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In the series, he also has just been released from prison, having been convicted of burglary. Rats struggles to find a job , with his problems compounded by the fact that his wife Sharon, along with his two children Tarquin and Snoopies, has left him. Rats has several jobs in the course of the series including security , working in a fast-food restaurant and busking. While busking, Rats performs the poetry that he writes in his spare time , and though it is crude and childish , he sees it as a serious expression of his feelings and beliefs.

Throughout the series, we see Rats concentrate on trying to bring his band, 'spermdotcom', into the mainstream.

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The band did experience some minor success some years beforehand, reaching No. Keen to maintain an aura of nonchalance, stability and normality, she repeatedly expresses her indignation at Jeremy's treatment by the justice system , and questions the validity of both the charges pressed against him and the credibility of the paralysed victim of Jeremy's hit-and-run. Helen lives a lavish lifestyle , and at various points throughout the series she is seen dining in expensive restaurants , attending theatrical productions and hosting garden parties.

As the plot develops, we observe Helen's increasingly superficial nature , most particularly in relation to her husband.

Degrees of Freedom by Simon Morden – llp Book Review – Cannonball Read 11

As Jeremy's mental well-being declines, Helen becomes increasingly frustrated with his inability to communicate coherently and his violent mood swings. Her frustration is also of a sexual nature , and in episode 6 she invites both Rats and the series' camera crew to have sex with her in her family home, with Jeremy residing in a tent in the back garden. Further instances of Helen's marital infidelity are also alluded to, and we learn that she engaged in sexual relations while on holidays with her friend Gwen in Paris , with a French man who 'rogered her senseless' on a 'crate of aubergines '.

In later episodes, Helen is rarely seen without a glass of white wine in hand. His long black hair and style of dress identify him as a heavy metal fan ; he is seen to wear t-shirts featuring the bands No Sweat and Ministry during the series. He is portrayed as being quite unintelligent — a classic comedy buffoon — and also as being overwhelmed when it comes to contact with the opposite sex.

Visual Liberties (Freedom Trilogy Book 3)

Played by Darragh Kelly, Barney affectionately referred to as "Barnser" is Jeremy's closest companion and golfing partner. He is blindly supportive of Jeremy and fails to see his friend's shortcomings, appearing somewhat of a side-kick. Even as the series progresses, and he appears to grow increasingly embarrassed by Jeremy's behaviour, he never overtly speaks out against him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It's Too Late — We're On!

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But, we also probably have to say that, again, everything is a matter of free will. And there are people who — they want to have the experience they are having. The ego is actually enabling them and allowing them to have that experience. I mean, if you look at it perfectly realistically, all of us were created by God and we were all created as equals. We have equal value. In the eyes of God there is no such thing as a value judgment that says some people are superior and others are inferior. Kim Michaels: And, because there are some people that want to feel that they are superior to others and they have a right to do what they are doing, regardless of how it affects other people.

Kim Michaels: Oh, I agree with you. I have experienced that many times. And so, all of the other actors are going to throw themselves at you and say get out of here. And I think many spiritual people are exactly in that position. And therefore, we think that we are supposed to play along. We are supposed to be nice. We are supposed to let other people abuse us. Because this is really what they are doing. And I totally get that. And the ego does not want to be questioned. Kim Michaels: No, absolutely not.

I think as spiritual people, we almost — you think about the situation with the Declaration of Independence. And they are deciding: We are going to declare our independence from this tyranny. Kim Michaels: And as a spiritual personal you almost have to do that. But, like we were talking about last week with Ellen Kaufman Dosick and the energies that are coming in.

And it needs to die because I want to move on. Kim Michaels: Right. There is like there are certain cycles in your life. And it is actually very, very true that what the ego does is that it gives us a certain sense of identity. And the payoff we get is when we accept that this is who I am and this is all I can do and I have to stay within these boundaries; then the payoff is that we do actually fit in, then. We fit into a certain environment. Kim Michaels: And you can never really recapture it. I know exactly what you are saying, the sadness there of letting that die.

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But, once you have let it die, once you have let go, you actually will begin to feel a little freedom and the joy that comes in afterwards. I want freedom more than I want to fit in. Parthenia:Oh, absolutely. I am your host, Dr. Parthenia Grant. You can check out transcendence toolbox and his books are available at Amazon. Pretty much everywhere, you can order them. Because you know how we have to intellectualize it first, and then, have an actual experience of it. And once we do, then we can own it. Am I making sense? Kim Michaels: Absolutely.

And I read copiously. I felt constricted when I was doing poetry classes in undergraduate school. I just let it flow.

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Parthenia:This is true. I discovered that in under graduate school ….

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Parthenia:And that there really is nothing new with the ego, because its tricks are pretty much the same. And I learned that in graduate school. And that was so odd to me when I wrote: I thought I was the crazy one that you could predict egoic behavior. So, I called this poem: Breaking down Ego Walls.

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Reads poem. So, I want to thank you for that inspiration. Kim Michaels: Yeah. It just comes. You just have to open it up and let it flow. Parthenia:And get out of your own way, or actually, get the ego out of your way. You have to somehow find a way to open up, because this is one of the effects of ego. And actually what it does at a subconscious level, it turns you into a computer, because you stop thinking creatively.

They literally put a lock down on academic freedom, on the books that you could use, the subjects that you could talk about. And you would just get viciously attacked, if you stepped outside of that framework. You were talking earlier about guilt. I experienced it from a very young age, because I was always more spiritual than my family.

And they just wanted me to live a normal, materialistic life like they did. And I struggled with that.

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