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It's so difficult to stand for right in any culture.

MEMORIAL DAY - A Soldier's Pledge

But he was brave enough to stand against his culture for what is truly right! Narrated by: Lee Sellars. Length: 5 hrs and 10 mins.

Welcome to the Liberia Command - Junior Soldier's Promise

It was at this checkpoint, amidst relentless attacks, that Daniel and his men found the most effective ally of the war effort in the most unlikely of sources. All rights reserved. What members say. Soldiers died in that bunker I designed. It gnawed at me. Rich Kirchner was like many of his college peers. Unlike every generation, though, his college experience was also marked by unrest and upheaval. He remembers seeing rows of police cars lined up behind the UW Administration Building the day it was taken over by protesters in Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Being a student at the UW put him one step closer to his longtime dream of becoming an architect.

A student of the College of Built Environments, he needed to complete five years of study, and that required concentrated studying. By the summer of , he only needed one elective class to graduate. He was excited to join the ranks of the world outside of campus. However, like many young men of the era, he was drafted by the military.

Soldiers Promise Heroic True Story by Hendrex First Sergeant Daniel

His first notice arrived during his fourth year at the UW. But he chose to enlist instead since doing so offered him more options. Thanks to his architectural background, he was assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers District in Albuquerque. He spent two years there, even playing on the state championship-winning softball team. In August , he received his orders for Vietnam.

He was given two months to arrange his affairs, say his goodbyes, pack up his life, designate next of kin and make a will. The plane dove toward a dirt airfield, touched down and immediately spun round for takeoff. The door dropped open and Kirchner and a fellow soldier rolled out in a tumble of duffle bags and brand new jungle fatigues. The C then took off in a thunderous departure. The blowing dust was their only cover; they were exposed in the middle of nowhere. He was stationed at the well-fortified Camp Eagle.

However, he was frequently required to survey remote areas as the reconnaissance officer for the 27th Engineers.

Transferring the war effort to South Vietnam was in full swing. I think the enemy was smart enough not to waste a lot of manpower and ordnance on a retreating foe. He was tasked to oversee the design and installation of the FSB Sarge bunker, all of which was to be airlifted into the site, practically overnight. At the time, what it would house was top secret. The pace of the book is slow and thoughtful - worthy of the characters. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Jan 31, Kimberly Bush rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book. Firstly, the descriptions in this book were wonderful. I was able to imagine the mental setting as well as the physical setting of the characters. Secondly, the story line has so many journeys for the main characters Val and Levi, as well as their family. It shows grief, love, and acceptance. There are so many examples of trials these characters have gone through like childhood trauma, military life, loss of loved ones, and the toll these all take.

The struggle insi I absolutely loved this book. The struggle inside to heal and move forward is beautifully shown. Thank you for such a beautiful book. Jan 22, Mhairi rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed A Soldier's Promise and it is a great start to the series. This is more than a story of romance and love, it is a story and journey of friendship, promises, and a window into what not only our veterans but of the family's left behind and what they go through. So grab your drink of choice, find a comfy spot and get lost in A Soldier's promise. May 01, Susannah Carleton rated it really liked it.

Great story of friendship, families, and love. Feb 02, Jean Torgeson white rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed reading A Soldier's Promise because my husband had been in the military. This story shows that deployments are hard for the family, but also the soldier too. Excellent story. Promise This is a great story with many twists and turns. The characters were well developed and likeable.

The ending turned out just right. Feb 10, Gail rated it it was amazing Shelves: e-book , nook , contemporary-romance , family , military , series-romance , silhouette-special-edition. Boy, am I behind in marking my books read I'm also behind in reading them. Anyway, three months ago, I read this book, and I liked it a lot, but it was November and I was really busy.

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The hero is just out of the army. The heroine is the widow of his best friend and he promised his friend to look after her. Plus, there are kids and dogs and an interes Boy, am I behind in marking my books read Plus, there are kids and dogs and an interesting story in how they work out their differences.

Really good stuff. If he was honest with himself and others Levi didn't just come back into Val's live just because his friend requested it. He's been in love with her for a very long time and would do anything for her. I liked this book it was sweet and heartwarming.

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Thing is I feel like I've read this book over and over many t 3. Thing is I feel like I've read this book over and over many times.

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I don't feel like this book really stood out too much. I'm fond of the publisher which is why I decided to check this book out without reading much into what the book was about. It was a really sweet book though and I did enjoy it.

The Heroic True Story of an American Soldier and an Iraqi Boy

I liked that there was multiple point of views, I loved the way Levi interacted with the kids. I liked seeing Val get to a place to open her heart and learn that she is not her mother. Overall it was a nice book and I enjoyed it. Jan 25, Lynn Matherly rated it really liked it. Her New Mexico settings also make the stories more relatable to me, because I am familiar with the settings. One of the reasons I prefer contemporary romance. A journey to a different life built from the pain of past heartbreak and promises.

Levi wants to fulfill the promise he made to take care of his best friend's family. Val wants him to stay away, but needs his help. Add family to the mix and you have a journey of growth, learning, and love. I can't wait to read the next installments. Her moving and at times playful, plus first-rate GI jargon, give this emotional roller coaster a genuine feel.

The frenemies make the story unforgettable, as do her tyke and fur-baby co-stars" RT Book Reviews, 4 stars. Miniseries: Wed in the West. Dec 19, Maggie Hesseling rated it it was ok Shelves: romance. I was kinda disappointed with Levi. He seemed to be the bad-guy through much of the novel, or the bad boy, but he was actually just a really good and kinda boring guy. The story itself isn't bad, though I really don't understand Val's 5 year old- she seems a lot older than 5, and her language doesn't seem to match her age. It's a solid story, I just don't think there was a lot more to that.

View all 3 comments. Great story Truly enjoyed this story. It was the first book I have read by Karen Templeton, but it certainly will not be the last and, l know, I will happily read it again and again. I look forward to the stories of Levi's brothers. I love that the characters are relatable, that these are people that could be my friends or family. I always enjoy this authors stories of real life and love, finding and following your dreams!!

I look forward to the next story in, Wed in the West!! Sep 06, Mari rated it really liked it. A cute book, Levi was a true friend no matter how hard it was. Easy reading. Feb 09, Nancy rated it really liked it Shelves: bought-new , series-romance , hqn-special-edition , favorite-author. The Talbot boys--Wed in the West series. More a 3. I want to read the rest of this series too.

Lots of notes recorded. Feb 14, Anne rated it it was amazing. Feb 11, Bonnie rated it it was amazing.