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Anyway, excellent work! And as for the antlers, my opinion on that is that I agree with you. Originally I had used a set of antlers stained black just once, so they came out more of a dark gray tone.

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They also were rougher and quite textured, and so did not come out nearly as glossy. In addition the antler tips, where the color had been rubbed off by the deer, remained white after staining, which I thought contributed to the antlers' natural appearance.

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However, in the end that was simply not the look my client was after. He sent me another, larger, smoother set of antlers which I gave that dark black, glossy look that he desired, and that's what you see pictured here. This is unbelievable!! I absolutely adore this. Would you mind if I asked how much you charged for this?

Also, how would you feel if I posted this in my group, ExoticTaxidermy? I'd actually rather not discuss the exact agreed-upon price for this mount, but it was around what one would pay for a lifesize red stag mount in my area. I will say that I do feel I should have asked for more, for a number of reasons.

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Ah, well, you know how hindsight is. And you're very welcome to add it to your group gallery.

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Love it! Really eerie looking guy, and I love how you crafted his mane from sheepskins!

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How long did it take you? The part of the mane that covers his neck and ends just in front of his foreleg is really only one very large sheepskin. I used about half of another, smaller sheepskin to create the part of the mane on the underside of the body. As for how long the mount took, if that is what you're asking, I honestly couldn't say Far longer than I ever expected it to. It began back in mid-April when my customer sent me an e-mail with a short explanation of what he wanted, and it's been an on-and-off work in progress ever since.

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Well, that's the incredibly condensed version! At any rate, I'm incredibly pleased that it's finally complete and ready to leave the shop. Can I has??

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Shiny, black, and kinda sexy! If x-mas needed a style in black, this handsome beast would be be the model for all awesome things that follow!! What was your inspiration??! Yesssss, he is very shiny! This handsome guy wasn't my idea, the inspiration fully belongs to my customer who commissioned him!

Black Stag

And to be honest, despite all the discussion between us about this deer, I've never really asked him why he wants it or what inspired it, and he has never freely offered up that information Haha, I seriously love this! If the customer hasn't picked him up yet, and you get the chance, ask! It was certainly an excellent idea, and you have done wonderfully on him! He is truly beautiful!!! So regal. Besides, I can't imagine anyone doing it any better! And seriously! Something about him screams holiday to me. What a STUD!! Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to see a herd of these out in a snowy forest??

The full moon beaming off of the snow, making them shine like the divine creatures they are. Only ever seen in ancient forests during the heaviest of snows. The mythical creatures of legend If I had Photoshop, I'd do it!! I just this comment. And yes, it sure is! I kept realizing that I had missed spots and had to keep going back and applying more dye, always more dye I do a fair amount of pelt dyeing, and I always manage to due under my fingernails, too. I have a mountable red colored red fox pelt that I am seriously considering dyeing black However, it is not especially thick, even if the fur itself is stronger.

Their antlers are also black, as are their eyes and hooves. The dense coniferous forests and sprawling grasslands of Leurecht make the ideal homes for Black Stag, though they tend to migrate farther south when winter comes. Densely wooded areas where they can hdie their young from predators are preferred, but Black Stag males will attempt to fight anywhere to prove superiority.

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Unlike other deer, Black Stag are highly aggressive to predators or intruders on their territory. As the doe have small horns, both the Alpha male, Beta males, and females of a pack will fight to protect their offspring. Their incredibly resilient fur provides them with natural armor to many predators, reducing how badly they are injured. Sign In Don't have an account?