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It just seemed to fit her. We also have an 8 year old Welsh Terrier we named Terra terrafirma is ground or earth and they were bred to go to ground.

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Ha haa. I said no but we did name her Bailey. Now 9 years later she is still a licker. We have the following: Delilah- female black pug name just seemed to fit her Sahara- female black Chinese crested hairless - rescued her and she had terribly dry and infected skin from neglect, named her since her skin was as dry as the Sahara desert Maxwell- male Yorkshire terrier name just popped into my head, along with Xavier- my mom preferred Maxwell Jingles- female tan chihuahua mom chose name- no clue why Jangles- same as Jingles are sisters.

I have a golden spaniel with a long snout called Zazu from the dodo bird with a long yellow beak in The Lion King. And his black, naughty little brother who is called Raffiki after the monkey! We have landseer named Beorn. And mix named Bilbo…. My Female Basset Hound is named Slugger. Fits her perfectly. I also have 2 female retrievers named Ember and Maizie. Our yellow Labrador male is called Podo. The tree Podocarpus has a yellow bark.

Our other dogs were: black Lab bitch Cheza means play in Kiswahili ; black Lab bitch Shela a town on Lamu Island, Kenya ; yellow Lab male Tektek what small vongele type shellfish found at oceans edge are called in Kiswahili. We named our Red Lab, Gracie. I did give her a middle name also because she is very lady like and such a big sweetheart, plus she is my fur-baby so I named her Gracie Lou. I think Spook for a black dog is offensive or at least in poor taste. I have a black lab mix who is very playful.

His name is Nintendo and a little burley blue Pom named Yosef. Hi Ashley, here in the UK the word spook means a spy or a ghost. None of us have ever heard it used to describe a black person. Because of that, I will now remove it from the list. I named my yellow lab Pino. My black lab is called Barkley. Not sure why its top of the funny list???? He had already gained his name from previous owner.

We adopted him at 8 mobths. My partner and I had been looking at getting a dog for a few years. Reasons being finding the right breed for us, waiting for the kids to be bigger and a bigger house. About the time we decided it was time to get a dog, my partners uncle Maurice died leaving him some inheritance. So we used the money to buy our now 6 month old stinky, bouncy, pain in the lovable bum black lab, called Maurice. I have a yellow lab puppy, her name is Rainey. Wanted something to do with water. By the way love your site!

My 11 year old chocolate lab is called Galaxy. She is 4 months and settling in so well! My 2 year old yellow Labrador is called Gino. He has a superb placid nature. He is normally referred to as Gino Baby Boy. We tried a hundred names on our little black lab puppy on the ride home, but none seemed to fit. We stopped for gas and he woke up and discovered the little bag of food next to me in the truck. I gave him some, but he attacked the bag for me. I had a siberan husky who mated with a rot rowler kept one of the male pups and called him Siroc for sibaran rot rowler..

I had a Pandora, although Panda was her call name. With intense training she turned into the absolute best dog ever.

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Charlie, originally named after Charles Barkley the basketball player, shortened to Charlie, was one of the best dogs I have ever owned. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fortunately, we've got hundreds of ideas! You can search by your dog's size and other characteristics too. Search by breed To search for dogs' names by breed - click on the images below.

Names may influence us in surprising ways. Dog names A-Z That's why we have provided you with lots of different ways to sort through our giant library of fun and fabulous names. Dog names by country Your dog's origins can be a great source of inspiration. Choose from:. Dog names by color The color of your dog's coat is often the perfect place to begin.

White Yellow Blue-eyed.

For even more dog name ideas just click on the pictures or use the links in the menu. The perfect name for your pup is right here! Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. The Happy Cat Handbook - A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat! Your Dog Breed Selector. How Long Do Dogs Live? Uncovering all aspects of dog longevity, to help your pup stay healthy for longer. I have a mini labradoodle girl named Charley. I have a awesome?

My four beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux.. I needed this thank you! My GSD was named Creedence.. My last GSD was Preacher. My Wheaton terroir-poodle mix is named Jemma, she is a gem of a dog! Names of my dogs from the first like 30 years ago to this year, Lily 18yo and Zippo 3yo. I had one like that and I called him yogi. We are getting a standard Labradoodle. Plan on naming him Trumpet. I had a golden Retriever and he was called Kipper. My dog is a perfect petzzz he is a Rottweiler and his name is Tucker. Chablis… my parents always named our pups alcohol based names. Would love to have input.

Frost Blizzard Chilly Ice Holiday. Heard the name Fargo today for a winter pup. We have a border collie catahoula mix named Fenway Bark. What can we say, we like the Red Sox! My dog is a long haired Dashund, and i call him D. I have a Black and Tan mini Dixie and her name is Martini because she is a cocktail weinnie. I have an apple head Chihuahua and her name is 2Much.

The name fits her to a tee. Our 8 week old Kelpie mix is called Reggie. Slate is one for silver, Bullett, Chrome, Grayson. What lovely choices! I have s 1yr. Old unregistered pitbull terrier. I raised her from 3wks old, her name is Tootie! My 15 month old Golden labs name is Mercedes. I named my pit bull Jeter after my favorite ball player. We have an 8 month old yellow lab called Enzo.

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I love Terra! We have two Welsh terriers—Fiona and Rosie. Forgot to mention female cream Labrador named Snowflake. I really think your name is a very pretty name. Our black lab puppy is named Aria. Best regards from Germany. Great names! Shela, Tektek, Cheza, Podo. Also had black Labs Pilot and Angus. Because dogs bark…Bark-ley. May 14, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: freebies , kids.

Downloaded for free from Amazon. The rhyming was not good, and I can't say that we really needed to know what to feed a beagle, or when it was recognised as a breed of dog. MY 4-year-old lost interest after the first couple of pages. Mar 14, Steven Adkison rated it really liked it. The book is informative.

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Our beagle is 10 years old and much of the information about a beagle matches the qualities of our beagle. Most of the pictures were okay, some were kind of harsh. I liked the rhyme because each phrase did not have the same number of syllables. It's a good book. Brianna rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Karen L Schweiger marked it as to-read Jan 10, Kylie Breeden marked it as to-read Jul 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Ann Lilly. Ann Lilly. Regardless of how much work it will take, if you truly love animals, and want your puppy to grow up to be a healthy loyal friend and protector, there are a few tips and strategies you ought to know.

In this article, we will present 10 facts about puppies that you ought to know. Although there are many more facts about puppies that you can learn, the best thing you can do is learn from experience, and also apply all of the techniques that you learn from books, the Internet, and people that have successfully trained puppies before. Having a puppy is a wonderful experience, but it takes hard work and dedication to allow them to become healthy adult dogs that you will love for many years to come. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books.

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