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Extreme cases of loyalty and antagonism are personified in characters such as Noelle Lange and Ivy Slade—to degrees that are sometimes questioned or denounced by the narrator. These novels include the Private prequel collection, which focuses on various figures, and the spin-off series Privilege , which follows the resourceful but disturbed Ariana Osgood.

To convey the story's tone, the series' art team was composed of select individuals with backgrounds in teenage popular culture and youth-oriented fashion. As a recurring visual theme, each cover from the central story depicts three young women on front, with a fourth featured a slight distance apart on the opposite side. In May , a Web series based on the Private novels was announced.

A film adaptation began production at Warner Bros. The Private continuity is divided into three sets of novels: The original series, which covers present events; the spin-off Privilege , which takes place 1—2 years in the future; and the prequel collection, which is set during various points of the past. The original series begins with the introduction of Reed Brennan, a savvy and ambitious honors student who enters the prestigious Easton Academy private school. Coming from a shaken family and a mundane everyday life, she is eager to explore the brand new setting that awaits her in Connecticut.

Unexpectedly, the center of her fascination soon becomes a famed dorm known as Billings House and the posh girls who reside there—Noelle, Ariana, Kiran, and Taylor. In time, Reed pines to become a Billings Girl herself, and is faced with many tests and compromises along the way. As the series progresses, several additional characters and their histories are introduced and focused upon.

After a certain amount of consideration, the author decided that mystery would be the ideal center of her characters' environment. The series' cover team was composed of individuals who have worked with teen idols and socialites. Graphic designer Julian Peploe—who previously [5] worked on CD covers for the Pussycat Dolls , The Veronicas , and Brandy —is largely credited for the signature cover image depicting supposed antipathy between one girl and three others. Series photographer Roger Moenks had worked with Joss Stone prior to his being chosen to photograph the Private models.

Moenks and co-photographer Laurent Alfieri had collaborated before working on Private , at some points taking photos of young businesswomen from around the world to illustrate a series of articles written by David Benaym for L'Officiel. Stylist Christina Havemeyer has stated that when deciding what the models will wear, "I look for obviously what I think is going to be something that a teenage girl is going to gravitate toward.

So it creates kind of a luxe, but young, youthful look. Since premiering, the series has been worked on by other noted artists, including Alloy Entertainment 's visual director, Andrea C. In mid, the series' Web site revealed alternative covers for several of the previously released US editions.

Of the original covers, the models appearing on the first book—who grace the next three installments as well—portray the following characters according to Kate Brian: Noelle center , Ariana left , Taylor right , and Kiran back cover. Private has an expansive cast and a regularly changing hierarchy. As conflicts ensue, the series is marked by exits, arrivals, and social ascensions. Consequently, characters who are on supporting status reach new heights, and characters who hold prominent positions are faced with a variety of descents, ranging from quiet to scandalous.

Easton Academy is unofficially distinguished by a caste -like environment, socially divided by lower-, middle-, and upper-class dormitories. The central themes in the Private series revolve around sociological matters such as conformity and elitism —particularly as they pertain to an outsider during the coming of age period. With the exception of the first Private novel, which debuted in Canada on June 27, , releases of the US and Canadian editions have been simultaneous, generally followed by releases in the United Kingdom.

Five novels were also announced for two in the original series, two in the spin-off series, and the second book in the Private prequel collection. In addition to release dates, the tables below account for New York Times Best Seller list peak numbers.

  1. DEAR WORLD, A Global Odyssey!
  2. Il Codice dei Re (Il battello a vapore) (Italian Edition).
  3. See a Problem?!

The series has been mostly well received among Brian's fanbase, [10] while critical response has generally ranged from positive to mixed. After covering the first book, a review for Publishers Weekly stated that readers would "no doubt eagerly await the next installment," but also cited issues with characterization in the series opening. Comments in this regard have normally claimed that Reed is the only character who is initially well-developed, with Publishers Weekly remarking that "the Billings Girls themselves are stereotypical, but Reed is more complex than most of this genre's narrators.

In a survey conducted via the Website polldaddy. Conversely, a more critical review from School Library Journal claimed that in the first book, several elements of her personality were left underdeveloped, including her apparent lack of ability to "empathize at all with her mother's pain-killer addiction. Throughout the beginning of the series, when the character of Kiki is first introduced, her last name is Rosen. However, her name is later switched to Kiki Thorpe.

