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Robert Longe The Nisselinka Claims An intricate family saga that spans three generations and gives a compelling glimpse into the colourful history of British Columbia. Robert Longe, an avid reader with an interest in history, has worked in mineral exploration for many years. His own experiences searching for mineral deposits in many parts of the world convinced him that the industry, much of it based in Vancouver, BC, provides enough excitement, unique characters and engrossing situations for an entire genre of novels. Born in China, Stephen Lowe Liu Yunheng displayed a natural inclination toward art, poetry and music at an early age.

During his short life, he held 23 one-man shows, including exhibitions at the Provincial Museum of British Columbia and at the United Nations in New York. In Stephen and his wife Eunice were invited by the Empress Hotel in Victoria to open their first gallery. After so many years of reading picture books to young children, she is pleased to have self-published her own. Edeana Malcolm The Book of Elisheva Elisheva is consumed by anger for those who have beheaded her only son.

She has published several historical novels based on the lives of her ancestors, John and Susan Dean, as well as another novel based on the life of a four times great-grandfather, Michael Eisan. It is a guide to altering your thinking to create your abundant life that awaits. A specialist in addictions, she has a passion to guide those whose insidious problems undermine their creativity and joy in life.

You think everything is fine but then all of a sudden, something goes terribly wrong. You are not alone! Our book offers tools to help you stay connected to yourself when you are in the heat of conflict. Julia Menard is a conflict alchemist, helping leaders transmute conflict into opportunity. She is a collaborative leadership coach, trainer and conflict mediator working in private practice in Victoria, BC.

She is the mother of four grown sons, their partners, and grandmother to their children. Thomas Morison The Unorthodox Ox: A Novel A dystopian novel that examines the issue of environmental destruction: the collapse of the natural world. Thomas Morison is a Canadian playwright and novelist. Neilson The Trouble with Mr. Okay, maybe her books are a little angsty in places, too, sure. But for the most part they're all good things like mugs of coffee, and hamburgers on the grill, and nights at the beach, and cozy sweaters, and getting mush-mouth in front of a cutie.

Having raised her children and trained to work as an operating room nurse, Lisa is grateful to finally have time to write something other than academic papers.

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The book examines the pursuit of dreams and explores potential pitfalls and blocks to achieving them. The culmination of this journey spawned the day practice of walking a local labyrinth which is featured in this book. Tara Orfani Clash Two Worlds Trilogy Book 1 Three strangers discover that they are all destined to stop a cataclysm that will result in the annihilation of nearly every race on two worlds.

Tara Orfani is a student at the University of Fraser Valley. This is her first novel. She is the middle of three children and lives in British Columbia, Canada. She has lived, worked and travelled in over thirty countries and has called Victoria, BC home for the last eleven years, having moved here from Nova Scotia. Gail Bennett Owens Making Dying Joyful: Stories of Companionship A poignantly written account of the time spent by the author as a companion to the elderly.

Honest writing about folks who lived in care facilities and many who lived in the fog of dementia and spent their last moments with Gail. Gail Bennett Owens was born on Salt Spring Island and was active at an early age in the art of afternoon tea, sipping and socializing with the elderly. She followed up a career in broadcasting with one happily entertaining the elderly.

But strange accidents, odd behavior from people she thought she knew, and the feeling of being watched all make her think that her time in the quaint town of Packard Falls may soon be over. She is currently hard at work on the next book in the series. You can read more about her at www. Mahalia Patrick These Eyes Little readers will enjoy following along as the story unfolds in this fun and beautifully illustrated book.

Mahalia Patrick began her love of short story writing while growing up in Edmonton, AB. Durga Periwal Sampada: Treasure for Soul and Spirit A unique companion for meditation on topics including nature, flowers, birds, friendship, celebrations, cooking, and food. The first part of the book contains poems written in Hindi and English; the last contains recipes for Indian cooking, in English.

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She has been a poet all of her life, and continues to meditate and compose poetry as a life practice. This is her fourth book of poetry published in Canada. He lives in Victoria, BC. So I set out to find evidence of man being more advanced physically, physiologically and mentally in the past. Rick Pilotte was born in Victoria, BC.

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Putting his puzzle-solving skills to good use on ancient history got him on the track of solving dozens of ancient mysteries and letters published in Atlantis Rising Magazine, an alternative archaeology. Powell Dashi We have not one mind but many. Dashi is stuck in thinking mind, worrying himself about an unjust world.

But is that what's really behind his thoughts? The master knows the answer. Vancouver-born, M. Powell is presently middle aged, bearded and stout. While the occasional usage of direct language is within his satirical grasp, he is culturally predisposed to soft Canadian euphemisms. Is this lying? Nothing personal. It includes special features to help a child with dyslexia or another language-based learning difference find reading success. Rowena Rae is a freelance writer and editor. Elspeth Rae is a teacher certified in using the Orton Gillingham approach to teach children with dyslexia and other language-learning differences.

