulette's dog is interred, along with other animals and insects, some of whom the children kill themselves.

The Dolle family is too busy feuding with the Gouards, their neighbors, to notice the absence of the children. Eventually, authorities locate Paulette and insist that she be placed in an orphanage for legal adoption. Joueuse Call Number: PQ H J6 A dramedy of newfound passions and mid-life triumphs, set on the isle of Corsica. This obsession, much to the chagrin of her husband and teenaged daughter, leads her to seek the tutelage of an American doctor--a liaison that transforms both of their lives.

E J6 A new priest arrives in the French country village of Ambricourt to attend to his first parish. The rural congregation rejects him immediately. Through his country diary entries, the suffering young man relays a crisis of faith that threatens to drive him away from the village and God. Journal d'une femme de chambre Call Number: PQ M7 J66 Resentful young Parisian chambermaid Celestine finds herself exiled to a position in the provinces where she must humbly submit to the iron rules and pettiness of her high-handed bourgeois mistress while rebuffing the groping advances of Monsieur and contending with her fascination with the brooding gardener, Joseph.

V75 In English dubbed in French. With spectacular visuals as a backdrop, this sweeping family adventure film based on Jules Verne's classic thriller centers on an expedition into the Earth's dark core, led by Professor Lindenbrook James Mason and his star student Pat Boone. Along the way, they encounter giant prehistoric reptiles, magnificent glowing crystal caverns, a fierce magnetic lightning storm--and even the lost city of Atlantis.

Loosely based on true episodes, this film tells the story of German, French, and Scottish soldiers in the bloody trenches of World War I and the miraculous Christmas Eve truce they unexpectedly forge. Follows a French lieutenant, a Scottish priest, and a German tenor and his beloved Danish soprano as music and the spirit of Christmas create bonds between enemies.

O J8 Considered Truffaut's greatest film, this is a story of friendship between two artists and their mutual love for the same woman. J87 Laurent, a 23 year-old student, shares an apartment with his best friend, Carole, using their relationship to deflect questions about his private life. This perfect ruse falls when he meets and falls in love with Cedric, a young man completely comfortable with and unburdened by his homosexuality. Kameradschaft Call Number: PN Set in but based on a real incident from A coal mine collapses on the frontier between Germany and France, trapping a team of French miners inside.

Workers on both sides of the border spring into action, putting aside national prejudices and wartime grudges to launch a dangerous rescue operation. L'adversaire Call Number: PQ A A3 Jean-Marc Faure is a brilliant doctor. He is married to Christine, a charming woman, and they have two wonderful children. Surrounded by friends he's known since his days at medical school, he is constantly talking about the latest developments in his field. His work often requires him to attend conferences in Switzerland, lectures at the University of Dijon, and affluent discussions with colleagues at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

He lives a charmed life. One day, the unimagineable happens. Jean-Marc murders his wife, two children, his parents and then commits suicide. What the investigation reveals is even more difficult to believe. L'affaire farewell Call Number: PN In , after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, U. A French engineer based in Moscow, Pierre Froment, makes an unlikely connection with Grigoriev, a senior KGB officer disenchanted with what the Communist ideal has become under Brezhnev.

In turn, Grigoriev begins leaking highly sensitive information about the Soviet spy network in the U. An eager rookie homicide squad inspector, Franck, investigates a murder of a woman who was found with her throat cut. He unearths parallels of this murder with previously unrelated cases--beginning an eight-year hunt for Serial Killer 1. H A4 This is also the story of 17th-century Versailles. S58 no. His flirtations and fantasies remain harmless until Chloe, an old flame, shows up at his office and presents the first genuine threat to his marriage.

A54 Beautiful aristocrat Grace Elliott enjoys her comfortable upper-middle class life and warm friendship with her former lover the Duke of Orleans, until the turbulent French Revolution of the s frighteningly begins. Their friendship unravels as Grace risks her life taking in a fugitive against the Duke's wishes. Soon, Grace urges the Duke not to make a horrifying decision. But ultimately she's unable to prevent several bloody fates--including the possibility of her own. A handsome stranger tries to convince a lovely young woman that they had a passionate affair a year ago, 'perhaps at Marienbad,' but she claims not to remember him.

He haunts her mind with images by mixing memory and fantasy, fear and desire. A74 Region 2. A poetic comedy about a group of children in a French village as they grow from children to adolescents to adulthood. Truffaut interweaves vignettes of puppy love, school days, bragging rights, trips to the movie house, loving parents and one boy's escape from child abuse, as he explores the range of young emotions from humor to fantasy to the serious side of life.

