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They are in use today in over half the States in the Union. Top and wind shield extra. In the Fleming salary grab bill is one of the largest wet counties where the liquor interests dominate. None other, apparently, needs apply to Fleming. Wells Teilt Startling Story.

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Speaking of pajing the freight. Representative Wells, a Democrat, is telling a startling story of the secret manipulations of the men who are trying, under Steve Fleming's leadership, to build a Democratic political machine that will serve Governor Marshall's political ambitions. Wells says that the trustees and assessors the township officers of the state of Indiana, are being tolled into line with the promise that they shall have two years added to their terms of office.

A bill is in the house to provide for the additional two years. Now the Democratic governor told the township trustees and assessors In state convention that he favored increased salaries for them. Thereat the officers cheered heartily. The governor did not have the moral courage to carry forward this suggestion into law. He was playing to please the ear. But he is a shifty governor, and where he cannot Increase pay, he may find another way. At any rate, according to the story told to Representative Wells by a Fourth district township trustee, the trustees of the Fourth district in convention assembled not long ago, were assured that if they would "lie down" and cease criticising the public accounting board a bill would be offered and passed to give every township officer two extra years in office without campaign expenses of any kind at tached.

This, It was pointed out, would be equivalent to a neat salary Increase. Unworthy of a Statesman. The trustees and assessors hare been meek as sheep toward the accounting board, where formerly they were rampant and bitter. If the game can be forced through, of course it is possible that the governor will profit politically by the conspiracy. But the scheme is scarcely worthy of a statesman. It Is not at all certain what will happen to the accounting board In this session.

The friends of the law had the scare of their lives the other day in the house. Representative Wells's proposal, to change the accounting board and to do away with one-man power in the board, received fortyseven votes. The accounting board crowd mustered only forty-seven. The speaker announced that the governor's crowd had won.

But as a matter of fact, the administration was forced to vote the speaker, after the thing was all over, In order to make the riffle and save the law. Logic of the Situation. Then it was necessary to make a diversion and attack the law from another side, In order to head off the Wells movement The accounting law is regarded as good in principle, and there will be a determined effort to save it and strengthen it.

But a good law, unfairly administered, can be made extremely dangerous and unpopular.

The logic of the present situation is that W. Dehority, the chief examiner, must get out if the law is to be saved. Dehority's scalp is the price the governor must pay the revolting Democrats for the preservation of the accounting law. It is intimated that Dehority will be sacrificed. It is not known how this change would better the law's administration. The Republican the best county newspaper. Indianapolis, Ind.

An attempt to add a clause to exclude women from the provisions of the proposed law, in case one of the two woman suffrage bills in the legislature should pass, was turned down. Although some senators called the bill a joke, it was not laughed down. Provision as to Affidavit. The affidavit in which a voter shall explain his scruples against voting shall be filed with the registration clerk of the precinct in which he resides at least ten days before a regular or primary election.

Senator Grube of Plymouth introduced the amendment to exclude women from the terms of the pro posed act. The question was greeted with laughter.

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Senator Durre, explaining his measure, said it not only would force everv man, legally qualified, to vote but would, "cut out" many of the evils which now attend elections. The Proctor bill, restricting and regulating saloons, was passed by the senate by 27 to Saloons are limited in number to one for the first of population in any community and one to each 1, of population thereafter. A new feature in Indiana is the provision that licenses may be transferred by sale.

The house passed a bill today prohibiting chewing and moking by children under 16 years and making it a penalty to sell or ive tobacco to minors. A bill giving Lake county two additional superior judges was passed by the house. Senator Stotsenburg introduced a bill making is unlawful to drink alcholic liquor on any train in Indiana. Argos Business Houses Clase. All of the business houses in the town of Argos were closed Friday from the hours of to P. The funeral services were held at the Methodist church and interment took place at Maple Grove cemetery.

The bar docket which has just been made up and is being printed, shows a total of one hundred and forty-five cases which will be placed on the docket. Of these one hundred and twenty-five are civil cases, and twenty are of a criminal nature. Eleven applications for divorce have been filled for hearing during the forthcoming term, of which three are new cases and the remainder are cases carried over. Since the adjournment of the last term of circuit court, but thirty new cases have been, filed, of which sixteen are civil ,and fourteen criminal cases. Of the criminal cases nine are for alledged violations of the liquor laws, andMhe remainder are for miscellaneous offences.

