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7 Shouts: strange tales from the newspaper column My Shout

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Uploaded by SteelBrand. Virus scan Safe to use. Be empathetic. This can be tough, because showing kindness towards a mini-person intent on pressing all your buttons is asking a lot.

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson

We often overlook and dismiss the importance of acknowledging our children's feelings for fear of 'spoiling' or giving into them, when the reality is we'd never treat a friend or our partner in that way. S - Show sympathy with your child if they're resisting your requests and tell them you understand.

1. I’m A Terrible Parent Because I Yell

E - Explain why you're asking them to do whatever it is you're asking. E - Outline your expectations. Let them know how quickly you want them to do something Then remind them again when the time is up.

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D - Divert their attention with a positive alternative. Shouting despite all your best efforts. Remember that children don't need or want perfect parents, just parents who are 'good enough'. It's OK to stop mid-shout and admit to your child that you're struggling and you're going to take a moment to calm down.

2. I Am Permanently Damaging My Children

It isn't easy to stop shouting, especially if you yourself were shouted at. By committing not to shout, stopping talking every time you notice you're raising your voice and giving yourself time to rethink your reaction and respond more calmly, you're rewiring your own brain and showing your child that you're able to manage your emotions. This, in turn, will help them manage theirs. For more tips, visit our parenting collection. Type keyword s to search.

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Westend61 Getty Images. Dr Clare Bailey, lead parenting expert at Parenting Matters , adds: "It's normal to feel cross if your child charges across your freshly-mopped floor in muddy wellies but they don't attach the same importance to a clean floor as you do. Ross Whitaker Getty Images.

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