Additionally, the eye color of certain characters, including Josh Hollis, Thomas Pearson, and Ivy Slade, changes throughout the series. A critic stated in a review for Amazon. Throughout the majority of , Brian posted first-chapter previews on her MySpace blog, which were regularly met with positive feedback. In , fans of Private began campaigning for the series to be adapted into a television program or feature-length film.

On June 10, , Kate Brian posted a link on her MySpace blog directing readers to a fan-organized petition regarding a proposed TV series or motion picture. In May , a live-action Web series based on the Private novels was announced, with a scheduled summer debut. A contest was also revealed, allowing female readers the chance to audition for the role of Kiran Hayes. Additionally, it was announced that the series would adapt the first four books via 20 episodes, each with a standard length of four to six minutes.

In , a film adaptation of Private began production at Warner Bros.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Covers of three Private saga novels: the first book center , the first prequel left , and the spin-off. Main article: Private Web series. Simon Pulse, March 9, August 16, October June May 13, September 16, May 25, Retrieved June 21, Retrieved December 31, January 25, The New York Times. June 26, Retrieved July 23, This volume marks a new school year for Reed Brennan, which she hopes will be drama free now that Noelle and the gang are gone.

No such luck! With Cheyenne taking over Billings, a new and extremely strict headmaste I read the first six or seven books of this series back in middle school and loved it it's very similar to my guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl and PLL. With Cheyenne taking over Billings, a new and extremely strict headmaster, and new Billings members thrown into the mix, Reed can expect a year full of drama. I actually really enjoyed this volume because of the craziness.

Some people might roll their eyes at all the unnecessary and honestly pretty unrealistic Billings drama that goes on Mar 16, Janelle Dazzlepants rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , murder-mystery , contemporary-fiction , mystery. This is how school drama should be. After unsatisfactorily resolving the murder mystery in Confessions, I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading this series. It had been recommended to me as a YA murder mystery after I read and loved Pretty Little Liars, and I wasn't sure how much more I could get out of the Private series if the murder mystery ended with book 4.

I'm glad I decided to keep reading, because while Inner Circle doesn't have a murder mystery at its heart, it's much more exciting than the books that did. Cheyenne Martin is a goddamn monster. I thought Noelle Lange was Satan incarnate, but she looks positively jolly next to Cheyenne. Noelle had Reed's back from time to time, but Cheyenne was a bitch out for blood, homing in on Reed, Sabine, Constance and Lorna.

I think the author did a wonderful job in transforming Cheyenne's character. Kate Brian took her from being a superficial bitch in Private, to Noelle's victim who exacts her revenge in Confessions, to an evil manipulative tyrant in Inner Circle. Noelle and the Billings girls were no doubt manipulative and made Reed do awful things to gain their approval, but they never seemed as innately evil as Cheyenne.

At times their hazing shocked me and I wished Reed would stand up for herself, but it never disturbed me enough that I wanted to rip their fictional throats out as I did with Cheyenne. I've complained in previous reviews about her being a doormat, and I expected more of the same in Inner Circle - what with finding out that Ariana only got her into Billings to kill her, and no longer having the other girls to stand up for her.

It's funny that it took the Billings Girls being gone for her to finally grow a pair. I was really happy that she never backed down from Cheyenne, and she essentially became Noelle 2. I liked following Cheyenne's gradual change from superficial bitch to full-blown monster, but I'm enjoying following Reed's changes even more. I think she was a doormat for far too long, and it's so exciting to watch her scheming and taking what she learned from Noelle.

One of the reasons it's so interesting to watch is because Reed exacts revenge on Cheyenne for her mistreatment of others, so it comes from a really innocent and pure-hearted place. It makes me wish I could see things from Noelle's perspective, whether she thought she was doing the right thing, or she knew she was a bitch and simply embraced it. Speaking of Noelle, can I say that the ending was ah-fucking-mazing?! Kate Brian introduces these sinister pills that drug Josh and facilitate Cheyenne's suicide, which is interesting enough.

