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Seeing Is Believing

The processes of life are naturally dynamic in space and time from the atomic to the organismal level. The rapid development of imaging methods across this full scale of biological organisation is revolutionising our ability to visualise the inner workings of proteins, protein complexes, organelles, cells, tissues, organs and whole organisms.

Being able to see biological processes unfold in real time allows us to understand the mechanisms of life as well as disease. Lack of privacy can be more annoying when you want to take a phone call or need time for peaceful thinking. Since this type of work environment involves people working from different fields this provides an excellent opportunity for networking among the people.

Discussing a range of resources allows a lot of non-traditional encounters that could help people in their works.


Working in a lively and energetic environment would ensure the employees are highly charged and motivated. This will give them positive energy to work and also remain motivated. Working in a coworking space Toronto has its own consequences and benefits. On one hand, it provides a scope for many to escape the isolation of staying in a home or office, on the other hand, it lacks privacy and makes it difficult to concentrate on work.

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They can also discuss the steps which can help to achieve better results. Standard Chartered is the largest cash-based private sector donation programme into the global campaign to eliminate avoidable blindness.

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Through the proceeds of the Nairobi Marathon and in partnership with Christian Blind Mission, CBM, we sponsored cataract, glaucoma and trauma related surgeries for needy children under the age of nine at five hospitals country wide. The initiative has helped restore sight to over 4, children in Kenya through the hospitals.

The four year program is in partnership with the ministries of health and education in the three countries, the East Africa College for Ophthalmology together with two competent NGO consortiums led by Christian Blind Mission and Brien Holden Vision Institute.

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The Seeing is Believing East Africa programme which aims to improve child health and reduce avoidable blindness among children in the region will also contribute to the attainment of Millennium Development Goals 1, 2, 3 and 4. The programme will indirectly benefit over 45 million children, the total estimated population of children in East Africa, through conducive changes in national policies, strengthening of national coordination and promoting child eye health. The provision of quality, child friendly and child centred eye health services in the catchment areas of the programme, anticipates serving over 4 million children.

Seeing is Believing raises funds to eliminate avoidable blindness, resulting in increased opportunities for education and employment. Working with more than five community partners, we focus on the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness and strive to embed long-term sustainability in each project.