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One thing seems certain: the European Union must not slide into a sort of permanent uncertainty, opposition to change or, even worse, paralysis. One thing seems clear from the recent incident: a new dispensation reigns in China, and will continue to guide policy for the next decade under Xi's leadership. One thing seems certain.

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Uma coisa parece certa. One thing seems pretty clear. Uma coisa parece bastante clara. Well, only one thing seems to be missing. Parece que falta apenas uma coisa. As you can see, there's confusion here but one thing seems clear to me:. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock.

Perrenoud, P. Porto Alegre: Artmed.


Lisboa: Gradiva. Webber, K.

Research in Higher Education 53 2 , pp. Curriculum Innovation Network 4.

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Inclusive Education Network 5. Open Learning: Media, Environments and Cultures. Network 7. Social Justice and Intercultural Education Network 8. Research on Health Education Network 9. Assessment, Evaluation, Testing and Measurement Network Teacher Education Research Network Educational Effectiveness and Quality Assurance Network Philosophy of Education Network Research Partnerships in Education Network Histories of Education Network Research in Sport Pedagogy Network Ethnography Network Research in Higher Education Network Policy Studies and Politics of Education Network Mathematics Education Research Network Research on Children's Rights in Education Network Educational Leadership Network Didactics — Learning and Teaching.

Network Sociologies of Education Network Reserach on Arts Education.

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Research on Environmental und Sustainability Education Network Research on Language and Education LEd. Organizational Education. Gender and Education Additional Events. Emerging Researchers' Conference. Breadcrumb Navigation. Main Content. Research in Higher Education. Contribution In the last few years, the European higher education experienced several changes in terms of reorganization of courses, study programs, and curricula.

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Method The study combines a quantitative and qualitative approach.