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The list does not include Mhallami from Lebanon who are often called "Lebanese Kurds", but whose Kurdish origin is controversial. They were formed in and have released eleven studio albums, the most recent in Frank Will and Richard von der Schulenburg were both former keyboarders for the band. Thomas Wenzel is also a member of the bands Die Goldenen Zitronen and Cow, while keyboardist Richard von der Schulenburg and singer Frank Spilker pursue their own solo projects. Marianne Rosenberg born 10 March is a German Schlager music singer and songwriter.

Personal background She is of Roma and Sinti background.

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Her father, Otto, an Auschwitz death camp survivor, was an activist on Roma and Sinti issues. Her sister, Petra, also advocates for Roma issues. She is considered one of the most successful performers of German Schlager in the decades to come. Her career underwent another revival in with the hit song "I need your love tonight" from the soundtrack Rivalen der Rennbahn Racetrack Rivals , written by Dieter Bohlen. The album was not as successful as the group's first album, but still did respectably well.

The family opened a small cafe where Heintje used to sing along with the jukebox. He beat 30 competitors to win the contest. Producer Addy Kleijngeld heard about him and went to audition him at his home. After hearing only a few notes, he took him on as a client and became his manager. Life and work Born as the daughter of two teachers, Riemann grew up in Weyhe, near Bremen. After high school she went to Hamburg to study music and theater.

She is the mother of actress Paula Riemann, whose father is Peter Sattmann. The album consisted of a number of tracks from their first two albums Die Reklamation and Von hier an blind along with French versions of some songs. The album was the group's first official release in France, and included all singles preceding its release, though none charted in France.

Bach works catalogue; German: is a catalogue of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. It was first published in , edited by Wolfgang Schmieder. The catalogue's second edition appeared in An abbreviated version of that second edition, known as BWV2a, was published in BWV numbers were assigned to 1, compositions in the 20th century, and more have been added to the catalogue. The Anhang Anh.

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History The BWV is a thematic catalogue, thus it identifies every movement of every composition by its first measures, like the opening of BWV , movement 2 Loure above The first edition of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis was published in It allocated a unique number to every known composition by Bach.

Wolfgang Schmieder, the editor of that catalogue, grouped the compositions by genre, largely following the 19th-century Bach Gesellschaft BG edition for the collation e. Life Zachow probably received his training from his father, the piper Heinrich Zachow, one of Leipzig's town musicians in the Alta capella, and maybe from Johann Schelle, a leading German composer, when the family moved to Eilenburg.

During his time at Halle he became particularly renowned as a composer of dramatic cantatas. In he was criticized by the pietists because of his excessive long and elaborate music, that could be only appreciated by cantors and organists. Zachow was the teacher of Gottfried Kirchhoff, J. Biography Graf was born in Dornbirn and grew up there with her two siblings. She studied classical music, but did not complete the course. After working as a telephonist, Graf had her first hit in with Herzen haben keine Fenster, which was rewritten in English as My Melody of Love, which was a hit for Bobby Vinton, and as Don't stay away too long, which was a hit for Peters and Lee.

Samson Jones, better known as Jonesmann, is a German rapper. He was born in Frankfurt to an African American father and a German mother. Now he is signed to his own label 'Echte Musik'. They were fairly successful and were produced among others by Roey Marquis II.

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The group disbanded in because the members wanted to focus on their respective solo careers. His first solo release was the Best of Mixtape in One year later, Jonesmann produced a 7 track EP called "Gesucht, Gefunden" together with Pal One, where he first attempted to sing, instead of only rap. After another mixtape at the end of , "Macht,. Bach St contains a doubtful setting for violin, cello and continuo of this sonata's outer movements [3] BWV — Sonata No.

Simone Stelzer alias Simone is an Austrian pop singer. She was born in Vienna, Austria on 1 October Her song "Keine Mauern mehr" was initially placed second. However, several days after the final it was discovered that winning song "Das Beste" performed by Duett had participated in a German qualifying heat in It was therefore disqualified and Simone was announced as the Austrian Eurovision entrant. Lyrics 1. Argonnerwald, um Mitternacht, Ein Pionier steht auf der Wacht. Und mit dem Spaten in der Hand Er vorne in der Sappe stand.

