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London is competing with other international financial centers, such as Singapore, to establish itself as the premier offshore RMB trading center after Hong Kong following an agreement signed last year between China and the UK to jointly work on developing products and services denominated in RMB.

China introduced the biggest changes to its individual income tax IIT system since at least with the pa The start of a new year tends to be a hectic time for foreign companies in China. During this period, business This edition of Tax, Accounting, and Audit in China, updated for , offers a comprehensive overview of the Your email address will not be published. Ping Pong is a contemporary and lively group of restaurants serving Dim Sum, cocktails and Chinese teas.


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The principles and practical tips will galvanize your team to speak the same language, building a community that will grow and learn together. The Principled Leader. Does It Matter? Why is it Difficult to Resist? What are the Causes?

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How Do We Recover? How Do We Prevent Divorce?

How is Trust Eroded? How Do We Do it Right?