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What better way to celebrate another year than with a delicious birthday cake? Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly diabetic birthday cakes, plus delicious treats that will bring out the kid in you. Jazz up that leftover pound cake sitting on your counter by turning it into a sweet dessert kebab with fresh or frozen fruit.

Perfect for birthdays, this basic white cake recipe makes two 8- or 9-inch layers. These buttermilk cupcakes look like the ones you can now buy at fancy cupcake shops, but are easily made at home. The cream cheese frosting is decadently delicious, and so are the cupcakes--take a bite and you'll find a surprise filling of strawberries and orange marmalade inside each one! The scent of this moist fruit-filled pudding cake will whet your appetite as it bakes. Fortunately you don't have to wait until it cools to enjoy--it's meant to be served warm.

This double-chocolate pudding cake bakes up easily in an oval slow cooker. It takes just 10 minutes to throw all the ingredients together, and in 3 hours you and your holiday guests will be enjoying a moist and chocolaty dessert with creamy whipped topping. This hearty whole-grain cake is perfect for dessert or a snack. The applesauce imparts flavor and moisture while replacing some of the fat. Serve it for dessert at the holidays. In this dessert recipe, cupcake-sized angel cakes are split and filled with either lemon or raspberry cream fillings.

They prove that you can make sensational meals that are down-home as well as mouthwatering -- that will support you in your quest to slay the D dragon! We're talking breakfasts, soups, salads, dressings, dips, sauces, veggies, side dishes, main meals and desserts. Thank you once again to Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina for your unwavering nutritional support to all.

The New Soul Food Cookbook For People With Diabetes

Continued below You have answered all my questions about becoming vegan and now my husband and I are about two-thirds of the way there. Thanks, and keep the newsletter coming! I came across your website just a few weeks ago. I just love reading what you have to say. We respect your email privacy. We each have our very own unique "Why I went Vegan" story.


Mine unfolded in a way that's probably similar to many others. And I thought it might be fun to share with you the best vegan books I have come across thus far in my life as a Vegan. We had many long talks about this decision, which prompted me to read this book for myself to see what conclusion I might come to.

This was the very first book I read that had anything to do with vegetarianism as I'm sure is the same for many, many Veggies out there. It really opened my eyes to the impact our diets have on our bodies and the planet.

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What really struck me about this book were the descriptions of the horrendous, inhumane and unhealthy living conditions of the animals we raise for food. I remember being moved to tears! And it was then and there I decided to "Just Say No" to eating meat.

At this point, skipping the eggs and dairy also was just a little too much for me to handle. But within a few months, I found myself cutting out the eggs. That was fairly easy. The dairy was a little more difficult.

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I grew up in an Italian household, and we loved us our cheese! I added cheese to just about everything I ate; salads, soups, sandwiches, even apple pie! In fact, I remember the day I decided to "quit cheese cold turkey" - Jeff and I stood hovering over our kitchen garbage with cheese in hand and together we made it a grand affair: "Goodbye Cheese!

This is when I discovered the power of vegan foods to lose weight. Within a very short time I shed pounds! These pounds just melted off so quickly and easily, it was nearly miraculous. But did I miss my cheese? One day, when perusing the books in our little organic co-op, I came across what turned out to be my very first vegan cookbook.

And after not eating any cheese for months, it was SO refreshing to be able to create vegan cheeses, vegan cheese sauces and vegan cheesy meals without one single speck of animal products. But after over 10 years of using this book, and after all my pages were tattered and torn and smeared with food drips, I finally broke down and purchased the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Uncheese Cookbook. Of course, the Anniversary Edition is a work of art too Now that my veganism was underway, and since there weren't any restaurants in our area that catered to Vegans, I needed to learn how to cook.


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So I went out and purchased as many vegan cookbooks as I could. MANY of the recipes I created over the years were disgusting.

Desserts and sweets for diabetics, Diabetic & Sugar Free Cooking, Books | Barnes & Noble®

I was VERY picky and gave a lot of books away as I tried to find those vegan cookbooks that catered to my taste buds -- wholesome, rich-tasting and guest-worthy. And over the years my vegan cookbook collection grew. This book helped to shed light on how an animal-based diet contributes to the starvation of so many people around the world.

