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Trump brought up migration as a big problem for Europe and then told Mr. A sense of irritation with Mr. The EU official said at another point, in a discussion over Iran and terrorism, Mr. Trump verbally jabbed at Mr. He thinks he can send Japan 25 million Mexicans? I don't. The legislature is firmly in the hands of the Democrats for the foreseeable future. When the governor is a Democrat, a lot of power flows to him, and away from the legislature.

You're just supporting the governor. When the governor is a Republican, on the other hand, legislative leaders become very important - you're blocking the governor, you're negotiating with the governor, when you run for re-election, you can contrast yourself with him. It's stupid, but Massachusetts has some pretty I think that's supposed to mean "If you had 25 million Mexicans read: illegal immigrants, because Trump's a racist in your country the people would vote you out and replace you with a Japanese version of me.

I think. It's the "millions of Illegals voting" horseshit that he latched onto after the election to explain losing the popular vote. Which is why for me, the most delicious part of Manafort's facing criminal charges and going to jail is that he's being unapologetically treated somewhat like a normal, no-name, everyday person. Sure, even his prosecution and imprisonment reflect his privilege high-powered lawyer, probably a club Fed prison eventually, etc. Enjoy Planet Earth, fuckwad.

Occasional reminder that NPR News pushed "enhanced interrogation" for years, like the tools they are. Twitter and Facebook are some twisted shit but ok because we have got to find a reliable fact-based alternative to corporate news. They've shot the country in the leg and are doing fuck all about it. Kudos on your creeping suspicion. Not that he believes he can personally export Hispanic people. I once had the unfortunate professional acquaintance of a rich old white guy with a history of being powerful and unopposed in private business who decided one day he wanted to declare eminent domain on a large section of the city that was predominantly poor Africian-American housing, bulldoze the neighborhoods, and turn it into a private country club and golf course for him and his rich white guy buddies.

When I asked about the current residents and how he can't just take over a big block of the city, he said he had solved that: he would have the residents rounded up and bused to the other side of the state where they'd be someone else's problem. In the end this plan did not come to fruition and he tried for a white under different approaches , but I firmly believe these kinds of racists who don't have someone to tell them no believe they can simply export groups they don't like out of sight and out of mind. What the hell, he gets away with every other goddamn thing he tries, why not go for it!?

Mariel boatlift II, electric boogaloo. Aside from Deval Patrick, who spent eight of those years as governor, you mean? Part of it is that, as long as they stay in Massachusetts, credible Republican gubernatorial candidates tend to be more like Northeastern Republicans from the s - actually liberal on many issues yes, even Romney had his liberalish moments, at least until he abandoned the state after a couple years to run for president. Baker is like that, too, on most sort of classic liberal issues - he's pro-gay rights, for Romneycare, um, Obamacare, etc.

Sure, he's against sanctuary-state status and is OK with state police cooperating with ICE, and he's done his best to privatize the MBTA, but that's where the legislature comes in. How do people know these things are happening so they know when to show up? I was made aware of the Families Belong Together events via the megathread thanks, Metafilter! When I got there I saw that there were people representing from multiple groups including but not limited to our local branches of: Poor Peoples Campaign, Democratic Socialists of America, and Women's March. There were more but I can't remember what they were.

There was a lot of discussion about social media, asking people to Facebook Live from the event, asking people to bring friends to events. I've been enjoying an extended break from Facebook, and I'm mostly just a lurker on Twitter, but if this is what it takes to stay in the loop I'm willing to accept that- I've now followed all these groups on social media.

I also realized once I was there how many people appeared to be affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist church- which now that I think of it makes total sense but I'd also sort of forgotten UU existed. Now that I've made that connection, I think I'm going to try to start going to my local one occasionally, as it seems like probably a decent way to meet like-minded, organizing people and hear about events.

I would just add that, I wasn't sure what was going to be happening and whether I was supposed to get there at the beginning and stay for the whole thing. Because I'm socially awkward and didn't know anyone I didn't get there until like an hour in, only to discover later that a lot of awesome people had given some really great and motivating speeches at the beginning which luckily got recorded so I did get to see them. But next time I'll go when it actually starts.

Lastly, in this ocean of horrible media, I was pleasantly surprised to read this little tidbit in a news blurb about the event on the website of a Sinclair station, no less; emphasis mine : In a briefing Thursday, White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders again falsely claimed the decision to separate families was a law, not a Trump administration decision.

Of course Patrick was a Democrat but his election was treated as both an aberration and an inevitability to his detriment. Coakley was a milquetoast candidate at best and there's no one of merit running in this Hopeful Year of The Blue Wave Thing is, Baker might be a "Northeastern Republican" but he's a piece of shit on a million liberal issues, especially from a defunding social services and slashing the budget point of view. I dunno, I'd prepare to bake the gluten-free thing.

Manafort's gonna get a pardon, either by this regime or some future Republican regime. Good discussion on Romney and why liberal Massachusetts elects moderate Republican governors posted by Melismata at AM on June 15, [ 3 favorites ]. I'm having trouble finding anything. Government organizations". Their parent company's website is a study in blandly terrifying, if you feel like you need some more of that in your day. Seriously I had no idea how much of this "national security" stuff had already been privatized. So there's my contribution to the yarn wall for the day posted by ook at AM on June 15, [ 55 favorites ].

Also it's a no-bid contract, just as icing on the cake posted by ook at AM on June 15, [ 21 favorites ]. Michael Cohen is seeking a restraining order against Michael Avenatti to bar from speaking to the press Denied for now , along with a reminder from the judge that he meant it when he said he didn't want ex parte applications. Avenatti can respond in 10 days, and the judge will consider it from there. Trump immigration comments spark chaos in GOP He pulled this in January too , blowing up his own party's bill. It's almost as if he doesn't actually want any action taken on immigration because the current horror show he's created is suiting him just fine.

Go for it! Mass kidnap-for-ransom. What about Comey and Crooked Hillary and all of the others? Very unfair! Incoming pardon. I'm additionally wondering that since none of the people involved with the internment are presumably cleared in the usual way for working with children, how many of them even COULD have been cleared to work with children, if processed through correct channels.

What kind of background checks will be done on the temp workers they're going to have to hire as these places expand? Trump continues to make the patently false claim that the Democrats are responsible for his administration's novel decision to prosecute anyone suspected of illegal entry and thereby separate children from parents. He says he hates the policy and that all that needs to happen for its resolution is for the Democrats to call him up and make a deal.

Just as with DACA, Trump's strategy is to commit unconscionably evil acts which appeal to his base, and then to blame his political opponents in an attempt to extort their acceptance of other policies he supports, such as the absurd border wall. Hannity: " Nobody should underestimate how much Manafort did to really help get Trump to where he is right now. For folks looking to divest -- the parent company, Cubic Corporation, is publicly traded. It is a component in each the funds listed here - including a number of Vanguard funds; Vanguard is the second largest institutional shareholder after BlackRock.

Sleeping Giants is tweeting the names of other contractors as they're revealed. MVM Inc. A small respite from the horrors o the day: funder: Paul Manafort was in genuine shock when his bail was canceled and he was ordered to jail. His face apparently changed colors becoming clammy and flustered. And that sank in I think he will flip, soon. One of Australia's original sins and historical stains is the stolen generation. Too recently, the Australian government were taking Aboriginal children from their parents. We had a Prime Minister who refused to apologize for this.

It was so infuriating to me because, in my mind, it came down to this simple fucking choice: Is taking children away from their parents evil? The facilities that have been reported on are licensed childcare facilities, meaning their employees have to be cleared appropriately. These are not DHS or military facilities. They're either private or under HHS. However, a presumably the facilities that have been reported on are the absolute best examples that could be found. B they may not have been getting appropriate oversight to begin with, and that oversight may be different in character under the current administration.

C they are currently over capacity, which is a serious problem itself, and d they have recently had to hire a lot of people quickly. I want to stress that this was the absolute best example of such a facility, and still, the only good thing you can say about it is that there is no clear evidence of physical damage to the kids. The temporary facilities being made, such as the tent cities, do not have to be licensed, and they could be "temporary" for a very long time. Russia's state TV: " Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!

Not to make excuses for Vanguard, but those are index funds. The idea that Russia's invasion of Crimea was justified because of the Russian-speaking people there has been a Kremlin talking point for many years, and I have heard it repeated by a viewer of RT. He may well have been educated on this matter by Putin himself. Sometimes I think about how in a school bus with 26 children was hijacked, and how all the kids and the driver were buried in a box truck in a quarry while they were held for ransom. They were able to dig themselves out after 16 hours and the kidnappers all got life sentences.

