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When Nero manages to rescue her inside Artemis during its defeat by slashing through its body with his sword, Lady was completely naked and was covered in a light blue slime. They later cleaned her up inside Nico's vehicle where she was covered in a light brown cloth. She was later seen wearing a loose button shirt to cover herself then wearing her main outfit throughout the game.

Lady is very fierce, rough, and tough enough to keep up with Dante. She is described as a "psychotic devil-hunting female". Although, when she kills her father, Lady breaks down and cries, showing a more sentimental side. She originally hated all demons, even half-demons, and wanted to exterminate all of them. Her greatest weapon at the time was her belief that what she was doing was right.

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This caused her to develop a moral bigotry against demons, believing them to be remorseless monsters unable to understand things like love or family. This may have been the reason why she did not initially believe in the legend of Sparda, she may not have been able to accept the fact that a demon is responsible for both the world's and humanity's continued existence. However, over time and through her experiences with Dante, she learns that Sparda did exist and that humans and demons are equals in their capacity for both righteousness and depravity. Her combat style relies heavily on using her firearms.

She has access to her dual handguns, shotgun and Kalina Ann. Kalina Ann also doubles as her sole melee weapon, attacking with slow, wide swings, smashing enemies with the weight and bayonet of her weapon. Though her attack speed is the slowest of the playable characters and lacking any real combos, her melee power is impressive and the missiles from her bazooka deal impressive damage, even on bosses.

Instead of a Devil Trigger, Lady's "magic" is represented by grenade icons. When she has three or more in stock, she can perform a screen-filling explosion from a multitude of grenades. She can also perform a double jump by firing Kalina Ann at the ground, the force of the shot and explosion propelling her upward. As she plays through Nero's stages, her Wire Shot replaces Nero's Devil Bringer functionality, allowing her to latch onto glowing skulls.

As a baby, Lady was named "Mary" by her father, Arkham , who inherited the blood of the legendary priestess whom Sparda had slain to seal the Temen-ni-gru. At this time, Lady disowned him and renounced her name before committing to the path of a Devil Hunter.

In a quest for revenge, she begins to climb the Temen-ni-gru in pursuit of Arkham. She first meets Dante just after his battle with Cerberus. She fires a missile from Kalina Ann at Dante, who dodges the missile and rides it around the chamber like a flying surfboard. After the missile blows a hole in the wall, Lady uses the new entrance to continue up the tower. She fights her way up through the tower, taking a different path than Dante. As she approaches the top, she is confronted by Arkham, who calmly asks her why she points a gun at her own kin.

She then claims the only family she had was her mother and attempts to shoot him, but Arkham dodges her bullets and flips her off the side of the tower. She fires at him with her handguns as she falls, and one bullet grazes his cheek. Below, Dante, in devilishly proper timing, catches her by the ankle. She demands that Dante let her go, but Dante jokes that it would be waste if she were to end up as "just a pretty stain".

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She then shoots Dante in the forehead, and he drops her. By jamming the blade of the Kalina Ann into the wall of the tower, she manages to stop her fall only a short distance away. Dante peers over the ledge to express his outrage at being shot, so she shoots at him again.

This time Dante catches the bullet in his teeth but leaves her be. Still, without a name, she presses on. She does not see Dante again until Leviathan nearly falls on her. Not sure what to make of it, she draws her gun as the eye begins to move. In a fountain of blood, Dante bursts forth from the eye.

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He starts to walk away, following a sign left by Jester , but she stops him. The two exchange a few words but are attacked by demons. She and Dante stand back-to-back and fight off the demons. During the battle, Dante asks what her name is, to which Lady responds that she doesn't have one and that he can call her whatever he likes. Dante, in a rather dismissive way, replies "Whatever, Lady" before leaping away and leaving the rest of the demons for her to deal with.

When Dante finds the seemingly dead body of Arkham, Lady arrives at the scene. Seeing the body of her despised father, she asks Dante if he is responsible. When Dante replies with an unsatisfactory, "So what if I did? While venting her anger on Dante, she explains Arkham's sins and that he is her father. She laments about Arkham's death being her responsibility since they are family but ultimately sends Dante on his way. Sometime after Dante's departure, Arkham awakes, though he is still on the verge of death.

