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Material Included in Magical Wealth in YOU!

Imagine never having to worry about money again On top of that - imagine creating your financial wealth while enjoying a satisfying career and fulfilling your mission. Yes, you can follow your passion, contribute to the world AND be rewarded for it - all at the same time. Wealth is not only about money - it's even more about people and relationships.

And then, the most important connection of all This course will help you gain self-love, self-respect and level up your self-care. Because you cannot pour from an empty cup, you know it. This transformation is especially important if you've been programmed to believe that "you'll never be able to lose weight" or that "you'll surely suffer from 'xyz' because it runs in your family" and so on. Let's be honest: health is the ultimate wealth. If you have that one sorted, the rest is totally figureoutable or shall we rather say: manifestable.

How to keep your energy levels high, without setting yourself up for a burn out?

How not to start self-sabotaging your manifestations because, deep inside, you're actually afraid of being the most powerful and successful version of yourself? This course will help you work on your vibrations from the level of your subconscious mind. The combined result of everything mentioned above is your everyday happiness. You'll learn to trust the process, the Universe and yourself. You'll experience deep inner peace and the sense of rock solid security Do you see the full circle here?

You wouldn't believe the changes that are occurring in my career, business opportunities are appearing everywhere. Beyond my wildest dreams I am moving forward with my share trading, and I don't just mean making money I'm sure I couldn't have got here without WBR. I just can't believe the evolution that occurred here, your product helped me keep the faith, and I just can't thank you enough.

I have changed, I feel great! I wanted to thank you all your support, I've been a member for exactly one year and wanted to share great things with you. First I wanted to let everyone know that I was one of those who had lots of challenges when I enrolled in the Wealth Beyond Reason program. I have changed, I feel great, I have good health and my family is protected always. I just wanted you to know the great things that had come to my life.. Within 3 months we were able to move to a bigger house. My partner was able to give up working in a dingy, stinking nightclub.

Suddenly we had enough money to buy a nearly new car, and even things like a PC and mobile phone, items which had been unthinkable just a year before. The business expanded to the point where we need a bigger house from which to run it. It was as if the Universe was giving us a second chance! I choose to follow my dreams and am now building up a Hypnotherapy practice, following my heart's desire, doing a "job" which I love I'm beginning to feel wealthy, or at least better off than I've ever felt in the past.

Certainly, paying bills is no longer an issue! Money is no longer a problem. I'm following my dream. I love this program! I so appreciate being able to pull up this program and listen or read something that reminds me that I am creating everything I'm experiencing. Thanks for everything. We are still going through Wealth Beyond Reason and enjoying it immensely. My husband and I were on the verge of splitting about a month ago, and now we're rebuilding how we think and use energy with your course.

The change in the entire house can be felt as the truth and releasing and lightness that is coming of it. Thank you for your commitment to making this planet a better place, I can't wait to share our abundance of stories with you. Why did you sign up for this course?

Do you believe the Law of Attraction is working for you If you think that life is simply happening to you and you're just rolling with the punches Understanding what you are doing right now is the first empowering step to learning how to create your dream life. This module covers that and "why bad things happen", plus other potentially controversial Law of Attraction subjects. This module lays the foundation for everything else in the program. Here you will learn the crucial things you need to know about the Law of Attraction and resistance: what it is, what it isn't and what makes it "not work" the way you want it to.

We'll give you an overview of how the manifestation process works, and then the rest of the course will go through each component in greater detail. Plus, Bob will start to give you practical examples of how to apply this knowledge in specific areas of your life. Now that you know all about resistance, you can learn how to release it. It is absolutely crucial if you want to make positive changes in your life - especially if they are outside of your comfort zone or bigger than anything you've taken on in the past.

This module is dedicated to teaching various approaches to releasing - and being in the moment. All of the techniques here have been used by Bob himself and other expert teachers - and they can work very quickly, whether or not you have any level of belief around them. In this chapter Bob shares with you just why reconnecting with your passion and power is so important when you want a life that is full of abundance.

He will also show you how to use gratitude as one of the most powerful tools in your manifestation arsenal. Because when you're truly feeling grateful, it's a vibration full of the information: "I am and I have Complete this module and you're well on your way to re discovering your passion, power and creating an inspiring vision for your future. Bob will also show you how to start bringing this vision to life. Remember that things are the way they are for you right now It's time to shift your energetic vibration into alignment with the life you want, and visualization is the way to do that.

Visualization gets the energy moving - so making a habit of it is something you want to start doing. This valuable module will teach you various techniques. It also includes a selection of Bob's most powerful guided meditations, great for visualization. Sometimes you'll be standing at a crossroad, not sure what to do next.

