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Greg Hurwitz can be uneven in his books, but he nails it here. The ending had an amazing and unexpected turn. I bought this online in hardcover. Smoak and Joey are well-developed characters, Van Sciver less so, but enough to give him depth, the shady secret group remained shady and secret, except Evan knows at the end where it came from. Book 4 will be a must-read. Wilde Fire , Book 10 in the Immortal Las Vegas series is the final book in the story arc about the Arcane Council, Sara Wilde, and the war to keep the old gods out of this world. Jenn Stark has slowly built a complex world of magic based on the Tarot and centered around Sara Wilde who starts as a relic hunter with a touch of magic and evolves into a powerful magic user and one of the Major Arcana.

In book ten, the Veil is finally torn and the battle rages and Sara is the lynchpin. Her ally is surprising, so is her biggest enemy. The denouement was great and has led to a spin-off series about former demons who are the only ones that can hunt and demons that end up on the Earthside on the veil. Dixie and other characters get involved and the war brings the Connected out of the shadows all over the world. I give Wilde Fire B- 3.

Lord, what a disappointment. Laura DiSilvero has done some excellent, original mysteries, notably Mall Cop and her Ballroom Dance series, but this is a ho-hum me too book group cozy that could have been written by anyone of a dozen authors. It has nothing really remarkable to recommend it as a read. From setting, to characters, to plot it was one big generic yawn. Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco gets a C- 2.

But living in the shadows as the feared assassin Spider is no longer possible. The best part was the unexpected twist at the very end that sets the plot for her next book and it should be a gem if she works it right. One of the better, more consistent series out there. Publication Date is July OK, this ebook was not on my radar, but it was one of many suggestions offered when I asked for amusing romance suggestions. No real standout characters or plot lines, so, meh. Move along. Nothing new here.

It made following the slight plot even more confusing. Kind of hard to red line the old outrage meter on that one. It was more about writing style than content and more about impressing the reader with technique than telling a compelling story. Serving Carl with divorce papers may not be as satisfying as just shooting him, but she needs to move on and that means dumping Carl — the real Carl — who now enjoys Diplomatic Immunity. Damn, just when shooting him would solve the whole divorce problem!

Not as lighthearted as the Miss Fortune books or the Lexi Carmichael series, more serious action and nasty bad guys, but still in the humorous vein. Scottsdale Sizzle , as you might expect, takes place in Scottsdale — in the summer. No kidding. The old guy made a fortune in air conditioner patents and in addition to his huge house in Scottsdale, he collected jewels. Not just any jewels, but ones with a history, owed by famous and infamous alike. Les Murdock is in trouble with the Chicago mob — big money trouble — and he needs the jewels to pay them off and disappear because the FBI want him as witness in a huge criminal case.

And his sister, who is actually a nice person, not a lying con artist like her brother, wants nothing to do with him. Written in a lively and entertaining style, with not one but 2 love interests, Reno, a police detective, and Maximilian, an under boss of the local mob.

It has good dialogue, well developed characters and a good plot. A series I will follow. Yeah, me too. As if! There are many authors who for one reason or another choose to go the route of self-publishing, mostly e-books and sometimes with print editions available. The most popular platform is CreateSpace owned by Amazon. Another use is for well know authors to try new concepts and series ideas on fans to see if their new ideas have good audience appeal.

All ended up getting published through traditional imprints. Barry Eisler with his John Rain series is now ALL back in his hands and all being published in ebook and print new titles on the older books. Regardless, there are a whole lot of good humorous mysteries showing up as ebooks. The cover art varies, but the titles stay the same for this fun series featuring a social inept computer guru that works for NSA in InfoSec information security.

The novella titled No Money Down is listed as book 2. Slash is more legend than real, and some believe, not a person at all, but a group of experts the NSA uses. They leave a message someplace only Slash would find it and only he would understand it. And he does, and he also realizes the ONLY reason the twins would approach him would be to help their best friend, Lexi Carmichael. The basic premise was not credible as it could be, but not so far off to be annoying. The first clients are arriving and Lexi is in her usual mild panic at dealing with humans. So the Scooby Gang once again is piecing together seeming unrelated bits information as unravel a tangled web of corporate deceit, greed, and government involvement — in the form of the all too handsome Slash.