Wow, what an eye-opener. The other half? Some of the most delectable recipes I had ever made at the time.

The 3 Best Sugar Substitutes (diabetic friendly)

This is one of the best vegan books if you'd like to learn how flavorful vegan meals can be using almost ALL whole foods and nearly zero processed or packaged foods. Some of my standout faves include The Tempeh Cookbook Dorothy R. Bates I had been using a lot of tofu, and was having fun with it. But it was right around this time that I discovered Tempeh, and I'm so very happy I did.

Tempeh has its own distinct, slightly-nutty flavor. Plus, since it's fermented it's healthier for you than plain ol' tofu. I've heard it could be an acquired taste, but we latched onto it immediately. And luckily, I found a fabulous little book full of tasty tempeh recipes. This is one of the best vegan books if you'd like to understand how many dishes tempeh can be used in, like some of my favorites If you've never had 5-star vegan food, this is the place to put on your list.

Of course, it will take a little trip to San Francisco, California! But if you happen to be there, be sure to check it out. Here I discovered their cookbook which I couldn't wait to read from cover to cover, just like a novel. These recipes aren't really for beginners, as there are many steps to each recipe usually , but you can certainly dissect the recipes and create "just the sauce", for instance.

This is one of the best vegan books if you ever need a fancy shmancy vegan meal that will impress. Check out some of these delectable dishes I've created You really cannot go wrong with any of Chef Tucker's books. The guy is a genius. So I'm featuring it here because I know you will pick up so many amazing cooking tips that you can apply to your own cooking to improve your skills. Eric Tucker, I love you! So, of course, I had to buy their cookbook! This is one of the best vegan books if you'd like to learn to create casual and homey-tasting yet completely flavorful dishes, with nice big portions.

Here are some of my stand-out faves The food was not only gorgeous to look at, but it was so special to know that everything served was vegan and so sublime. Of course, it WAS a little spendy, so this has made it onto my list of best vegan books because I think it's pretty rad they have a cookbook to share their amazing and artistic dishes with all of us. This is one of the best vegan books for those who want to learn how to make "vegan junk food" using whole foods. Plus, Brian teaches you to make your own vegan sausage, tempeh bacon, vegetarian Canadian bacon and vegan chorizo too.

You MUST pick this one up today. Highly recommended! Artisan Vegan Cheese Myoko Schinner. If you're turning your back on dairy cheese but you're just not happy with the non-dairy substitutes out there, then learn to make your own vegan cheese. It's really not difficult. But there are some important steps to take so you are successful! And that's where this fantastic cookbook comes in.

You'll delight in making plant-based cheeses that actually taste amaaaaazing! For instance, some of the recipes require Rejuvelac to add that flavor that makes it actually, truly taste like dairy cheese. You can make your own which takes time and effort, I won't lie to you! Or simply choose recipes that don't require Rejuvelac at all and you'll still end up making a cheesy recipe that you'll find special and your taste buds will love.

But this is not a book that only covers cheese. There's fondue recipes, appetizers, entrees, and desserts too! Holy cow! Get this book NOW!

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Hey, that rhymes. Truly, if you're a cheese lover you'll be VERY glad you did! The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is so incredibly over-the-top amazingly helpful. There's really nothing else like it. Serving Size 1 tomato half Calories 85 Total carbohydrates 4g Total fat 4. Serving Size 1 chicken breast with mushrooms Calories Total carbohydrates 12g Total fat 9g Protein 27g.

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Serving Size 2 chicken strips Calories Total carbohydrates 10g Total fat 4. Serving Size 2 Tbsp. Calories 70 Total carbohydrates 8g Total fat 3g Protein 3g. Serving Size 2 patties Calories Total carbohydrates 1g Total fat 4. Serving Size 1 chicken thigh with mushrooms Calories Total carbohydrates 6g Total fat 11g Protein 21g. Serving Size 1 slice Calories 95 Total carbohydrates 3g Total fat 4. Serving Size 1 biscuit Calories 65 Total carbohydrates 7g Total fat 3.