I think about thousands of buried trucks under military guard. All I can find is this fb link. Also fb. He tried to get his staff to get him to resign, and cut his salary in half. Oh, and he ran for re-election for his seat on the Trump World Tower board literally this month, but resigned after people started pulling a "he doesn't even go here," since he no longer owns an apartment in the building. Kelly centered on the selection of Mr. Kelly offered the position to Chris Liddell, the former General Motors executive who had been overseeing a White House office aimed at long-term policy goals, senior officials said.

But Mr. Kelly had to retract the offer, they said, when it leaked and Mr. Trump changed his mind amid the coverage, including a critical editorial on The Wall Street Journal opinion page. Kelly until after he accepted the job. Totally normal staffing process. White House walks back Trump's rejection of immigration compromise , in which the White House anonymously says Trump "misunderstood the question," and he actually supports both immigration bills.

This is pathetic. Thanks for the links, greermahoney! I went on fb last night for the first time in months to share my donation to the raicestexas immigration bond fund, so my fb defenses are down anyway occupysf says union Local 2 is protesting there today at 2pm, too. Not sure if these are coordinated posted by mabelstreet at AM on June 15, [ 2 favorites ].

Not understanding how anything works? What a tough sentence to parse. So there you go, China is calling for a trade-coalition-of-the-willing against the U. John Podhoretz's magazine Commentary has put out a new issue titled "African Americans vs. American Jews" Twitter link which proves that when it comes to race-baiting, Never-trumpers really only take issue with trump because he talks bad and looks funny. I believe he's in jail because the judge doesn't believe he'll stop tampering with witnesses, not so much that he's a flight risk.

I certainly wouldn't sign the more moderate one," Trump told Fox News in a previously unannounced interview on the White House lawn. House GOP leaders have been working for weeks on legislation aimed at meeting the so-called four pillars of Trump's policy demands on any bill to provide a path to legal status to people brought to the U. House Republicans had been working with White House aides including Marc Short and Stephen Miller to ensure the president's support in the event it reached his desk. Members are particularly confused by Trump's statement because Miller offered conservatives private assurances of Trump's support during a closed-door meeting on Wednesday.

That's their law. There is no law that requires family separation.

'Swamp Man' Shelby Stanga -- Busted for Felony Botanical Violence

Bolded For Truth. This is not "stop punching yourself," it's "stop punching that baby with my fist. Under a new policy, federal border agents stationed in the middle of international bridges are turning away asylum seekers like the Berduos, telling them there is no room in U. Customs and Border Protection stations for them. Federal officials are telling asylum applicants to stop wading across the river and entering unlawfully.

Rather, they should come through an official port of entry. They're being told that either there's no room or they cannot enter the bridge. They estimate only 10 to 15 asylum seekers show up a day, and they're surprised that U. Bolded for emphasis. Casa Padre, which houses boys ages 10 to 17, has room for just 28 more children. The federal government is looking for additional places to put the surge of migrants, mostly from Central America, coming across the border seeking asylum.

And officials are considering housing young immigrants temporarily at U. On Wednesday, reporters were allowed a rare glimpse inside Casa Padre, a ,square-foot facility located on the outskirts of Brownsville across from a pizza joint and a McDonald's. The boys confined there waved, smiled and said "hola" to the group of visiting journalists; reporters were forbidden to interview the children or staffers.

The ratio is one adult counselor to eight children, to keep them in line and to watch for behavioral and emotional problems. During the carefully scripted visit , the boys were shooting baskets, kicking soccer balls, playing video games, watching a movie, sitting in classrooms where they were taught about the U. But immigrant advocates fear these children may end up staying longer in shelters like this one. That's because the federal government has begun fingerprinting family members who want to take in these children, and sharing that information with the Department of Homeland Security.

The advocates fear this will make the relatives less willing to step forward. Meanwhile, the Trump administration's policy of separating families is facing harsh criticism from members of Congress, religious leaders and pediatricians. Reunite the children with their families where? And if you want to hear more from pediatricians on this matter, here you go: Detention of Immigrant Children by Julie M. Linton, Marsha Griffin, Alan J. The conditions in which children are detained and the support services that are available to them are of great concern to pediatricians and other advocates for children.

In accordance with internationally accepted rights of the child, immigrant and refugee children should be treated with dignity and respect and should not be exposed to conditions that may harm or traumatize them. The Department of Homeland Security facilities do not meet the basic standards for the care of children in residential settings. The recommendations in this statement call for limited exposure of any child to current Department of Homeland Security facilities ie, Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities and for longitudinal evaluation of the health consequences of detention of immigrant children in the United States.

From the moment children are in the custody of the United States, they deserve health care that meets guideline-based standards, treatment that mitigates harm or traumatization, and services that support their health and well-being. This policy statement also provides specific recommendations regarding postrelease services once a child is released into communities across the country, including a coordinated system that facilitates access to a medical home and consistent access to education, child care, interpretation services, and legal services.

I'd like to believe that things have gotten better, but even if they have, this "zero tolerance" bullshit hasn't improved the situation because of imminent overcrowding, if nothing else. The products include farm equipment, cars, and agriculture. Additional products are targeted for tariffs at a future date. I've found it. I think there's only one thing that might turn Trump's base against him: being personally damaged by an economic crisis.

I suppose a trade war with China could achieve that! Like they're trying to say the things that a person of faith might say but instead it's full of bees. Because like - you can believe that without God, there is no truth or goodness or public service, but if you're in the Christian faith tradition, there is no place but hell that has no God in it , so it's kind of an irrelevant statement in that context. Like, if you're going to tell me Jan Zabinski wasn't - as a person of faith would perceive it - doing God's work or service for the public good when he hid Jews from the Nazis just because he was an avowed atheist I'm going to tell you that you need to do some hard looking at yourself.

And whenever this kind of stuff comes up I keep remembering that Pew poll which measured both people's perception of their own religiosity, and people's actual attendance at church aligned with their support of Trump. And it found that as people's actual church attendance increased, their support for Trump declined, but that people who considered themselves religious but that didn't actually join with a religious community and attend it regularly were pretty much the sweet spot for support for Trump.

And like - there are people of sincere faith out there who try their best and do good in the world. But I feel like there are also a lot of people who claim to be religious more as a way of preserving perceived white culture than as a way of actually having religion. I mean, I can never know what's in their hearts, but like - I just don't see these people actually doing good in the world even by their own lights. Where is Sessions' charity work? Who has he actually helped? What good has he tried to do in the world? If it's all bitterness and corruption all the way down, he doesn't get to blame that poison on God.

That's all him. Many American Christians have rejected this doctrine- you get into heaven by faith, not by good works. Trump still wants to pretend that he lost the popular vote due to millions of non-citizen illegal voters. It's still a thing. Even in private, even among world leaders. He can't let it go, because it is fundamental to his ego. I actually didn't grasp the first one until around this year, and that's partly because of the unacceptably high number of people given unaffordable bail, which arguably defeats the whole point.

Embarrassingly, I didn't realize that people even got the money back! I sort of figured it was a funding source of the legal system, or something and I'm sure there are jurisdictions where it somehow is , but that would be an instance of corruption. But no, it's collateral. Which makes more sense. We very often talk about jail and bail like they are punishment , when they're not supposed to be. The blurring of these distinctions also comes up in apologetics for the fresh atrocities of child kidnapping.

Because there's no cause for punishment, so prison should be out of the question. That's why keeping families together while their cases were processed worked with lots of problems before. The families still weren't going anywhere in the old system. And it's another reason that Sessions and Trump are full of such rancid evil white-hooded perfidious bullshit. Sessions is here NOT saying that believing in God grants all these things -he leaves the door open for someone to believe in God and also have no capital-T-Truth, and indeed just be all about power, ideology and advancement while loudly proclaiming a religious belief.

Sounds familiar. I was hesitant to post this because I try to take a pass on Rudy's ramblings, as they don't reflect anything other than his own delusions, but this one is pretty striking. Is he actively trying to get himself caught up in obstruction charges? Does he really have no better way to send this message than through the press?

In most cases, people without the means must buy a bail bond from a bondsman company. You never get that money back, even if you go to trial. You never get that money back. If the kids are not bargaining chips, this is pure malicious racist evil. If the kids are bargaining chips, this is pure hostage-taking evil.

How do you negotiate with people willing to abuse kids to get leverage? Which is why you can be Born Again and still be a monster but considered one of the good ones by Sessions and other American Evangelicals, but someone like Pope Francis is destined to burn for all eternity.