In German-occupied Paris, poet and factory worker Missak Manouchian led a courageous group of immigrant fighters to sabotage the Nazi regime. Made up of young Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Italians, Spaniards and Armenians, this heroically ragtag group committed nearly all acts of armed resistance in the capital between March and November , before a series of arrests broke their ranks.

L'arna coeur Call Number: PN They are hired by a rich man to break up the wedding of his daughter. The only problem is that they only have one week to do so. L'atelier Call Number: PN Antoine attends a summer writing workshop at La Ciotat, France, in which a few young people have been selected to write a crime thriller with the help of Olivia, a famous novelist. The creative process will recall the town's industrial past, a form of nostalgia to which Antoine feels indifferent.

More concerned with the fears of the modern world, the young man soon clashes with the group and Olivia, who seems at the same time alarmed and captivated by Antoine's violence. Xavier is a straight-laced French college senior who moves to Barcelona as part of a student exchange program, much to the dismay of his beautiful girlfriend. But sharing cramped quarters with students from all over Europe quickly leads to multi-cultural chaos as Xavier gets an eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh and party.

L'empire des loups Call Number: PQ R E4 Anna suffers nightmares and periods of extreme confusion so great that she's barely able to recognize her husband. Doctors are stumped until Anna discovers scars on her scalp and is convinced that her face has been reconstructed, but by whom? E47 Tells the story of Vincent, a middle-class family man recently fired from his drab, middle-management job. Unable to tell his family about his firing, Vincent spends his workdays driving around the French countryside - "business trips" he tells his wife - keeping intact the reassuring routine of going to work and coming home to his wife and kids.

As his family grows suspicious of his evasive behavior, Vincent is forced to spin a new tale, pretending to get a job working for the U. In a bid to keep the money coming in, he recruits old friends to invest in an imaginary emerging-markets investment scheme. Vincent also falls in with Jean-Michel, a black market dealer whose ignominious past serves as an ominous warning for Vincent's present course.

Despite his efforts to maintain an undisturbed surface, Vincent's wife begins to suspect something amiss. But his is a "temporary placement," meaning that his parents can come back for him any time. They never do. Thierry's mother, a very young girl, and a high-school age boy. They aren't afraid to share their lives with this new houseguest, and the impressionable boy seems to be settling down. L'enfant Call Number: PN E54 Bruno, a down-and-out petty thief who reaches rock bottom when he sells his newborn son on the black market.

In a bid to redeem himself in the eyes of his girlfriend Sonia, the baby's mother, Bruno goes against all odds to bring their baby home.

1001 blagues

Dramatized account of Dr. Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard's efforts to civilize a young boy who was discovered living wild in a forest. The boy, named Victor, becomes increasingly divided between his longing for the wilderness and his new life with the doctor. Itard, whose teaching strategies survive today in the Montessori Method, is unsure whether he is helping a savage become human or turning a forest child into a semi-civilized idiot.

L'ennemi intime Call Number: PN E56 Algeria, Young lieutenant Terrien takes command of an outpost in Algeria, a country fighting for its independence from France. He befriends a local young boy joining his platoon and a disillusioned veteran. War and its atrocities will quickly put his moral values to the test. E68 Region 2. In , a soulful stranger and veteran of the Algerian war, Antoine, arrives at the small Breton island of Ouessant to become the new keeper of the lighthouse.

He replaces Emile, the tower's adored deceased patriarch, despite the locals' feeling that the job should have gone to one of their own. Easygoing and good-humored about the community's animosity towards him, Antoine eventually bonds with sullen, unfriendly Yvon while they work together at the offshore lighthouse.

Back on shore, Antoine also develops a deep attraction for Emile's daughter Mabe, who just so happens to be Yvon's wife. E Region 2. Krimo, a streetwise teenager who doesn't have much to say either to his mother or his girlfriend Magali, plays tough guy with his friends, but Krimo has a creative side he doesn't share with everyone. One day, after Magali has given him his walking papers, Krimo sees a pretty girl named Lydia arguing with a shopkeeper over the price of a dress.

On an impulse, Krimo lends Lydia the money to pay for it and learns that she's going to wear it in a school play, a classic drama of the 18th Century. Intrigued, Krimo tags along to Lydia's rehearsal and finds himself increasingly fascinated with both the girl and the play. When the show's leading man makes noises about dropping out, Krimo takes his place.

However, not everyone is convinced Krimo has what it takes to pull off the role, including Lydia's best friend, Frida. H48