He hires X-Corp to prove someone hacked the bank records to implicate his uncle, as his relationship would call anything he did into account. Soon Lexi and Slash are off to Rome and the Vatican Bank, which Lexi finds a planted program and they both find a dead bank employee. And the Scooby Gang does Italy. The clues in this plot are reminiscent of a Dan Brown book, but No Place Like Rome see a lot of character development for Lexi and Slash as the focus of the series starts shifting to focus more on fewer characters. No Place Like Rome is a bit more mature than the earlier books in plot and storytelling.

Supposedly these brilliant geeks need help finding a girl and the audience votes someone off the show each week. And Lexi is off to Hollywood ………. The other characters had bit parts or walk ons. Even Basia had nothing much to do. Slash shows up at the end. The perp is obvious and the ending as predictable as the rest. The only thing missing was a pie fight. Despite the fact the story was a fun — and laugh out loud, at times — read, the plot was lame compared with the earlier books. Entertaining fluff. Book 5, just released this month, is No Test for the Wicked. Lexi relives her worst nightmare, she goes back to high school, and not as a teacher, as an undercover student to find and stop a group of very smart kids, calling themselves the WOMBATS, who have hacked the system and are playing havoc.

At 25, Lex might still pass for 18, but she is no longer the insecure girl who was the outcast in her high school. Just as they start in the secure computer center, they hear gunshots. True to form, Lexi Carmichael is once again the ultimate trouble magnet. Terrorists have taken over the school. She and Elvis have minutes to get a few things done then hide — a truly memorable scene. The three high school kids were well done and the plot oddly believable, more so than several others. Moffett mixes in humor and action far more smoothly and believably here than the other books in the series.

The Lexi Carmichael series is a fun series of reads without a lot of deep meaning, just shallow, occasional perceptive, and comfortably accessible for the techno-challenged. Only book 1 is available in print and the price is absurdly high. Dear old dad is a senator who the new VP detests, so he carefully — with full deniability — outed his daughter Merry as an undercover CIA operative. She almost died getting out of the hellhole where she was operating. A new neighbor across the street is a handsome hunk — and a police detective. Inconvenient when dead bodies start showing up.

Even more inconvenient is her unwanted house guest, a Russian double agent, Lana, ex-partner Riley and a Japanese Yakuza, Midori Ito, dead in her kitchen, and best friend Kelly there with tuna noodle casserole. Some days, life is just weird. Langtry does her usual good job, but as always, has the WTF moments — like what CIA agent in hiding goes back to their home town using nothing but hair dye and colored contacts for a disguise? And how do you hide when you pal around with your best friend from childhood?

Credibility issues aside, it was a fun read, though I figured it out easily enough. Forget print. Clever title, dumb plot, annoying writing, changing POV every chapter was especially annoying and served NO useful purpose at all. Said politician is found dead. Client is lying. Wife is lying. Pretty much every one is lying or experiencing some kind of car envy. How this tripe got 4. At a slight pages, it is at least short, just not short enough. It would be better free. Even better if forgotten, scratched off Mt TBR and read something good instead.

For six books, author Christina Henry created and sustained a great story of an evolving person with blood ties to Lucifer. Somewhere Maddy Black became a whiny, PIA, jerk, not just due to pregnancy, but because she seemed to loose her brains and her backbone. In the beginning, Maddy was an Agent of Death, escorting souls of the departed to doorways to the beyond. But she is so much more. Her own powers evolve and grow and she save Chicago from an infestation of sunlight resistant vampires. Suddenly big bro can grab all three in his dragon claw and disappear with them?

To say I nearly had an aneurysm over this is putting it mildly. The book literally sailed across the room, hit a wall and landed on the floor while I yelled something obscene at it. Christina Henry has a lot to answer for. If you have followed the series and understandably wish to read the last book, buy it used.

Then dig a hole and bury it. I would have stabbed the sanctimonious bastard in the eye with a meat fork. Then again, at that point, I was kind of in a bad mood. Aiken has another really fun entry. The books can be a bit uneven in quality, but when she hits on all cylinders, she can really pull it off. Not paranormal romance, like her Pack and Pride series, these books are a cross between epic fantasy and fantasy romance. The world building is very complex and has many parts and the books are spaced far apart as her more popular and better known Pack and Pride books take priority.

