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Now during word work time each student has their own ring of color coded sight word cards see picture below and I know that they are working on the words that they should be. I purchased the matching colored baskets at Really Good Stuff. The motivational aspect of Rainbow Words is another great feature. They are highly motivated to move up the rainbow to the next level and so on. Each time they reach their goal and learn all the words of one color they get a certificate of achievement in that matching color.

There is also a cloud and raindrop bulletin board motivational system you can create. Which sight words would you teach to pre-k? I think there is a big difference between Pre-K and K as far as learning words.

Sight Word Facts:

So I am assuming that they need to be very simple. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. I'm Vanessa, a Pre-K teacher with more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience. Redgate, Riley. Final Draft. Laila loves writing sci-fi stories, but a demanding new creative writing teacher pushes her to work harder and do more. Caught between confusing crushes, a headstrong best friend, and demands of school and family, Laila struggles to figure it all out.

Roehrig, Caleb. White Rabbit. To save his sister, Rufus has to solve a murder, fast. Jack of Hearts and Other Parts. Jack is an unabashedly out, sex-positive high school junior living large in New York.

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Rubin, Julia Lynn. Burro Hills. Jack can no longer hide his sexuality when Connor comes to town. But is Connor a bad boy leading him astray or the guy of his dreams?

How to Teach Sight Words

Shaw, Liane. Ryan, a high school swimmer who uses a wheelchair, rescues Jack from drowning and the two become unlikely friends. Sim, Tara.

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Spalding, Amy. Body-positive Abby lands the internship of her dreams with a fashion boutique only to find out she has to share it with classmate Jordi Perez. She has to deal with her growing feelings for Jordi while also competing with her for a coveted paid position.

Spotswood, Jessica. The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls. The Garrett girls have one last summer together in their small town. Oldest sister Des feels left behind, Bea may be changing her mind about her long-time boyfriend, Kat wants her ex back, and Vi has a thing for the girl next door. Odd One Out.

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Grades 9 to Coop has feelings for his lifelong bestie Jupiter, but knows nothing will ever happen between them because she is a lesbian. When Rae moves to town and joins their tight twosome, all their feelings collide in this messy, realistic story about falling in love, new romance, and friendship. Surmelis, Angelo.

The Dangerous Art of Blending In.

How to Teach Sight Words

Evan returns from summer camp to discover his best friend Henry has become impossibly attractive. Talley, Robin. In , Janet must hide her relationship with her best friend Marie even though she knows there is nothing wrong with their love. Both Abby and Janet find solace in the lesbian pulp novels they read. Trifonia, Melibia Obono. Translated by Lawrence Schimel. La Bastarda. Grades 7 to When she starts spending time with village outcasts, she can no longer hide or deny who she is.

Watts, Julia. Grades 7 to 9. Libby and Zo come from two very different worlds. Zo is a queer, genderfluid teen from Knoxville and Libby is the eldest of six siblings, living off the grid with her devout Quiverfull family. Wilde, Jen. The Brightsiders. Emmy King is a teenage rock star and lives like one, until a night out with her bandmates and her girlfriend ends with a car crash documented by the paparazzi. As she recovers from her public humiliation, she comes out as bisexual in front of her fans at a concert and she starts to have feelings for her genderfluid bandmate, Alfie.

Woodfolk, Ashley. The Beauty That Remains. Unexpected catastrophic loss brings together Autumn, Shay, and Logan: Autumn has lost her best friend, Shay has lost her twin sister, and Logan has lost his ex-boyfriend. Told in alternating perspectives, these three unite through a shared love of music. Black, Holly, et al. Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks. Grades 5 and up.

In this collection of one-shots and specials, the camp friends Lumberjanes embark on stand-alone adventures with magical creatures. The Bride was a Boy. Grades 4 to 8. This comic based on the popular television show kicks off with Korra and Asami building their life together in a very changed world. Ellis, Grace and Shae Beagle. Moonstruck, Vol. Werewolf barista Julie must team up with her new girlfriend Selena also a werewolf and clairvoyant friend Cass to save their bubbly centaur friend, Chet, from the effects of a terrible spell.

Franklin, Tee and Jenn St-Onge. Bingo Love. In the s South, teenagers Hazel and Mari meet and fall in love, but they are ultimately forced to part ways. Decades later, they meet again as grandmothers and rekindle their romance. Iceman, Vol. Long-time X-Men member Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, has always been quick to crack a joke—until a teen version of himself is brought to the future and comes out as gay. Now he has to deal with his sexuality, his family, and his exes.

Graley, Sarah. Kim Reaper Vol. Oni Press, When Becka finally works up the courage to ask out her university classmate, Kim, she has no idea that Kim has a part-time job helping the Grim Reaper. Kaye, Julia. Artist Julia Kaye chronicles her transition with charming, light-hearted, three-panel comic strips, originally published as a web series.