Wir stehen vor der Infantrie. Er frug nicht warum und nicht wie, Tat seine Pflicht wie alle sie. She worked in Germany as a singer of Schlager songs. Hanne Haller January 14, in Rendsburg, Germany - November 15, in Tegernsee, Germany; full name Hannelore Haller was a German pop singer genre known as "schlager" in German , composer, writer, producer, and sound engineer.

Note: this entry is based on a translation of the entry in the German version of Wikipedia. Life Hanne Haller grew up in the province of Schleswig-Holstein. Her mother was an opera singer, her father a banker. While in school she played drums for "The Rooks" in the town of Ronnenberg near Hannover. After completing school in , she went on to study athletics, but had to give that up due to a serious illness. In the same year she founded a gospel choir.

She went on to study to become a medical assistant and passed the "MTA" exam in Career Neldel worked as a dental assistant before she was discovered by the boss of a Berlin casting agency during a polo competition. He helped her audition for daily soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten and Neldel, barely experienced in acting, immediately landed the role of Katja Wettstein. In Neldel made her breakthrough as Lisa Plenske, the leading role in the Sat.

She decided to leave the series after the final episode of season one. Welle:Erdball performing in Zurich in December Welle:Erdball often abbreviated as W:E is a group from Germany. The heavy use of the Commodore 64's SID sound chip makes their sound instantly recognizable.

Their sound is reminiscent of electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. The name literally means "Wave: Earthglobe", and in fact comes from a German radio play called "Hallo! Hier Welle Erdball! Welle:Erdball has been a part of the demoscene and produced several musicdisks and other productions over the years. They also gave a live performance at Breakpoint Currently Honey as Dr. Members Hannes "Honey" Malecki lyrics, vocal.

Biography Schwab was born in Bingen.

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It was no major commercial success. Over the following years she would release many records and she also appeared in many singing competitions. Her first chart success came in , when the single "Geh nicht den Weg" peaked at It peaked at 9 in the single charts [1] and remains her only top ten hit to date.

She was chosen to take part i. She became famous as a child star in the late s when she had her first hit with "Und dabei liebe ich euch beide" And Yet I Love You Both at age She has been active in the music business ever since with more than 60 single releases. The song was written by Jack White and Jon Athan. Its lyrics address the post-divorce situation from a child's perspective. Further appearances on various television and radio shows followed. In the fall of Most of them are also spiritual, i.

The best known of these, "Bist du bei mir", was however not composed by Bach. An aria by Bach was rediscovered in the 21st century, and was assigned the number BWV The second Anhang of the BWV catalogue also lists a few songs of doubtful authenticity. Born in Saint-Gall, she has sung mostly in German and French.

She represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Bonjour, Bonjour",[1] finishing in fifth place. She was in contention to represent Germany for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Peter Pan", but she finished 2nd in the national final. The song experienced widespread popularity during and after the war and came to be seen by Serbs as a symbol of resistance to the Great Powers. This page of the notebook contains the gavotte from French Suite No.

Verlieb dich nie nach Mitternacht

Keyboard music minuets, rondeaux, polonaises, chorales, sonatas, preludes, musettes, marches, gavottes makes up most of both notebooks, and a few pieces for voice songs, and arias are included. The Notebooks provide a glimpse into the domestic music of the 18th century and the musical tastes of the Bach family. History The two notebooks are known by their title page dates of and The title "Anna Magdalena notebook" is commonly used to refer to the latter. The primary difference between the two collections is that the notebook contains works only by Johann Sebastian Bach including most of the French Suites , while the notebook is a compilation of music by both Bac.

It is the second track and the first single from their album Die Bestie in Menschengestalt. It is one of the best known political anthems and anti-fascist songs in Germany and was made in the context of the Riot of Hoyerswerda. Content and music style The verses tell the story of a fictional right-wing extremist, who gets insulted. English: "Your violence is just a silent scream for love […] You never learned to express yourself.

Your parents never had time for you". In , she participated in Heinz Quermann's talent contest Herzklopfen kostenlos. Ahrens became well known through her appearances in the television channel DFF. She released several records on the Amiga label, and these have become collectors' items in Germany and the Benelux countries. She was musical editor at the regional radio channel Karl-Marx-Stadt and at its successor Sachsen Radio. The album features fourteen traditional German Christmas songs. It was certified Gold in We present the latest functions here.

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