Plus plotting and writing a book with as many characters and sub-plots as she has going here takes time. I, like other fans, patiently sit and wait for each installment. Read them in order so you know who is who in the VERY large cast of humans, dragons, and gods. Celyn the Charming, one of the very large clan of Cadwaladr dragons, spent several days watching a determined woman climb Devenallt Mountain, home of the queen of the southland dragons. Her tribal leader ordered to kill the dragon queen, so she was honor bound to try, even though she knew all she would do is try — and die, which is what her leader wanted.

After months in the jail of the Southland queen, Annwyl the Bloody, the same chatty dragon comes to fetch her, the forgotten prisoner, to meet with the two queens, dragon and human. Annwyl needs an emissary to the Anne Atili, leader of all the steppes tribes, to start the process of alliance against a joint enemy — the zealots following the one-eyed god. They send only one companion with her, that damn chatty dragon who left her in jail all these months.

Curious, handsome, chatty, generally good-natured for a dragon , Celyn is sorely tested by the fatalistic, mostly silent, morose Daughter of the Steppes. The action goes right to end, and despite the nearly pages, it managed to read as tightly as a much shorter book. As I said earlier, the series is a bit uneven. Holding that balance of biting, often black humor, action, rough and tumble romance, high body counts, and a sprawling multi-level plot is not easy to pull off.

This time she kept it balanced AND she managed to move the over-arcing plot forward quite a bit while doing so. Light My Fire is not deathless prose, filled with moving, unforgettable characters, tell a story for the ages. I read a fair amount of paranormal. Fantasy tends to get blended with UF and often starts UF and moves more heavily into fantasy. The defining attribute of UF is, of course, a city setting. It gets very difficult to tuck books into convenient genre niches. Fantasy is something we all tend to think of in terms of Hobbits and dragons and Middle Earth.

Certainly epic fantasy is whole worlds imagined, yet the characters are understandable in human terms. But equally often fantasy has its roots in legends. Myth based fantasy is popular — just ask former mystery writer Rick Riordan. All these are honest fantasy. And where the hell do I put Harry Potter? An argument could be made that Bujold is Science Fiction, but she is less about technology or theory and more about saga. I am as guilty as the next one in classifying an historical by a modern reference. How else could I explain it? We try and give things less well know a common reference.

Assuming they know what a periwig is, which these days is assuming a lot. Jance, and Brian Freeman. Dear God, what is happening out there! So, identity of genre is tough these days. We have ghosts and skeletons and wizards and suicidal shop keepers ……………. You know what? So sit back and read what-ever-you-want-to-call-it. The world of October Daye was not easy to get into.

October is now a very different character from book one. But Simon Torquill, twin of her liege and the man who turned her into a fish 14 years ago and stood laughing as she almost died before getting to water …….. But that Toby is not the Toby who stands today, as Simon soon finds out. And no one from those earlier books is what they seemed. The Winter Long is a story about revelations, betrayal, growth and change — and self assurance making all the difference.

Fundamental truths were lies and the lies were not what they seemed.

The book is long, and the story satisfying. That takes effort from readers. Also, it lacks the brisk humor of say, Charlie Davidson, a character that at her core, more understandable than Toby, and who uses humor to relieve the sometimes terrible things she experiences. The Winter Long is highly recommended but the series needs to be read in order to understand the world and the characters.

Purchased from Amazon and worth every penny. As Iris tends to do, she going overboard trying to give Gigi a perfect Christmas, not like what they had, but what all the movies show. Gigi just wants to be home and enjoy, but Iris is determined. Keeping in mind this is a novella, so by definition a lightweight story, it was really very good. At first. Gigi also does something unexpected, she applies for a job with the Vampire Council.

Thing is, once a human goes to work for the Council, they can never leave. So Gigi would essentially become an indentured servant. Iris was NOT going to like that. The candy making scene was a complete howl and had me in tears. It was. I was very frustrated. Man is that annoying.

Then she blew it big time. Consider what I said about the ending before buying. Charley is pregnant and still out doing her thing — just with Reyes standing there watching like a hawk. For good reason, the 12 hellhounds are after her. Seriously after her. Even Charley is nervous, just not nervous enough as far as Reyes is concerned. As usual, Charley has multiple deaths to deal with. First FBI Agent Carson first name Kit wants her help on a cold case — a multiple murder at a summer camp in the mountains outside Albuquerque. But even the ultra-professional SAC, as Charley calls her, has trouble keeping her eyes on the road and off the hunk in her backseat.

