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I got the final cover files from Cris Ortega last night, and I am so excited and so pleased with the cover for Hostiles that I can hardly breathe!

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I mean, just look at the detail. Look at the dragon! Look at the clothing! At the reflections in the glass!

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I know, right? Pretty terrible. I probably could have sent her a picture of an old shoe, and she still would have come up with this cover anyway.

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You see, to make a full-cover image for the paperback editions of Hostiles or any book , you have to calculate how big the actual image needs to be. A full-cover means it has to wrap around the whole book: front cover, spine of the book, and the back. Front and back are easy to figure out because the paperback page size is 5. Piece of cake. But the spine is the tricky part, because the width of the spine depends on how many pages, how many pieces of paper, are going to be stacked inside of the book.

Need you to jump on that tomorrow, okay? You are so lucky, because you get to see this awesome artwork before anyone else. So just for fun, here are a few close ups of some of the cool stuff.

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Hostiles is coming very soon. And they have other plans.

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Book 2, Rift in the Races , is now available, and book 3, Hostiles , is expected to be released mid The Earth fleet is now moving to take advantage of its recent victory. With better combat strategies and Prosperion wizards only a blink away, the time has come to finish the job they set out to do: destroying the Hostiles.

But complications arise. John Daulton's Hostiles brings the opening trilogy of the bestselling The Galactic Mage series to its pulse-pounding denouement. With the apparent betrayal by Blue Fire sending the forces of Earth and the forces of Prosperion whirling into chaos, what's to become of Altin and Orli's love, much less their lives? And worse, failed diplomacy now risks the lives of billions more as war rages across the galaxy, the very heavens bloated by the hate of so many races bent on revenge and dominance.

Rift in the Races

His great joy is to amuse and entertain, and he writes for the love of the journey. His stories are meant to take readers elsewhere, and he makes no apologies for the escapism he he writes into every book. He studied English at Sacramento State University and earned both bachelor's and master's degrees, the latter in creative writing. After a quarter century in sales and marketing, he now writes full time and intends to do so until he is too old and crotchety to be bothered with it such things.

The Galactic Mage.