Then Noelle shows up at the end, inferring that she's back for good and may may know a little more about Cheyenne's death! I may have been at a crossroads before picking up Inner Circle, but I'm certainly not now. It feels like Kate Brian is really finding her feet, and when her books are good, they're good. I'm really interested to see if she investigates the pills a bit more in Legacy.

The simple explanation is that Cheyenne used the pills to seduce Josh and then used them to take her own life, but it feels like there's more at play. What kind of pills were they? Where did Cheyenne get them? And would she really kill herself just because she got expelled?

Cheyenne left an innocuous suicide note and then emailed Reed to say it was really her fault, but again it just feels like something's missing. Like there's something bigger going on. I'm guessing that the answers lie with the new girl, Ivy. She had a bad history with Cheyenne, mysteriously disappeared for a year, has no friends at Easton and seems like she'd be friends with Noelle.

I think that she was doing Noelle's dirty work since she couldn't be on campus herself. The emails with Dash also raised my suspicions - at first it obviously seems like it's really Dash emailing her, but then Noelle shows up to meet Reed when Reed asks after her. I wonder if it was Noelle emailing her the whole time, if Dash told Noelle everything about their "moment" during the Summer break, or if Dash simply told Noelle that Reed was having trouble and she decided to intervene. There are so many questions and it just feels like there's something bigger going on!

Overall: When the Private books are bad, they're really bad. But when the Private books are good, they're really fucking good. There may not be a murder mystery per se, but Inner Circle kickstarts some other sinister mysteries and raises questions that I can't wait to answer. Inner Circle is also a great character study of Reed, watching her go from a doormat to Noelle 2. Dec 11, Dorotea rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in-english , darkacademia-boardingschools-etc , ya-contemporary , fiction-novels.

This is so bad, plot and character wise, but I just have to keep reading. Well, whatever, onto the next book. Feb 26, Holly rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , ya-mystery-suspense , ya-chick-lit. Private arc 2 begins! Book 5 begins a little over a year after where the 4th book left off. We learn that Reed's 2nd semester of sophomore year was fairly uneventful, but fun. We pick up at the beginning of Reed's junior year. There's a new headmaster at Easton Academy, and he is here to make changes.

One of his first acts is to reform Billings. He says that it's just a dorm and forbids any "sorority-like" behavior. Cheyenne, the new queen bee, is pissed. She also doesn't listen, choosing to go Private arc 2 begins! She also doesn't listen, choosing to go through the hazing process with the six new residents anyway. After her experiences of last year, Reed is completely against hazing and tries standing up to Cheyenne.

But Cheyenne isn't just letting Reed rise up against her without a fight. Not me! And this is a mystery series, so suicide isn't likely. But whodunnit then? This is my current list of suspects: 1 is Josh - If he was drugged, then he has a lot of motive to kill Cheyenne. If he wasn't drugged, then he has to be mad about being caught with her. Besides, didn't Josh's first roommate die like this too? Apparent suicide? We never learned why the police were suspicious in that case. Could Josh be a killer? Suspect 2 is Noelle - she conveniantly reappears at the end of book 5, and besides, we know she hates Cheyenne.

Still, would she really risk going to prison so soon? Suspect 3 is Ivy Slade. There's no reason to think she did it, except the fact that she acts so suspicious, was just introduced, and apparently has a look in her eyes that is akin to Ariana or so says Reed, I don't know Suspect 4 is Sabine. Sure, she seems sweet and innocent, but I definitely got the feeling that something darker and perhaps sinister was lurking beneath the surface. Suspect 5 is Astrid Chou. Ok, I don't really think she did it, but she is sort of two-faced in this book.

Plus she has a previous relationship with Cheyenne. Suspect 6 is Trey.

Inner Circle (Private, Book 5) - AbeBooks - Kate Brian:

We don't know too much about him, but Cheyenne is his ex-girlfriend. And even though Reed doesn't know what happened, it seems like it was a bad breakup. Suspect 7 is the new Headmaster. Ok, I don't think he did it either, but he does have a weird vendetta against Billings. If he went to Easton when he was younger, he obviously would have known about Billings back then. The fact that he's so determined to turn Billings into just a regular dorm probably has something to do with his own history.

