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Do you have the world's shortest layover in London- but cling to big travel dreams?

But then chickened out. In a place like London, I think I would be brave enough to give it ago, especially with suggestions like these :. Thanks Alli! I can imagine that Japan has a lot of cities that would be intimidating to navigate in a few short hours. Might be a good time to hire a private guide! Only three hours?! That's insane! Props to you for seeing so much in such a short amount of time. I think seeing Big Ben would definitely be 1 on our list of what to see in London.

Getting there through that park sounds wonderful! It is totally insane - blame my friend Graeme for the inspiration! I wouldn't normally recommend such a tight turn around but when it comes to London people just can't seem to stay away. Wow what a great idea to come up with a quick layover itinerary! In 3h you are suggesting a lot but I think it is doable. I used to spend hours at the National Gallery when I lived in London. There is something magical in being surrounded by so many geniuses art.


And it was free! Isn't free the best?! This is definitely a jam packed schedule but sometimes you gotta invite a little crazy into your travel routine. We will layover in London for a few hours, landing at 10am and departing at which gave us 6 hours in total I'm nervios it can be too risky for a quick visit to the city.

What do you think? It our first time in London and have not idea on customs time out or in? Hey Loren! Well, there's no denying this is a quick layover. If it was me, yeah, I'd probably go for it and head into London. I couldn't resist! I think the key is to be flexible and not get your hopes up that you'll have tons of time in the city - just enjoy all that you do get to do.

It's amazing how much fun you can have in just a few hours and how much you can see and experience in a short amount of time. Some practical idea I'd make sure to sit as close to the exit in the plane as possible even if it meant I had to pay extra to reserve a seat at the front - being the first off the plane is key. You can waste valuable time if you're seated in the back and even more time is wasted when you're behind everyone in the customs line!

Front of the plane is key! Check with your airline about what will happen with your luggage during your layover.

Depending on how the flights are structured, it will either automatically be transferred to your second flight ideal - you won't have to pick it up and take it with you through customs or you will have to pick it up and then re-check it for your second flight. If it is this second situation, this pick up and rechecking can eat up a lot of time - I'd highly recommend packing light and just wearing your bag with you into the city.

Alright, I'm not gonna lie - it's a pain to have your luggage with you but I'd rather do that than waste time waiting at the carousel or tracking down left luggage, etc Last but not least, I'm not sure which airport s you're flying in and out of, but I'd have some fun pre-trip by researching your transportation options. I always find I can move more quickly through an airport when I already have decided what my plan is - following the signs to the subway, marching towards the taxi stand, etc One awesome thing about your layover timing - you're missing rush hour on both ends!

In all honesty, I would go for it. There's nothing to be nervous about - simply know what time you need to be back at the airport for your second flight and plan the transportation route back accordingly. Worst case scenario - things go slowly and you only have 1. Best case scenario - you have just under 4 hours - an excellent first visit to the city, with all the time in the world to do the above itinerary. Let me know how it goes! Our situation is very similar about 6 hour layover. Thank you for the great tips. We will be venturing into the city for sure!! How soon before our flight would you recommend we would need to be back to Heathrow to go through customs?

Thank you!! Hi Jeremy! Assuming that you are already checked in for your final destination, all you need is time to clear security and time to get to your gate. Of course, it's rarely so simple!

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  • Layover 101 – Things to do on a Layover near London Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow is a huge airport and security can be busy and it can take a long time to walk from point A to B. If it was me, I'd allow myself an hour for security and getting around the airport. Note that you have to be at your gate well before your scheduled take off - most international flights start the boarding process minutes before take off. I am so excited to have a decent layover in London! We have 15 hours, but some of that is at night. We will be grabbing a hotel near Heathrow and getting up bright and early to see some sights before heading back to the airport.

Our flight from Rome gets in late and then we leave around 2PM the next day to head back to the states. I am assuming this will give us enough time to see a few things!!! Is public transportation an option from most hotels near the airport?? I'd love to cram in as much before noon as possible! Your blog has been super helpful! Thanks so much! Hi Erika - My apologies for not seeing this message earlier - somehow it was lost in my system. I'm guessing your trip has come and gone and I hope it was a great one.

In general, I'd recommend getting up EARLY and heading into the city on the Tube subway before rush hour to make it as calm and comfortable as possible. Even if you're in London before attractions and such as open, there's still SO MUCH to see just by walking around and the early morning light is so gorgeous.

I'd grab some coffee and breakfast from Pret a Manger or another UK based chain, I'd spend some time looking around markets or parks as the day gets started, and then I'd try to do as much of this route as possible. Impressive Vanessa! You covered quite a bit of ground in 3 hours.

Layover - Things to do on a Layover near London Heathrow Airport - Londontopia

Definitely a packed sked but weirdly enough, we sometimes appreciate those quick trips most; keeps you in the moment. We will be arriving from Rome to terminal 5 at on a Wed. Experience in other cities tells me that the tube is sometimes quicker than traffic. RSS Feed. Do you have the world's shortest layover in London- but cling to big travel dreams? Walking from point A to point B in London can be a relaxing experience, even when you're on a tight schedule.