Donald Trump announced three years ago tomorrow. That's the line between the old and new Republican party. And someone else is going to sing or has already sung, and Rudy knows that Trump's loyalty is a fragile and brittle thing, and the only slim, tiny chance he has is that he gets a pardon before Trump and Pence get impeached. Yes that's true, and the same is true of almost all Protestant Christians in Europe and everywhere else in the world. It is a basic tenant of Calvinism, which is the foundation of most of the world's protestant religions.

However, this doesn't at all mean that Calvinists are somehow innately amoral. It's simply that the causality runs the other direction. The faith of those who are saved will be evident in their works. I really, really wish non-Christians would stop using various strawman Christianities to beat up on American evangelicals. I am not a fan of their brand of Christianity, but neither is it as stupid as many here seem to think.

There is no law that children need to be separated from their family. Every discussion of whether or not Christians believe they must obey the law at all times needs to first highlight this fact. I don't know exactly where American Christianity stepped over the line from "if you have faith, you will naturally act with love toward your fellow man," to "if you have faith, you can throw your fellow man into an open sewer and Jesus will be totally cool with it," but it'd be nice if we as a culture could get a do-over on that one. American Jews" No surprise. This is the same magazine that published Norman Podhoretz John's father 's " My Negro Problem -- and Ours " in when he was editor.

That link's behind a paywall, but here's a pdf. The title was adapted from arguments made at the time by Malcolm X and others. Podhoretz argued among other things that the solution to the problem of racism and race hatred was the erasure of African Americans and their culture through intermarriage and miscegenation. Which is really, really, really fucking racist. Podhoretz wrote an essay explaining why he wrote the thing in Without apologing.

More about the essay s and Podhoretz himself from Jeet Heer, here and here. Jews were active in the Civil Rights movement, yes. Religiously speaking, we are supposed to have a moral and ethical obligation to fight oppression and not contribute to it. Further, we're supposed to do that without asking for a fucking handout in return.

The very idea is revolting. African Americans are not "indebted" to Jews for a damned thing and it is profoundly offensive, undeniably racist and completely disgusting to say they are. It is unspeakably disgusting to say that African Americans should be supporting Israel because of the civil rights movement. Hosted by Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and other organizations. I do not know if this is a 'permittted' or 'unpermitted' event, nor if they're just going to rally, or rally and march. We have an hour long fact check now. Report the facts leave the moral condemnation to others The conservative media project in a nutshell.

And this is why bad journalism providing false balance to try to stop right-wing criticism never works: they don't want the pure factual reporting either. They want zero negative things said about them at any time. And if you spend an hour reporting facts, you're unhinged. There just aren't enough hours in the day for us to all take an hour to sort out the nonsense every time the President opens his mouth, and by the time that's over, we'll have another hour's worth of lies to deal with.

Two-thirds of highly-religious white Protestants approve of the job trump is doing in office, according to Gallup. So, you're right: not ALL white Evangelicals are stupid. Just At the risk of making a no-true-Scotsman argument: I think it is important to note that these "highly religious" people are self-professed Christians, and may not have the self-reflection necessary to gauge whether their faith may have some faults.

If funding for CHIP is any indication, with great difficulty. I really don't want to be Not All Christians but chrchr is right. Pointing out problems in doctrine is all well and good but using support for Trump or whatever to argue against the religion is no different from Trumpists ranting about 72 virgins and Sharia to justify their hatred of their Muslim neighbors.

Trump has no problem ordering pre-trial detention and separation from their parents for thousands of immigrant children for the misdemeanor of illegally entering the US. And also detaining and separating those who committed no misdemeanor and are simply seeking asylum. And now for excerpts from a soliloquy by Chuck Wendig on tone policing in the age of Trump. Fuck Trump. Try a little politeness from now on, fella. Maybe we should let the theological sidebar slide?

I know, eponysterical. And now for excerpts from a soliloquy on tone policing in the age of Trump. This goes on from the snippet posted and is very good. Report the facts leave the moral condemnation to others Another lie. Trump doesn't speak for half the country, let alone all of it. If they don't want to be tarred with the stupid, malicious, racist, asshole brush, then maybe they should stop acting like it. As a former Southern Baptist, I can attest that they've formulated a doctrine that values repentance and faith far more than acts.

I've heard preachers say at funerals, that the dead loved one's good deeds mattered not at all, but her faith would get her home. I've seen evil sons of bitches get welcomed into the arms of the church because they repented publically every Sunday. If American evangelicals want respect and kindness towards their faith, then maybe they should start spreading some around themselves. His base won't turn against him if the economy goes to shit; they'll always find a way to blame that on Obama or liberals or immigrants etc.

But if Trump truly crashes trade and the economy and if the community of decent nations boycotts and sanctions and isolates and condemns us, it will fuck things up for the serious money people who fund the GOP, and they can and will obliterate Trump posthaste However, it would also create even more suffering for many vulnerable Americans, so it's hard to advocate that, but it may be the only thing other than one too many greasy cheeseburgers that can make a difference.

Which is a fair theological point, but if I'm on the outside looking in I have no way to gauge what another religion believes other than the beliefs professed by its adherents. I'm open to the argument that the "God loves assholes if they believe " crowd is a vocal minority, but not that they don't count because they're reading the Bible wrong. The Prosperity Gospel is not Calvinism. Harrierstick at PM on June 15, [ 5 favorites ]. Cancel your subscription and then Print is the New Vinyl OR Reading the Resistance Round One on Paper Remember when we knew what someone was reading down the bar, on the bus, in the waiting room because it was on visible tangible paper instead of a blank device?

Pay for old school paper subscriptions, flaunt what you're reading and support print publications that do investigative journalism instead of clickbait Trumpism. Starter list: USA Today : Skeptical political coverage of administration talking points, matter of fact pushback editorials. Give a print subscription to your TV-yelling-news-always-on relatives. Also a great gift to your local senior center.

I have responded to congratulate Chuck on his failure to take back the Senate. No shit. Do you really think that Christians who believe in "salvation by faith" have never heard of that verse in James? Please also refer to Ephesians People have been trying to figure this out for literally hundreds of years. You can criticize Sessions and Trump-voting Christians for hypocrisy and generally being lousy Christians without digging up any particular weird Christian doctrines. This doctrine isn't why they're being horrible. More than any other paper. They employ David Fahrenthold, who won a Pulitzer for his coverage of Trump's lies about charitable donations.

GOP sources say they're working on new language. That Senator Roy Moore isn't tweeting out his support for the trafficking of thousands of girls right now is proof enough that this isn't the worst possible timeline and that some bad outcomes are still avoidable. White House press release by 'Donald J. Open border laws and policies are responsible for the permanent separation of too many American families whose loved ones have been lost to illegal alien crime.

Rather than admit that it's Trump's policy -- not any particular law -- that is leading to the detention of children, the White House is embracing some literally Orwellian nonsense in which it attempts to redefine what 'family separation' means. Stephen Miller, senior aide, helped negotiate compromise "moderate bill. Now White House saying he might? No one knows what he actually meant this morning. This is the same confusion as earlier reported, except that it's been half a day and now multiple members of congress are saying they don't know which bill -- or which set of policies -- the President actually supports.

I posted this on the tail end of the previous thread, but it's important, and I don't want it to get missed, so I'm reposting here also. I've been offline for a few days, and when I came back, I noticed that at the top of the site, there is a banner about funding shortfalls with Mefi. These political threads are killers when it comes to staff and site resources. Those of us who partake regularly in these threads, and who have available resources, now is the time to chip in.

At the risk of sounding like an NPR host, please contribute now. Give generously and often. I think we'd all be lost without Mefi, let's not find out. The top two finishers will face-off in the general this November.

Speaking of the general in November -- are we to expect a delay of 10 days for the votes to get counted then, too? Or more, as the primary vote counting is still ongoing. Cross your fingers they finish up before we vote again! Neither does the President. As soon as one of the competing bills steps up to lavish him with praise and hotel concessions, then we'll have a winner. Last i saw, Jones and eight other Democrats still hadn't signed on to Feinstein's bill, so his tweet seems to be just the equivalent of "thoughts and prayers" for victims of gun violence.

Same goes for McCain, Flake, and Collins, any two of whom would give the bill majority support if the whole Dem caucus joined, if they ever backed up their concerns with action. If we're lucky. Could be longer. Remember that on election night in people were thinking that Trump had won the popular vote narrowly as well as the electoral college and there were only a few voices in the wilderness yelling about how California counts slower than molasses and was going to deliver millions and millions of extra votes for Clinton.

In Russia, reality shapes you. Remember that on election night in As a former prosecutor he knows that one condition of release on bail is that you commit no more crimes. Talking to witnesses to shape their testimony in your favor is a crime. It doesn't require any threats at all.

