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That makes them very recognizable and alive to the reader. But he loses himself in such details. He introduces characters that are dispensable and should have been left out of the story, even if they actually existed in real life. And then there is the fact that North seems to have religious issues, which, okay, I'm an atheist and generally not interested in other people trying to learn how to pray, but they also had no relation to the story.

As a result, what started out as a good thriller, turned out to miss any real action. I'm sure he'd give excellent writing lessons. His style is very In other words, it lacks personality. Conclusion: Could have been good, but really wasn't. Good thing I didn't buy the sequels yet. May 10, Sean Randall rated it liked it Recommended to Sean by: moni.

I think the best way to describe this read as a lesson in judgment. I came away from the body of the work on something of a high horse, as North managed to wet my irritation circuit for his apparent sexism toward Robinette, his seemingly pointless insertion of himself as a minor character in the story and the underpinning reliance on religion as a saving grace, without which characters are inevitably lost and or miserable. And yet the epilogue proved that the second of those irritations was not o I think the best way to describe this read as a lesson in judgment.

And yet the epilogue proved that the second of those irritations was not only explicable but quite clever. I spoke to an actual female, rather than relying on my own testosterone, and found that perhaps North's attitude wasn't as backward as I thought: strike point one As for religion? It is done in a mild way, I'll give him that. Newman doesn't toss aside a weapon and start hallelujahs in the middle of the Iraqi desert or anything like that. Rachel's religious apotheosis is actually very interesting to read about, although there's that tinge of hypocrisy there, seeing her before and after.

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I think my favourite religious item of the work was Habib and the chair, which was a real neat way of describing faith which hit home. Not that I'm being converted or anything, but you have to admire things done wel, even if they aren't your style. The story was very good, fairly intense although lacking something: brutality, stronger violence, whatever you want to call it which underpins more typical staples of the genre.

In the main the plot seemed plausible, most particularly the type of US mission and subsequent coverup. As I said, I judged too quickly with this one and now, having reflected, certainly feel it's worthy of more reflection and thought. May 25, Jerome rated it really liked it.

Ollie North has written a tremendous book, packed with excitement, human interest, a detailed knowledge of the way things work at "the top," and a deep Christian faith. He and Joe Musser combine these elements into a thriller that keeps you up at night. Moreover, the characters are believable and they grow and develop throughout the book, which is pretty unusual in thrillers of this genre. Mission Compromised is an eerie blend of fact and fiction, leaving the reader unsure which is which.

Actual Ollie North has written a tremendous book, packed with excitement, human interest, a detailed knowledge of the way things work at "the top," and a deep Christian faith. Actually, the first half is promising. North sets up his plot well, but when he gets into the "mission" itself, he fails to deliver. The plot has two serious flaws; the nefarious scheme involved is completely unrealistic to the point of being preposterous, and the hero would have to be brain dead to fall prey to it. I suspect the reason is something I heard Col. He said he didn't want to disclose classified information in the book, nor had he done so.

He apparently accomplished this by creating a situation which couldn't possibly happen in the way it unfolds in the book, so it can't possibly be tied to anything which actually happened. Also, do you really think, bin Laden would sucker himself into attending a "summit" of international terrorists, thugs, and warlords in IRAQ?

Oliver North's 'Jericho Sanction'

Despite what some people may claim, there is no solid evidence that Iraq and al-Qaeda were that close. Jan 17, Carey Green rated it really liked it. I read this because of who wrote it. I wanted to see if the book showed any of the "inside scoop" stuff about how the government and military really work. I was not disappointed about that. The book is filled with fictional accounts and a very interesting cameo by the author about the ins, outs, and deceptions that go on daily in government circles. BUT you knew there was a but here, didn't you. The book was a bit lacking in terms of writing skill, which surprised me because having I read this because of who wrote it.

The book was a bit lacking in terms of writing skill, which surprised me because having a co-author Joe Musser Joe Musser' 'oliver North I expected that Ollie was the one with the ideas and Joe was the one with the writing skill. Even if that was the case, I felt there were too many little "no no"s in the writing that distracted me. Changes in point of view within scenes, changes in tense within a scene, etc. Overall the characters were developed OK and the plot was interesting. A good book and worth the read but a bit disappointing. Maybe I had the wrong expectation? Jan 17, Jim McCulloch rated it it was amazing.

This is very well done. The details and relationships are many, complex, and seldom what they seem. I found the insertion of Christianity surprising and This is very well done. I found the insertion of Christianity surprising and even a little unsettling at first but quickly found it to work well with the characters and story-line. In fact, it is a refreshing and honest portrayal of the Christian faith in both the face of radical Islam and the everyday world of people around the globe.