He tells Lady that it was a demon who tricked him into killing his wife, and pins the blame on Vergil. After saying this, he takes his last breath.

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Lady then cries over him and promises to avenge his death by stopping Vergil. Lady then catches up to Dante as he is fighting Vergil, and joins the clash.

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Soon after, Jester stops the battle. Jester reveals that he is, in fact, the alter ego of Arkham. Arkham also reveals that he lured Dante, Vergil, and Lady into that chamber, stating that all of them are the key in his plan to unlock the path to Demon World. In Lady's case, she is the descendant of a human priestess who Sparda sacrificed to seal the Temen-ni-gru.

Jester mocks the brothers, saying they are weak. After slamming Lady's face into the floor, he stabs her thigh with the Kalina Ann in order to draw her blood and break the seal. Lady, Vergil, and Dante together try to put an end to Arkham, but, since they are weakened from having fought each other, he easily dispatches them and knocks them off of the rising platform on which they were standing.

Ilsa orders Unmensch , a cyborg Nazi, to kill Hellboy and they fight until they both fall through the floor.

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In the present, Rasputin appears and tells her to leave the castle and that the next time she sees Giurescu that he will be young again. In the castle, Hellboy wakes up with the Nazi gone, leaving behind only his metal arm.

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In a near-by village, an old man tells his daughter to leave with her children and to never come back and that it is "too late" for him to leave. Hellboy follows a trace of blood and finds a man eating the Nazi's leg, who reveals that he is Vladimir Giurescu 's father, and that it is the goddess Hecate who brings Giurescu back to life. When Hellboy asks where Giurescu is, the man refuses to tell him and Hellboy burns him to death. When Hellboy leaves the room he remembers the old man said something about a moon door and sees a door with a moon shape on it, and inside is the box with the corpse and the three soldier's heads in front.

But he is surrounded by ravens who turn into the Women of Thessaly and start attacking him. When Hellboy tries to kill him, Giurescu turns into a raven and Hellboy stabs him. Giurescu falls into a stone coffin and ends up underground. When Hellboy gets there Giurescu is on the floor with the knife in his chest but then he turns into snakes and gets away. After Hellboy leaves the tomb, Hecate brings Giurescu back to life. Rasputin tells Isla about his life and offers Ilsa Haupstein to be reborn, like he was.

Liz touches a hole in his chest but she can't let go and the homunculus comes to life as Liz is transferring her energy into him. Bud shoots her arm to get her free. The homunculus panics, snaps Bud Wallers neck and escapes. In Romania, at The Monastery of St. Bartholomew, Stephen, the old man from part 2 tells his brother, a priest, that the town will go back to its "old ways" because he can sense Giurescu but his brother doesn't believe him.

Back at Castle Giurescu, Hellboy finds a room full of explosives and sets a timer for them to go off in one hour. As Hellboy leaves the castle, he is confronted by Hecate in snake form, who tries to get Hellboy to go back to his "old kind" and tells him that he lost himself in humanity.

Hellboy and Hecate start fighting as she tells him that he will bring the end of the world and that he cannot escape his own destiny. Hellboy spears her and they both smash through the wall and her skin and flesh burn in the daylight just as the explosives go off and the Castle blows up with Hellboy just outside. Abe Sapien and Clark report back to B. HQ, from the ruins of Szentes Castle. The Archangels. Dominick Forte. The Archangels is a thrilling theological fantasy that describes a diabolical plot to abduct and publicly execute Michael the Archangel.

The purpose of the assassination conspiracy is to make a preemptive strike against the prince of the heavenly hosts and thwart the apocalyptic prophesy of the Battle of Armageddon. This narrates the devils desperate attempt to avert his final confrontation with Michael, as foretold in the Book of Revelation. The Confrontation. The Triumphant Warrior Returns. At the Left Hand of. Mark of the Beast.

Setting of the Book of Revelation. The Honeymooners.