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Fatima*: Preventing the risk of violence in Sudan

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United Nations Law Collection

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The UN in the Era of Trump - United Nations University Centre for Policy Research

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  3. Violence against women a ‘mark of shame’ on our societies, says UN chief on World Day | UN News?
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Implementation Policy concerning the Removal of January 16, January 26, Convention against Torture: Overview Of U. April 4, June 28, April 15, June 23, The violence, he said, can take many forms: domestic attacks to trafficking, from sexual violence in conflict to child marriage, genital mutilation and femicide.

Violence against women and girls is also a deeply political issue — Secretary-General Guterres. According to UN Women, the vast majority of perpetrators of violence against women and girls face no consequences; and only a minority of cases are ever reported to the police, an even smaller percentage result in charges, and in only a fraction of those cases is there a conviction. Laws must recognize that sexual harassment is a form of discrimination against women and a human rights violation, she added, calling for legal protections for both formal and informal places of work to ensure that the most vulnerable workers, like those dependent on tips from customers for their income, will have a better chance to speak out against abuse, and be heard.

In a stark finding, a new UN report has revealed that globally some 50, women were killed last year at the hands of intimate partners or family members, urging greater coordination between police, justice and social systems to better protect women and girls. Gender equality is a right.

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  • Violence against women a ‘mark of shame’ on our societies, says UN chief on World Day.
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  • Soziale Arbeit bei der Begleitung sterbender Menschen und ihrer Angehörigen in Hospiz-Einrichtungen (German Edition).
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  • Fulfilling this right is the best chance we have in meeting some of the most pressing challenges of our time—from economic crisis and lack of health care, to climate change, violence against women and escalating conflicts. Check out new data, stories, videos and more illustrating how and why gender equality matters across all the Sustainable Development Goals. Families around the world look, feel, and live differently today. The objective of this study was to map the available services; analyze major gaps and challenges related to service delivery; identify roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and service providers, including stakeholder coordination, legislation and policies, capacity, prevention and response services, the referral process and accountability; as An upsurge in violence and insecurity in several regions of Cameroon have triggered a spike in humanitarian needs.

    Around 4. Violence and forced displacement have dramatically affected the lives of women and children. Against the wishes of her parents, she moved to the small village of Liling, km from her hometown, to marry a young man named Yang Liu. They lived happily with Mr. Liu's parents, who hoped the couple would have a son.

    Orange The World: United To End Violence Against Women

    Three United Nations agencies today launched a new European Union-supported global initiative to address the root causes of rural gender inequalities and thus strengthen efforts to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. The mind behind Nasra is Habso Mohamud, a year-old former refugee from Somalia.

    An in-depth look at how the deadly storm and flooding have disrupted the schooling of half a million children in southeast Africa - and the efforts to rebuild. First comes the shock and the terror.