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Sometimes life will give you experiences you don't quite understand. How do you know what to do as you journey through life? We've put intuition and inspired action together in this module for a very specific reason - it's your intuition that is going to let you know WHAT action to take.

Learn to listen to the Universe and how to read its messages. This module will not only teach you to trust your intuition, but will also set aside some common Law of Attraction misconceptions.

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We've all got a lot of energy and emotion wrapped up around money, relationships and health. And in the end You'll need to honestly assess where you currently are with regards to these areas, what you're TRULY committed to and what you believe is currently stopping you from having that level of wealth. This module will also show you how to teach these principles to your children - and to make a lasting difference on the planet.

We need generations of people who are in tune with who they really are, who are playing a big game with it and contributing maximum value to the world. And that goes beyond getting "a good job". Over the years we've discovered a wide variety of topics and so you may find that some of the questions in your head are answered in the recordings. If not, feel free to ask them in our private Facebook group - Bob Doyle will be there to answer them. Access to the private Facebook group where you can get in touch directly with Bob Doyle.

Bonuses more on them below. Supportive content from Bob Doyle and our guest authors, for you to download and keep forever. There are several different kinds of meditations provided with the Wealth Beyond Reason 2. They are designed to effectively get you into the meditation state, so that you can evoke specific emotions - and get into alignment with what you truly want. As a bonus you'll get three minute audio tracks. Last, but not least - you'll get access to a minute webinar recording "The Science Behind the Secret. Travis S. Taylor do an excellent job of making it understandable. It's a principle that explains the very nature of the building blocks of our Universe.

It's the Law that applies whether you accept it or not. But the good news is, you don't need to know every detail of the intelligence behind all of this to attract what you want. But you've got to stop thinking that "it's too good to be true". Trust us, when you shift into energetic alignment with "anything is possible", "I deserve anything I desire" and "abundance is everywhere" - then the information encoded in that energy brings on the attraction process.

Because of the wave of the Law of Attraction products after "The Secret" - some of which were extremely incomplete - there were thousands of people who thought they were learning about the Law of Attraction They thought they knew how to "use it", but had only a fraction of the information. When they not surprisingly didn't see results, they wrote the whole thing off as a joke or a fraud. This is what inspired us to reconstruct the Wealth Beyond Reason program from the ground up. We have redesigned our curriculum to speak to anyone of any background - including those who thought that the Law of Attraction was some silly marketing scheme or new-agey concept with no basis in truth.

We're particularly passionate about reaching that group because it's often those people who need dramatic change in their lives. They are refusing to look at what has gone into creating the circumstances they want to change.

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Yet it's an understanding of that pattern that empowers you to create the change. Because you don't really want to live from weekend to weekend, from holiday to holiday It's the quality of your every-day that matters. It's the fact that you wake up excited and you fall asleep grateful.

Books by Joan Carter (Author of Atlas Shrugged)

The fact that you wouldn't swap places with anyone, even with your favourite celebrity. The fact that you celebrate yourself and your life. That's what mastering the Law of Attraction has to offer. Now, you'll be the judge if it's worth your time Bob Doyle is a Law of Attraction teacher, an author and a skilled coach who strongly believes in presenting the Law of Attraction in a clear, practical manner. Bob has a varied background in creative pursuits - he has experience as a composer, broadcaster, photographer and musician.

A father of three children, he is also motivated by a strong sense of financial responsibility and a nurturing instinct towards personal improvement. Back in the nineties Bob used to have a corporate job that provided financial security This led him to make an enormous life change - quitting his job and exploring new ways to create the kind of life he had always wanted. He discovered manifestation, visualization and meditation - and began to spread the word about the possibility of creating one's own reality.

His coaching was highly successful, but it was only through his own financial and personal difficulties that he understood what the Law of Attraction is really about. This led him to fully grasp how working with the Law of Attraction takes trust, intuition and a willingness to receive direction from the Universe The discoveries that he made formed the bedrock of his Wealth Beyond Reason book and program.

He understands that many of the people who are drawn to learning about the Law of Attraction experience doubts or misunderstandings. Thanks to more than 15 years' experience he knows how to explain the Law in the most practical, useful and user-friendly way possible. A self-made multi-millionaire, international best-selling author, spiritual entrepreneur and teacher with an insatiable passion for brain research and quantum physics. He'll share with you some incredibly valuable information on the role the brain plays in the Law of Attraction and how to expand your brain capabilities to manifest.

She'll guide you through a series of EFT sessions to help you rewire your brain conditioning and get dream results faster. Is a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, and a personal and leadership coach. In one of the interviews she'll share with you her 5-step formula to bouncing off the rock bottom and being unsinkable. She'll talk about what happiness is really about. The creator of the Sedona Method and a bestselling author.

