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Walking into a bar, strip club, violent movies, profane conversations or listening to music which is contrary to Christ, puts in areas of enemy power. These areas are under demonic influence, where the enemy of your soul rules. Now I understand many in the world might dismiss these remarks as fundamentalist prudishness, that is ok, how do expect the world to understand the spiritual realms?

We cant! Therefore its understandable for the lost to dismiss a spiritual message. Darkness is the absence of light, light exposes reality. According to scripture, the lost are in darkness, II Corinthians 4;4 proclaims the lost have been blinded, by the god of this age or aion.

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There are literal beings that are responsible, for those in darkness. Satan has an ordered kingdom, with a hierarchy of demonic fallen angels , which exercise authority and control in these kingdoms of darkness. Satan is not hindered by physical constraints of the earth; he literally has the ability to operate from celestial plane, from the air. This power was demonstrated when in Luke , when in an instant of time, he flashed all the kingdoms of the earth before Christ, offering Him all the kingdoms if Jesus would just fall before Satan and worship him.

We should not think Satan has physical limitations; he operates in the minds of the lost, making them captive in darkness. Therefore, his power is in high places, not limited by physical obstacles. How to face Satan. Satan is a very real enemy at war with every saint believer , his goal is to remove our authority, to vanquish us, by putting his hand over our neck.

Forcing us to submit, causing us to loose our authority. His control is redundant in many ways; he has a multi-pronged attack strategy. For example, Satan does not only deceive through false religions and counterfeit Christianity; he also attacks by denying the existence of God. If none of this works, there is always materialism, the deception of wealth and the sensuality of this world to seduce the lost.

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He has many strategies and schemes to capture lost souls. Scripture alone, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, allows us to see his tactics. However, Paul addresses the armor of God for the believer, how we are to be equipped to withstand what has captured the world. We as believers are separated from the world, the Bible calls us holy, translated saints.

To wage successful war against Satan, we need to wear the armor of God, this is the point Paul is making. The situation might seem overwhelming when understand; shear force and power of our enemy. Who are we to battle against such a foe? You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

I John With all this force mustered against the believer, what are we to do? Notice, Paul writes to take the whole armor, being partially armed is not enough. Satan and his minions are looking for holes to bring the believer down. The Greek word for the whole armor is panopliva Panoplia , which means full set of armor, a compete set. Every component of the armor is required. The Greek work for able is duvnamai Dunamai, means having the strength or power. From the same root, we get the word dynamite or power. Having the whole armor of God gives us the power to stand against Satan.

We have dynamic power, Holy Spirit power to withstand Satan. We need to be on alert for the coming attack, because we live in evil days, in a fallen world. Wearing the armor of God and effectively using the armor is linked with being strong in the lord and in the power of his might. The armor of God is one whole unit, which functions together, weakness in our gives Satan a platform to launch his attack, preventing us from standing. God has given us the ability to choose, to make the stand. If we do not make the choice to stand, we will fall, and being on the ground is no fun.

Satan is not just content with the saint lying on the ground; his goal is choke off the life out of the saved soul. Remember, the term for wrestle is defined as a victory when the opponent has his hand around your neck. Belt of Truth. The Roman Legion belt was first known as balteus, later it became known as cingulum militare, they were the mark of a solider, common citizens did not wear the distinct belt of a legion.

On the belt would the gladius or sword, fastened to the belt, which also kept the tunic and armor in place.

Put on the full Armor of God

The distinct medal studded strips of leather, was unique to the legions belt. The belt allowed kept the equipment in place, the same way truth keeps the spiritual weapons in place. Truth means what is real, as opposed to what is not real or false. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

John 14;6. On the identity of Jesus, the whole armor of God described here in Ephesians rests. Breastplate of Righteousness. This was standard issue to the legions during the reign of Augustus. This piece of equipment weighed from 20 to 30 pounds, its design was to protect the vital organs of the legionnaire.

The metal was designed to deflect a dart or sword attack, which the shield or sword failed to stop. The goal is to protect the vital organs, from enemy attack. This parallels the righteous life, when we live a righteous life; our vital organs are protected from enemy attack. For example, the Christian who knows the word of God Sword of the spirit and has great faith shield of faith , but lives an unrighteous life, is open to enemy attack, regardless how well they are able to use the other pieces of equipment.

That person has put down the breastplate of righteousness; their vital organs are exposed to the attack of the enemy. Shoes of the Gospel. Our feet are the method we move in this physical world. What territory do we walk on? The god of this age is Satan, who rules over the nations. We on the other hand advance the Kingdom of God on Satan territory. How is this kingdom advanced? What is the method God uses to advance his kingdom? Is it through the spread of democracy? Is it through higher living standards?

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  5. Through education? If the saved person is not willing to tell others the Good News, the Gospel, Satan wins. The Roman legion represented, the kingdom of Rome, where they walked was Roman territory, or was being conquered for Rome. The Roman boot was designed to stand ground in battle. The Roman boot was fitted with metal studs, like the cleats of football player, to help him maintain ground in battle. The saint must be prepared to march on enemy territory, prepared with the Gospel.

    The gospel of peace is the restoration of fellowship with God through the work of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. Our job is to spread the Gospel. The world is divided into two camps, those who are perishing and the saved. We are the fulfillment of Isaiah words,. Shield of faith. Right, the shield! He tells us above all right at the start. For the Romans the shield was not just a defensive weapon, it was also an offensive weapon. The metal boss in the center, designed to hit the enemy at impact, allowed the legionnaire to follow up with his sword, to subdue the opponent.

    What is faith? For many secularist, this means blind faith, which means faith without any basis. We however are told to take up or raise the shield. How can we raise our faith? Even atheists have faith, for example if an atheists were to fly in an airplane, does he know for certain, the plane would arrive at its destination?

    Put on the full Armor of God

    What is the basis of his faith in the plane? He uses reason and logic, based on experience and history of airplanes. If an atheist were afraid to fly, how might he raise his faith in ability of the plane to carry him? He might read about the engineering of planes, their history and their statistics. Joe Atheist has a reasoned faith in airplanes. There is no reason for a Christian to have blind faith; God has provided us with reasoned faith, faith based upon reason and logic.

    The Bible is filled with prophetic evidence regarding the Bible, and Jesus Christ, for example Isaiah , describes Jesus and his ministry years before his birth. The Bible foretells the exact time of Jesus death years before His birth in the 70 Weeks of Daniel , Daniel Why did God provide prophetic evidence for the person of Jesus?

    Why did Jesus do the miracles? To provide evidence of his identity, that we might have faith in Him. We can choose to increase our faith, by learning to have a reasoned defense of the gospel. We are told in Peter to be prepared to give a reason or logic in the Greek, of the hope we have. In other words, we are to give the reason for our faith.

    The word used here again is duvnamai Dunamai , meaning having power or strength, being capable. The Roman shield was actually designed and curved to allow the force of the sword or arrow to be deflected to the sides. How does this work in a practice? For example lets take Mary Christian and her co-worker. Now God allows us to experience warfare, because through it our faith can grow. The co-worker may be very sincere in her question, creating a door for Mary to advance the gospel.

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