California does a lot of vote by mail, and stuff just needs to be postmarked by Election Day. Thus, slow counts. Trump said from the podium with Mr. Wolf nearby, according to several attendees. If I ever do a re-watch of Seinfeld, it's going to be super weird seeing Giuliani pop up in that episode about frozen yogurt.

It would be like if Joseph Goebbels had made a guest appearance on the Jack Benny show in This is why I hate that Twitter is our only method of communication allowed now. Also, kids, get off my lawn. Oh boy, this Friday isn't going to let up even a little, is it? Right now in Nevada; someone with a gun and an armored car is blocking traffic in the middle of the Hoover Dam. One note says "Mr. President release the reports," according to a passerby.

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Harrierstick at PM on June 15, [ 31 favorites ]. You can find a lot of things in the Bible. Job: As we see in the Bible, God is in favor of making innocent people suffer for no reason whatsoever. Judgment of Solomon: As King Solomon so wisely and clearly admonishes us, babies should be taken from their mothers and cut in half. Moses in the Bulrushes: As the Bible so humanely shows, if you take a baby from its mother and float it downriver in a basket, it will work out fine.

Everybody always talks about how when Allied troops retook much of Europe, they marched Germans through concentration camps. They made the German citizenry see what their empire did. I've never really seen it said outright, but the understanding was "you are responsible for this. Even if you didn't do this yourselves, you allowed this to happen, on your own soil. If you identify as a German, and the government was doing this in Germany, then you are culpable. We look at those people and say "even if they weren't card-carrying nazis, if they allowed this to happen, then they didn't do the right thing.

They didn't stand up. We're taking children from parents, not because these parents are unfit, but because of their background. They weren't born on the right side of a border. MAYBE this policy isn't racist, but if it isn't it's really damned close. And while I don't think that the US is looking to cause genocide in this case, nor many of the horrible things the nazis did to Jews and others, I'm going to argue that taking children from parents is a form of torture, for both the children and the parents. I am the perfect example of why Democrats lose.

I always try to be reasonable. I've joined the marches, and I've canvassed, and voted when I should. I try to talk with people rather than get emotional. To a fault. I pick on the faults of people on the left more than is necessary, certainly more than people on the right criticize their own.

I try to be rational, and pragmatic. I do not want this country to become an actual, literal war zone. But maybe it's time. Maybe it's time I drew a line in the sand, or planted my flag on the hill upon which I would die. I do not want anyone to be able to say of me, "he knew what his own government was doing and he did nothing.

This isn't some faraway, fucked-up nation with a different language and different cultures, this is my home. How dare they. And how dare I not do anything in response? He's been taken into custody. Show's over. Is there a venting thread? Trump has a problem with pre-trial detention for someone who suborned perjury while out on bail and who's facing 14 felony counts To quote peak Morrissey : "It's not like any other [incarceration], This one's different, because it's us.

Fucking Fuck XI was archived earlier today, so I don't believe there is a currently active venting thread. What does he know? He ran his airline into the ground. Marble sinks were too heavy on the airframe, where every inch is scrutinized to save space and weight, so faux-marble was installed. Thick burgundy carpets made it difficult for flight attendants to move their beverage and food carts. Trump advised the attendants to push harder, Kranish and Fisher wrote.

And despite customer surveys touting on-time flights and consistent schedules as their main needs, Trump insisted on gold-plated fixtures, leather seats and chrome buckles for flights that typically took less than an hour. He wanted a T on the tail of the plane as big as possible. Wake Up Americans" guy] tried to throw a rally at the White House, but nobody showed up. Sad trombone. Manafort in nitro? A monster gerbil gone. O, joy! Called my useless slimebag Texas senators to tell them how I felt about fucking tent concentration camps for children outside El Paso.

They won't care because they are useless slimebags who are a-ok with babies in cages, but I guess it's good I called to let them know I see their evil. It doesn't feel particularly useful but it's all I've got available to me to do today. For instance , a Yemeni girl with cerebral palsy was denied a waiver until the issue came up in the Supreme Court hearing.

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo notes that the DOJ Inspector General's report didn't deal with leaks by FBI agents to Republicans, and has a video of Nunes claiming that they leaked details of Anthony Weiner's laptop to him in September , almost as soon as the agents were aware of the laptop's contents. It's clear to me that Comey's actions were partially an attempt to appease a large body of FBI agents who were virulently anti-Clinton and were unconcerned about influencing the election, at best.

When you feel like you might despair, write postcards. I prematurely hit post there. They want to elect the guy who is already the Democratic nominee for the November ballot, so he will be the incumbent in that race. When Democrats retake control, there's no looking "forward not backwards" this time. ICE agents and Republican politicians must be turned over for trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

Get your Democratic members on record now. Not just abolish ICE, war crimes tribunals. Strange at PM on June 15, [ 55 favorites ]. One thing Ds need to do if they take the House is immediately open an investigation into these leaks. Rs have gone wild subpoenaing and releasing FBI texts and emails to thwart justice. Time to do it for justice. But U. Just who the hell is the President anyway? Its actually called the "prosecution initiative. Romans 13 says nothing good or bad about any particular government action, past, present, future, or hypothetical. It says "authorities.

There is nothing in the text itself that points specifically to the authorities of the secular government. So, a good question to ask is "what authorities would Paul--the guy who has been repeatedly imprisoned by Roman leaders and will someday be executed by the emperor--what authorities is he likely thinking of, in context?

Romans 13 was never about doing whatever Caesar says. God doesn't care about Caesar. It was always about Gentile Christians being respectful of the synagogue leadership. There is no text that enjoins Christians to obey secular government, and a hundred examples in the Bible of God's people ignoring kings and rulers to do what is morally right.

Report the facts leave the moral condemnation to others Tur responded , "Where am I deviating from the facts here? This is a statement of fact. He lies. A lot. Perhaps neither side is lying. Mic drop. And this man painted himself as the answer to the middle class' anger over the foreclosure crisis. The banks could forgive my mortgage and not realize one-tenth of one percent of the loss they took on Trump this one time. Leaving him alone in D. The spokesperson clarified statements made by the president, who told reporters last week that Melania was unable to fly after undergoing surgery for her kidney.

She is still able to fly domestically. Don Jr. Holy shit. Trump is Andy Kaufman. It all makes sense now. The wrestling, the wigs. My psychiatrist has taken to giving me rosy-eyed projections about how this will end midterms! That answer doesn't seem to satisfy you. Tur responded, "Where am I deviating from the facts here? Note that his response is the weakest of weak sauce -- he doesn't cite any specific case, only vague "dispute over objective facts," and says that "perhaps neither side is lying.

They don't. Pardon for the callback to much earlier in this thread 8am today , but this is sort of my area of expertise and I feel like it needs to be addressed. Later, MysticMCJ makes some leaps of reasoning about the letter. So, a few things here, just gentle reminders for everyone. First of all, the US Department of State, despite its shitty, shitty current and recently-fired leadership, is a bastion of public service comprised of thousands of career bureaucrats who are quietly, gently still providing quality services to the citizens of the United States.

I can't say 'nothing,' but I can say that not much has changed in that regard. The letter in question is not exceptional. In the course of my job I've seen a bunch of different letters rejecting applications and requesting further documentation, and while I haven't seen one that references a shady Records Clerk as reason for making that request before, it is not out of the ordinary. California issues two different birth records, a "long-form" Certificate of Live Birth and an Abstract of Birth. Technically, both documents meet the State Dept's requirements for proof of citizenship when applying for a passport, but the latter has been specifically disallowed due to—I believe—a ton of those blank records being stolen from the state decades ago.

So hinky shit gets in the way all the time of accurate local-level records-keeping, and the Dept of State does a pretty good job keeping those issues straight and gives appropriate responses when they come to bear on the application process. Now, MysticMCJ noticed that they provide a list of various documentation an applicant can provide to supplement whatever proofs they submitted initially with the application. Further down the list there's a 'Family Bible' because apparently that's a thing! These are all things that families have traditionally generated as, well, public or private records of their lives in the USA.

Jumping to the conclusion that we're living in a theocracy because the Department of State accepts various traditional family records as secondary proofs of citizenship is the wrong reaction. Personally, I think it's cool that our federal bureaucracy has published and makes available so many avenues for providing proof of citizenship, as they attempt to cover the vast breadth of experiences US Citizens live in their early lives. Were you born in a hospital? What about in a hot tub this was apparently a thing while my mother was pregnant with me? Delivered by a doctor or a midwife or a stranger?

Born in a barn?

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In a cab? Were you born to parents who didn't or couldn't navigate the bureaucratic maze that is local records departments? Were you born abroad and then moved here as an infant and received citizenship through your parents when they were naturalized? Did they get you a passport right away? Did they get a Certificate of Citizenship for you at the same time they got their Naturalization Certificates? All of these variances have to be accounted for when verifying Citizenship for the purpose of obtaining a US Passport, and I think the real people working at the Department of State do a pretty good job of providing possible avenues for proof of citizenship to those who were born under non-standard circumstances.