Rowena and Elspeth are sisters who believe in a world where all children learn to read with confidence and have the chance to discover the pleasure of being lost in a good book. He held a variety of interesting jobs: he was a Streaker before going to work for the Boy Scouts, and then got his degree in computer programming. He also worked in Egypt as a peacemaker for a year before heading back to Canada. Half Irish, half Polish, he claims to like forcing the round peg into the square hole. She is an alumna of Laurentian University's human kinetics program and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College doctorate program.

In addition to this book, she has published a healthwestern magazine and aired a sport performance program on television for adults and young people.

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George R. In , the family bought a travel trailer and drove to EXPO His real passion was music: tenor soloist, piano, organ, trumpet and vibes. This kept him out of mischief. Phil Robinson Paperless: Inspired by a True Story Paperless is a crime novel inspired by the atrocities against children and their families that took place between and in the United Kingdom, in what became known as the Alder Hey Organ Scandal and which resulted in the UK Human Tissues Act of He is a licensed, instrument rated, private pilot and has been using the written word effectively for over several decades.

Phil Rogers Ephemera This is a collection of poems, written over a long period of time, focusing on Life, Downsizing, as well as verse for children, and humorous anecdotal ephemera, interspersed with splashes of haiku. Hope you enjoy. He became fond of poetry early when reading A. Milne, and has been writing it on and off for all his life. Stephan Romany-Phipps Ryan and the Big Eye Ryan appears a little different than all the other kids but he learns how to cope with his difference that, strangely enough, becomes his advantage.

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Stephan Romany-Phipps had an interest in writing from a very young age. He was inspired by his love for sports and by his favourite author, Robert Munsch. Ever since they were little, they have loved playing make-believe. Due to a series of incidents in my personal life, I came back to the foundation laid by my parents. James Roy was born in India into a Christian family. In , he immigrated to Canada with his wife and two young boys.

Mike Sadava The Project: Short Stories This is a collection of twelve loosely-connected short stories about people at various times of their life who grew up in a postwar apartment complex called The Project. Meet the kids in , then meet them again as adults at various stages of life. This is Mike Sadava's first book of fiction.

He spent much of his career at the Edmonton Journal, covering everything from crime to politics. Mike is also a part-time musician and he has lived in Victoria, BC with his wife Anne since How would Jesus describe Him? We are not left to guess. This book takes a fresh look at Jesus' famous Prodigal Son Parable. For some years he ran a printing business until selling it in He is married to Wendy and they have five children and one grandchild.

Jurgen works overseas teaching theology in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Lost Boys of Lampson. Tween Paranormal Fantasy. A young boy discovers magic while he faces an evil spirit trying to kill him at his Lampson School. Thoughtful and captivating. About Us. Our Authors. Write for Us. Trouble Shooting. Mainstream Blog. BlogTalk Radio.

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  7. No, I want to see too! As I crept quietly down the pathway, I could see a boat out in the cove. It looked like a small cabin cruiser about 16 feet in length with a row of lights in the middle. As I crept nearer to them I could make out some of their conversation. Trust me; I grew up in this city.

    The Saxe Point Park Mystery

    No one will ever think to look for it here. Now hurry up and help me haul this up the path to the van.

    Saxe Point Park British Columbia

    I wondered what place they were talking about. At that point I realized that when they came up the path they would see me so I snuck back up to Sarah and Ricky and told them that the men were coming and we had better hide. It was not very ride-able as my brake seemed crammed against my front tire, so. I had to hop off of it and run with it along the path. I saw Ricky and Sarah round the corner of the building when I was still about ten meters away. Then I heard Ricky whisper loudly to me to drop! I was too far to gain the safety of the washroom building. I scraped my shin against a rock and I felt a piercing pain go through it.

    I had to cover my mouth to keep from shouting. My heart was in my throat and I prayed that the men had not seen me. I was afraid at first to even look in their direction but as I heard voices coming along the path I had to look to see ii I was safely hidden from view. It was a good thing that I looked because my leg and back tire were both in plain sight. I quickly yanked my bike behind me in the bushes and sat on my tire as I peered out between the brambles. As they came nearer I could see their faces and figures more clearly although it was getting darker.

    The first one was the tallest and he seemed to be leading as the other two were carrying the crate. Adding to this image was the pipe sticking out of his mouth that he seemed to be constantly puffing and causing rings of smoke to rise above him as he strode along. His two mates struggled along behind him with their heavy burden. The next one was a whole head smaller than the leader.

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    He had light, flowing hair and a reddish beard. A cigarette was hanging off of his Hp and it looked like it had been there for quite some time because it was not lit and stuck to his bottom lip. As he strained with the weight of the. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.