Charley understands. She has trouble herself. The problem will be the spirits at the campground. Ghosts often talk to Charley and Carson knows nothing of what she really is. But then Charley is seen as well, by the Hellhounds. They get back to the bar that Reyes bought from her dad and he shuts her out of a conversation with a TV reporter. In a fit of pique, she takes her lunch to her office to find a priest waiting for her. Seems the Vatican has been watching her and now he wants Charley to investigate apparent suicides that leave notes, but seem ……..

Talking to the dead savant who records each death means getting into an asylum she owns, but Reyes has padlocked it without her knowledge — or permission. It does not go well. I am endlessly amazed at how well and effortlessly Ms Jones pulls it off. Seventh Grave and No Body has Charley growing as a character and evolving into what she will become. The print copy carries a short bonus chapter from Reyes POV on the changes in Charley as she grows into her power. It made a lot of evolutionary progress, which the overarching plot needed at this point.

Shorter than her previous entries, it still satisfies, although the plot is simpler than most, especially books one and two. But Fortune is a quick witted as she is with her feet and grabs two hot dogs, tossing them so the two big dogs loose down the street see — and block Celia. And with a couple of hot dogs, Fortune earns the enmity of the possible future mayor!!!!!! Carter just called in. He was being shot at, but Breaux had no boat and had to wait on one.

She does and Carter, who has been shot, lands in the hospital with short term amnesia about what happened between their date Saturday night and being shot. One only used in hospitals. Second, any check on her ID by a government agency will completely blow her cover. Finally, Director Morrow has been injured in a suspicious accident. Gator Bait is fast, funny, and a good read it gets a B- 3. On broad the Berengaria, a priceless ruby is stolen from an Indian princess.

Georgie helps none other than Darcy, for whom she was pining, to try and find the culprit. Naturally, the flattered Claire agrees, even though the film, the story of Phillip of Spain, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth has nothing at all to do with history. They land in New York and quickly head to Nevada, and beat a hasty retreat from dusty, small town Reno to glamorous Hollywood and the Beverly Hills Hotel where Goldman has put them up in a 2 bedroom bungalow.

It huge, tacky, tasteless and typical of the era. Actually, the whole book was shock free and kind of ordinary. Claire has a one night stand with Charlie Chaplin, of course. Queenie is inept, quits, and comes back at the end. The sheriff is out of central casting. Shallow, superficial, and ultimately, unsatisfying. Queen of Hearts gets a C- 2. Rhys Bowen usually writes well, but this effort was lazy and lackluster at best, even for fans of the series.

Wait for a cheap paperback or get it at your library. Sales and ratings reflect the blah quality of the book. My copy has moved on through Paperback Swap. I love fall, but it came much to early thanks to a drought. The trees behind my place turned in September and peaked just as October arrived. Too many months with nothing green except the pines now lay ahead. God, I hate winter!

My poor brother sweats Really, like beads running down his face when he does any work at all. It is nice to live in the country with hills. Nice color, and very scenic drives everywhere. October new releases have mostly arrived and still nothing amazing. Where is that gem of book by a new author? Apparently very well hidden.

I bought the next book in the series, Silent Murder. Throughout the book, the author slips in tidbits about many acts that later became famous on the screen and much later on TV. She calls herself Leah Randell, but for this act she is known as Carrie Darling. She was raised in vaudeville and made her own since her mother died years ago when she was Small and youthful looking, she can still pass as a teen despite her 24 years. She sees a fat man in her show several nites running. Jessie Carr was his niece and would now be 20 years old.

She ran away from the family estate in Oregon after her parents died and her aunt came to live there with her 4 children to raise her. Initially, Leah refuses. The act breaks up and finding work is hard. Eventually, she agrees to impersonate Jessie Carr. Oliver trains her in everything from correct fork and spoon to who is who in the family, where she lived as a child, the lawyers managing the estate, etc. Then the accidents start. The boarding house she lived in burns down.

Her two male cousins had spent the last nearly 7 years expecting to inherit, now Jessie is back and they want her gone. As in dead and gone. And suddenly, the book stalls. Unfortunately, I knew what happened by page It was a good read, but not great. Kelley, A Different Drummer c. Carolyn Kirby, The Conviction of Cora Burns , Dzanc Books s Birmingham, England: a troubled young woman searches for her lost sister and the truth behind a grisly crime in this Victorian thriller.

