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FR focuses on the acquisition of practical translation skills, from English to French and from French to English. We study registers, linguistic and cultural differences, the types of translation used for fiction literature, but also for commercials, comic books, poetry, recipes, and instruction manuals. The class is lively and relies on group work. We also practice interpretation simultaneous oral translation and learn the basics of translation theory.

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Weekly quizzes on false cognates. Readings in French and English, discussions in French. We will confront myths and realities, utopias and dystopias, past and present of specific islands including the Reunion, Madagascar, Tahiti, Haiti, Martinique, and Mauritius.

In the last part of the course, we will read two contemporary francophone authors who have respectively tackled two of the most pressing issues of our times: climate change and incarceration. This new course is an invitation to rethink our fascination for and relationship with islands to realize that there are litmus tests for how we treat nature and each other.

Les Misérables - Tome 1 - Victor Hugo - Livre Audio Francais - Audio Book French

MA period 2 and 4. Prereq for successful completion of FR FR Oral Skills- Williams In this course, students who have completed at least two years of French work on building vocabulary, practicing verbal forms in conversational context, perfecting grammatical structures and pronunciation, and developing complex ideas in discussion, debate, and presentation formats. Prerequisite: two years of French or placement into third-year French.


FR French Survey: Baroque and Enlightenment- Albert-Galtier Introduction to major themes and ideas in French literature from the 17th and 18th centuries through the reading of representative texts. The sea has always held empire over human lives and imagination. Current debates and scenarios on rising sea levels, recurrent tsunamis, and shipwrecks in the Mediterranean remind us daily that the deep blue is mightier than humankind. Instead of focusing on human agency exerting control over the seas then and now, the course will address the extraordinary force of the seas as it has attracted and terrified sailors, merchants, poets, and writers from the beginning of times.

At the moment where environmental law is seeking to establish the ocean as a legal personality, the objective of the course is to provide a humanistic background and approach to debate the relationship of the sea with humankind. As such, our readings will be inscribed within what John Gillis as termed the Blue Humanities. The course is organized chronologically to grasp the genealogy of the empire of the seas and trace its uninterrupted power or law as expressed by French authors, travel writers, musicians, and visual artists.

The course begins with the antinomy between navigation and agriculture as discussed in classical antiquity, and the creation of the sea in Genesis.

Les Français sont nuls en anglais: peuvent-ils s'améliorer? |

In the eighteenth-century, we will discuss the colonial history of the sea by examining a best-selling encyclopedia of colonial commerce History of Two Indies and a famous opera ballet Les Indes Galantes. As we read excerpts of Enlightenment travel narratives, we will ponder the fate of women as either clandestine passengers or captives.

Additional resources will include a session in the Knight Library rare book collection with early modern atlases; a visit to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum in search of art on or about the sea; class visit and talk by guest speaker Professor Margaret Cohen Stanford U, author of The Novel and the Sea ; attendance at a session of the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in February. Course conducted in English.

ISBN 13: 9782091905396

Students with French proficiency wishing to receive credits should contact the instructor. MA Period 2 and 3. MA 3, 4. When the server came to our table to take our order, my son and I greeted her in French and my wife and daughter greeted her in English. She asked us if we preferred that she speak to us in French or in English.

[3/3] Troisième partie de notre série sur le problème de la France avec l'anglais.

I responded to her that my son and I preferred to speak French but the others preferred to speak English. With numerous wonderful museums, abundant parks and gardens, and historic buildings, there is much to see and do in Montreal. But one of the places that was very interesting to us was the former site of the summer Olympic Games of There is a metro stop near the Olympic park and we got off the metro there. The former Olympic stadium is the largest in Canada. Its architecture is truly unique and one is immediately struck by the imposing tower which overlooks it and which partially supports the roof.

One can go up to the summit of the tower by a funicular and reach a vantage point. After our descent from the tower, we wandered through the botanical gardens, the insectarium, the biodome, and some other attractions.

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