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But that having been said, if one then actually considers Paul and Maureen's relationship as older brother and younger sister, Paul's behaviour becomes more and more like simply an opinionated and full of himself older brother lording it over or at least attempting to lord it over his younger sister thus more a case of sibling squabbles and sibling rivalry than mere sexism.

Yes, Paul often chides Maureen for being only "a girl" but really, his little and not so little put-downs are generally and for all intents and purposes an older sibling poking nasty fun at a younger sibling or trying to show how much smarter he or she is than the younger sibling, which in my humble opinion, usually stems from a low self esteem and a resulting desire to make oneself appear as superior in some way. And at least Paul and Maureen do both have an equal and thus a fair opportunity to ride the Phantom in the big Pony Penning race the fact that Maureen ends up losing, that she figuratively and literally draws the short straw so to speak is just bad luck on her part.

Furthermore, that only Paul is able to ride to participate in the actual Pony Penning roundup, while that little scenario is indeed more than a bit sexist in and of itself, it is however in NO WAY sexism on Paul's part, but simply how the roundup of the Assateague ponies is generally organised, namely that the rules stipulate that only adult men and boys above a certain age are permitted to be part of the actual penning up of the ponies and I for one am glad that Marguerite Henry has not tried to change the at that time current cultural practices of the Chincoteague Pony Penning celebrations, such as, for example, having both men and women, both teenaged boys and girls be permitted participate in the round-up, as that would be painting a wrong, and thus a false picture of both time and place.

As a person whose parents both bred raised riding horses Trakehners, a German warm-blood breed, to be exact , what has probably always impressed me most with regard to Misty of Chincoteague is how knowledgable especially Grandpa Beebe is portrayed with regard to ponies and horses, and how gentle this often gruff and curmudgeonly man is with regard to both horses and his grandchildren with children in general.

He does not expect Paul and Maureen to use a metal bit on the Phantom, explaining to Paul that the soft plant-based wickie bridle and reins Paul and Maureen had been using are more than adequate as long as the Phantom obeys their commands and follows their directions and Grandpa Beebe is also and happily not in any way shy about showing his intense pride in Paul and Maureen, of praising them for their care of the Phantom and Misty, for being able to actually gentle a three year old wild Assateague mare enough for her to be ridden and later, publicly raced.

And when Paul finally does decide to give the Phantom her freedom when the Pied Piper comes back for her , Grandpa Beebe both praises Paul and tells his grandchildren that giving the Phantom her freedom, allowing her to return to Assaateague is the humane and thus the right thing to do and both Paul and Maureen do really know this as well, as both have much horse sense and had been for quite some time wondering whether the Phantom, was really as content and as satisfied with her life on the Beebe's ranch as little Misty obviously is.

The ending, with the Phantom being given her freedom and then little Misty basically making her rounds almost as if to comfort Paul, Maureen and the grandfather is both sad and sweet, both heartbreaking and uplifting and probably one of the main reasons why Misty of Chincoteague will always have a very special and tenderly sweet place in my heart and in my soul, my being.

Now as to the accompanying illustrations by Wesley Dennis, although they are perhaps not really necessary to understand the story itself, the actual happenings of Misty of Chincoteague , they do provide a glowing compliment of and complement to the text and I know that my personal visions of how Misty, the Phantom and the Beebes look are based almost entirely on Wesley Dennis' pictorial offerings, so much so that I cannot even consider the Misty series without his evocative and realistically beautiful drawings.

And now finally I promise , with Misty of Chincoteague , Marguerite Henry's writing style, her narration, her vocabulary choices intensely and with the juices of life itself evocatively do glow. The ample use of Chincoteague vernacular although I know that some readers have had issues and complaints with regard to this gives a wonderful and truly rich and expansive sense of time and place making the featured events much more authentic sounding and feeling than if the characters, if the Chincoteaguers had been simply depicted and described as speaking standard English.