Jing-Jing Lee, How We Disappeared , Oneworld novel set in Singapore , about a woman who survived the Japanese occupation and a man who thought he had lost everything.

The Value and Momentum Trader - Grant Henning - Bok () | Bokus

Nadia Marks, Between the Orange Groves , Pan an old man decides to share his painful memories with his daughter, transporting her back to Cyprus and a family scandal. Nadia Marks, The Island of Promises , Pan historical saga spanning decades in the lives of two families from different religions on the island of Cyprus. Tim Murphy, Correspondents , Grove spanning the 20th century, a multi period story of an Irish-Lebanese family whose life and family history mirrors the story of America. Sandra Newman, The Heavens , Granta time-slip novel- newly married Kate falls asleep in and wakes in London, as Emilia, the mistress of a nobleman.

Cheryl A. Michael Parker, Prairie Fever , Algonquin set in the s in Oklahoma, Prairie Fever follows the relationship of two young women who fall in love with the same man. Ralph Peters, Darkness at Chancellorsville , Forge a novel of Stonewall Jackson and one of the most dramatic battles in American history. Amanda Quick, Tightrope , Berkley California s — an ex-trapeze artist is caught up in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the onstage death of an inventor. Saskia Sarginson, How It Ends , Piatkus within a year of arriving at an American airbase in Suffolk, the loving, law-abiding Delaney family is destroyed.

Werner Sonne trans. Eugene Vodolazkin, trans. Hayden, Solovyov and Larionov , Oneworld journey through a momentous period of Russian history, interweaving story of two men of different backgrounds that asks whether we can really understand the present without first understanding the past. Jo Walton, Lent , Tor re-imagining of Girolamo Savanarola who remade fifteenth-century Florence—in all its astonishing strangeness. Susan White, Fear of Drowning , Acorn epic family saga set against the backdrop of two world wars, earthquakes, epidemics, prejudice, social injustice, greed and ambition.

England during WW II follows the lives of three courageous women who work in a munitions factory. Willem Anker, trans. Michiel Heyns, Red Dog: A Novel of the African Frontier , Pushkin set in 17th-c — an epic tale of Africa in a time before boundaries between cultures and peoples were fixed.

Karen Barnett, Ever Faithful , Waterbrook romantic mystery about a man hiding the truth, braving the west to become something more—and the woman who must confront his deception. Amanda Barrett, My Dearest Dietrich , Kregel renowned theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer is famous for his resistance to the Nazi regime and for his allegiance to God over government. But what few realize is that the last years of his life also held a love story that rivals any romance novel.

Andrew Caldecott, Rotherweird , Jo Fletcher Books twelve children, gifted far beyond their years, are banished by their Tudor queen to the town of Rotherweird. Clare Carson, The Canary Keeper , Head of Zeus London, a thriller involving murder and a quest to find killer who might be an Esquimaux with a female accomplice. Catherine Chung, The Tenth Muse , Ecco novel about a trailblazing mathematician whose research unearths her own extraordinary family story and its roots in World War II. Sean Dietrich, Stars of Alabama , Thomas Nelson two Depression-era migrant workers find an abandoned baby in the woods and decide to care for the mysterious child.

Claire Evans, The Graves of Whitechapel , Sphere lawyer in turn-of-the-century London must find a man he got off a murder charge — and who seems to have killed again. Marcello Fois, trans. Adrian Goldsworthy, Brigantia , Head of Zeus third in Vindolanda military adventure series set in 2nd-C Roman Britain involves murder, tribal plotting against the empire, and Druids. Deborah Hewitt , The Nightjar , Pan fantasy adventure set in an alternative London and infused with Finnish mythology. Caitlin Horrocks, The Vexations , Little, Brown debut novel about love, family, genius, and the madness of art, circling the life and times of French composer Erik Satie, set in early 20th-c Paris.

Marjan Kamali, The Stationery Shop , Gallery Tehran — this novel explores devastating loss, reconciliation and the quirks of fate. Richard Kirshenbaum, Rouge , St. Antoine Laurain, trans. Laura Madeleine, [untitled ], Transworld girls escapes from early 20th-c Tangier to Spain. Lena Manta, trans. Gail Holst-Warhaft , The Gold Letter , Amazon Crossing a discovery of old letters begins an intergenerational story of the unfulfilled loves of a mother and grandmother.