Himes versus Bert Himes, D. Himes vs W. Court will convene on Monday afternoon at o'clock. The term will be of six weeks duration. The April term begins on April 24 and end May Mass in C Op. Mass in D Missa solennis Op. Mate o' mine: song w. Maying "O that we two were maying" : duet for sop.

Menuet Op. Messa di gloria: for TBarB soli, mixed v. Messe C dur Op. Messe Es-dur D [new ed. The Messiah: sacred oratorio [for soli, chor. The Mikado, or The town of Titipu [new ed. Missa Fi-Fi MS: : for unaccomp. Missa in honorem S. Ambrosii Op. Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi Calasantii Op. Missa pro defunctis Op. Missa solennis in D Op. Modern masters for the organ, vol. The moonlight sonata: p. Music for the home News-Chronicle : fav. The music lovers' album vol. The music lovers' portfolio nos. The music makers Op. The music of Michel Legrand 2nd ed. Music, song and dance vol. The musical library.

Vocal, vol. My boat glides with the gliding stream Op. My heart is weary Schwer liegt auf dem Herzen : recit. The Nativity: short Christmas cantata [for sop. Nazareth 'Though poor be the chamber' : anthem for bar. Neu-Einrichtung der Choralvorspiele Op.

New recital book for piano, vol. The new Scottish Orpheus, vol. News-Chronicle music for the home: fav. A night in Venice Una notte in Venezia : voc. Night of stars and night of love! A thousand times no! Non nobis, Domine: chor. SATB w. Ehi, Capitano! Norwegischer Brautzug Bridal procession Op. Now we go to Bethlehem Noel de musiciens : trad.

O divine Redeemer! Na byddai'n haf o hyd Oh! O who will o'er the downs so free? Hickenstirn's song : chor. Oh Sarah! Oh 'Enery! Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me? Oktett F dur Op. Old Father Thames keeps rolling along : for male v. The Old Hundredth Psalm tune All people that on Earth do dwell : [coronation anthem] for choir, cong, orch. The old Italian school of singing. A selection of solfeggios by the most celebrated composers On a thorn-bush blooms a rosebud Lieber Schatz, sei wieder gut mir Op. On Wenlock Edge: a cycle of six songs for ten.

On Wenlock Edge: cycle of six songs for tenor voice w. Awake, beloved! Onaway, awake, beloved! One hundred. One hundred progressive studies Op.

Residential Care Transformed

One hundred short progressive studies Op. Operatic albums: mezzo-soprano No. Operatic album. Tenor No. Organ works, vol. Organist's Library, vol. Over the hawthorn hedge: duet copy-a cover: for 2 sop. The Passion of Our Lord according to S. Passion service for the season of Lent Op. Patience; or, Bunthorne's bride: rev. The people's music library No. A perfect day: 'cello obbl. The perfect prayer: song, with org. Peter and the wolf Op. Piano concerto no. Piano Concerto A minor Op. Piano Concerto in A minor Op. Piano concerto No. Pianoforte sonatas vol. Pomp and circumstance Military march no.

Popular music and dancing weekly, vol. Prelude and fugue Bk 1 No. Prelude and fugue Bk 2 No. Preparatory school of velocity Op. Prince Igor - Choral dance No. Progressive studies, Bk 4: The art of phrasing Op. Progressive studies for the voice Op. Psalmus Hungaricus Op. Quando rapita in estasi When in his loving arms I lay : [sop. Quartets no. Violoncello Op. Violoncell Op.

‎Beethoven ludwig van‎

Violoncello K. Quartette Bd 1 Op. Quartette Bd 2 Op. Queen of angels Regina angelorum : vesper song w. Quintett A dur Forellen-Quintett Op. Quintett H moll Op. The reed organ treasury no. Regnava nel silenzio In gloom and silence fell the night : [sop. Requiem Op. Requiem version : [sop. SATB chor. Requiem: for four solo v. Rhapsody Op. Rhymes set to music, vol. The rhyming shopman: whimsical cantata for choir, orch. The Rio Grande: cantata [for chor. Romanze Die Verschworenen : for sop. Bb clar.