TL;DR: everything is terrible, but that's no reason to jump to conclusions about a federal bureaucracy that is still managing to function under downright unAmerican leadership. Now I scroll back up and finish reading about Manafort in jail! And whatever other fresh hells have been uncovered in the six hours since, oof.

Here is the government's official declaration to Judge Kimba Wood. Apparently, they reassembled everything in the shredder, have cracked one of two Blackberries and are still working on the other. The FBI has now obtained this material. There are approximately pages of messages, including call logs, which were also produced today. But the password for his older Blackberry wasn't on the list. No wonder he's thinking about flipping.

The thing is - maybe now more than in previous point in US history - the future is unpredictable. I think back to when a commenter here - a person I believe to be a perceptive analyst of US politics - stated firmly that Mueller would be fired in the next few days, no question whatsoever. That was maybe six months ago. Things may go truly full out fascist. Things may move back to normal. Things may do something we haven't even thought of yet. I don't know that this helps any, just if you can don't pre-catastrophize. Spread it around like a lice outbreak at a pre-k.

It would probably be bad for even an average, not-especially-sleazy, attorney. But one who is hip-deep in the Swamp? I understand the comparison, but obviously we would be MUCH better off if this were the case. Trump is just another loser real-estate asshole from Queens. Take comfort in the fact that the Courts have given zero credibility to Trump and his proxy's arguments in actual court proceedings. And you know that whole pardoning thing?

Think of her Trump Foundation filings as her warm-up swings These kind of statements are always lacking in particular details that pique my curiosity. When the FBI extracts data off of a phone, they make copies of the phones' filesystems, then analyze it with software, etc. They would have had all of the "content" on the phone even if they couldn't access the content, they had possession of it. They then go on to say that they simply "obtained" the material. This statement makes me think they got the messages from somewhere that's specifically not the phone itself.

It also makes me think that the FBI is pointing out that they can get the WhatsApp and Signal conversations with or without cooperation of those they are targeting, and with or without the physical phone. This one much different from the former Walmart jacobsoboroff showed us earlier this week. And get 2 phone calls to family a week. The first thing we were shown is this bell that is supposed to give kids hope This will be the sound of hope. So one of the staff members giving the tour rang the bell At this facility, there are 63 kids, all males and most from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

We saw them playing soccer in a caged field with nets. We were told the fencing was because soccer balls kept getting kicked off property. The kids wake up at am.

BookTubes Most Anticipated Releases of 2018 - BookTube Collab

Breakfast at 7am. Schooling until 2pm. Clinical work until 3pm Vocational, large muscle and recreational leisure structured by different blocks afterward. They have movie nights, special events, can play soccer The staff says they have even hosted a prom where these immigrant children —- who are being held in a fenced and locked facility—- are allowed to dress up and socialize with girls who are also in the custody of HHS.

At this facility in El Cajon, brothers and sisters are allowed to see each other once a week. At this facility- staff says the average minor stays 47 days The HHS average stay is Right now there are 11, minors being held in over shelters like this across the country. And these are the two that have allowed press. So lets look at all of those venues - all of this is well and good if possessing one of them can be an definitive proof of citizenship, but so few of the are, that this could so very easily be turned into requiring so many avenues of proof of citizenship.

I mean it's cool if that's an additional method you can use, but it still stands out as weird to list that as the very first thing. The problem with something "weird" like this is that something that may come across as a bureaucratic oddity in a benevolent administration can unfortunately take on an entirely different context under, say, a white supremacist fascist president.

So maybe this is how it always has been, but we should be damned wary of it now, and look towards how comfortable we are with this long term. Seriously - I have zero other ways of actually proving that I was born here as opposed to having merely lived here for years, as I don't have a clue what hospital I was born in, and I don't have living or reliable parents that I can ask the bulk of the questions surrounding the circumstances of my birth. See you soon. Best regards, Angelina 5th email: Hi, I never knew you were out of town.

My dad is currently on a business trip out of town and the money is meant for deposit and also for my traveling expenses coming over. If you send funds via bank transfer, i won't receive the money before working days and i might loose my flight which i'm trying to avoid. I am so confused as i don't know what to do at the moment because i assured my agent already that he will receive funds this weekend so fast arrangement can be made for me. I just searched online using this address address removed for the closest western union outlet around where you can send the money on Sunday.

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Only difference is the email address. It was brendasteve gmail. Here are the pictures you have asked for as well. Any thing else i can help with just let me know. I want you to give me your assurance that the car has not been in any crash, everything runs well though you need to understand that i do not have anyone to view the car for me.

So i ask you take the ad off gumtree because i'm ready to make payment for the car. Seller wrote: NO car has never been in a crash and everything does run very well. Im in Adelaide not Darwin! When are you looking at coming back? How do you intend to pay for it? How do i know this is not a scam? From: Terrific Wicketer With due respect, i do not appreciate those words you say to me. How do you mean Scam? I have come to buy your car in good faith and it is so embarrassing if you can have doubts for me because i have explained why i needed this car and i expect you to understand better.

Please send me your bank details as i'm ready to transfer the payment for the car to your account in full. Kind Regards, Steve. Seller wrote: I'm sorry i did not mean to up-set you. But there have been reports of people getting there accounts emptied by people who ask for there bank details to transfer moneys into from Gumtree. From different countries. That was the reason for me asking. The car has been great to me but i can't guarantee you will have no issues driving it back to Darwin although i'm quite sure you won't You understand that i live in Adelaide When are you looking at picking up the car If you are certian that you would still like to purchase the car i will send you my bank details.

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I have also contacted my courier who will come for pick up and deliver it to my place in Darwin after the whole fund has been cleared into your account. Here are some important information about the apartment. City views, White ware provided Utilities are included which is power and water, Phone and internet you can choose your own provider or Freedom internet can be found in the building for a small additional cost per month.

Includes free use of the Gym and for your safety there are night time Security officers and an onsite Building Manager. Attached are some pics of how my apartment looks like. Kindly let me know if you will be interested in renting my apartment so that we can proceed further. I am a Researcher with Botany Downs. So i do research, I live in United Kingdom presently but that won't deprive me for letting my house to you, I have a job to finish here with my company and that's why I have moved with my family. I have a 2 years contract with my company and a very good chance of an extension and I have already make all the necessary arrangement for the documents and the payment if i see anybody that is really very serious of renting and in which I would give you reference number to the DHL office, here you would get the keys to my apartment, because without the reference number, nobody can get the keys except someone i give it to and I would be called to confirm first.

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Am willing to rent out the apartment for Long and Short term lease its all depending on how you are willing to stay in my apartment and you will need to sign a lease which will be prepared by my lawyer. Before i proceed further with the contract i will like to make this clear to you that you really have luck in renting my apartment You can deposit for the apartment now and get the keys so when you move out of your current place you can just move in.

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As it happens I did meet a man who ticked a lot of the boxes, he was attractive, articulate, charming and very attentive he would email me nearly every day. This went on for a few months with him telling me of his plans to purchase property in Wellington as he was planning to move to New Zealand.

He was very convincing and made plans to come to New Zealand for a holiday, to spend time getting to know me, going as far as to send me his itinerary. However; one week out from this seemingly perfect holiday I received a phone call from him stating that he was in a remote part of Sri Lanka without internet coverage and he was seeking my assistance to transfer funds from his international bank account to one of his "sub contractors" account.

He talked me through the process step by step, I got so far was unable to complete the transaction. After a number of failed attempts I was locked out. Things became complicated and after a number of phone calls to his bank he asked me if I could transfer money from my bank to cover. I was very nervous and told him I would need time to sort something out. I contacted a financial adviser, who informed Internal Affairs immediately. Someone contacted me directly and we became to unravel some of the intricate lies that this relationship was built on. I felt extremely upset, embarrassed, foolish and heartbroken.

I trusted this person, even though I was sceptical about joining a dating website. I had done a lot of research into some of the pitfalls of internet dating. In light of this I still put myself out there in the hope that I may meet someone special. Today I received notification that this man has popped up again on the dating website, but he is under a different profile. I know it's him, the name is similar, and he is using the same photo. I contacted Be2 to let them know and they were appreciative of the information as they review their system on a daily basis and remove any scam profiles.

I do not want this man to hurt anyone else. Please read this story and pass it on.