Aside from all of them, there's the entire rest of the school to consider. Still, that's who I think did it. I will concede that I am very likely to be wrong! Personally I'd find it really interesting if Josh were the killer, but I'm guessing that it will instead be someone boring like Trey. I'm also guessing that Reed will be a suspect at one point. After all, she's been having fights with Cheyenne since the beginning of the school year, she caught Cheyenne with her boyfriend, and she was the last person to see Cheyenne alive other than the actual killer, of course.

Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see! Dec 15, Ashley added it. Why did you chose this book? Honestly because Ive been reading the series, for so long now and its the 5th one; I'm just totally hooked and obsessed with the series. I love it so much, it gets better by each book. Its amazing, and I will read until the end of the series. In sentences only explain the plot of the story.

This book was so intense, from the beginning Reed and Cheyenne are bumping heads, not agreeing on anything. Which obviously ends up causing a problem; how a couple of new girls e Why did you chose this book? Which obviously ends up causing a problem; how a couple of new girls enter the billings, the way Cheyenne handles it makes Reed so mad. Let alone, knowing in the end Cheyenne commits suicide, knowing she's expelled from the school. What was your favorite quote and why?

You don't belong here. Your nothing, but a backwater hick, and thats all you'll ever be. This was honestly the most intense, crazy scene in the book. I was so surprised because of this, I still am. This hasn't really ever happened, to have them up in each others faces, telling each other out like this, was exciting to read, and just crazy. They've always yelled at each other and everything, but the stuff they said to each other this time, was so intense and I honestly don't even know how to explain it. It was so serious, I got scared myself a bit. What did you think about the authors writing style?

Point of view? The authors point of view, has always been from Reeds. She's the main character. Everything that really happens she shows it from Reeds point of view, what Reeds thinking about it, what she's aiming to do.

Inner Circle: A Private Novel

I like that though, Reeds a really good character. The author, Kate Brian's writing style is seriously my favorite, I love it. She makes it really descriptive but at the same time easy to read, and quickly to understand. Would you recommend this book? To whom?

ArchieLuxury's Private Study - A sneak tour of Archie's inner circle!

Why or why not? I would recommend this basically any girl my age thats into romance, scary, intense stuff.

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  • I know they will love it, not one person who's read it, hasn't liked it, its way too amazing. It keeps you totally hooked, you just never ever want to stop reading, which could be a good or bad thing. Doesn't matter, love this book. Aug 27, Paperback Princess rated it liked it.

    Reed Brennan is back to Easton Academy and she's sure that this year would be different. The old and trouble-maker Billing Girls are no longer there and she has done well in the last part of the year before with her studies. She's now with Josh, her Mother has been sobre, her summer has been actually good at home New girls are to be chosen to live at Billings House, but with the new Principal putting a stop into the sorority "voting" he has chosen six gi Reed Brennan is back to Easton Academy and she's sure that this year would be different.

    New girls are to be chosen to live at Billings House, but with the new Principal putting a stop into the sorority "voting" he has chosen six girls to live in the Billings House. Unfortunately, each time a head goes down another ugly head rears up, this time Cheyenne is adamant that she's going to take the head of the Billings House, taking Noelle Lange's place. Will Reed be left to battle another egotistical, power-hungry peer?

    Like the other books in the "Private" series, "Inner Circle" is fast paced and an entertaining read. This one lacked murder mysteries, and whilst I read through it quickly, it wasn't as entertaining and exciting as the previous books in the series. This time however, Reed was no longer the outsider but some of the chosen 6 are her friends and she has found herself being the one of few that will stick up for them from the face of Cheyenne.

    It's interesting only because I've gotten to learn the characters, but if I didn't know any of the characters and this book was a standalone book, I'd say it was just a normal YA boarding school drama book. Having said that I adore how Brian always leaves it on a cliff hanger making you want to grab the next book in the series, which in this case is "Legacy". I'm still looking forward to reading more books in the series, but don't expect this one to be as exciting as the last few books.

    This one doesn't have any crime scene or murder mystery to solve. This one is simply page-turning for different reasons. Will be editing this review properly to put up on my blog. Oct 15, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , chick-lit. I'll admit this is one of the first novels I've read in the series, and I've read them a bit out of order. Have one to sell? Sell now - Have one to sell? Get an immediate offer. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Learn more - opens in new window or tab. Contact seller. Visit store. See other items More See all. Item Information Condition:.

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