And while there might indeed be a few instances where a reader especially a child just learning to read might stumble over a potential meaning, most of the vernacular words utilised are more than easily enough discerned from the general context of the plot, of the text. And thus yes, I absolutely and utterly adore Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague and do recommend the novel most highly and eagerly as a glowing example of what I personally consider a perfectly lovely and in all ways wonderful horse-story for children and for adults who still enjoy reading books for children!

View all 5 comments. This was one of the earliest books I read on my own, in part because Mom read it to me until I knew it by heart. We then lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not too far from Chincoteague. I was pretty young, about 7 or 8 I guess. I was told he was Paul This was one of the earliest books I read on my own, in part because Mom read it to me until I knew it by heart. I was told he was Paul, anyway. I don't think we got to see Misty, but one of her foals or something. Who knows, but the plaque on the stall said so.

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It was a tourist trap in a lot of ways, even in the s. Just fine, thank you very much. It's a true classic. It bothered me that they kept calling foals "colts". I guess it's sort of like people calling horses ponies, a general term. I didn't remember Grandpa Bebe's ear hair either.

It was kind of funny in this setting, though. Not at all where I would have expected it. If you haven't read it, you should. If you have a young child, this is a great book to raise them on, so long as you don't mind buying them a pony of their own. There are worse addictions, I suppose. If they truly get the horse bug, they probably won't have the money to indulge in any others. View 1 comment. Sep 17, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: 1paper , 3series , ya-and-kids , animals , 2fiction.

I don't think we got to see Misty, but one of her foals - Stormy? Jun 17, Kellyn Roth rated it really liked it Shelves: classical-reads , adventurous-books , books-for-children. One of my favorite books as a kid, I still love Misty of Chincoteague. Of course, it only makes me want a horse more More than "just" a horse book. Children have a chance to learn some history and about life in a small, semi-isolated community, and to see what children can accomplish with hard work and patience. I love the dialect and descriptions that bring the setting alive. I love that it's based on reality.

And I love the tidbits that are sprinkled throughout, for example Grandpa's notion that "Facts are fine, fer as they go, but they're like water bugs skitter More than "just" a horse book. And I love the tidbits that are sprinkled throughout, for example Grandpa's notion that "Facts are fine, fer as they go, but they're like water bugs skittering atop the water.

Legends, now--they go deep down and bring up the heart of a story. All in all, this reads younger and simpler than other Henry books, and therefore is, to me, not quite as juicy and re-readable. And I'm glad this story was recognized and popular, helping to ensure the protection of the ponies and other wildlife on Assateague to this day. And yet I've no interest in the sequels. Have any of you read, or planned to read, those? Oh, and let's not forget the expressive, vibrant illustrations.

Because of his partnership with Henry, Wesley Dennis was one of the first illustrators I knew by name and reputation, when I was a child. Oh, btw, I was neither a big fan of horses or historical fiction. So why did I like Henry's stories so much? Jun 19, Susan Henn rated it really liked it Shelves: children. Well written - good tension and suspense. Both male and female horse lovers have a character to relate to in the book and for an old book, written in the girl wasn't thrust into a traditional female role!

As an adult reading the book, I found myself thinking more about the rightness or wrongness of the actions and feeling more for the wild horses than for the desires of the children. I felt the rounding up of wild horses and selling off their colts was unjust and inhumane. Fortunately, as the story progressed, the author did a good job of explaining the need for the actions. The story had great elements - hard work to obtain a goal, disappointment and loss, hope deferred, compassion, etc.. Jul 17, David rated it liked it. Extremely dated but charming.

Often unintentionally hilarious. Our two favorite lines were: "Grandma's mixed some goose grease with onion syrup fer ye" and "Maureen came running with the razor". And to think we credit advances in antisepsis for the drop in childhood mortality rate! May 24, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it. Definite classic and a well-written, descriptive book with vivid imagery and vibrant characters. It was wonderful! I read it sometime during my teen years. I love books about animals actually. It's a beautiful story.