View a screenshot of the scammer. From: Ayo Simon: ayosimon64 yahoo. I am a year-old graduate from England. My hobbies hiking, Scuba diving and reading. I am also a very clean person that loves cleaning but not a neat freak, but i would make sure at all times the house is in a good shape. I have been told I am friendly and easy to get along with. I don't do drugs nor smoke, drinks on social basis and more in between an introvert and extrovert.

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Best regards, Ayo At this point I realised this was a scam and ceased contact. Reminder, scams involving hi-jacked Facebook accounts are continuing to be reported. Similar messages to the ones below may be sent to you from one of your known contacts. They supported me and my whanau in paying my bills, helping me to plan my future. They make sure my credit record is good, Home And Family Support are really doing great job now for people.

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God bless you as you consent to work with my team in honesty. Let me know if we can work together. I have strong plans to compensate your assistance. Warm regards. Mr Melony. We do not have access to phone at the momes 15days off and 15days on and that's why I contacted you with internet messaging facility.

Regarding the payment,i will be paying you through PayPal,please get back to me with your paypal details so i can process the payment,you can alternatively send your bsb and acct number if you have no PayPal acct. Await your reply Ransom-ware directed at NZ recipients through pop-up windows on web browsers The Department has continued to receive reports of ransom-ware being directed at NZ recipients through a pop-up window on web browsers.

If you have received such a message you need to have your machine checked and cleaned by a qualified technician. Beware of viewing un-trusted websites as this is the most common cause of the malware. View a screenshot example of the scam. I did not pursue the matter. The listing is believed to be scam and any similar conversations should be treated as suspicious and reported. I want to use a third party to handle this for us and I hope it's ok for you, too.

I want to use the ParcelForce Company. They are a well known company all over the world. So, I went to their office in Edinburgh and I told them that I want to rent my apartment and they told me that they have a new service i can use. So, here is how it goes: I start over the process with ParcelForce here in Edinburgh and I leave the keys and a copy of the contract at ParcelForce. Then they'll e-mail you all the information you need to continue the transaction at your end. Then you look around the apartment and decide whether take it or not.

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As I said pets are allowed. Building has maintenance-included in the rent. I have to tell you that I am in Edinburgh, UK I am here with a job contract for 5 years, I am in my first year now, I come to Auckland every 6 months for 3 or 4 days and if you rent the apartment i will stay to a hotel.

We are both working professionals, with excellent references. We would prefer the apartment furnished if possible. Please advise if and when we can view. I am the owner of the apartment So, the entire apartment could be yours :. The apartment is fully furnished, could be rented unfurnished too-same price if unfurnished, all the utilities are included water, garbage, electricity, heat.. Pets are allowed. Apartment Address Hobson Street Auckland Central, Photos here real and actual pictures :[link removed] what exactly are you looking for and which are your requirements?

The initial message they send is: "Kia Ora, willing to share this with you. They supported my family and i in paying my bills, helping me to plan my future. They made sure my credit record is good, Family financial Support are really doing a great job now for people. You can give it a shot email them on new year support live com to enroll. Say To Whom It May Concern tell them your full names and ask if you can get financial support for your self and your family. I was provided with detailed information about the puppy — its breed, name, gender, what registration it holds and so forth.

Paypal scam Dear [name removed] We are contacting you regarding your Transaction with Jason Knight, We are looking forward to receiving the Western Union receipt from you, and you are required to send the Western Union information to us within the next 24 Hours or Legal Action will be taken against you. You can contact us if you have any question s. Williams, The PayPal Team. You sound nice and i can't wait to meet you in person any longer. Everything seem fine with me but i would prefer paying 2 weeks rent directly to you prior my arrival to secure the place and then i will balance up after my arrival, because my dad would make payment and he wants to ensure that proper arrangement is made now.

I intend taking MBA after my arrival. I am glad to hear that you could come pick me up at the airport, that's so nice of you. As regards payment, a wire transfer into your bank account would work out perfect cause it's easier and more reliable. Kindly get back to me with your bank account info to enable my dad make payment immediately, including your cell phone number so i could always contact you. I have just read through the ad and would like some more information personally from you to verify the information from the website and also to confirm your exact rental rate.

I have been told I am friendly and can get along with any one. I am also tidy, I don't do drugs nor smoke, drinks on social basis and more in between an introvert and extrovert. Let me know the bills per month and also the method of payment you would prefer. Warm Regards, Ayo We received several online trading scams through Auto Trader from a scammer using the email address below: From: thomas hotmail com Hello! Thanks so much for your prompt response concerning the purchase of the car i am really interested in buying the car , is there any additional information i need to know about the car?

What is the final or actual price which you will like to sell it for me? Best Regards, Thomas I am selling my car on Gumtree and like so many others, I was contacted by a scammer: On 8 Apr , I wrote: Good Morning Yes the Monaro is still available at this time. I am fairly firm on the asking price at this stage but would consider offers once the car has been viewed.

We do not have access to phone at the moment,its 21days off and 10days on,which is why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. Where is it located at the moment? Does it have any history I should be aware of? Please I am buying it for my son who just graduated ontop of his class in Australia national university ANU. I want it as a surprise package to appreciate him towards his achievement and to be delivered before my arrival NT as my family lives in NT presently. I am already in talks with the courier that will handle the pick-up and delivery after have sorted with the payment..

As regards the payment, I can pay you through direct bank deposit,using ppal instant bank wire transfer service as i have my N. B account attached to my ppal account, I will need your bank details. If you are not comfortable with that, you can set up a paypal account proper at paypal com au and I will make the payment through paypal, this way, all I will need is your paypal email address.

Regards, Sandra Crisell. I am reluctantly selling my pride and joy to down size to a smaller car. I am not aware of any mechanical problems with the car. The car is currently due for its km service. Since the car is going to the NT it will have to go over the inspection pits before transferring the licence. We could if required deliver the car to a Perth courier address. The number plate is a personal number plate and I will be taking them off the car and replacing them with WA Plates.

Happy to inform you that i will transfer the fund into your account soon. Please am trying to sort out with the pick up agent though am having little problem with them now but hope to sort it out soon. You are not obliged to help me, but i will indeed appreciate your help as I am a little incapacitated here. Would you like me to get quotes for road transport for you? Otherwise I have no problem helping you with the Western Union transfer. On Tue, Apr 9, I wrote: I have reported this email address to the authorities. Good morning, a person is advertising a free Maltese Puppy on the website hikiwi.

1. In the Beginning

My sister and I both responded to the advert and received the attached email responses. My husband had his suspicions and sent them an email asking them to send the puppy to his work address also attached. View the advertisment. She needs a good home now and for ever. We are just too busy that we cant care for her can you imagine that since we relocated here we cant spend more than three hours with her a day?

Our apartment here does not accept pets and animals so I cannot keep her, with me as it is highly restricted in my apartment. That's, she is always lonely. Will you accept delivery to your location? Where about are you located? Why do you want her? How soon do you want her? Do you have any experience in raising Maltese puppies or pets in general? Do you presently have kids and other pets? Are you morally and financially prepared for her? Who will look after the puppy when you are not around? Will you accept to update and send me photos as soon as the puppy arrive you? Can you also promise that you will take good care of her?

Some photos of her are attached to the mail so if all is well understood you may like and willing to ask any question i am there for you ok so get back so that i can know what we can proceed. Thanks Zita View one of the photos that has been used in 6 other Maltese puppy scams around the world. Thanks for the reply. I must say i am impress reading from you. As i told you in my previous mail , All i need for Gina is the assurance and guarantee that you will take good care of her and you have made me to know that your home will be the best home for her. All i want is a home where Gina will be well spoiled with all her needs and where she will be loved just the same way we loved her, You have just proven to me beyond any dought that you can take good care of her.

Gina will have to be transported over to you. Gina will be transported and delivered directly to your home. Please you must keep to your promise that you will always take good care of Gina and treat her like your child , i am sure you will do just that. So all i have to do now is that i get Gina registered and delivered to you , i will need your full delivery information which is as folow Full names?

House address? Phone number? Nearest airport to your location? With this information i will get Gina registered and transported to your home. So i will be waiting to read from you with the information so that i can proceed with the transportation arrangements. Thanks Best Regards. Zita Sent: Thursday, 4 April a. To: 'zita. We fully understand how difficult it would be to make this decision. You can be reassured Gina will be adored and loved with us, and regular updates can be provided if you wish.

Please understand for security reasons we never give our personal, contact or address details in this format , but I can provide my work address and contact number, where I will accept Gina if the Transport company will not allow me to collect her from the airport If you can register Gina and provide me a reference number with the Transport companies details I can arrange payment asap I look forward to hearing back from you Kind regards John Thomas Preston, who has already been identified as scamming, is still advertising using the Gumtree website. Thomas Preston And then: Thank you for your reply.

