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He Is Honored In Colorado.

Rocky Mountain High: Ted Virgil is John Denver

Colorado hosts diverse lands from dry deserts to snowy mountains. As an outdoorsman, this state holds great significance to Denver. He was named as the poet laureate of the state in Denver was also the first conscript to be included in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. Denver lost his 2 toes in a lawnmower accident when he was This puts to rest rumors that have circulated that Denver served as a sniper in the Vietnam War.

This stemmed from the fact that his father was in the air force and his younger brother was a Vietnam War veteran. He Founded The Hunger Project. Fuller and Werner Erhard. Texas Was His Last Performance. The venue was at Selena Auditorium.

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He died exactly a week later. Denver tragically lost his life in an airplane crash near the coast of Monterey Bay, California. Denver died immediately from the crash. His remains were then cremated. Here are 15 fascinating facts about John Denver: Keeping To Himself As a military brat, he had a hard time making friends in every place his family would move.

Denver said he felt the song would have appeal to his average listeners, and his forecast turned out to be very much accurate. The regret-filled ballad made an impact with many listeners at the time, and proved to be one of his more dramatic performances.

Sometimes, what an artist does to try to breathe life in his or her career turns out to be a noteworthy move. By , Denver was no longer the chart draw that he once was. This was perhaps his best moment at attempting to remain relevant in a changing marketplace, with a performance about a man wanting his lover to shed her emotional baggage -- and give him the chance to freely be her man. His heartfelt tribute to his first wife also inspired fans in other formats, and remains one of the most enduring wedding songs of that period.

Denver handled the earthier sound well, and the result was one of his most "Country" songs. Denver yesterday, saying his ''soaring music'' touched millions and advanced understanding around the world.

The perfect naiveté of “Rocky Mountain High” – All Together Now

In a statement issued by the White House while Mr. Clinton was on a South American visit, the President said Mr. Denver ''opened many doors to understanding among nations'' and praised his environmental work.

John Denver, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, George Strait Best Of -- Best Country Songs Of All Time

Denver's first wife, Annie Denver, for whom he wrote his hit ''Annie's Song,'' said, ''He wrote very simple, beautiful songs, and he was a complex man. She said that after the couple had argued and made up, Mr. Denver wrote ''Annie's Song'' during a minute ride up a chairlift in Aspen, Colo. The man was driven to write songs. And oftentimes, out of that deepness, John felt very alone. If you listen to his songs, there's a lot of loneliness there.

I don't think John ever really got how much people loved him.

Raised in Military Family

John was a romantic in the best sense of the word, and the world can be tough on romantics. Denver reached his commercial peak in the mid's. His ''Greatest Hits'' album, released in , stayed in the Top for more than three years and has sold more than 10 million copies. He has 14 gold albums selling half a million copies each and 8 platinum albums for sales of more than a million copies. During the 's and 90's, he continued to perform and record while devoting himself to causes like wildlife and land conservation, alleviating hunger, curtailing nuclear power and exploring space.

Denver was born Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. His father was an Air Force pilot and later a Lear Jet flying instructor who taught his son to fly. During the late 's and 50's, the family moved to Oklahoma, Arizona, Alabama and Texas. After his grandmother gave him a Gibson guitar and he took some lessons, Mr. Denver began playing folk songs in high school. He enrolled at Texas Tech in Lubbock in , majoring in architecture and performing at coffeehouses.

In , he replaced Chad Mitchell in the Chad Mitchell Trio, a pop-folk group that recorded new and traditional songs and toured the college hootenanny circuit of the 's. Denver's first solo album in and continued as his producer or executive producer throughout Mr. Denver's career.

Billboard biz

Okun, who first heard Mr. Denver during auditions for the Chad Mitchell Trio. As he got older, he really began to sing even more beautifully, coloring his notes with the words.