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Posted by Heather Massey at PM. Here's news of two forthcoming March releases from Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing that might interest you. I have a fair number of interesting looking ebooks in my to-be-read pile, but when an author dangles a science fiction romance with tentacle action in front of my face, I can't help myself—the book's going straight to the top of the pile.

I'd blogged about tentacle romance at Heroes and Heartbreakers last year, so my radar's been on high alert for such stories ever since. Then I read the last line of the blurb:. Six years ago Filid made the mistake of falling for another officer in the Allied Planetary Military. Silva has never forgotten Filid, but he is the last person she expects to see on the pleasure resort of Decadent Moon.

Filid wants more than one night. This time he is determined to hold onto her no matter the cost. Inside Scoop: Filid comes equipped with sexy tentacles that cannot be missed! I read inhaled the book, eager to discover how the author would integrate tentacles into the story. Here are a few non-spoiler tags so you can decide if you'd like to take the same plunge:. In response to an insightful post by author E. Tuesday, February 18, Interview With G. Director G. I was excited to learn about this film and even more excited after I saw it.

Click here to read my post on five reasons you should watch it, too. My thirst to learn more about the person and his team behind this unique project was great, so when G. Hajim indicated he was available for an interview, I jumped at the chance. Where paizuri is the masturbation between a woman's breasts, nipple penetration if the insertion of a penis into a nipple.

Nipple penetration is the act of inserting one's penis or other objects into a person's nipple normally female usually after technological or magikal modification of the nipple. This is popular in the hentai animanga society. By my definition cheating is done without the knowledge of the other person in a romantic relationship.

Cheating is when one or more of the individuals in sexual relations, be it one night stand, an affair, or the like, are married or involved in a non-open romantic relationship. I have issues with NTR or netorare which, using my definition, is cheating in front of the one being cheated upon.

I know, this is not the true definition of netorare but it helps separate the genres I am using. Whether he is a crossdresser or not, a trap is a male no matter his age, who, actively or through no action of his own, successfully mimics the aspect of a girl or woman. Like a common trap, a reverse-trap doesn't need to crossdress, and she doesn't necessarily identify as a man either. She naturally has more masculinity than most female characters and your average male individual as well.

Irma Marazza

A gender bender in the animanga world usually stands for crossdressing , futanari , newhalf , and trap and reverse trap. Ryona depicts a character physically hurt either in a sensual way or in a sexual situation where the individual is beaten up or tortured and is subsequently psychologically damaged in a dominating way by his or her attacker.

Tentacle porn

Typically, the victim is hurt in a way that wouldn't immediately draw blood, cause lasting physical harm, or bring about death, which is more the territory of guro , although the two genres can overlap. See also bestiality , insectophilia , xenophilia , and Bestiality vs insectophilia vs xenophilia. This is not a roleplay but the actual age progression in the characters age caused by magik or some other metaphysical action. She must venture into the depths of a mountain in search of an ancient passage.

But the mountain caverns are home to all manner of frightening creatures. None more so than a powerful orc warrior that resides in the blackness. Thalia soon realizes that she must struggle between her loyalty to her people, and her desire! Myrthra is a seasoned sorceress-adventurer. So seasoned in fact, she is sick to death of going on quests, recovering artifacts, and slaying evil. She had aspired to power and glory, but her life of adventure was starting to feel menial.

When a hulking, sexy tentacle demon offers Myrthra a chance at power in exchange for companionship, Myrthra is only to happy to become.. Mated to the Tentacle Demon. Words: 16, Irma Marazza is back with three smoking hot, kinky tentacle tales. From the steampunk-inspired Taken by the Clockwork Tentacles to the sci-fi Probed by the Tentacles, this collection is sure to scratch your itch for some wiggling, writhing, sexy stories! Words: 24, Published: June 22, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. Five sexy, kinky tales of Elves doing more than just battling their nemesis the Orcs. Female Elven scouts must defend their homeland from marauding orcs, tentacle monsters, and more while doing battle with their own dark, inner lusts.

Words: 14, Published: April 6, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. The ultimate collection of kinky, hot, hucow erotica is here at last! Three of Irma Marazza's tales of women turned into dairy producers by tentacles, aliens, mad doctors and more! You won't want to miss this epic bundle, on sale now! Words: 28, Published: November 17, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. This time it features six kinky, hot, science fiction and fantasy stories of women turned into hucows for nefarious purposes. It contains the complete "Hucow of the Orcs" series and "Hucow of the Aliens". You won't want to miss this collection!

Published: September 25, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. Hucow of the Aliens Bundle is on sale now! The complete collection of Irma Marazza's Hucow of the Aliens stories is here! Three hot tales of aliens who lust after human womens' bodies. Sexy women who discover the joys of being used as hucows! You won't want to miss this bundle! Published: September 23, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. The third story in the Hucow of the Aliens series is here at last! Heidi is a space freighter pilot on the long haul through deep space.

What was supposed to be a routine, boring run turns exciting when she encounters an alien spacecraft. Her ship captured by the aliens, she finds that they are desperate not just for her cargo, but for her human milk. Will Heidi become their hucow? Published: September 11, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. Major Wendy Alasa has received a distress signal from deep space from her old friend and former lover, Grace.

Grace has gone missing on a strange, alien world, and so Wendy undertakes a solo, unauthorized rescue mission. But this planet holds a dark secret, and Wendy will soon discover that the planet's resident aliens need human milk to survive, and they are looking for women like Wendy Published: August 12, by Winters-Marazza Publishing.

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Lieutenant Commander Grace McKenny has crashed landed on a mysterious, desolate world. She doesn't remember much, but her starship is badly damaged, and communications are cut off. As night falls she realizes that she's not alone on this planet. The aliens of this place value one thing above all else: human milk. Grace may discover that becoming a hucow is more pleasurable than she imagined.

Words: 27, Published: July 25, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. This 30, word collection contains 6 stories of sexy feeder erotica. All of Irma's feeder stories are now together in a single mega collection! If you love feeder erotica, then you won't want to miss this epic collection! Words: 15, Published: July 22, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. Carrie is a hotshot DEA agent; fearless, smart, and beautiful.

But when she finds out the cartels have targeted her for assassination she is forced into hiding. Her 'handler' is a clean-cut fellow agent who goes only by "Byron". To fool the cartels, Carrie must change her hair, her style, and gain some serious weight. But nothing is as simple as it seems, and as Carrie and Byron's relationship hea. Published: July 20, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. This word story contains graphic sexual language. Read at your own risk. Carrie and Byron have discovered a mole inside the DEA's office.

He had been giving the cartels information on Carrie, forcing her to run. But Carrie is running out of options, she needs to discover the mole's identity, and put a stop to the leaks. Now, she needs to gain weight faster than ever! Published: July 18, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. Carrie and Byron continue their evasion of the cartel hitmen. But running from assassins is exhausting, and Carrie has worked up quite an appetite. As Carrie gains more and more weight, they both realize that the bigger she gets--the sexier she becomes!

Published: July 14, by Winters-Marazza Publishing. Carrie is a hotshot DEA agent. Pretty, blonde, and a thorn in the side of drug dealers everywhere. A new name, new city, and new appearance. That means the thin Carrie is going to need to gain some serious weight. Published: July 5, by Winters-Marazza Publishing.

Now in ebook! Monster Whisperer by Nobilis Reed | Circlet Press

Warning: This 29, word collection features graphic sexual descriptions. This collection is six stories of sexy, dirty, body-swapping madness! You won't want to miss this epic collection! Published: June 29, by Winters-Marazza Publishing.