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Michael, this is a courtesy notice to you. There are thousands of people who have posted this poem that are getting copyright notices from Linda Ellis. Please feel free to email me and I will send you the legal-looking documents I have received from Linda Ellis. My guess is that you are already on the list via a screen capture of this post.

Hi April Its hard to believe an author of such a beautiful poem would be so cold…. I am living my dash. My life. And if i ever write something as beautiful as this I will want everyone to share it throughout the world. I have shared this to filipinos and chinese who have no idea what this poem is…and i M sure it had a positive influence on them. This was a poem my mother read to me from her computer shortly before she died. I think it was her way of telling mye not to waste my life on the things,but focus on the really important people in my life and this world.

The Dash Between

This is my last post before closing Facebook. Because people and Love are truly the most important part of my life. Michael You are in your right to post this poem or any other poem you like on your blog as long as you have given the Author his or her credit for it. You have clearly done this, first you have said it was Author unknown until you found out otherwise, then you have clearly edited information telling everyone that the Author is not unknown but actually Linda Ellis. Not once have you claimed this poem to be your work.

Did you make your dash count? Cleaned up the yard and packed the bikes for our […]. Sorry but this was not the original poem. The original by Lucille Britt was given to me when my son died in The original is much more beautiful and I will be happy to send it to anyone who wants it. Very disappointed in Ms. Gonna be a Daddy!

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Found out while in Japan! This comment form is under antispam protection. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Notify of. Michael Michelini. Thanks Raymond!! Dana Bain. This is so true. We never take the time to think about the unthinkable. Make the best of it. And our worth will be determined by how we live each day. We can fill our dash with goodness, or waste our life away. Let us look for opportunities to do a worthy deed, showing love and understanding to those who are in need.

And when we die, those memories will bring grateful, loving tears to all whose lives were touched by the dash between our years. Thank you Mr. Tanner for posting this version. You see my uncle passed away yesterday and his wishes are to be cremated. With your permission I would like to print this version with your name and the author, of course ,.

Tranmer, Thank you for writing this beautiful poem that speaks to so many. She died way too young, she was only Heard this at a dear friends funeral service and it brought great comfort Would like to share on face book. Thanks Pat Tiedeman. I recently learned of this poem from a friend who hears it read at a funeral. She was moved as I was when I read it. I shared it today with the Minister pastoral care because so many of us need to remember the concept of the worth between the years of birth and death.

Thank you for writing this so clearly and beautifully. Hi from Australia, I am an art student, your poem has been with me ever since I attended the funeral of a dear friend, his son read your poem, gave you credit as an amazing poet and proceeded to say his father read it to him regularly as he was growing up.

My friend was a journalist many years ago in New Zealand and dabbled in poetry as well. I have found inspiration in your words and would like to credit you for that inspiration in my assignment. King regards Jude. If not too late, Yes, you have my permission. Thank you for sharing this poem.

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I heard it today first time at a friends brothers graveside service. It silenced even the infant in attendance! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Dash Between. Name, with dates of birth and death were perfectly inscribed.

The Dash – A Poem by Linda Ellis « Mom’s Musings

The dash serves as an emblem of our time here on the earth, and although small, it stands for all our years of life, and worth. May we look for opportunities to do a worthy deed, and reach out with compassion to those who are in need. And when we die, these memories will bring grateful, loving tears, to all whose lives were touched by the dash between our years. This is awesome Reply. Special words indeed Reply.

Xulon Press book THE DASH between the dates on their tombstones - Betty Barkman

Barbara on March 1, at am. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. She never missed an opportunity to witness for Her Lord. Tina Sutherland on November 29, at am. Rishabh on March 11, at pm. I was told about your poem by my Uber driver today! Marvellous it is Reply. Bruce Davis on April 10, at pm. Scott G on May 6, at am. Kim on July 14, at pm. Glenys H on July 17, at am. So beautiful I am printing this of for a very good friend who has just lost her son Reply. Rod on July 23, at pm. I heard this at my mates Dads funeral, I found the words to be very moving. Elizabeth on August 5, at am.

This was Inspiring Thank You.

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Rhona Silverman on August 29, at pm. Kailee on October 14, at pm. The forum is a brghiter place thanks to your posts. Magdaline Cratt on November 19, at am.

How Do You Live Your Dash?

This is beautiful Reply. Peter Hibberd on February 12, at pm. Karen Filice on March 2, at pm. I love your poem and am asking if I may print it to keep with me. Ron Tranmer on May 26, at pm. Miste L Wilson on May 26, at pm. I have always enjoy the wisdom in the words it truly is beautiful Reply.

Connie on June 13, at pm.