Celeste O. Norfleet, One Night in Georgia , Amistad set in the summer of , a provocative novel of individual lives caught in the grips of violent history. Laura Purcell, The Poison Thread , Penguin Victorian gothic horror tale about a young seamstress who claims her needle and thread have the power to kill. Matteo Righetto, Soul of the Border , Atria coming-of-age set in the late 19th-c; a daring young woman braves the wilds of the mountainous Austrian-Italian border in order to save her family. Rena Rossner, The Sisters of the Winter Wood , Redhook set in a remote village on the border of Moldova and Ukraine, a historical fantasy of magic and folklore and about sisterly love.

Susana Lopez Rubio, trans. Kathryn Scanlan, Aug 9 — Fog , MCD a collage of a life that might have been forgotten, reassembled from the pages of a water-stained diary. Dominic Smith, The Electric Hotel , Sarah Crichton novel traces the intertwined fates of a silent-film director and his muse. Carrie Turansky, No Ocean Too Wide , Multnomah inspired by true events of the poor children who were sent to Canada with promise of a better life, during the years of to Jennifer Weiner, Mrs. David Wharton, Finer Things , Sandstone the lives of a professional shoplifter and a young art student collide in London.

Roseanna M. Liza Wieland, Paris, 7 A. Elizabeth Byler Younts, The Bright Unknown , Thomas Nelson two young friends embark on a journey across s middle America in search of answers, a family, and a place to call home. Sara Aharoni, trans. Yardenne Greenspan , The First Mrs Rothschild , Amazon Crossing 18th-c Frankfurt — passionate young lovers in a Jewish ghetto rise to become the foremost financial dynasty in the world.

David Baldacci, One Good Deed , Macmillan , a young soldier arrives in Poca City, Oklahoma looking for a peaceful life after his wartime experiences. Andrea Bobotis, The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt , Sourcebooks Landmark a spinster unravels the complicated secrets of her family— interweaves the present with flashbacks to Ellin Carsta, trans. Leah Fleming, In the Heart of the Garden , Head of Zeus story of an ancient garden transformed from a Saxon clearing, to a monastery, to a Tudor dwelling, to the present-day garden. Rachel Fordham, Yours Truly, Thomas , Revell a prairie romance; a young woman finds love and belonging when a letter bound for someone else finds its way into her hands.

Lois H. Gresh, Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu adventures. John J. Inspirational romance. Inspired by true events. Talese debut novel following the lives of three groundbreaking women—cinema legends who lit up the twentieth century. Owen Matthews, Black Sun , Doubleday a chilling thriller set in in one of the most secretive locations in Soviet history. Pablo Medina, The Cuban Comedy , The Unnamed Press love story steeped in political satire, poetry, and touches of magical realism — background s Cuba.

Jean Moran, Tears of the Dragon , Head of Zeus epic saga full of intrigue, exotic locations, the horrors of war, and its aftermath. Gill Paul, The Lost Daughter , Headline multi-period journey through decades and across continents, of love, devastating loss and courage against all odds. First in historical trilogy. Laura L. Mary Ellen Taylor, Spring House , Montlake lives of two women, a century apart, converge in this enthralling novel of love, mystery, memories, and secrets.

Tjia, A Necessary Murder , Legend historical crime thriller where the twists and turns are as numerous and dark as the London streets which serve as their setting. Alternative history. Ludmila Ulitskaya, trans. Cassie Fancher, Street of Widows , Green Writers debut collection of stories of small town American women navigating grief and loss. Carrie Hope Fletcher, When the Curtain Falls , Sphere multi-period theatre ghost story of unrequited love and revenge.

Minrose Gwin, The Accidentals , Wm Morrow following the death of their mother, the McAlister daughters have to cope with ripple effect of this tragedy as they come of age in s Mississippi. Lisa Howorth, Summerlings , Doubleday a Cold War coming-of-age story in which three best friends confront their fears of the Bomb, Russian spies, girls, and their role in the tragic accident that ushers them into adulthood. Aukland, Kuang, The Dragon Republic , Harper Voyageur fantasy combining the history of twentieth-century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters.