Of course, the military aspects of the story are flawless. The story is a little long, and those having never served in the military might have some difficulty with the military acronyms and mindset even though LTC North included a glossary. I found it a fascinating and enlightening read. View 1 comment. Apr 08, Dianeparente62gmail. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Pleasantly surprised, did not expect such a compelling, quality novel.

A plot with enough twists and turns to entertain, characters with enough depth to grow as the novel unfolds,and a more than adequate writing style. The story is apparently true with North recounting it lest it never see the light of day with oficial channels blocking. The mission was supposedly to wipe out the leader responsible for Mogadishu. The brother of one of the victim of that horrendous slaughter is selected to head t Pleasantly surprised, did not expect such a compelling, quality novel.

The brother of one of the victim of that horrendous slaughter is selected to head that mission that is not only compromised by deceit but failed disastrously due to financially motivated sabotage from within. An international cast of characters, some astonishingly immoral,some courageously true to their beliefs provides interest and drama in this story of international intrigue with a devastatingly disastrous ending. Sep 08, Judy rated it really liked it. I always wonder how much of this Oliver North story about a dangerous clandestine military operation is based on reality. The plot maintained my attention in all but one section of the book.

The Christian storyline is not currently 'PC' but it reflects some military families' experiences in my area near Fort Bragg. What if both Islam and Christianity had Brotherhoods who consistently did good deeds inco I always wonder how much of this Oliver North story about a dangerous clandestine military operation is based on reality. What if both Islam and Christianity had Brotherhoods who consistently did good deeds inconspicuously? Inspite of the many parts of the story that angered me and made me sad, North finished the book leaving me hopeful.

Jan 19, Kevin Bowser rated it really liked it.

I got this book via eReaderIQ. I had heard the Oliver North had written a few novels and I decided to give one of them a try. I was very pleased with that decision. It starts out as a pure military thriller. It is not as tense as some. But it is sufficiently exciting to keep you involved.

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However, it does make a perceptible turn around the midpoint and become a bit of a novel with an evangelical message. I am ok with that. I was just not expecting it. North handles that transition well and the m I got this book via eReaderIQ. North handles that transition well and the message is delivered without an overly "preachy" tone.

All in all, I am looking forward to book two in this series. Oct 18, Marilyn rated it it was amazing.


This was a surprisingly wonderful book. Surprising mostly because I just got it because Oliver North "wrote" it. I wasn't much into politics when his big fall came about, but I'd venture to say that he truly was the "fall guy," in something nasty. This was an outstanding "mission compromised" story. A real page turner. Apr 19, Chuck rated it it was amazing. Very good novel about a Marine Lt. This is a very serious and mature book. But it taught me a lot about history and the wars in the Middle East. I found this book very interesting because it shows the life of people in the military and the FBI.

The Jericho Sanction: A Novel by Oliver North | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & NobleĀ®

It is very inspirational so I recommend it to pretty much everyone in middle school and above. A strong follow up to the debut novel with more entertaining and exciting exploits provided by Peter Newman. This series is a cut above most others in the genre and on par with the best efforts by Vince Flynn. Great story. Gripping, page turner! I am reading this series for the third time and an just as engaged as the first reading!

North pulls you in and keeps you holding on till the end! Feb 17, Debbie rated it it was amazing. Awesome book!!! I'm sad it's finished but looking for to Peter Newmans new adventure The Assassins!!! Sep 04, Deb rated it really liked it Shelves: christian , suspense. Not only is his and his wife Rachel's cover being compromised, there are also rumors that Iraq has 3 nuclear weapons.

Grisham wants Peter to go on a hunt for the nukes, but before he can leave his wife and her best friend are kidnapped. Newman teams up with the Israeli security guy who is the husband of the other missing woman to try to find them. It took a while to get going but once the kidnapping happened the suspense started to really flow.

There are some improbabilities, but not enough to mar this as an entertaining and suspenseful read. The behind the scenes looks at the military gadgets that Israel has and the explanation of how they would be willing to use their nuclear weapons was very illuminating. Feb 09, John rated it really liked it. Excellent book, this book had me captivated from the beginning. I've seen Ollie's books for a while and was skeptical about picking them up, I guess because I've been spoiled by the likes of Don Brown, and Dee Henderson.

Being a Christian and veteran I love reading military Christian fiction. The characters were well developed, and the story line could have been taken from the news headlines today. I think that is why the book draws you in and is hard to put down. Apr 11, Jodie rated it it was amazing. I think that I like this one better than Mission Compromised. In this one, you find out what happened to minor characters from the previous book, which was nice, since there were some minor characters that I would have hated to see killed.

It was also a sad book. But even with sad parts, I still liked it. View 2 comments. Jun 23, Fredrick Danysh rated it really liked it. When his cover is blown in Israel, Major Peter J. Newman's family is threatened. In Jerusalem his wife is kidnapped. Newman has to make a decision whether to continue his mission or rescue his wife. Israel prepares to launch a preemptive missile attack against Islamic terrorists holding nuclear weapons. Feb 17, Peter Charleston rated it really liked it.