This Newberry Honor book is a simple, yet memorable, tale of childhood that I missed out on during mine thanks to Lovecraft and Tolkien that has great heart and memorable characters--most of which were real. A terrific sense of time and place allows it to transcend its 's stylings and makes it one of the 20th century's great moral fables for younger readers. This was a book that I checked out from my school's library 43 years ago, but never read I did return it, though. I did find my This Newberry Honor book is a simple, yet memorable, tale of childhood that I missed out on during mine thanks to Lovecraft and Tolkien that has great heart and memorable characters--most of which were real.

I did find myself misting up occasionally; it brought back memories I hadn't given a thought to in decades, including a horrifying moment when a meal of I had nightmares about butter beans growing up--even though my mother only served it once. That was enough.

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Jan 02, Jennifer Morrill rated it it was amazing. I've read this, and most of Marguerite Henry's books when I was younger and now it is nice to relive them through my daughter's eyes. When reading this I remember thinking the same thing as a child. Why was this book called Misty of Chincoteague when it's primarily about her mother, the Phantom. It's an exciting book. Paul and Maureen are endearing characters. Younger readers might have trouble understanding the dialect of the books. Grandpa and Grandpa in particular have have heavy accents whic I've read this, and most of Marguerite Henry's books when I was younger and now it is nice to relive them through my daughter's eyes.

Grandpa and Grandpa in particular have have heavy accents which are represented in the book. My daughter, being only 7, couldnt read this. So, she read the other parts and I read the dialect. We have the movie and are going to watch this afternoon. We will see how good it is. Jan 17, Trace rated it it was amazing Shelves: luke-is-reading-on-his-own.

Luke's book review: This is one of the best books I've ever read. I whipped through it in 6 days - it was that good. This is a book about a horse called Phantom and her colt Misty. My favorite part of the story was when the Phantom Misty's mother raced against the Black Comet and Firefly and won! Nov 21, Sarah Grace Grzy rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-favorites , i-own , childrens.

As a horse lover, I loved this entire series! This is an archipelago of about island, and some more if you consider the tide, not far from New Haven, in Long Island Sound. The largest of them is Horse Island, and it is about 17 acres. It spills over into both Wicomico and Worcester counties in Maryland. This is the largest subtropical wilderness in the U. The park, and American treasure that is also a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve, protects an unparalleled landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species.

The narrow, occasionally overgrown mangrove tunnels in the Everglades are nearly impossible to access without a kayak and the open waters are best traversed with a paddle. Cumberland Island is protected as a National Seashore, retaining its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. From sea turtles to wild horses, the well preserved land is wild and in order to keep it that way the National Park Service limits the number of visitors.

If you choose to hike to the volcano, you should know that, from the sea floor, Mauna Loa climbs 30, feet. This is it is taller than Mount Everest. The name is a bit deceiving. This phenomenon has nothing to do with fires or rainbows. It is technically known as circumhorizontal arcs which occur when the sun is higher than 58 degrees above the horizon and its light passes through high-altitude cirrus clouds made up of hexagonal plate ice crystals, according to UCSB.

The ice crystals act as a prism, and the resulting refraction looks like a rainbow. This is the Great Lake that is located entirely within the U. Go on a 2-hour sailing tour and you will see some of the most stunning sights of the Chicago skyline. Calm or not, the views are always impressive. There are many caves in Indiana that you can visit but the limestone Wyandotte Caves, which are actually made up of two caverns, are truly spectacle. Formed about 2 million years ago, they make up one of the five largest cave systems in Indiana.

Loess Hills State Forest is a 5. Visitors say the trails are great and the scenery is incredible. One of the largest in the world, the extent of the bedded salt deposit is 27, square miles. Go on a salt safari at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. It is an hour long ride through tunnels mined in the 's.


Learn about the geology and structure of the mine. The purest portion of the salt vein is feet underground and is still mined today. Home to the longest known cave system in the world, this World Heritage Site will have you going back every chance you get. Mammoth Cave consists of miles of passageway.