If you wish to proceed with renting the apartment please provide me your full name and Address so I can initiate the process through the rental company right away, and of course please make sure that you have the deposit payment ready. We are selling our car on Gumtree and have been contacted by a scammer who has been active before: From: Me Hi Paul Which car are u referring to as I have 2 ads on gumtree.

We do not have access to phone at the moment,its 15days off and 15days on and that's why I contacted you with internet messaging facility. Await your reply. From: paul datford mazda From: Me HI Paul Currently we have a personalised number plate which we will be retaining but you can apply for a temporary unregistered vehicle permit which enables you to drive interstate until you register it in your homestate.

If this is satisfactory we will organise the paperwork for the transfer of the car and supply you with our bank account details. Cheers From: paul datford i would have come to see it in person but due to the nature of my work. Get back to me with your bsb,account name and number so that i can proceed with the payment asap as i will like it delivered to my place before my arrival. The caravan is currently located in Auckland and is ready for delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

The caravan has been highly maintained and has absolutely no problem. Also a 10 days refund policy will be included so if you don't like the caravan, it will be delivered back on my expense and you will receive a full refund in 48 hours. I have two more persons interested in buying the caravan so please send me your full name, address and your phone number if you are ready to buy it. I look forward to your soonest reply. Regards, David Hi. We received this email about a vehicle we have advertised on trademe.

I thought it was too good to be true so fortunately before sending any bank account details and by googling the email address this web site came up with it as a scam. The only other piece of information we can offer is the mobile phone number that this enquiry apparently originated from is: The original txt message was: "i will like to buy your item listed for sale on trademe, pls get back to me now with the lowest price and condition on my email address: rebecakingsley gmail.

Best if you are able to come to Shirley in Christchurch to view the motor home? Regards From: Rebeca Kingsley Thanks for the detailed explanation ,although have check the photos on the add and am satisfied with it. Am really satisfied and i also appreciate your honesty about the condition of the motor home as that is what i really need most as wont be able to come for inspection as am onboard , just want to buy the motor home for my holiday, please the fund is ready and available in my account so am ready to transfer the fund as soon as you get back to me with your payment details.

The previous owners did tour the South Island in it. I purchased it in Tauranga and drove it down to Christchurch May I lived in it on a caravan park for about 4 months when I came down to help with the rebuild of Christchurch. Since then it has been used infrequently for contactors to stay in when we were very busy. It is an older model and not the most powerful of engines, but has many extra features that others do not have.

When would you be looking to purchase it? I will arrange for pick up after you receive the money in your account. I would appreciate if you email me with more pictures if available too since i won't be able to see this in person,what's the Bank details to send funds to in order for me to pay you ASAP.

Thanks I currently have listed a Motorbike on the TradeMe website. I then replied with the email as per below and their reply followed. On Sat, Mar 30, I wrote: Hi the lowest i will go will be , bike is in good condition has got new white plastics, the only rough bit on the bike is the hand guard ends, bike has been looked after and has never been on the dirt only at motard events, forgot to mention also has got a slipper clutch in it, engine has allways had mobil 1 oil in it, tyres that are on it are still like new only done 1 meeting on them, and pretty sure ive got a 2nd set there aswell.

I am a petroleum engineer on a rig offshore and do not have much time on me. Make sure you get back to me so that i can arrange for pick up as i will like the item to be picked,so no shipping included. I await your reply I am looking for a property to rent in Auckland and found something on oxl and received two lots of emails. One from the guy who was renting out his house and another from the 'real estate' dealing with him.

They've even gone to the extent of creating a fake website for their real estate company. I have one son and another one on the way. Was wondering if I were able to apply for this one? Sorry just a bit confused. It was my mistake about the rent, the apartment was also listed on another website at per week.

So to make it easier I will ask 1, per month. Just want to make sure of everything before I advance any further. Rent Inc. You received this email because you applied for a rental contract with Landlord Thomas Preston. The property owner left the keys and contract into Rent Inc custody and will remain in Rent Inc custody until the tenant provides the deposit payment information to Rent Inc. Once the funds are verified by Rent Inc, the keys and rental contract will be sent to the tenant. First: you should locate and find the closest Western Union office to your home address.

You have to e-mail us the following details from the payment receipt: - MTCN - 10 digits number from the payment receipt - Sender Name and Address - Receiver Name - Amount sent Fourth: The e-mail with the payment details should be as specific as possible, to allow us to verify that the payment has been made.

Once the funds are verified by Rent Inc, the keys and rental contract will be sent to your current address. Please send us the payment information to: rent mail-central. To ask for a refund, simply reply to this notification and enter in the subject line: Refund request for transaction number: 58XX Sincerely, Rent Inc.

This all doesn't seem right and I'd rather meet with an agent or have a contract sent first as this seems like a scam. Sorry if I'm wrong but having a son and another one on the way I'm not willing to lose out on that kind of money. They said that they sent you a notification with all the information you need to continue with the rental process, please let me know if you did received it.

The deposit must be confirmed in no more then 48 hours or the application will expire. I have to give you a tip about the payment. You were requested to make a transfer with Western Union. With this company you can send money to friends, family, and also pay your bills and rent, I suggest that when you make the transfer, you tell them that you are sending the money for a friend or relative. I hope this will help you save some money. Anyway you don't have to worry about this because you will be fully refunded in case you don't want to rent the apartment and also this is just for deposit, the monthly rent will be paid directly to my account no charges.

I look forward to receive news from you and from the rental company so you can move in the apartment as soon. Thank you! I know what Western Union is and making payments through them is untraceable. Hi below is an email chain relating to a share advertised on trademe and responded to by emailer obviously wanting money for money transfer. Obviously a scam. I am at present preparing a folder with as much information as possible on the build process and how this is managed.

I should be able to email this to you soon and am waiting on the final contract regarding the shared ownership agreement for the boat. Meanwhile there is a lot of information regarding the boat and its pedigree on the Australian fusion site. Thanks for your enquiry Rebecca and I look forward to hearing from again. Am really satisfied and i also appreciate your honesty about the condition of the boat as that is what i really need most as wont be able to come for inspection as am onboard , just want to buy the boat for my holiday, please the fund is ready and available in my account so am ready to transfer the fund as soon as you get back to me with your payment details.

What I will require is the name in which you want the ownership share of the boat in. I mean will it be your name? I also need a physical address for this registration as the boat will also be registered with a "NZL" number which is like a car registration number so that it adds extra security and identification for your protection, insurance etc. I will sort out the bank details and send through to you soon. Will have a link up and running soon to the website which will show up to date progress so it is easy to follow.

The share ownership document is being set up and copies will be sent to you soon. Share registration docs are all sorted for you. I will email you and let you know and please i will need you to help me send the money to my pick up agent Headquarters in USA through western union money transfer,this can be done at any western union section at the post office,there is always western union money transfer section in most post offices.

I presume. Would your trading bank not do this for a smaller sum perhaps. There is no physical collection of any goods at this end obviously. Just paperwork that will be emailed or couriered. We havent had any issues with the transfer of funds form Australian banks as they own ours mostly anyway. No worries, keep me posted.

I expected paypal to have notified you to this effect. PayPal let me understand that they will not release the fund until you email them the western union details for verification as they made me understand that they are doing it for security reasons,and also to enable my pick up agent to come for pick up. Here is the agent's details where the money will be sent. Please get back to Paypal once it done. View the scam money transfer. I met this guy on internet. Badoo chat site. He pretend he was inlove with me and then promise to send me a package with all kind of gifts.

His from Ireland. Named Erick Evan Albert if that is his real name. He even email me a invoice of the stuff he send me. Invoice was from Diplomatic Expressdelivery. It looks so original with all the stuff printed on the invoice and a Ghana stamp on. On the invoice was a email adress which i email and verify if there was a package on its way for me which they reply on with confirmation that its on its way.

I google Diplomatic Expressdelivery and read of people that also got packages the same way but it never reach them because they receive then a email that their package was put on hold in Malaysia and they must pay a certain amount of money to release it. Same happen to me now. I must pay R,but i told them and my internet contact i will send the money on Wednesday. He also called me from this nr. I must still get there details to pay the money into. I also send the invoice he send me and pictures of him. View the invoice and images used. I received a txt message saying to contact this person via email with car details.

At first I thought this was genuine until I received a reply. Please see below. The car is in pretty good condition. The paint has faded a bit due to being red. My dad is a mechanic so the vehicle has been serviced regularly and he also re built the motor about 1. It's been in our family for about 10 years and I have never had any problems with it. Very reliable. I will consider any offers. On Mon, Mar 25, at , hamiltongarner50 gmail. Regarding the payment,i will be paying you through PayPal,please get back to me with your paypal details so i can process the payment,you can alternatively send your bsb and account number if you have no PayPal account.

