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Work for a literary agent. Trying to be a genius in a vacuum, without knowing how the world of writers and books and TV shows and films actually work, is a recipe for self-destruction and confusion. You have enough noise in your head already.

11 Quotes To Remember When You’re Overthinking

People used to tell me they thought I would be famous for making something funny and creative. Like you, I got nervous when I heard that. All of my fears about not fitting into the Real World of Real Professionals kicked up. That said, my dad understood those things more than I gave him credit for. Right after I graduated from college, my dad told me he thought that I should be a writer, it was my calling. I even asked him to pay my rent for a year while I wrote a novel. He told me I needed to figure it out on my own.

7 Real-World Ways to Think Like an Artist for Better Content Marketing

Considering how things went for my friends who WERE supported by their parents, I think he made a good choice. I got a different kind of education in becoming a writer by being forced to get paid jobs doing scrub work, then slowly proving my worth among the other smart professional journalists and creative weirdos around me.

Nothing in my past as a writer is that magical or promising. I never got ALL of the guidance I needed. I never knew what the right place for me was, exactly. I wasted a ton of time doing nothing but drinking too much and overanalyzing how my boyfriend of the moment felt about me. When I turned 28 and moved to L. These are some of the weird impracticalities of seeing yourself as special.

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You seek guidance, and then you rip that guidance to little shreds. And the irony is that these jaded perspectives on the guidance you receive are part of what make you an artist in the first place. You have the raw materials to do great things. You already know that.

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But you need to work very hard and very patiently. You need to cultivate a belief in who you are and sustain that belief indefinitely. You need to get a job and make money and pay your rent. You need to investigate many, many different options, and you need to plant yourself among people who understand why creating is haunting and necessary.

You need to be practical but keep dreaming. You are very smart and talented. Because becoming an artist is a long game. It requires faith and patience. The end is the work itself. It MUST be the work itself. The work is what you want. There is no end point to reach.

You Think Too Much - Jeffrey Michael Austin

Great artists log the things that inspire them. Each influence or inspiration is another square piece of stone that eventually forms the mosaic. The mosaic is a true original, the pieces of stone are echoes of some corner of humanity or some brief flash of brightness in the world that touched you or excited you or made you feel afraid or turned your stomach inside out. As an artist, you use the things that unnerve you — and they are everywhere — to your advantage. You save tiny scraps because the scraps are all you have.

Instead, you dig for some ancient, broken compass and it barely works. Along the way, you are exhausted. You feel discouraged and alone, and you put that in your log.

  • 11 Quotes To Remember When You’re Overthinking.
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  • 11 Quotes To Remember When You're Overthinking!

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Here are 3 ways to stop overthinking:

Find similar art prints Hide. More in Framed Art Prints. Leave a comment Post comment To post a comment, you must be a logged-in member. Each Society6 product is individually printed and assembled when you order it, so please allow days manufacture time for your custom product. As with her performance works, sculptural and video installations, and drawings and notational scores on paper, Too Much Future offers a reminder that visual or auditory perception of language does not necessarily result in easy comprehension.

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