With three campgrounds, backcountry, and the Green River, the park offers a grand Great American adventure.

It interprets the natural and cultural history of the uplands, swamps, and marshlands of the region. Louisiana is known all over the world for its swamps. They are filled with exotic wildlife and beautiful plants. The 23, acres of coastal wetlands were created by the drainage gateway of the Mississippi River and are home to over species of birds, snakes and alligators.

After Acadia National Park, this is the most famous natural phenomenon in the state.

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Thousands of years ago, during the last ice age, large glaciers scraped rocks and soil as they expanded, grinding rocks into pebbles down into what is known as glacial silt, according to the Smithsonian. This is where wild ponies travel the beaches. The mile uninhabited island, near Chincoteague, is split between Virginia and Maryland. One legend says the ponies survived a shipwreck.

The "wild" horses are actually feral animals, meaning that they are descendants of domestic animals that have reverted to a wild state, according to NPS. This is not the only island ruled by animal. It includes over 20, acres of marsh, barrier beach, tidal river, estuary, mudflat, and upland islands from Gloucester to Salisbury.

Reminiscent of the Caribbean , you might actually forget you are in Northern Michigan. The Sleeping Bear Dunes are some of the largest dunes in the world. This is one of the most underrated attractions in the state, according to locals. It is part of the Superior National Forest. Over 1 million acres in size, it has over 1, miles of canoe routes. Because this area was set to preserve its primitive character, it allows visitors to canoe , portage and camp in the spirit of the French Voyageurs of years ago, according to the U.

Forest Service. Believe it or not, the Petrified Forest, the only one in the eastern part of the country, is said to have been formed about 36 million years ago when ancient logs washed down a river channel to where they are today, and they later became petrified. The huge elephant-shaped boulders are about 20 feet high and weigh over tons. Formed from 1. The rocks have created formations that intrigue geologists and are popular with history buffs, according Missouri State Parks. Pristine forests, incredible mountains, stunning lakes and spectacular hikes — picking just one natural wonder is impossible.

Glacier National Park has over miles of trails and is home to over 70 species of mammals and over species of birds. From majestic elk to grizzly bears, the wildlife there is incredible. The Chimney Rock National Historic Site is perhaps the most famous and recognizable landmark in the state. It is a natural geologic formation that rises feet. The impressive formation is composed of layers of volcanic ash and brule clay dating back millions of years. In just 12 hours she had scratched and clawed open scrapes across her armpits and belly and was downright miserable.

I immediately gave her the flea meds, which thankfully is very powerful stuff that would have the fleas gone in a couple hours. So there we were headed north up I with a flea infested pup, dripping with sweat from the excruciatingly hot Florida heat, trying to decide where to stay that upcoming night, feeling just slightly overwhelmed. A couple hours into the drive, we had mellowed out. John-Hilton was jamming out, and I was diligently picking the dead fleas that were falling off of Bella as she lied between our seats. I kept at it for a bit but it was warm and sunny, the perfect environment for drifting off into a light slumber.

I awoke maybe 30 minutes later, looking over to see my happy and content traveling companions still where I had left them, not like they had anywhere to go. What was that?! That guy there! I was so confused, I could see the bumper hanging in the side mirror, but we were still driving, there were no cars spinning out or cars careening into the ditch. We pulled to the side of the interstate, and watched helplessly as the guy who hit us threw his hand out the window and kept driving.

Hilton was shaking, I was infuriated, I could feel the heat of my anger rising through my body. We could have been killed, Bella would have been seriously injured if not killed had she been lying in the back where she had been at the start of the drive. Imagining that 7 gallon water jug flinging down on top of her made me cringe. Not to mention this was my second hit in run within the past 2 months, and third accident none of which I was at fault for within the past 4 months.

