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Participants also exhibited a more proactive attitude towards mediation and reconciliation efforts, and increased involvement in family and community affairs. Claudine is one of the participants who have finally been able to face the past. I feel alive again.

Words of peace and healing through music

Rwanda is obviously not alone in its post-conflict trauma healing experience. Millions of people have more recently been affected by civil war in countries like Syria and Yemen.

When the wars abate and reconstruction begins, Rwanda will certainly offer important lessons for these countries as they embark on their own trauma healing and reconciliation efforts. Mr Scott Weber is President of Interpeace, an international organisation supporting more than 20 peace processes worldwide. Read full report here. The Peace Talks is an initiative that showcases the inspirational stories of people making a positive contribution to peace. Learn more.

20 Best Prayers for Healing - Powerful Prayers to Heal & Recover

Get involved on our social media pages and get the latest news about our peacebuilding programmes. Interpeace works in over 15 countries around the world. Learn about our upcoming events and register to attend. This simple and gentle guided meditation will help you to enter a state of inner peace where healing is possible. This meditation is easy, comforting and yet powerful, leading you to a safe, tranquil place where healing can come into your life.

Blissful Inner Peace and Healing (Gassho)

Since we have been creating enjoyable, high quality audio tracks our Youtube channel has so far amassed over Million views , that can bring positive life-changing health benefits, with virtually zero effort required. Our ethos is to be as all-inclusive and as neutral as possible. We have no religious or other affiliations and try to keep most of our meditations suitable for everyone.

The Honest Guys. Blissful Inner Peace and Healing Gassho.

Making Peace Through Apology

More from The Honest Guys. Up to now, participants from 19 different countries from all over the world have attended and benefitted from this school.

The main teachers will be Dr Rhiannon Lloyd, a former medical doctor and psychiatrist from Wales, who founded the HWEC workshop, Pastor Joseph Nyamutera, director of Rabagirana Ministries, who lived through the heat of the genocide, and Pastor George de Vuyst, a missionary who has served over 20 years in Ukraine and graduate of the International School of Reconciliation in Kigali, Rwanda.

The course is not only theoretical but it also equipped me with practical tools to equip others to minister cross culturally. The fellowship with different cultures was part of my personal transformation.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Scriptures

We had the opportunity to apply what we had learnt and this gave me confidence to use the HWEC workshop back in my own country. I witnessed wonderful reconciliation and healing when I presented the workshop in South Africa. It was a great turning point in my life: God healed my deep wounds and I found HOPE for my marriage and family, the church and my country after going through war.

I strongly recommend to you this School of Reconciliation! I learned that before you start healing others you should be healed first and experience God's touch on you. I want to become a peace giver to this dark world. On a personal level, ISOR gave me words, thoughts, and Biblical references from which I can speak about the hope that is within me to reach out to the people and works that God has placed in my path.