Goldie Vance Vol 3. Goldie Vance Vol 4. Mysteries abound leading up to the St. America, Vol. America Chavez, Young Avenger and leader of the Ultimates, heads off to Sotomayor University, but in the midst of intimidatingly huge class projects, there are Nazis to punch, entitled cyborgs to deprogram, and creepy fan cults to disband. America, Vol 2: Fast and Fuertona. America explores her family history and faces off against a new villain in her continuing adventures.

Runaways, Vol. The author of Fangirl puts her spin on the new classic Marvel team of teens who discovered their parents were supervillains. Now a few years older, the team has split apart. Sell, Chad et al,. Cardboard Kingdom. Grades 4 and up. Neighborhood kids use their imaginations and a bounty of cardboard to have the most exciting, heroic summer ever.

Grade 7 and up. He lands a custodial job at Pollywood, a haunted amusement park named after a famous movie star, where he and his friends deal with demon possession, zombie cowboys, time travelers, and first love. Tagame, Gengoroh. Usdin, Carly and Vakueva, Nina. Heavy Vinyl. Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the new comic book series. Wang, Jen. Prince Sebastian hires talented dressmaker Frances to make gowns for the fabulously fashionable Lady Crystallia, his nighttime alter ego.

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow - Kid Book READ ALOUD for St. Patrick's Day!

Name required. Email required. Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment. Rainbow Books presents an annual bibliography of quality books with significant and authentic GLBTQ content, which are recommended for people from birth through eighteen years of age. Colors Theme by Dehradun. RSS Email Link. The Rainbow Book List. No Ratings Yet.

Now, without further ado, we present to you the Rainbow Book List! Young Adult Fiction Albertalli, Becky. Graphic Novels Black, Holly, et al. January 29, at am. Reply to this Comment. January 29, at pm. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. More filters. Sort order. May 20, Lisa Vegan rated it liked it Shelves: childrens , zz-3star , picture-books , readbooks-female-author-or-illust , reviewed , readbooks-male-author-or-illust , z , fiction.

Atypically for me I read these backwards not that it matters one whit with these particular books and read If You're Afraid of the Dark Add One More Star to the Night first and while I usually am not enamored of these types of books, I really liked that one and liked this one. The illustrations are lovely. The sayings fold into one another in a lovely way, noe leading the way to the next.

Not as good as its sequel though, at least not for me. The illustrations in both these books are terrific. Oct 13, Mochizuki rated it it was amazing Shelves: bedtime. The best book I've ever read, and the pictures are great. This book is not just a children's book Feb 06, Jessie rated it liked it Shelves: childhood-reads , own-it. I've been looking for this book since the early 90s. I babysat for a family that had this, but all I could remember about it was "it had weird 70s pictures, one of which showed someone wearing a lightbulb as a necklace" and "it had the story structure 'if you're something, then something'.

It remained a mystery, until today. View 1 comment. Apr 26, Josiah rated it it was ok. Jun 29, Trey Lane rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: children of all ages.

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Shelves: favorites. Apr 05, Chasity rated it really liked it. Lovely little book about making the best out of the worst situations. Whimsical language with pretty illustrations. Came to me at a very timely period if my life when I've been feeling a lot of negativity and anger at my circumstances. I think this is a great book for anyone to read no matter what their age. Jul 10, Sam rated it it was amazing Shelves: picturebook.

I love the thought but some of the illustrations are a shade creepy. I mean, ultimately, that probably earns it more stars in my book but take that as a head's up if you're actually trying to unscare a child. Oct 10, Melinda Christensen rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-lit. This is a magical book with amazing illustrations! It will take you on a trip to dreamland, and help children who have a fear of the dark. One could just as well rip out the drawings and put them on the dorm room wall of any student indulging in the arts, psychedelia, or philosophy.

I love the strands of art nouveau threaded through the psychedelic fantasia reminiscent of many different eras; from the Victorian Alice in Wonderland-type madness to 's smoky jazz club surrealism to the 's and 70's rainbow celebration of inner-child imagination as seen in Yellow Submarine and Sesame Street. The words fall into a poem suitable fo One could just as well rip out the drawings and put them on the dorm room wall of any student indulging in the arts, psychedelia, or philosophy. The words fall into a poem suitable for all ages - not in a cloying, fun-for-the-whole-family, packaged sort of way, but in that children, teenagers, and adults will all appreciate it, albeit differently.

It narrowly avoids sounding too self-helpish, and makes me hungry for strawberries. Nov 21, Keith rated it it was ok Shelves: to-the-children. I read this to my 7, 4. The illustrations were enjoyed by all but the what to do whens the children came up with as we read each page were far more entertaining, almost as whimsical, and usually more actionable than those offered in the book. I should have written them down. Overall not one of our favorites.

Jan 23, Polly Bresnick rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: all dreamers. This book began toning my imagination muscles before I can remember. I know it by heart. Whitman says that once a being is all the way enlightened, his or her very flesh becomes a poem. I think my flesh will become this poem when I achieve nirvana.