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If this is the future, where the power of traditional states erodes or collapses and individuals and illicit organizations are super-empowered, private maritime security companies could be far more employed than they have been in the past decade. The quick rise of PMSCs in the past decade was due primarily to the threat of non-state actors—in this case Somali pirates operating off the Horn of Africa. Before the shipping industry responded to changes in its Best Management Practices and states began devoting more air and surface naval platforms to the region, individuals identified an opportunity in maritime security and formed companies.

Whether they are mercenaries or entrepreneurs can be left to a discussion in the classroom or comments, but the reality is that the immediate threat to shipping was real and growing by The companies themselves were analogous to dining in a large city. In the first category are the four and five star restaurants with superior ingredients and preparation, excellent service, but very costly. The second category includes standard restaurants. The third might be diners— affordable food, quick turn-around on service, and a dependable location. The last category is the street vendors.

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Because they have no infrastructure other than a mobile cart and they may not carry the best ingredients, their costs are extremely low. But there is a market for each of these categories. The same has been true of PMSCs. Some are highly rated among the industry for the quality of their security personnel such as former SAS and Navy SEALs , high-performance gear, and company infrastructure.

These are the higher priced five-star restaurants. But as the industry emerged, it seemed anyone would join in if they had a cell-phone and an email address.

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Even experienced, qualified operators made attempts to form their own companies. Chief among them include the rise of illegal migrant crossings into Europe, suffocating indebtedness of the southern members, rising populist nationalism, high unemployment, and low productivity. EP elections took place May In fact, it was the second-largest election in the world behind India, with million eligible voters across 28 European countries choosing who should sit in the seats of the EP, which is located in Strasbourg, France.

Parliamentary seats are appropriated to each country according to the size of its population. That said, MEPs do not always vote along national lines. Once elected to the EP, they join larger parties and coalitions. MEPs are elected to five-year terms and oversee diverse sets of polices and guidelines, ranging from trade deals, how to fund European defense, and regulating the European economy.

The EP has eight political groups at present, and forming a new group requires at least 25 members from a minimum of seven countries. The recent election results have left the continent polarized and more fragmented. In France, the National Rally Party won the most seats.

It is a right-wing populist party founded on French nationalism, controls rules on immigration, and often has been accused of fostering xenophobia and anti-Semitism. The United Kingdom UK voted even though Britain is planning to leave the EU, and its EU lawmakers will lose their jobs as soon as Brexit happens , and the vote showed a universal anger at the two long-dominant parties, the Conservatives and Labour, who have led the UK into Brexit gridlock. And in Italy, the populous League Party won by a landslide, headed by its hard-line leader, Matteo Salvini, who positioned himself as the leader of the European populist movement and delivered his trademark criticism of the EU.

But Europe is not only changing to the right. These two parties have focused far too much on serving the older generation and supporting pensions at the expense of involving younger voters. A green wave also extended to Finland, Ireland, Portugal, and Belgium. This new organic force, like the Green Party, has further fractured the pro-European assembly that was traditionally held by the center-left or the left-center-right parties.

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This transformation puts the EP to the test of whether it can align its common goal of fiscal, social, and political cohesion. Member states nominate a candidate for the post, but in doing so, they must take account of the European election results.

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It was made slightly larger than the normal scale. PMC's early International models were usually molded in bright yellows, oranges, reds, and sky blues and were toy-like, but very attractive.

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Many of these were not promotional models, exactly, rather display models for the showroom. Some trucks can be found with a hole in the roof and chassis where a metal display post passed through the vehicle. In the s, the Slivka brothers, Tony and Bill, contacted the Ford brothers about machining for older model cars. They were able to purchase the International Triple Diamond pickup dies just before the company was going to scrap the casting equipment.

These two-tone replicas carried IH logos on their doors and were very professional looking. Of course, they were now molded in non-warping plastic Doty , pp.

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One of the more distinct International promotionals was the boxy Metro delivery van which International made from to about PMC's Metro appears to have been made in the later s, and was one of the company's last promotional offerings. It had an opening rear door which slid outward from the rear of the van, revealing storage space inside. This model was offered in a common light yellow, a purple, and a less common lime green. The PMC offering was often packaged in a toy-like plastic bag stapled to a cardboard hanging card. The and Cranbrooks were not offered with friction motors "called coasters" while the Suburban wagon was Doty , pp.

The Suburban came with some interesting details including an opening rear tailgate. The Suburban was offered in a red ambulance version with gold lettering on the sides, while the Cranbrook sedan also appeared in a yellow taxi variation. Though the models were handsome, original manufacturers' paints were not applied, there were no interiors, and the molding and detail were not as precise. For, example, the car's bumpers were a part of the overall body molding. Perhaps the Plymouths represent a natural blend in product ideology between the more toy-like IH offerings and the serious promoting that was to come with Chevrolet.

In the early s, Chevrolet became PMC's bread and butter client. At this time, PMC turned more serious in the promotional business, as Chevrolet demanded more precision in detail and application of actual company paints on its models — thus the toy-like colors and appearance of the International trucks was abandoned.

PMC offered Chevrolet models from through The first Chevys offered in were in regular sedan as well as 'fastback' Fleetline versions. The first Bel Airs were offered in ; a 4-door sedan and convertibles in several colors. A more basic smooth sided '53 Chevrolet sedan was also offered Clarence Young Autohobby.

At least on Chevy, the '55 sedan was offered in remote control form. The sedan shows an interesting trend in promotional offerings when comparing the early s with the early s. The pre-performance, post-war era of practicality in the early s gave emphasis to more economical sedans, so it is notable that early promotional model makers commonly molded vehicles in 4-door configurations even in the most basic models available.

It is interesting that PMC also did a Chevrolet in two-door style, reinforcing the trend that by about most promotional makers only modeled sportier and more powerful 2-door coupes and hardtops. However, a molded red four door did became a Fire Chief car. This was in line with the newer era of a stronger economy, more affluent clientele and the onset of the new baby-boomer driver's market. America's first sports car, the Corvette, was made by PMC. It was produced with a removable sports hardtop Timm , PMC literature, page 8.

Later Corvettes, up through at least , were also offered.

The and Chevy smooth-sided Cameo pickup truck was another PMC model offered in both promotional and friction versions Doty , p. Ford wagons were offered from through Normally the promo versions were painted and had green tinted windows while retail versions lacked the paint and went windowless Doty ,