On Fri, Mar 15, I wrote: Hi Paul, Sorry due too the amount of scams, I will only accept cash or a bank cheque on pick up of vehicle. Trying to sell my motorbike on gumtree I got a text msg from Walter Scot saying he was interested in my bike could I email a price n condition. I did. He said he buy it and asked for PayPal or bank account. I gave him by bank details.

Then he said he needed me to deposit the funds for the delivery via post office. Sounded odd by this stage so I Googled it and discoverd it was a scam. It has some surface rust because I use to live near the beach but apart from that I've never had a problem with it. Please tell others it's sold and remove the advert as i will like it delivered to my before my arrival in couple of days.

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I will appreciate your help here and thanks for your understanding. I have a vacation home in Spain and was contacted by a scammer implying he was from New Zealand Hello, I am interested in renting your location for my family 1week starting from May 18th to 25th for 7nights.

Kindly reserved that particular week for us and if the week is already booked then we are still flexible with our vacation dates and give me another weeks that is available OK. What is the total rent price for 1week? Kindly get back to me with your price for renting so i confirm my rent dates booked. I wait your urgent reply back to my email today.

Regards, M. Our house is free from the 18th til the 25th May and the rent is euros for the week. Once we receive your deposit, we shall send you a form of details about the rental. Many thanks for your message. Have a pleasant day, Jane Doe Hello Jane Doe, After much discussion with my wife regarding our renting dates in your property, we likes your property very much and make sure you reserved those dates for us starting from May 18th to 25th for 1week. I will be coming home to my house in Madrid City few days before our vacation dates.

I am okay with the price of your renting and needs to confirm my booking renting immediately. My Financial director in your country to send cash inform of Cheque payment to your address to cover our renting expenses due to my present location. Our vacation cheque is more higher than your renting amount which means we are using the money on the cheque for both our renting and remaining balance for our flights expenses to your property from Madrid. Our Travel agent will be taken care of the flight tickets arrangement to your property. After cashing the Cheque and cleared in the bank in few days, then deduct your renting money and help us to transfer the remaining balance to our Travel agent via transfer or Western union who will be arranging our flight tickets to your property.

You will first confirm payment cash in the bank and your account will be credited, after then book my renting dates for my family vacation stay. The funds will be issue through our Company Financial department in your country to your address via register mail delivery in few days.

Please kindly get back to me on time with your Name and Postal Address for quick Cheque payment delivery as i need to confirm my vacation fixed up before is too late today. I was selling my motorbike online and I got a text asking if it was still available From: Me To: sarah live. From: Mrs Tornqvist Sarah Martina sarah live. I will be paying directly through Bank to Bank transfer or via PayPal. I'm currently working overseas in the Mining Outskirts of Bosnia with my Company euro max resources so I wont be able to come and do things personally,But I'll make sure that all costs will be fully covered by me and I will arrange for the pick up and document changes.

I have a Courier agent that handles this all the time. I'll add the 4. If you could just send me a paypal payment invoice or create an account at www paypal com if you don't already have one. I will make a confirmed pick up arrangement with my Courier shipping agent who will be coming over for pick up once you receive full payment into your Bank account or your PayPal account.

Excited to be dealing with you. Have a look at the emails from 'PayPal' and learn from my mistake View the communications. Mrs Tornqvist Sarah Martina t. To: jane doe Hello, Thanks for getting back to me, I am happy with the condition and the price. I'm currently working overseas in the Mining Outskirts of Bosnia with my Company euro max resources so I wont be able to come and do things personally, But I'll make sure that all costs will be fully covered by me and I will arrange for the pick up and document changes.

This morning I received a suspicious message in my Facebook Inbox. I have copied and pasted the conversation below; Known Contact Kia Ora how are you doing? You can give it a shot email them on familyhelp unitednations-familysupport. Jane Doe Kia Ora Thank you for that information, can you please send me some proof of this, maybe a link from the UN website and some official documents.

Also why have you chosen me to share this information with? Known Contact this is so real and good i got this fund support from them already and that is why i have come on here to share this see their website unitednations-familysupport org am sure this will help you alot in making your decision Jane Doe Why are you trying to scam people for?

Known Contact what do you mean?? After her last message I was blocked from being able to see her account, but it is still active Hello I received a buyer email for my daughters car and it sounded too good to be true. Buying the car unsighted and going to Darwin.

We also received a SMS on my husbands mobile phone from him to email him and we did. His number was I also want to tell you that it has electric windows, a new electric fuel pump, a new battery and starter motor. Please contact us if you are still interested or not. I am selling my car on Trade Me and got a txt from a scammer which was then followed by emails: From: John To: jws84 xtra. Due to the distance I have decided to arrange the pick-up of the vehicle with a Private Courier Service after the payment for the car has been sorted with you, If this is okay with you, I am ready to make a full payment into your bank account once you're ready.

Here is the courier details which you're required to send the money to, Vincent Hudson 3 Jalan Desa Kepong Kuala Lumpur Malaysia More details about the payment should be on the emails you will receive, please read the emails carefully and understand the procedure if there is any, I would like to you give the address which you would like the car to be collected. A Pleasure Meeting You. Joshua Speak. This is just too dodgy. My husband received a txt yesterday from cellphone number in regards to an advert we are running on trademe selling our motorhome asking us to contact them via email with more information, which we did, this morning we received the email below which anyone can see is a hoax.

From: Jane Doe To: sarah live. Yes the motorhome is still for sale we are open to all reasonable offers. I was selling a car on Trademe last week. A guy sent me an Email saying he is from UK and was interested in buying my car. The buyer then told me that he cannot make the payment to his shipping company in UK, so I need to do his a favour to pay the fee. When they asked me to pay for the shipping insurance fees again to James Adele, I felt there was something not right.

View the PayPal assurance and guarantee email. Feel free to make an appointment at this week to view it. If any enquiries, please let me know. Thanks so much for your prompt response concerning the purchase of the car am really interested in buying the car, is there any additional information i need to know about the car? Also, I did a full car service, inc. By the way, to maintain a good condition of the engine, I recommend you to use premium petrol. Hopefully I answered all your questions.

I will be adding the 3. So i will be paying directly into your PayPal account without any delay, and i hope you have a PayPal account. If you have one already, just send me the address to send it to, which is the email address you use for it or you can send me a PayPal money request, so once i receive the details i will go ahead with the payment through PayPal and then i will contact my shipping company after you get the payment. I will need your home address for the merchandise to be Picked Up by the Shipping Company.

I want you to know that i have made an arrangement with the courier company coming to pick up the merchandise and i signed a note of authorization with them so their courier representative can sign for the necessary documentation on my behalf. So concerning the issue of the documentations of the car and the signing, I want you to know that an arrangement has been made with a courier company to pick up the merchandise and the representative coming will bring along the copy of my identification for you to have full data to make the change of ownership and the representative will be the signatory to the documents as I have signed a note of authorization with his company I await your mail.

If you are ready to pay me now, I can register an account in PayPal for this purchase tonight, and hopefully we can sort the payment out by tomorrow. By that time, we can then discuss how to sort all the relevant documentations out with your representative. Does it sound all right to you? Sorry, I am pretty new to this process. I hope you wont mind to get an account with PayPal.

Its reliable and easy to use PayPal,all you need to do is visit www paypal com and register with them. When you are done with the registration send me the email used for the registration with PayPal so i can pay in. Await your response.. I will get it sorted ASAP and let you know then.

To take it easy, can you ask anyone you trust e. What I prefer doing is you ensure everything is acceptable before shipping to UK and pay me directly to my ASB bank account which I can provide you later. If you still keen, please let me know. I am really sorry. I just want to easily sell it and get money straight away. Your purchase is really screwing me up and there is too many uncertainties.

If you can, please cancel the transaction. Again, I am really sorry about this. To: John Doe Subject: RE: selling on Trademe Hello, I want you to know that this is very easy to understand not the matter of underage once you are old enough to cash out your money from the paypal. What is there is that paypal has approved the payment and it has been removed from my account and it is on pending to your account due to the condition that the transport company gave to me that they will need to confirmed there transport charges to pick the auto up from your home.

I should have made the transfer through western union myself but i am not with my credit card to transfer the money to them online and there is no way i can do that here on sea cause i am sailing right now. So about your own money,it has been confirmed but i need you to help me transfer the charges to the transport company first in U. K through western union so that is the reason i made the additional payment to your account and i include the charges the western union you charge you and once you have get the money transfer and my bank has confirmed that, they will get your account credited immediately.

So i will wait to read back from you soonest. I found an ad on the Gumtree website about a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Auckland.