My hit and run in Denver involved a bus driver so she was easy to identify and I was able to get the license plate. It was a lengthy settlement process to get my car fixed, but it worked out. This was a different story. Thankfully for us in this scenario we had each other and a police officer drove by right after it happened. I had to wait 2 hours in Denver for an officer, completely alone sitting on the side of the road.

The officers were so kind and helpful. There was not much they could do about the driver who left us there, broken on the side of the simmering, congested, and dangerous highway but they did what they could, helping John-Hilton pull the bumper siding off so we could keep driving.

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The whole ordeal had set us back in time so we decided to meet up with my parents who were in Columbia, South Carolina for the night. They were on their way to visit Johnson City, Tennessee where had lived for a little bit of time growing up. Here, we went with my parents to a barbecue dinner with old family friends who gave us several great tips on things to do and see in Acadia National Park up in Maine.

We parked the van at my parents hotel and parking lot camped for the night. I unknowingly sat in an ant pile before climbing into bed. My back started to itch and then burn, and I began apprehensively begging John-Hilton to look at my back. We discovered all the ant bites and started laughing. Sheesh, who would have thought to worry about the wilderness in a parking lot.

Travels in and near NJ in quest of nature's beauty

In the morning, we were able to sneak some hotel breakfast and headed to our first hiking destination of the trip. I wanted to take John-Hilton to this incredible waterfall I used to hike with my family when I was younger. It is called Laurel Falls and it sits just off the Appalachian Trail.

There are two trails you can take to get to the falls; we opted for the shorter 3 mile trail over the 6 mile trail since we needed to drive to Richmond, Virginia later that day. Something John-Hilton and I both readily agree on is that we are not city folk, we love the places that take us away from the hustle and bustle. I am a sucker for a beautifully written verse or poem, and a quote by Bruce Lee really resonated with me during this hike to the falls,.

When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash, become like water my friend. Our journey will be one of storms, of rainbows, of ocean waves, both trickling and crashing, of bends in the river, and curves in the bay; it will be one of endless flowing, cascading us over rocks and sandy shores, guiding us right to where we need to be, nourishing our bodies, minds, and souls every step of the way.

The sun has already set, and the van has decided to have a little engine trouble.

Beach Camping (My FIRST Time) - Assateague Island - Travel Lessons

John-Hilton, captain and van owner, is trying to mess with the battery to see if that will help the tired travel vessel. We are 1, miles from home, and have been on the road for about a week and a half. Go figure the van starts acting up right after an oil change. Oh well, such is life.

Max the van , did pick a hell of a spot to take a nap. I can hear the waves crashing on the jagged shore, and traffic is nearly nonexistent. A perfect opportunity to reflect on the trip thus far. So here I am, with a suitcase, and some fun necessities, living out of a van, traveling up the East coast. We have been fortunate enough to stay with quite a few different people along the way, and I am so thankful for all of the great friends who have opened their homes to the three of us, and given us pointers on what to see in their beautiful cities.

John-Hilton and I are very blessed to have made such close and loving friends throughout the years. However, I will say I am excited to ditch the cities and be surrounded by the wilderness, and the occasional quaint harbor town. Rockport is definitely one of those places; we got to enjoy the most incredible sunset at an old rock quarry earlier this evening.

There is something so cleansing about sitting ocean side atop a large rock on a bouldered beach that has been smoothed by the constant repetition of salt watered waves. I hope to be able to keep you all updated on the journey, and will reflect back on the places we have already been as well. In the short 10 days we have been on the road, one thing has remained constant: the air of wonderful uncertainty as to where we will be next! Tonight I will close my eyes at our Cape Ann camp site, tomorrow, who knows…. Perhaps New Hampshire?

Especially in the Maine- Nova Scotia area! Skip to content. Walking through the art corridor: The drive to Chincoteague Island was uneventful and peaceful. Van Captain: John-Hilton, my fun loving, forward thinking, dream seeking, adventure partner. A kid at heart with a positive attitude so you can never have a bad day! Seriously, any expedition in life needs one!