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Emil Ludwig, popolarissimo scrittore tedesco di origine ebrea, i cui libri furono bruciati su ordine di Hitler, autore, tra le altre, della famosa biografia di Napoleone e della controversa vita di Cristo, in questo classico scritto pochi mesi dopo lo scoppio della seconda guerra mondiale, traccia tre splendidi e indimenticabili ritratti storici e umani di Mussolini, Stalin e Hitler.

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This is a fabulous little book Just pages, it should be read by anyone interested in history or in meta-history. May 22nd. I introduced daylight saving time in Italy today. May 23rd. In an attempt to assassinate the Sicilian judge Giovanni Falcone, I mine a section of the freeway. Giovanni Falcone, his wife, the judge Francesca Morvillo, and the bodyguards are killed in the car on the way from the airport into the city. May 24th. My warship Bismarck sinks the British cruiser Hood in the Atlantic. May 25th. In Finland, the new parliament assembles, including 19 women, among them me.

May 26th. I dine with Buffalo Bill and his troupe in the Vienna Prater. May 27th. May 28th. Today I founded Amnesty International in London. May 29th. I am the first to have conquered Mount Everest clear to the top at a height of m. May 30th. May 31st. I find the corpse of Rosa Luxemburg in the Landwehrkanal, about four months after her death. June 1st. In Berlin from today on we are obliged to do clean-up work among the rubble. June 2nd.

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I am killed by shots from the police at a demonstration in West Berlin. June 3rd. Valerie Solanas shoots at me with a Beretta I am badly hurt and taken to hospital. June 4th. Beijing, Tiananmen Square. In protest, I stand in the tank s way. June 5th. June 6th. I officially accept the job of implementing the project Grameen Bank in Tangail. June 7th. With Israeli fighter jets I destroy the Iraqui atomic reactor site Tazum near Baghdad shortly before its completion. June 8th. In the fight to be number one in middle weight I knock the referee Max Pippow.

June 9th. June 10th. June 11th. In West Germany I have paragraph of the penal code invalidated. June 12th. June 13th.

June 14th. June 15th. A porn diva, I was elected by the Italian party Partito Radicale and have been given a seat in parliament. June 16th. I have started on a flight around the world with the spaceship Vostok 6 as the first female cosmonaut. June 17th. June 18th. June 19th. Currency reform in the western occupation zones. The Reichsmark loses its value, I replace it with the German Mark.

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June 20th. I have been sentenced to death because of nuclear spying and am executed on the electric chair. June 21st. We, people, chiefly women, gather in Hyde Park in London to take part in the demonstration of the women s organization Women s Social and Political Union. June 22nd. June 23rd. I have been arrested. Weeks before, the police found body parts of around 20 people in the Leine near Hannover and started looking for the culprit.

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June 24th. I have driven my car, an Adler Standard, around the world for the last 2 years and 1 month, passing through 23 countries, 49 km in total. June 25th. I have become head of the government in Turkey. June 26th. I resisted repression by the police at the Stonewall Bar. A severe street fight takes place. June 27th. In retaliation against plans of assasination I start a rocket attack on the Iraqi capital Baghdad. June 28th. Las Vegas. In a boxing fight I bite off a piece of Evander Holyfield s right ear.

The wound is 1,5 cm wide. June 29th. I have been killed in a car accident in Louisiana. June 30th. The last day of the East German Mark. July 1st. After years I gave Hong Kong back to China. July 2nd. I presented the Fiat model July 3rd. The first color television broadcast takes place in my Baird Studios in London. July 4th. My space probe Pathfinder lands on Mars.

July 5th. July 6th. July 7th. For the 9th time I win the tounament in Wimbledon with the final game against Zina Garrison. July 8th. In a military briefing I decide to attack and destroy the Soviet capital Moscow. July 9th. I kill the Siemens manager Karl Heinz Beckurts and his driver in a bomb attack.

July 10th. With a bomb attack I destroy the ship Rainbow Warrior, which belongs to the environmental activist organization Greenpeace, in order to prevent the ship proceeding to the Mururoa Atoll, the French test area for nuclear weapons. July 11th. Somewhere in the world the five billionth human being is born. In a symbolic act I congratulate a Yugoslav mother in a hospital in Zagreb. July 12th. Mercouri, the Greek interior minister Pattakos has declared you an enemy of the people. What do you think of this? July 13th. I excommunicated the communists.

The Vatican decided that members and sympathizers of the Communist party are to be excluded from the Catholic church. July 14th.

19 luglio 1943: lo storico incontro a Villa Gaggia tra Hitler e Mussolini

At pm all the lights go out, all the trains and undergrounds stop, all the elevators get stuck. Two important power plants that provide the city with electricity have been hit by lightning. I repair them. July 15th.

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I open the Mont Blanc tunnel. July 16th. July 17th. In Melilla, Spain, I begin the civil war. July 18th. Day of German Art. July 19th. July 20th. Rastenburg, East Prussia. My attempt to assassinate Hitler fails. July 21st. I am the first person to set foot on the moon. July 22nd. My bomb attack destroys the headquarters of the British mandate troops in Palestine, accommodated in the hotel King David. I had set milk pails filled with dynamite in the cellar of the building.

July 23rd. Ford sells their first automobile. I bought the model A for dollars.

