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All three novels in the trilogy brought together in a single volume for the very first time. A total of over , words for a single unbelievable price. But on a fateful trip one night to the old diner downtown, Danny discovers his godfather makes a living in the mafia, and Danny soon finds himself caught in a dangerous world that could leave him sleeping with the fishes. With disaster threatening him at every turn, Danny makes a dangerous decision to go undercover, hoping to find out whom he can trust.

Covert Criminal After the tragic death of a family member, Danny is convinced he must take down the mob once and for all.

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Danny finds himself facing off with his old nemesis, Tommy Gallo, as well as being used as bait by the mob to entice Danny's father to return to Newcastle. Sick of being harassed and targeted by the Mafia, Danny hatches a plan to join the mob as an associate and report on their illegal activities to the FBI. Because he is forced to keep his friends in the dark, Danny is soon in over his head, and when one of his operations goes terribly wrong, Danny decides to team up with his ruthless mobster father to fight the mob down to the very last man.

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Shop Teen Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 3. When undercover Detective was first sent to infiltrate the Throgs Neck crew in early , the case looked like just another mob investigation. Now he was helping Detective Edward Dowd of the th Precinct in Queens investigate the homicide of a city firefighter. Thomas Williams, 51, fell to his death on Feb. The police had a tip that the arson had been ordered by the building's owners, Jack and Mario Ferranti of Throgs Neck, slumlords whom Federal prosecutors had identified in court as Lucchese crime family associates.

But Detective Dowd needed more evidence. Enter Vinnie Blue Eyes, with his pompadour hairdo, silk warm-up suits and intense stare. After creating his persona and donning his disguise, the undercover detective, whose name is being withheld by The Times because of the nature of his work, appeared at a Bronx cafe, sipping espresso and observing a numbers racket run by a gang of low-level criminals with comic-book names like Tommy The Torch Tocco and Joey Scams.

Within weeks, he discovered that the Ferrantis' crew had access to classified Police Department information, according to his testimony in a trial in which Mr. Tocco was convicted of drug dealing. And all signs pointed to Detective Wrynn as the source. Eight days later, in a conversation with Detective , Mr.

Dobbs repeated the exact words from the undercover detective's report, and said he knew he was going to be indicted on drug charges because ''a detective friend told my father. The admission stopped the investigation in its tracks. How much else had been leaked? Was the undercover detective's own identity compromised and his life in danger?

After weighing the risks, the two detectives decided to press on. Tocco's trial, testifying behind a screen to shield his identity. On the day John K. Wrynn took his oath as a police officer in , he and his father were photographed together, both beaming as they joined the department's long blue line of father-son police teams.

James P.

By Alan Hruska

Wrynn entered the police force in and by had saved enough money to move his family from the crowded and noisy Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx to a cozy bungalow on Hosmer Avenue, a sleepy street in the shadow of the Whitestone Bridge, just a few blocks from the 45th Precinct station house. John Wrynn spent his teen-age years watching his father build a career tracking rogue police officers as an investigator for Internal Affairs. John Wrynn also learned to navigate some of the Bronx's rougher streets, and, according to internal police documents, became acquainted with a handful of characters from the borough's thriving underworld.

The investigation into the firefighter's death led the police into the crowd Detective Wrynn had known from his youth, and at nearly every step, the undercover detective seemed to come across Detective Wrynn. Dobbs told the undercover detective that Detective Wrynn was ''a good friend'' and the source of leaks about police narcotics raids. Steven Turuk, a police informer and former employee of the Lucchese crime family, told investigators that before Detective Wrynn joined the force he had worked for Mario Ferranti, who was identified by F.

The F. The most damning revelations came in conversations taped by the police between the undercover detective and Mr. According to transcripts, Mr. Tocco referred to Detective Wrynn as ''my friend on the force'' and said leaks from Detective Wrynn had cost a police informer his life. Eric Mergenthal, a drug user and small-time criminal who had secretly provided the police with evidence against Mr. Tocco and the Ferrantis, was found dead, lying face down on a bed in his parents' home in Throgs Neck on March 19, No autopsy was conducted and his death was declared an accidental heroin overdose.

But Mr. Tocco told the undercover detective that Mr.

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Mergenthal had been murdered after he ''wore a wire on me. Mergenthal was killed by the Ferranti crew after Detective Wrynn had identified him as a police informer. Based on the undercover detective's information, a medical examiner subsequently reviewed the case and concluded that it would have been impossible for Mr. Mergenthal to administer the fatal overdose, because he was found holding the syringe in the hand of the same arm that had been injected with the heroin, according to the United States Attorney's office. View all New York Times newsletters. The October letter said Detective Wrynn's actions ''thwarted at least three very serious and high-profile cases, two of which have not been solved,'' including the murder and dismemberment of a tenant advocate, Bruce Bailey, who prosecutors suspect was killed by the Ferrantis.

As the detectives increasingly turned their attention to Detective Wrynn, they began to feel resistance from headquarters. On Aug. Dobbs had invited him to a barbecue on City Island where the undercover detective could meet the Ferranti crew's police source, Detective Wrynn. The undercover detective wore a hidden tape recorder and prepared a script to test whether Detective Wrynn would be willing to leak him police information. As he drove toward the barbecue, however, he recounted at the drug trial of Mr.

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Tocco, the undercover detective received a message on his pager, with the urgent code In the days to come, Internal Affairs continued to undercut the investigation, according to trial testimony. After Mr. Tocco sold cocaine to the undercover detective, and Detective Dowd asked to make subsequent buys, Internal Affairs refused to release any of the department's marked bills needed to make the transaction.

Within a week, according to internal police reports and the United States Attorney's office, a police integrity-control lieutenant saw Detective Wrynn in the narcotics office on the 12th floor of police headquarters, paging through the confidential index book for drug investigations, which included information about the Ferranti and Tocco cases. As a narcotics investigator, Detective Wrynn had access to such information. Ten days later, Mr.

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Tocco inexplicably turned cagey in his encounters with the undercover detective and denied any criminal activity. Tocco said on Aug. Tocco's about-face was a clear sign that Detective 's cover had been irrevocably blown, Federal officials said, so he was withdrawn. The death of Mr. Mergenthal remains unsolved.

The arson and Lieutenant Williams's homicide cases ended with a quick victory for Detective Dowd and the undercover detective. In August , the Ferrantis were convicted in Federal District Court in Brooklyn of charges related to the killing and of ordering the fire to collect on an insurance policy.

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They were sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Tocco pleaded guilty to conspiracy for his role in setting the fire and was sentenced to five years in prison. But as the arson trial forced police officials to turn over confidential files on the case, there were more hints about how the inquiry into Detective Wrynn was undermined. When detectives first began to suspect that Detective Wrynn was leaking confidential information, for example, Internal Affairs refused Detective Dowd's routine request to check Detective Wrynn's telephone records.

At trial, Detective Dowd saw the case file and learned that the denial was signed ''Chief B. Chief Beatty, now retired, did not return calls requesting comment, but when questioned about the note during the investigative grand jury proceedings in the Wrynn case, he said he could not recall it. Detective Dowd declined to comment on the case. Tucked into the hundreds of pages of documents was evidence showing that Internal Affairs was investigating Detective Dowd and the undercover detective, rather than pursuing Detective Wrynn.

Some of the intervention involved Detective Wrynn's father. Throughout the investigation of Detective Wrynn, the undercover officer and Detective Dowd suspected that Detective Wrynn was himself receiving leaks from within Internal Affairs, according to testimony in Mr.