Recommend reading Mission Compromised by Oliver North prior to this book as the series is turning into a nice, realistic, adventure. Enjoyable novel.

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I look forward to reading the next book in this series. Jul 14, Paul rated it it was amazing. A very good book. View 1 comment. Jun 16, Bill Donhiser rated it really liked it Shelves: read-books , adventure. This is the third Oliver North book i have read and I have enjoyed every one. Nuclear weapons a kidnapping and betrayal round out the plot of this novel set in the Middle East. I look forward to more from Ollie in the future. Feb 20, Ed rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-fiction.

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  5. Another thrilling adventure with Peter Newman in the Middle East. This is a continuation of the story started in Mission Compromised. To get the full flavor of the story, the reader should read Mission Compromised first. Aug 24, Kimberlee Bergeron rated it it was amazing. Second book of Oliver north trilogy. Great read! Jul 13, Marilee rated it really liked it. Grisham knows of only one person except for the ousted UN weapons inspectors who has been able to successfully get into and out of Iraq.

    He taps Pete Newman for another dangerous mission -- to locate the three hidden nuclear weapons that Saddam is planning to use against Israel and the West. Grisham contacts Newman and arranges to meet him at a most ironic place -- the site where Newman and his wife were nearly killed by assassins three years earlier.

    To complicate matters, while Newman goes to Larnaca, Cyprus, to meet with General Grisham, Rachel is grabbed at gunpoint, along with her Israeli friend Dyan Rotem, in a daring daylight kidnapping. When the two men meet, Newman has to reveal his true identity.

    The Assassins A Novel Peter Newman Book 3

    Both are uncertain who kidnapped their wives, and why. Was it a Palestinian terrorist group that had taken Dyan as a way to get to her husband, Rotem? Newman and Rotem are faced with the dilemma of finding, then rescuing Rachel and Dyan. Along the way Newman must wrestle with the moral implications of government-sanctioned assassinations as possibly the only way to save their lives.

    If that happens, it might trigger a Middle East war that could go global. In light of all this madness it seems as if nothing can prevent an Armageddon. These are issues that this country will clearly be forced to wrestle with in the years ahead. Q: Why did you choose The Jericho Sanction as the title for this book? A: Because the ultimate catastrophe in the Middle East is going to be a nuclear exchange. The Jericho Sanction is the real-life code name for an Israeli preemptive strike against any hostile nation threatening to attack the Jewish state with a weapon of mass destruction.

    It takes its name from the Jericho nuclear missiles the Israelis will use to carry out such a strike. The thing the Israelis were most worried about was the possibility that Saddam Hussein was going to take a weapon of mass destruction and detonate it in Haifa or Tel Aviv. And they would respond the only way they could: No one should have any doubt about whether that fear, on the part of the Israelis, still exists today. It does. A: We went over there at the end of February and we stayed with our units continuously from March 20, when the war started, through the final days of major combat operations, at the end of April.

    A: The Iraqi facilities, Israeli and U. For example, the description of the Salman Pak area is based on what I saw on the ground at Salman Pak this past April. The facility near At Tanf is identical to one I visited in western Iraq. And the descriptions of downtown Baghdad are all based on what I saw while I was there. I always carried a map and a GPS unit with me so I could get my time distance factors down perfectly. Q: Did the plot line or the characters in your latest novel undergo any changes after your return from the war in Iraq?

    But, as with Mission Compromised, there is a wrinkle in this novel that prepares readers for the next book in the trilogy. Q: As somebody who has been both an analyst of the situation in the Gulf and a correspondent on the ground in Iraq, what do you personally see for the future of the region? You have three groups shooting Americans in Iraq right now. The first is composed of the criminals Saddam released just before the war began.

    What we now know is that he murdered all the political prisoners he was holding and turned loose countless murderers, rapists, killers, robbers, and thieves. The second are the "Jihadists. The third group is what I call the "Saddamites. An Iraqi police force, separate from the military, needs to be brought on line to deal with the criminal element.

    And U. A: We have got to find a way to engage better intelligence more quickly against them. What do you mean by that? And we do. There is a radical element in the Middle East that has made it perfectly clear they have absolutely no intention of allowing the state of Israel to exist. We constantly try to get them to stop. The final book in the trilogy will be about U. The wrinkle at the end of The Jericho Sanction is that one of the Iraqi nukes goes missing. In the next book it will turn up and eventually find its way to the United States.

    By the way, there are many people who believe Iran currently possesses nuclear weapons acquired from Russia as the Soviet Union was collapsing. The scary thing is they might have more than a dozen of them.