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It can allow your customers to save on shipping by ordering online and collecting in store. Buy online, return in store. Customers rightly expect that this option is not only possible, but also easy.

Modern consumer expectations

The added benefit for you as a retailer is that once the customer is in store, you have every opportunity to turn that return into another sale or two. With all your sales, orders and shipping occurring within the one system, unified commerce also offers the opportunity for automated communications via email and text messages. You can improve customer experience by keeping your customer informed at every step of the order process and then follow up with a request for feedback or a review.

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You can even give them a promotional offer for their next purchase. Unified commerce also acts as a communication tool within your organization, giving your staff the information they need to answer customer enquiries or address an issue—information regarding both inventory and customers is literally at their fingertips.

And this brings us to the core benefit of unified commerce… positive customer experiences. As we mentioned earlier, your customer wants to shop where, when and how they want.

Sell everywhere, manage from a single location

Unified commerce delivers a unified experience for your customer at every touch point with your business, and builds their trust in your brand offering. Leading on from the customer experience, unified commerce also builds your brand in terms of what it represents in the marketplace. It helps you gain a trusted reputation that represents great customer service and transparency. What will the future look like?

What is Unified Commerce?

The technological advances from this point forward are exciting and very possible. Imagine integrated shopping carts that are shared between store POS, tablets, and ecommerce sites.

5 Types of Employees at Zumiez

Or artificial intelligence that can recognize in-store shoppers via their mobile phone, translating their past purchase history and current in-store movements into useful information for in-store staff or targeted online marketing once they leave the store. Neto is ready to take the next step with you by providing an all-encompassing software solution that manages your product listings, pricing, inventory and orders as well as transactions, shipping and email support.

We integrate with hundreds of add-ons that ensure your business operates seamlessly and efficiently.

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      Introducing the Shopify Retail Kit: Unify Your Online and Offline Business

      Ecommerce and Retail. Search blog posts: Search. Start your trial today No fees. Unlike traditional point of sale vendors that only focus on the physical store, we have broadened our platform so that it seamlessly bridges the physical store experience with the highly personalized, data-rich, digital experience. We were impressed with their agility and commitment to innovation as they clearly mapped their capabilities to our retail technology transformation objectives.

      It has been developed over more than 20 years and the solution has processed over 1 billion in sales. The e-Commerce platform is true multi-tenant SaaS and it is available as a standalone solution or integrated with the full Mi9 Retail unified commerce suite.

      Unified Commerce in the Modern Store

      It includes advanced marketing tools, supports mobile sites, and includes integrated OMS functionality. We implemented new functionality on our mobile site to enhance the mobile user experience and it has helped us continue to increase order volume and order value. Built on Business Intelligence. Centralized Database. Driven by Data.

      Home improvement stores resilient | SPS Commerce

      Our merchandise management system was conceived with retail analytics at its core. Old style merchandising systems were created to support the execution of certain business processes. Analytics, or the ability to derive value from the underlying data, were an afterthought at best. Most merchandising solutions only offer an analytics package as an add-on solution with cobbled-together integrations and flat-file interfaces.