The Rose Op. The rose enslaves the nightingale Aimant la rose, le rossignol Op. Der Rosenkavalier The rose bearer Op. Run, rabbit, - run! Rustle of Spring Op. Sarabanda aus einer Suite f: [arr. The Saviour: meditation upon the death of Christ, for ten. Saviour, again to thy dear name we raise: [for solo v. Say, my heart, whence comes thine anguish? Herz, mein Herz, warum so traurig? Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha Op. Scenes of childhood Kinderscenen Op. The school of velocity Op. Der Schulmeister: komische Kantate [for bar. Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht Silence!

BWV for sop. A sea symphony: for sop. A second set of sixty voluntaries arr. Second violoncello album: 5 solos orig. Selection from 'In Questo Semplice': for violin w.

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Selection from 'Masaniello': for flute w. Selection from 'Masaniello': for violin w. Selections from Chess Rice-Andersson-Ulvaeus : [13 numbers incl. S'allontanano alfin! Senex puerum portabat Simeon carried the young child : motet for four v. A set of English pieces: [7 pieces for bass or treble rec. Seven pieces by classical composers: arr.

Seven sonnets of Michaelangelo Op. The seven virgins: a Passiontide carol for eq.

Symphony No. 87 (Haydn) - Wikipedia

Seventeen national and traditional songs: for choirs of ten. Sextett Es dur Op. The shamrock Op. The shepherd on the rock Der Hirt auf dem Felsen Op. The shepherds had an angel Op. Si mes vers avaient des ailes! If my songs were only winged! Sinfonia oncertante E flat major K. Sing joyfully unto God: full anthem for 6 v. Six pieces Op. Six plantation songs, [vol. Six sonatas Nos. Slavonic dance no. Slavonic dance-themes No. Slavonic dances Op. Sleepers, wake! Wachet auf … : cantata for STB soli, chor. Sleigh bells: Canadian reminiscence [abbrev.

The snow Op. Softly sighs the voice of evening Wie nahte mir der Schlummer : Agnes' recit. Solos for the trumpet cornet player: with p. Sonata 2 in B flat original K. Sonata in B flat K.

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Sonata [No. Sonata no. Sonata No. Sonatas arr. Sonate Op. Song album vol. The song folio no. Song of Hiawatha Op. Song of Simeon: Nativity masque for mimers, soloists, mixed chor. Bass songs, vol. Songs my mother taught me Als die alte Mutter Op.

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Songs of Ireland: [ songs] incl. Songs of love Liebeslieder Op. Songs of praise enlarged ed. The songs of Schubert, vol. The songs of Scotland adapted to their appropriate melodies, vol. Songs of the Hebrides selected : [12 songs] from Vol. Songs without words Lieder ohne Worte Op. Spring had come Kam der Lenz mit seinem Glanze Op. Stars of Earth! Die stille Stadt The silent town Op. The 'Strand' musical portfolio no. Studies arranged for viola alto Op. Studies Op. Suite for two pianos, four hands Op. Suite from Orpheus Britannicus: arr.

Symphonies Bk 1, Nos. Symphony in C minor no. The tales of Hoffmann Les Contes d'Hoffman : selection arr. Tales of the Vienna Forest: choral waltz transcr. Te Deum Op. Te Deum: [for mixed chor. Theme from Concerto in Bb minor: p. There let me rest Dort lass mich ruh'n : [song with] violin obbl. These things shall be: cantata [for ten. These things shall be: for bar. Thirteen characteristic pieces for American organ or harmonium: Organists folio No.

Thirty-eight pieces Bk 2 Nos. The Thistle Op. The Thistle and the Rose: for adolescent v. SAB , str. To a wild rose Op. To be sung on the waters Auf dem Wasser zu singen Op. Toutes les symphonies, Cah. Trio op. Trio [no. Trio no. Trio a-Moll op. Triumphlied Triumphal hymn Op. Il Trovatore Op. The tryst Gretchen vient du rendez-vous Op. A tune a day for trumpet or cornet: [32 lessons, w. Twelve English country dances: for descant, treble and tenor ad lib.

Twelve selected songs of the Hebrides: from Vol. Twenty famous songs, vol. Twenty-five melodious studies Op. Twenty-four melodious and progressive studies Op. Twenty-four preludes and fugues Op. Twenty-four psalms and a canticle: accomp. Twenty-four psalms and a canticle, arranged for singing rev. Twenty-one concert arias for soprano vol.

UE-Buch der Klaviermusik des Under the silent stars: a Christmas song [w.