July 24th. In Fosso Reale near Livorno three stone heads are fished out of the river. Italian art historians agree that the heads are sculptures by Amedeo Modigliani. It was, however, a joke of mine: I had faked the heads using a Black and Decker and thrown them in the river. July 25th. July 26th. Oldham, UK. My first test tube baby is born: Louise. July 27th. On the island of Java in Indonesia a Cholera epidemic breaks out. I catch it. July 28th. I declare war on Serbia. July 29th. The Italian king Umberto I is assassinated by me in Monza. July 30th. Civil war in Liberia. In a refugee camp of the international Red Cross in Monrovia I kill people mostly women and children.

July 31st. August 1st. In Berlin I open the Summer Olympics. August 2nd. Bomb attack at the main railway station. A bomb with 20 kg of explosives hidden in a suitcase goes off. I survive. August 3rd. August 4th. In Amsterdam today the hide-out of the Frank family is discovered. I denounced them. August 5th. I find Marilyn Monroe dead on her bed. She died of an overdose of sleeping pills. August 6th. I drop the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city Hiroshima. August 7th. I lift the border controls on the coast of Cuba. Thousands of people flee to the US.

August 8th. I am on a freight ship with 10 Albanians and try to land at Bari. August 9th. I drop the second atomic bomb on the Japanese city Nagasaki. August 10th. I succeed in escaping from the Geneva jail Champ Dollon. August 11th. Solar eclipse in Europe. I stare into the sun without protective glasses. August 12th. Sentenced to death, I try to kill myself today. I am taken to the hospital and saved by pumping my stomach. Back in prison I am executed with a poison injection.

August 13th. I begin the construction of the Berlin wall, at first using barbed wire divisions. August 14th. I manage to fly m at a height of 12 m in my home-made airplane. August 15th. Today I am found dead in my Hamburg apartment. My 40 square metre apartment accommodates, among other things, used stockings, dresses and skirts, appr. August 16th. Rock festival in Woodstock. Despite the rain I take part in the open air concert. Performing, among others, are Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. August 17th.

At the Lenin dockyard 17 workers, the electrician Lech Walesa and I continue to strike. August 18th. August 19th. In Moscow, the first Trotskyite show trial begins. The 16 defendants are claimed to be followers of the former revolutionary leader Leo Trotsky, now living in exile. The purpose of the show trial is to quench any criticism of my role as a leader. August 20th. My tanks occupy Prague. August 21st. August 22nd. I throw stones and molotow cocktails at a home for asylum seekers. I am pleased at the acclamation of the neighbors and the discretion of the police.

August 23rd. Boston, Massachusetts. In spite of an unproven charge and world wide protests, I am executed on the electric chair for alleged murder with robbery. August 24th. August 25th. August 26th. I found the writer Cesare Pavese with an overdose of sleeping pills in a hotel room in Torino, dead. August 27th. I declare war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. August 28th. I march for the implementation of civil rights.

August 29th. War trade fair. My products are shown at the Leipzig trade fair. They are made of ersatz materials, e. Brass, rubber, cloth and aluminium are reserved for war use. August 30th. August 31st. Lady Diana and her partner are killed in Paris in a car accident. I only wanted to take a picture. September 1st. Danzig, 5 am. September 2nd. I win the m race at the Olympic Games in Rome.

September 3rd. September 4th. Santiago de Chile: I become president. I win the elections with the support of socialists and communists. September 5th. Hans Martin Schleyer has been kidnapped by me in Cologne. September 6th. I renamed Leningrad St. September 7th. Rio Grande, Bolivia. I find the corpse of Tamara Bunke.

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Without hair and eyes she is hardly recognizable, but I still know she is Tanja la Guerrillera. September 8th. In Berlin the retreat of my troops begins. September 9th. September 10th. Flushing Meadow. September 11th. Military putsch in Santiago de Chile. A rightist Junta under my leadership overthrows the socialist government. The president Salvador Allende is arrested and dies during the putsch. September 12th. I prevail and free Belgrade.

By doing so, I become the single leader of the Yugoslav resistance movement. September 13th. Israel concedes self-administration to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip and Jericho. September 14th. I die in a car accident. I suffocate because of my long red scarf, which gets caught on a wheel of my Bugatti. September 15th. September 16th. During the night I cross the border to Bavaria on board a hot air balloon I secretly built myself. September 17th. In the town Hoyerswerda in Saxony, I raid Vietnamese street peddlers. September 18th. My Christian militias kill more than Palestinians in the refugee camps Sabra and Sahtila before the eyes of Israeli occupation forces.

September 19th. September 20th. Brothels are abolished. I am close to ruin. September 21st. My colony Malta becomes an independent state. September 22nd. The attack of Iranian oil fields by my troops causes the begin of the Gulf War. September 23rd. September 24th. September 25th. Visiting Berlin, I am ceremoniously welcomed by Adolf Hitler. September 26th. Earthquake in Italy in the regions of Umbria and the Marche.

Eleven people die, become homeless. Me too. Numerous churches and statues are damaged. September 27th. I take my life in Port Bou on the border between Spain and France. September 28th. On the day of my 26th birthday I try to kill myself with an overdose of sleeping pills. I get my most wanted eBook. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not! Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook.

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