Sequel to The Poppy War. Sarah Lark, trans. Kate Northrop , The Fire Blossom , Amazon Crossing family saga of two women in 19th-century New Zealand and their epic journey to survive in a world of their own making. Lorac, Murder in the Mill-Race , PPP Chief Inspector Macdonald faces one of his most difficult cases in a village determined not to betray its dark secrets to a stranger.

Alix Nathan, The Warlow Experiment , Doubleday historical novel about an 18th-c experiment in personal isolation that yields unexpected and shatteringly human results. Until mid-October , when a theft sets off a crime wave. Mary Doria Russell, The Women of the Copper Country , Atria inspiring novel about Annie Clements—the courageous woman who started a rebellion by leading a strike against the largest copper mining company in the world.

Bill Schutt, J. Lewis Shiner, Outside the Gates of Eden , Head of Zeus using the music business as a window into the history of half a century, this is both epic and intimate, realistic and ultimately hopeful. Stuart, Singapore Sapphire , Berkley Harriet Gordon stumbles into a murderous web of stolen gems and cutthroat thieves as she runs from her past in early 20th-century Singapore. Olga Tokarczuk, illus. Jennifer Croft, Flights , Riverhead multi-period novel explores what it means to be a traveler, a wanderer, a body in motion not only through space but through time.

Martin Walser, trans. Jeffrey Archer, Nothing Ventured , St. RJ Baker, The Bone Ships , Orbit a crew of condemned criminals embarks on a suicide mission to hunt the first sea dragon seen in centuries in first book of this historical fantasy trilogy. James R. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel , Berkley Victorian mystery series. Jessie Burton, The Confession , Picador story of three women and the complex connections they have shared across decades and continents. Karen Campbell, The Sound of the Hours , Bloomsbury Circus wartime historical novel about love, loss, and conflict in an occupied Italian town.

Jack Chambers, illus. Tracy Chevalier, A Single Thread , Viking — a woman is drawn into a society of women who embroider kneelers for the Cathedral, carrying on a centuries-long tradition of bringing comfort to worshippers. Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Water Dancer , One World a young slave with magical gifts enlists in the underground war between slavers and the enslaved. Sam Taylor, After the War , Europa multi-layered tale of vengeance and retribution set in s Bordeaux.

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, trans.

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  5. Champignons à la grecque (French Edition).

Frank Wynne, Animalia , Grove Press literary epic that retraces the history of a modest French peasant family over the 20th century as they develop their small plot of land into an industrial pig farm. Marente De Moor, trans. David Doherty, The Dutch Maiden , World Editions Germany, where Nazism is taking hold, a young Dutch girl, is sent to an embittered aristocrat to train as a fencer.

Sara Donati, Where the Light Enters , Berkley epic about two trailblazing female doctors in nineteenth-century New York and the transformative power of bravery and love. Marina Endicott, The Difference , Knopf Canada novel about two sisters who live aboard a merchant ship on a fateful voyage through the South Pacific in Anglo-Saxon Britain.

Bernicia Chronicles VI.

Book Covers (Rome), A-E

Alix E. Harrow, The Ten Thousand Doors of January , Redhook in the early s, a young woman searches for her place in the world after finding a mysterious book. Jane Kirkpatrick, One More River to Cross , Revell beset by storms, bad timing, and desperate decisions, 8 women, 17 children, and one man must outlast winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Julia Kristeva, trans.

Ji-min Lee, The Starlet and the Spy , Harper Seoul, — portrayal of unexpected kinship between two very different women, and of the surprising connections that can change, or even save, a life. Suzanne Matson, Ultraviolet , Catapult novel about three generations of women set largely in the American West during much of the twentieth century.

A gentlewoman flees an arranged marriage, a Scottish proctor returns to his monastery and a young ploughman is on his way to volunteer with a company of archers. All come together on the road to Calais. Beth Piatote, The Beadworkers , Counterpoint stories in the landscapes of the Native Northwest, exploring the inventive and unforgettable pattern of Native American life.

Tobias Roberts, The Revisionist , Dalkey Archive outlines the lives and tragedies of the psychiatrist Isaac Himmelfarb and his wife, Sarah, whose marriage is strained by the grief of a miscarriage. A woman lands on the Scottish coast from a German flying boat and goes to ground, hunted by British Intelligence. Elizabeth Speller, The Hedge of Thorns , Pegasus mysterious love story—set in the divided city of Berlin in —evoking post-war themes of loss, identity, and betrayal.