Hale will walk you through a powerful process of release and letting go. A life coach, transformational leader and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. She'll guide you through a "Future Self Meditation". In any case, your results are guaranteed IF you complete the program Meaning you do the assignments, ask for assistance when necessary and take your time. While this will be a fun experience, we're talking about your life here - and we want you to make a commitment to yourself and the program so you can get your results as quickly as possible. If, however, any time during the first 60 days - and after completing the program fully - you feel that it isn't everything we say it is, you're entitled to a refund.

You're not alone on this journey - we've got your back. Whenever you need us - whether it's to ask a question, share feedback or a story of success - we're here for you. Reach out via our private Facebook group and when you need support you can contact our customer happiness team here. You can count on the highest level of quality throughout this program. Every lesson, technique, written word, recorded audios and videos have been crafted down to the fine detail. Everything you will learn is the result of the author's remarkable experience and teaching method that has already impacted millions of people.

It doesn't matter if you've struggled to manifest before trying this program, you'll notice profound changes in your life that you once thought were impossible. You will begin to grow and flourish, even if you've been stagnant for years. You'll be happier and more productive. You'll have the ability to spark positive change to those around you. In order to experience true wealth you must be surrounded by loving and supportive relationships. You also should have the ability to forgive easily.

When we hold onto resentment, we create blocks that prevent us from receiving the relationships, experiences and financial freedom that we desire and deserve. We also create stress and health issues in our bodies. The ability to forgive may just be the most important trait in total wealth. This video helps you put what you have learned in the first three videos to practical use. You can see clearly why your life is on the path it is on when you come to the understanding of how other people have been providing opportunities for you to grow. This video is definitely a new way of seeing your world and all of your relationships.

Never again will you simply be a victim. Even if you see yourself as getting along with most people and having overall good relationships, if you are not experiencing total wealth, then you will benefit from this lesson. Become aware of your patterns and "teachers" in your life. Identify the people that are "mirroring" in your life and use a tapping script to release them.

Let's face it, traditional forgiveness still leaves negative emotions left behind. In this short practical video, you learn how to apply what you have learned in the main video to your every day life and relationships with this different way of approaching forgiveness. Connect to the cosmic vibration of the universe through this meditation. The sound OM is the all encompassing sound. It represents the past, the present, the future, all that was, all that is, all that will be. Chanting the mantra of OM is the perfect way to connect you to your soul energy, as well as to the souls of those in your circles.

The more you give, the more you receive. This is not an accident! You are vibration.

The tapping points and emotional freedom technique- give yourself some love for Valentines!

Though some elements of the Universal Flow lesson are not commonly taught in the mainstream Law of Attraction movement, they are quite possibly the most beneficial for wealth development. The Vacuum Law states that when you create a void by removing what is no longer serving you, the universe rushes in to fill that space with what will serve you. Similar to when you remove a rock from the ocean floor, the ocean rushes in to fill that space. The universe does the same for you when you create a void in any aspect of your life.

The second main component of the Universal Flow topic is Systematic Giving. When you give systematically, you set yourself up for systematic receiving.

Material Included in Magical Wealth in YOU!

When you use both the Vacuum Law and Systematically Giving, you open yourself up to receiving the ultimate in total wealth. It may feel strange to think about this topic. You may even feel resistance. Universal Flow is one of the most beneficial topics. Open yourself up to receiving more financial wealth, as well as improved health, relationships and inner peace through tithing.

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Tithing is not a religious thing. Also, learn all about the Vacuum Law and how to invoke it in your every day life. Use the simple ideas and steps to create lasting wealth in every aspect of your life. Understand the correlation between forgiveness and debt. Become open to releasing resentment and debt as you use the tapping script for forgiveness. You are made up of energy. This energy can be viewed in different ways. In this section, we go into the Chakras as well as the Tree of Life. We connect our Chakras to the different aspects of our lives. By understanding the functions of each Chakra you can identify which ones need to be strengthened.

This allows you to heal and manifest in a powerful way that had previously eluded you. The chakras aren't just about spirituality. The chakras are the whole package. Interestingly, the Tree of Life is right in alignment with the chakras. There are some differences, but also some striking similarities. This section is very hands on, as it encourages you to stimulate your senses. In this video, Lori goes through each chakra.