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  5. Have you ever dreamed of being transported to another country for even just a few hours? How amazing would it be to wake up to breakfast in Paris or close the day with a nightcap in Rio? I love long trips, but there's also an intoxicating allure to the whirlwind visit, getting just a tantalizing taste of what a city has to offer.

    And lately, I've been thinking about the flavors of London. Specifically an ultra-short London layover. I have a good friend who we'll refer to as Graeme because that is in fact his name! He had the briefest of layovers in London while on route to another European city. A layover so short that we even pondered if it was worth his time to leave the airport at all!

    In general, I rarely recommend layovers where you have less than 4 hours of leisure time but such sensible practicalities are lost on a wild soul like Graeme, who was determined to see London for the very first time. And now Graeme isn't the only traveler I know who's embracing a lickety-split layover in London - my friend Valerie is considering it too! So if Graeme and Val sounds just like you and you have a devil-may-care approach to layovers - or if you simply have extremely limited free time to see the city on a business trip - here's what you can do in London when you have just three hours, plus a few options to extend your day if you have five to six hours.

    A classic London scene: The double-decker bus. Is it really a good idea to try to see London on a super short layover? Can anyone see London in just three hours? Can you even see anything at all?

    Like it? Pin it! 🙂

    There are many overrated tourist sights in the world but the classics of London aren't among them. And, happily, they are all within easy walking distance of one another, allowing you to see a lot in a short amount of time. I've never heard of anyone who hasn't been thrilled with their first visit to London, no matter how short the layover is. We can make this work - here's how. This itinerary assumes you'll be traveling to and from London Heathrow airport. We're talking 3 or more hours of leisure time, not just 3 hours between flights. You have to take into account your time getting to and from the airport, clearing customs, checking back in, and so on.

    Before diving into any layover make sure you have your logistical ducks in a row. Research your transportation options, double check your flight times, and come up with a solid plan for your luggage. A relatively quiet day at Buckingham Palace. The beautiful main gates. Use caution here -major roads surround the palace. Take the subway the "Tube" from Heathrow airport directly to Green Park station.

    If you're lucky and the timing works out, you might just be able to see the Changing of the Guard at nearby Buckingham Palace. The music begins at and the event itself at If you're going to miss it, take heart. This is still a great place to start a quick London layover tour. You'll get a much better look at the palace when the Changing of the Guard is not taking place. Take some time to look around and take photos of the palace and the surrounding area. Got tons of time? Grab a hotel. It is very posh, very English, and the perfect place to splurge on a proper high tea or a full English breakfast.

    We loved staying here. If your budget is very limited, not all that far away is an "EasyHotel", run by the same folks as the EasyJet discount airlines. We stayed there for four days - and discovered there's a lot of pros and cons beyond just the price. A black swan at St. James' Park. Another London classic: a black cab and the Houses of Parliament. Flanders War Memorial. It's Big Ben! The newly opened Flanders War Memorial.

    You'll enjoy St. THIS is why you wanted to take a super short London layover.

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    The views alone are so worth it! There are also many interesting statues, as well as historical plaques on nearly every building. Welcome to London! History and politics buffs will love their books and unique themed gifts, but you can also pick up classic gifts like teddy bears, pens, English tea, and milk chocolate in the shape of Big Ben.

    All things considered, the prices are very reasonable. The front of Westminster Abbey. A deacon enters by the side door. A quiet courtyard at Westminster Abbey.

    Flights from Denver (DEN) to London (LHR / LGW)

    Adjacent to the Parliament buildings is Westminster Abbey, one of the most significant houses of worship in the world and an absolute treasure trove of British history. Every monarch for nearly a millennium has been crowned here. Westminster Abbey serves as the final resting place for many of the most famous names in history, and everyone from Chaucer to General Wolfe is honored here.

    It's one of my absolute favourite churches in London you can see the rest of my list here. You could easily spend an entire day here but even a short visit to Westminster Abbey will leave you awestruck. Allotting about 45 minutes for the visit, I would personally breakdown my time into the following segments: minutes for general looking around and taking in the grandeur of it all, including the Coronation Chair and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, minutes for the Royal Tombs especially sister queens Mary I and Elizabeth I. To enjoy your visit even more, pass your time on the plane doing a bit of background reading to gain better understanding of the Abbey's history.

    And think ahead about the timing of things. As a popular tourist attraction, don't be surprised to see long lines at Westminster Abbey. Depending on the time of day, it might be more advantageous to visit here before Big Ben -the earlier in the day, the better. Visit St. Welcome to Icelandair We're very sorry but this website does not work without JavaScript enabled.

    Check out Icelandair's cheap plane tickets to London and plan your vacation now! Add a stopover in Iceland to your journey! Make fast, easy connections with Icelandair. Our flight network is set up to easily change planes and connect to your onward flight. Flights from Denver to London are scheduled such that stopovers in Iceland are typically between 30 and 60 minutes.

    What's hraunhella? On routes from North America to Europe , we want you to feel like you've learned a little bit about Iceland, so we've added a bit of trivia about our country all around the plane, for instance by naming each food item after the natural phenomena of the country. Shorten your flying time! On flights to London , you can learn a few Icelandic phrases and even try some of our delicious glacial water.

    A complimentary warm meal for children is served on all Icelandair flights. London Heathrow Airport , as it is officially known, is named for the former hamlet where the airport is located.

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