Matteo Strukul, trans. Faith Sullivan, Ruby and Roland , Milkweed at a historical moment when young women are expected to be focused on courtship and marriage, the industrious Ruby looks to expand her horizons. Stella Tillyard, The Great Level , Atria spanning several decades in 17th-c Great Britain and America — a love story exploring the power of nature versus man and man versus woman. Jen Turano, Diamond in the Rough , Bethany House as part of a bargain with her grandmother, Poppy Garrison accepts an unusual proposition to participate in the New York social season.

Jane Zinser, Fly Like a Bird , BQB Publishing a young girl of the s discovers her family and the people in her town are keeping secrets about the night a car crash killed her parents. Mark Barr, Watershed , Hub City Press set in in rural Tennessee, with the construction of a monumental dam serving as background—story of characters whose ambitions and yearnings threaten to overflow the banks of their time and place. Pamela Bell, Christmas at Emmerdale , Trapeze August , and a terrible war begins, one that will affect the lives of everyone in the village of Beckindale.

Gregory Benford, Rewrite: Loops in the Timescape , Saga Press a history professor travels back to and becomes a successful Hollywood screenwriter. William Bennett, The Last Man at the Inn , Ensign Peak Simon, a spice merchant and a Jew without deeply felt religious beliefs, begins his lifelong journey as one of the first new Christians as his life intersects with Jesus. Raymond Benson, Blues in the Dark , Skyhorse a s and present-day Hollywood crime drama that tackles racism, sexism, and murder.

Mireille Best, trans. John Blumenthal, The Strange Courtship of Abigail Bird , Regal House a lonely literature professor falls in love with a student whose passion for writing equals his own. Dale Carothers, Daniel DeVargas, illus.

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Melissa Hardy, The Oracle of Cumae , Second Story a young woman rescues their revered and ancient oracle from destruction. Olivia Hawker, One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow , Lake Union Wyoming, — two resilient women must decide how to trust each other—or else risk losing everything they hold dear. Helena Janeczek, trans.

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Ola Larsmo, trans. Tiina Nunnally, Swede Hollow , Univ. James Lovegrove, Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon , Titan Holmes and Watson are visited by a new client who believes she is being haunted by a demonic Christmas spirit. Luigi Malerba, Douglas Grant Heise, trans.

Emily Hauser, Ithaca Forever , Univ of California novel portrays Odysseus as a man full of doubts and Penelope as a woman of great depth and strength.

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Melanie Metzenthin, trans. When Richard and Paula meet in bustling, cosmopolitan Hamburg, everything feels possible until the Nazis take power. Richard C. Morais, The Man With No Borders , Little A thru reminiscences of life beginning with a bucolic childhood in the s, a father comes to terms with his mortality and secrets. Neil Olson, Before the Devil Fell , Hanover Square novel about the intertwined families of a small New England town, and the history of witchcraft that binds them together.

Knight, Ribbons of Scarlet , Wm Morrow stories of six unforgettable women whose paths cross during the French Revolution. Luanne G. Smith, The Vine Witch , 47North a young witch emerges from a curse to find her world upended in this fantasy of betrayal, vengeance, and self-discovery set in turn-of-the-century France. Georgia Ball, illus. Patrick W. Carr, The End of the Magi , Bethany House fleeing for his life after his adoptive father is put to death, a young magi acolyte begins an epic journey filled with peril.

Kimia Eslah, The Daughter Who Walked Away , Roseway Pub explores the lives of three Iranian women, across three generations, as they struggle to love and be loved unconditionally. Eric Flint, Walter H. Jerry B. Jenkins, Dead Sea Conspiracy , Worthy Books archeologist Nicole Berman is about to discover the key to unifying three major religions, but a dangerous and evil enemy is out to stop her.

Joseph Kanon, The Accomplice , Atria espionage novel about a Nazi war criminal who was supposed to be dead, the rogue CIA agent on his trail, and the beautiful woman connected to them both. Rosa Liksom, trans. As the child dies, his mother curses William. Dexter Palmer, Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen , Pantheon in in the small town of Godalming, England, a young woman confounds the medical community by giving birth to dead rabbits.

Heidi Perks, Come Back for Me , Gallery novel deals with the scars left by tragedy and the possibilities for healing. Rachel Shihor, trans. James D.