She gives you a clear picture of what each chakra has to offer you. How to identify if there is a block or an imbalance in a chakra. She goes through the archetypes of the healthy and the unhealthy chakra. This video, along with the worksheet, gives you a clear picture of what needs work and what parts are doing great. Lori also goes through the 11 Sephirot of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah teachings. She shows you how, though there are differences in the Tree of Life and the Chakras, there are also major similarities. There is a comprehensive checklist listing all the issues that may be showing up for you with an unbalanced or blocked chakra.

Then there is another comprehensive list of all the benefits of a well balance chakra. These two check lists give you the opportunity to really identify and hone in on the chakras that need the most work as well as the chakras that are doing great. There is also a complete list of scents and crystals that can be used to stimulate each chakra. Finally, there is a powerful tapping script of affirmations for each chakra.

This information has been highly regarded by chakra experts! This practical video takes you through the 7 chakras and gives you a practical pose that you can hold for anywhere from one breath up to a few minutes.

How to Manifest Quickly Using EFT Tapping

Each pose is designed to activate a chakra and a section on the tree of life. Most poses are simple enough to do in your bed before getting up in the morning or turning in at night. This meditation takes you deep into the root chakra. Your body becomes a conduit for energy as it flows through the earth all the way up to your crown and into the universe. Kabbalah teachings have a very holistic and mystical approach to our health that is a perfect compliment to this program. Health and Kabbalah offers a holistic and mystical way of honoring your body and, in doing so, being a critical element in the Magical Wealth in YOU program.

In order to experience true wealth, you have to be able to enjoy that wealth using a healthy and thriving body.

Manifest Anything You Desire l Law of Attraction Meditation Music l Asking The Universe

Using the powerful book, "Matrix Healing", by Dr. Raphael Kellman, as a guide, we look at our bodies as the powerful energetic beings that they are. We review how circumstances can effect our overall health. Using Louise Hay's amazing book Heal your Life, we look at the connection of the metaphysical causes to our health issues as well as the parts of the body, and what they represent. We release resentment and allow forgiveness to be a healing tool to our health.

As you know, there are more aspects to our bodies and our health than the mechanical mainstream ways of looking at it. This lesson opens the doors to such mystical health. Learn how your relationships, traumas, stress, resentment, regrets and fears are connected to your body and your overall health. Learn how the kabbalah teachings are designed to connect us to the light within and, in doing so, create complete healing. Take a look at the kabbalist teachings of the energy of food and water and how it relates to our body.

Get familiar with a holistic approach to health and learn to listen to your body! Identify your beliefs around your health. Follow the steps to forgiveness work that has the potential of powerful healing. Use tapping in the forgiveness work to take it to the next level. Complete a food log and connect the dots on where you are feeling good about your food and where you are struggling.

This worksheet also has a complete list of the tapping points along with the organs and the issues and benefits that are connected to each point. Go through each tapping point and become familiar with each point's connection to the body, organs, and circulation. See first hand new styles of tapping and "thumping" for some points. Angels and Spirit Guides are everywhere! You have a network of support at your fingertips and, chances are, you aren't using it to your highest potential.

You are surrounded by Spirit Guides who are here to help you as well. They simply want to help and support you, but you have to ask! Angels and Spirit Guides is a fun and insightful way of looking at the Law of Attraction. When you look at the basics for working with Angels, you can't help but notice that it is incredibly similar to working with the Law of Attraction and in manifesting your desires.

Angels can not interfere with free will. They can only help you if you ask them to help you. Once you ask them for help, they begin working on your request immediately. Your job is to then believe, let it happen and be thankful. It sounds so simple! And it truly is simple. Understanding the intricacies of the subconscious and limiting beliefs, by the time you get to the Angels and Spirit Guides lesson, you are more open and able to allow these steps to be simply life changing.

Spirit Guides are just that, they are guides. They are giving you insight and guidance but it only works if you listen! This section in the Magical Wealth in YOU program offers you a fresh perspective on manifesting and creating that total wealth in your life. This section opens you up to the overlooked network of support that is always just a request away. Knowing that you have a network of angels and spirit guides can give you the confidence and support that you really need to manifest the total wealth into your life consistently.

Learn all about the different types of angels and spirit guides that are available to you at all times. Learn how you can communicate with them and how they are already trying to communicate with you. This worksheet takes you step by step through the process of angel and spirit guide communication through journaling.

Learn how to communicate with other people's angels as well. This worksheet also gives you a comprehensive list of the Archangels, what their specialties are and which ones to reach out to at which times. Learn the practical use of Angel or other cards. In this practical video, I use Goddess cards to demonstrate how to use the cards for yourself, how to receive messages and clear direction from the angels and spirit guides around you.

Open yourself up to Angel and Spirit Guide communication in this tapping meditation. Ask your angels and spirit guides for abundance and blessings.